Dedication (all NWC Books) Reprise

When I went to Washington D.C. Arlington Virginia and Fairfax County to resolve being stalked and my mother’s trust fund I tried one last patriotic thing going to the Korean War Memorial my father and I visited and the WWII Memorial I volunteered at. In each case teens were planted on me, etc., I decided then I would dedicate myself to killing people in the USA and not die any other way but I still had some time left despite my age and diabetes.

I had a that time two copies of my birth certificate with my mothers fathers and my name on them. The first one I defecated on through it out my hotel room door (Highalnder Motel my father once stayed in where i was also being framed as yellow tape was deployed, etc.,) and as disgusting as it was to me I defacted into the ice bucket so I could move the feces onto my birth certifiat then urinate on it and throw it out the door and that i did. The second one I started that on but decided I might need it for gettinog out of the country. It is still crumples up and with feces and uine on it in trace amounts and my the windows passwrod on it as I tried to give my PC to the russians with the evidence I had collected but I was recieving death threats over if I continued to write it.

Today 3/20/2024 I almost picked up aonther once I could send in to get a REAL ID for the USA but still I would rather burn myself to death than have one. I just don’t know what is next but I know what is past. I dedicate all my books to anyone who as every shot a police officer in the skulll.

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