How I became a JFK researcher, experienced retaliation, and discovered others

St John Hunt has spent years researching the deathbed confession his father E. Howard Hunt provided to him as Karyn Holt-Harcourt told the story of her father (also taped and researched) of Chauncey Marvin Holt.

I and Edward Paul Donegan and the son of a lesser known but equally imnportant figure than these two’s parents and the hidden identity and role of the Donegan’s (I am the last living one) is how I became a Kennedy Asssaination Researcher.

Like many most of whom have written books on a treason conspiracy with the Bush family at its epicenter I am a mulit-generational party interested through my family history.

Other people research for other reasons. A quest for justice not believing the Warren Commission, or who were in goverment and didn’t believe what the Government was saying (like Mark Lane the NY Campaign Manager for JFK) or the press (Penn Jones Jr.) who could not let the horror of the assasionation go unsovled.

Many are the elves of history and acedamia toiling away are questions in knowledge where holes in information exists or the information may be incorrect or can be elaborated on and there is so many interesting and important parts of history to be researched.

The retaliation began before I found my families role. In fact it was the retaliation that led me to ask why I was being retaliated against a question many “targeted” people assuring powerful figures are smearing them for no reason on behalf as best as can be guesed some unfortunate connection to an oil company (in some cases) or some globalist or historical figure in some part of the family.

That said I think I have become an important researcher because I have worked for decades and around the clock with the same late start some of these other second generation ignored witnesses have had. The Holt book Self Potrait oncly came out in print and in full in 2014 to little fanfare though it has much proof in its appendix that serves to prove true was has already been proved true about the CIA and its role in global illegal operations.

So what I had wanted to write about, Natual Law, the science of Nature and epestimia by hypothesis tesing and debate and logic became a back burner to a book about police harrassement of me in misdemeanor cases the government started and then finished taking me to court for conficts they generated. That was The US v EPD and later some other names leading into its most recent title The Great Treason and aonther book by me Pillory suggesting the pillory of me with false allegations against me as witness intimidation.

In the course of that work I found allies tied to me one named Jen Moore and other conspiracy theorists called Truthers or Super Conspiracy Theorists about the Family Jewels Program. That led to the two books one bio on Ted Gunderson and another one called Written by The RIght Hand of right hand operatives to CIA goals such as Prouty was.

Like the Ted Gunderon bio I have also worked on Wiliam Cooper works and believe he was correct a Deep State exists and it should be feared. I can not operate as the State in its actions. It hides behind thugs or by entrappment forcing those it destest into fights it can then prosecute the person for fighting, etc.,

Not a Knights Tale. I am not fighting for Her Ladyship. I am not winning for her or losing jousting matches for her. None of that exists. Nor am I anti cop nor pro cop. I have been pro-cop but now and suspecious of them all of them. So I am at this moment anti-cop. Or actually not at all. While I do not trust cops I am for the rule of law. I wish they were too, they are not, most of those I intellectually team with now find them politicaly motivated dangerous figures working for powerful figures of the NWO.

I try to leave all that asside but I don not trust them. I considermyelf like the IDFILES site and trust no one and suggest nobodty else place themselves under police control if they can avoid doing so.Don’t be arrested? Aviod detnetion? that is basic lawyer ing anyway. Stay out of trouble and then if you get in trouble stay out of jail. Nice and simple.

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