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… about that which I rely upon and those whom I have drawn from.

The integration of well respected authors and PhDs of history, declassified documents, new forensic techniques being applied, studied, and the results published, new amounts of eyes on the facts of assassination data, death bed confessions, lost documents and forgotten first-hand witness accounts found, collection of data of suspicious deaths following the assassination, new witness such as myself Edward Donegan bringing a whole new branch of this history along with Jen Moore another leaker of CIA data (who is now deceased but left data for Ed Donegan who is myslef) is all put together in a comprehensive bibliography and ocean of information that now should be viewed as credible and more threads of history tied into the assassination outside of the event itself are now also being revealed.

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The interconnected lives of these connected Kennedy Assassination authors with first hand events knowledge as primary sources of themselves

The assertions of Edward Paul Donegan about the Secret Team (by Col Fletcher Prouty) also called the Cabal (by themselves and by Right Wing Nut Jobs) and world history in this book and other books also by him and also by others.

I Edward Paul Donegan will follow the story of Chauncey Marvin Holt, E. Howard Hunt, James Donegan, Col Prouty and the CIA activities of past now being covered up by those who gained power in the assassination of JFK.

Ruby says Powerful forces at work will never let the truth get out who killed JFK

1) Claim-Stakes to natural resources by Robber Barrons. Cannibalize independent nations though puppet governments non-aligned nations that are tilting towards the Communists in the Cold War by using covert espionage allies who have interests in the resources of the non-aligned nations.

…; From Steamshovel Press #4: *
A newly discovered FBI document reveals that George H.W. Bush was directly involved in the 1963 MURDER OF PRESIDENT JOHN KENNEDY.

The Chessboard by Move

Averall Harriman and his large business interests planned a post WWII world at least after WWII most say during WWII and the best informed say before WWII.

1949 and the beginning of Marshall Plan activities as espionage agencies formed-up and jockied for role (FBI v. CIA, CIA v. internal competitors within that camp) and much this happened in the 1949 Paris summit.

By 1951 plans were underway as operational facilities like Grace Ranch formed up and formal bases like Tokyo became forard commands of the military and CIA.

By 1954 Guatemala was toppled and Nixon by this time was Vice President still leading this and I assert in 1958 he was planning two off shore island overthrows. Papau New Guinea, that is to say Indonesia just off the coast of Australia and that in conjunction with the British using Bermuda as part of the plan, and Cuba just off the US Florida shore.

A shadowy figure named Jack Youngblood shows up several times per Chauncey Holt and Col Fletcher Prouty. He leads the CIA team in Guatemala and alter is used to organize the assassination of JFK. While Holt makes only possibly oblique mention of the CIA hit on RFK Prouty is quite specific about it and Younglood.

Chauncey Holt after Guatemala is at Dealey Plaza with E. Howard Hunt dressed as hobos but weapons under the baggy clothing showing through and Lansdale is there as well in disguise.

E. Howard Hunt and Chauncey Holt confess in detail, in each case days before their deaths, and each leaves documents.

The document places Bush working with the now famous CIA agent, Felix Rodriguez, recruiting right-wing Cuban exiles for the invasion of Cuba.

It was Bush’s CIA job to organize the Cuban community in Miami for the invasion. The Cubans were trained as marksmen by the CIA. Bush at that time lived in Texas. Hopping from Houston to Miami weekly, Bush spent 1960 and ‘61 recruiting Cubans in Miami for the invasion. That is how he met Felix Rodriguez.

That is exactly how evidence was uncovered placing George Bush working with Felix Rodriguez when JFK was killed. A memo from FBI head J. Edgar Hoover was found, stating that, “Mr George Bush of the CIA” had been briefed on November 23rd, 1963 about the reaction of anti-Castro Cuban exiles in Miami to the assassination of President Kennedy. (Source: The Nation, 8-13-88)

On the day of the assassination, Bush was in Texas, but he denies knowing exactly where he was. Since he had been the supervisor for the secret Cuban teams, headed by former Cuban police commander Felix Rodriguez, since 1960, it is likely Bush was also in Dallas in 1963. Several of the Cubans he was supervising as dirty-tricks teams for Nixon, were photographed in the Zapruder film.

In 1959 Rodriguez was a top cop in the Cuban government under Batista. When Batista….(was overthrown ..) …

Félix Ismael Rodríguez Mendigutia (Soldier) (born 31 May 1941) is a Cuban American former Central Intelligence Agency Paramilitary Operations Officer in the Special Activities Division, known for his involvement in the Bay of Pigs Invasion and the execution of communist revolutionary Che Guevara as well as his ties to George H. W. Bush during the affair.

Rodríguez came from a wealthy family of land owners in his native Cuba. His uncle was the Minister of Public Works during Fulgencio Batista’s dictatorship.

He attended the Perkiomen School in Pennsylvania but dropped out to join the Anti-Communist League of the Caribbean, which had been created by Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo with the intention of ending communism in Cuba.

Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina, nicknamed El Jefe, was a Dominican dictator who ruled the Dominican Republic from August 1930 until his assassination in May 1961. Wikipedia

Trujillo was certainly murdered with weapons supplied by the CIA. In a 1975 report to the Deputy Attorney General of the United States, CIA officials described the agency as having “no active part” in the assassination and only a “faint connection” with the groups that planned the killing.

The invasion of Cuba was a failure, and Rodríguez went back to Perkiomen. He graduated in June 1960 and went to live with his parents in Miami, where thousands of Cuban exiles had moved.

In September 1960, he joined a group of Cuban exiles in Guatemala, supported by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to receive military training. They were calledBrigade 2506.

Pictured: U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953-1961) (left, pictured here in 1956) with U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, the advocate of the coup d’état
Date 18–27 June 1954 Location Guatemala Result Rebel/U.S. government/military victory
Jacobo Árbenz overthrown Guatemalan Revolution ended Military junta assumes power

From Chauncy Marvin Holt:

1954 – Two areas of the Caribbean were of primary
interest to the IRC (CIA front International Rescue Committee) ; Cuba, where dictator Fulgencio
Batista y Zaldivar was in power and Guatemala, where
Juan Jose Arevalo (since 1944) was president.

I (Chauncey Holt) was advised at the very outset that the
administration was very upset with the situation in
Guatemala, where a new day had begun with the fall
of Jorge Ubico, the dictator who reigned with an iron
fist for almost fourteen years, until the revolution of
October 1944.

Soon after his first speech as Guatemala president-elect, in
which he declared that there had been a lack
of sympathy in the past for the working man,
Guatemala’s ruling class with its quasi-feudalistic
mentality, branded him a communist.

Powerful interests in the United States were
positively terrified. In the forefront were the
stockholders of United Fruit Co., which actually
owned over 50% of all the land in Guatemala. These
powerful enemies persuaded the fledgling CIA to turn
its attention to Guatemala.

Arevalo proposed that the government build a
highway from Guatemala City to the Atlantic seacoast,
paralleling the railroad, owned by United Fruit, which
held a monopoly. The manager of International
Railways of Central America, subsidiary of United
Fruit opposed the idea.

So the decision was made to intervene in the politics
of Guatemala, by fair means or foul.

At this point, President Eisenhower decided that
Arbenz had to go and this ignominious duty was
assigned to the CIA, who, in turn, delegated this odious
task to the International Rescue Committee (a CIA front group Holt was working for.)

[After trying other avenues] We then turned to our second choice, Carlos Castillo
Armas, who was in jail, after having been sentenced to
be executed for his part in a military coup attempt that

I (Chauncey Holt) was part of a five man team, headed by
Jack Youngblood, sent to Guatemala and we were
successful, with obvious collusion at a high level, in
freeing Armas, who immediately began arming for a
coup attempt against Arbenz.

[Story continues but a little on Youngblood and the RFK hit conducted by the CIA first]

Chapter 6

The Assassinations of Robert Kennedy
and Dr. Martin Luther King
and Lyndon B. Johnson’s Withdrawal in 1968

The Power Control Group (Majic 12 aka NSC54/10 that George Bush and Council of Foreign Relations leaders were on including Averell Harriman) faced several dangers in 1968. While President Johnson had cooperated fully with their desires in Viet Nam and in other parts of the world, he had not met their requirements in other areas. He had gone too far in appeasing the blacks and had shown some signs of giving in to the young people in America in early 1968. Through threats to expose his role in covering up the truth about the JFK assassination or personal threats to the safety of his family, the Group forced his withdrawal from the 1968 election race. Their plan now was to install Richard Nixon as president at all costs.

By secret Executive Memorandum, NSC 54/10, Eisenhower had preceded NSC 5412/1 in 1954 to establish a permanent committee (not ad hoc) to be known as Majority Twelve (MJ-12) to oversee and conduct all covert activities concerned with the alien question. NSC 5412/1 was created to explain the purpose of these meetings when Congress and the Press became curious.

Majority Twelve was made up of Nelson Rockefeller, the director of the CIA Allen Welsh Dulles, the Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, the Secretary of Defense Charles E.Wilson, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Arthur W. Radford, the Director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover, and six men from the executive committee of the Council on Foreign Relations known as the “Wise Men”. These men were all members of a secret society of scholars that called themselves “The Jason Society”, or “The Jason Scholars” who recruited their members from the “Skull and Bones” and the “Scroll and Key” societies of Harvard and Yale.

The “Wise Men” were key members of the Council on Foreign Relations. There were 12 members including the first 6 from Government positions thus Majority Twelve. This group was made up over the years of the top officers and directors of the Council on Foreign Relations and later the Trilateral Commission. Gordan Dean, George Bush, and Zbigniew Brzezinski were among them. The most important and influential of the “Wise Men” who served on MJ-12 were Jogn McCloy, Robert Lovett, Averell Harriman, Charles Bohlen, George Kennan, and Dean Acheson. It is significant that President Eisenhower as well as the first 6 MJ-12 members from the Government were also members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Robert Kennedy and Dr. King posed real threats to this plan. Dr. King was beginning a movement in the direction of a coalition with Malcom X followers and other black militant groups. He was speaking out against the Viet Nam war. His influence might help defeat Nixon at the polls. So the Power Control Group created an environment in which he could be assassinated by his arch enemies.

The FBI and J. Edgar Hoover had become a vital part of the Power Control Group by 1968. Hoover had no love for King and was harassing him in several ways. The Power Control Group undoubtedly let Hoover know that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have King out of the way before the election campaigns really warmed up. They also passed the word along to some of the groups who were out to murder King that the crime would probably not be stopped. Fletcher Prouty has described this approach in some detail.[1] The net result of these actions was the assassination of Dr. King by a group of wealthy white bigots who employed two of the intelligence community’s own expert assassins. One of these men, Frenchy, had fired shots at JFK. The other, Jack Youngblood, was a soldier of fortune and CIA contract killer. They recruited James Earl Ray and set him up as a patsy.

The FBI removed King’s protection in Memphis and after the assassination they took the case out of the hands of the local police to control and suppress the evidence of conspiracy. Hoover did not know exactly who was going to assassinate King or where. He did not know in advance who the patsy was supposed to be. The best evidence in support of this is that from April to June 1968 the identity of the patsy was a mystery, first unidentified, then identified as Eric Starvo Galt, then as Raymond Sneyd, and finally as James Earl Ray. If Hoover had been in on the plan, Ray’s identity would probably have been revealed immediately. In fact, the scenario might have been similar to the JFK case, with Ray being killed in a shoot-out.

After Ray was identified and arrested in London, Hoover and the Justice Department had to manufacture some evidence to get Ray back to the U.S. They had no qualms about bribing one witness, Charlie Stevens, to do this. They forced him to say he had seen Ray. Then a new problem arose. Ray began telling the truth to his lawyer and a writer, William Bradford Huie. He almost revealed Frenchy’s true identity. The Power Control Group, led by J. Edgar Hoover, solved this problem by getting rid of Ray’s lawyer, Arthur Hanes, and they hired Percy Foreman to keep Ray quiet. They also were forced to pay off or frighten off author Huie who had by then become convinced Ray was telling him the truth. Huie had found several witnesses who had seen Ray and Frenchy together.

The mechanics of the assassination are as follows: Youngblood and Frenchy recruited Ray in Montreal for smuggling drugs into the U.S. from Mexico and Canada. They recruited him in the assassination plan in such a way as to make him believe they were smuggling guns to Cuba.

Frenchy (Ray knew him as Raoul) set up Ray as a patsy by planting evidence with Ray’s prints on it near the fake firing point. He persuaded Ray to rent a room opposite Dr. King’s motel, to buy a rifle with telescopic sight, and a white Mustang, and park the Mustang outside the rooming house to wait for Frenchy to come out. Youngblood stationed himself on a grassy knoll beneath the rooming house where Frenchy was located. When King came out on his balcony, Youngblood killed him with one shot fired at an upward angle. Frenchy ran from his perch overlooking King’s balcony. He made plenty of noise to attract attention, and dropped a bag full of items with Ray’s prints on them in front of an amusement parlor next door to the rooming house.

All of the information above has been reported with factual evidence backing it up in several articles, one book, and at Ray’s legal hearing for a new trial in Memphis in 1975.[2]

After Dr. King was eliminated, the Power Control Group faced a much greater threat. Robert Kennedy began his quest for the presidency. There was little doubt in the minds of anyone in the Group that Kennedy would be nominated as Democratic candidate at the convention, and would have a very good chance of defeating Richard Nixon. This would be a near certainty if Eugene McCarthy decided to drop out and support Senator Kennedy. Robert Kennedy represented a double threat to the Group in that he would undoubtedly expose them after becoming president and seize control.

The plan they adopted was again to create an environment in which it would be easy for an enemy like the Minutemen or the Mafia or certain local hate groups in California to assassinate RFK and get away with it by setting up another patsy. Available at the time was a CIA agent planted inside the Los Angeles police department. Strong influence was brought to bear on chief of police, Ed Davis, to remove all official protection for Senator Kennedy in the Ambassador Hotel. Arrangements were made for the Ace Guard Service to supply three extreme right wing, militant guards at the hotel to guard the Senator after his victory speech. One of these was Thane Eugene Cesar, a known Kennedy hater and friend of a group of Southern California Minutemen. He was also almost certainly a CIA contract agent or “blind” assassin. At the same time another group was recruited to hypnotize Sirhan Sirhan and to program him for firing some shots in Robert Kennedy’s direction. Two hypnotists and at least three other people were involved in the framing of Sirhan.

After the crime, the FBI, the CIA agent (Manny Pena), the District Attorney’s office (Evelle Younger and Joseph Busch) and the Los Angeles Police Department (Ed Davis, Robert Houghton and others), knowing the truth, all teamed up to suppress all other evidence except that which was aimed at framing Sirhan. The Power Control Group has since wielded its influence to keep the RFK case under wraps. They pushed legislation through the California legislature to lock up the evidence. They put Thomas Noguchi, the L.A. County Coroner who wouldn’t keep quiet about the autopsy evidence which proved conspiracy, in an insane asylum. They arranged for the FBI report on the assassination to be classified and locked up. They killed at least one person who knew what had happened. They controlled the media on the subject, especially the Los Angeles Times through its owner, Norman Chandler, and his friend Evelle Younger, who became California State Attorney General.

After Al Lowenstein, Jerry Brown, Paul Schrade, Vincent Bugliosi, Robert Vaughn, Tom Bradley and others began to try to expose the truth, the Group fought back by setting up their own expert ballistics panel and buying or frightening them into distorting the evidence proving there were two guns fired (Holt hints a special silencer custom for that gun). The Group is certainly not through yet. More planted disinformation can be expected and more bribing of judges and expert witnesses. There may be more killings. Cesar’s life and the lives of the two hypnotists won’t be worth much if they ever start talking.


“The Fourth Force” — L. Fletcher Prouty — Gallery Magazine — December, 1975

Frame Up: The Martin Luther King/James Earl Ray Case — Harold Weisberg — E.P. Dutton — 1971
“The Assassination of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.” — R.E. Sprague — Computers & Automation December 1970

“The Assassination of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. — Parts I to II” — Wayne Chastain — Computers & Automation, December 1974.

Most of the above information has been published in a series of articles and in two books and one movie. “The Assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy” — R.E. Sprague — Computers & Automation — September 1972 and October 1970, RFK Must Die — Robert Blair Kaiser — 1970,
The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, A Searching Look at the Conspiracy and Cover-Up 1968-1978 — William Turner and John Christian — 1978, The Second Gun — Documentary Movie — Ted Charach — American Films — Beverly Hills

ratville times

Now back to Guatemala and Youngblood, Holt, and three others.

In short the US would find potential allies in business who wanted access to world bananas, gold, oil, places to run casinos and tourism, liquor, sugar, tea, coffee or spices rights, etc.,

Upon removal of the Communist regime claims stakes for properties and resources would be granted to those CIA allies who helped rid the nation of the old government.

Such interest would pony-up with funding for rebel groups, participation in rebel groups, etc., This sometimes meant Narco gangs or gambling, it also meant elite oil, banking, and other interests, or fake non-profits run by the CIA secretly.

For help in overthrowing non-aligned nations these business would be give claim-stakes to the resources of the nation likely holding in poverty as the Republic of Ireland farmers were held under keeping the foreign nation subdued

George H.W. Bush was a part of this and keeping the program secret was part of Zapata Oil’s interests, the Rockefeller’s interests, and the Mafia’s interest. He was not having young boys from Franklin Nebraska for sex parties but to interview for oversees covert work and being planted very young under fake identities with new families of government connected people.

2) Deep cover sleepers born, raised in, or moved to foreign nations in youth or adulthood.

A Secret Aristocracy. Adoption out of orphanages is one way this was sometimes done. Few knew often these were “bastard” children from Windsors or others who had that secret relative helping them in life as they matured. I come from a family tied to secret hidden identities from this cold war period and the Kennedy Assassination and underground railroads newborns arrived in who later could be placed with influential people and placed into influential CIA front organizations.

Aristocrats keep a close eye on who hidden relatives were progressing and helped them along. Edward Paul Donegan suspect Julie Andrews was a bastard daughter of the Windsors and Norma Jean liklye was as well, the latter getting help from Joseph Kennedy Sr early in life.

A secondary and still missing part of this story available only from Ed Donegan, the last living witness to the real motive for the death of JFK and others is that the new puppets to be installed sometimes were created as newborns without real parents in the family sense, but donor DNA and faked identities from the beginning who could be sleeper agents, agents of influence, or other types of CIA OSS help to the West as they grew up on NGO travels through the world such as church groups or aid or diplomatic workers.

Edward Donegan and Wayne Madsen assert Barrack Obama Jr and other newborns were meant to be planted under fake identities as CIA backed agents of influence around the world including Indonesia. Ed Donegan assert the CIA planted a birth certificate (faked) in Kenya and other may have been planted and destroyed elsewhere.

Donald Barr and others were part of the CIA plot underway under MKULTRA. The Ford Foundation, USAID, Joseph Kennedy Jr. fund, Peace Corps, East-West Center in Hawaii all were called in or created to help this one (of many) CIA sleepers planted under deep cover in other nations.

Edward Paul Donegan as Producer of New William Cooper Patriotic Sovereign Press

I as Edward Paul Donegan put myself in the same specific category as St. John Hunt son of E. Howard Hunt and
Karyn Holt-Harcourt daughter of Chauncey Marvin Holt perhaps others as first or second generation witnesses to the CIA assassination of JFK. I am the son of James and Glorian Donegan and 2nd generation of the group Prouty’s, Donegan’s and Gainey’s (my mother’s side equally significant to wold history, perhaps much more so but living under a Hidden Identity Jen Moore and I reveal) and likely also by association from Boston (as the Prouty’s were) the Kennedy’s


Edward Paul Donegan

New William Cooper Press

The photo of me is from when a State sent thug attacked me that was one in string of attacks harrasing me that have been commititent with death treats and other attacks that and statements that are credible threats to my life.

I consider myself the Second of Jenifer Moore, Ted Gunderson, and John DeCamp. I use the name New William Cooper to emphasis the point live reasonable fear and I also make the point of the dangers about writing about Government corruption and the threats authors face is not uncommon as an international human rights matter.

In the Great Treason I have vowed I will follow Jen Moore (an investigative journalist and whistle-blower on the NWO and MKUTLRA) into the grace in admiration for and I will keep writing as long as I can. My goal (though an acceptable outcome) is not to convince corporate media of conspiracy theory, they reject it; rather I try to get the message outside of the United States only speaking English. If it breaks in other countries or by Law Enforcement in this country and epiphany will happen breaking the oligarchy on news content and a new competition might emerge to find and tell the reals story even in Corporate Media.

I am not the only one who doubts the open mindendess of media. The press turned on Jim Garrison and the Pres Corp full of big money elitism has been the inhibitor of conspiracy theories, the ever necessary testing of the State with adversarial examinations postulating wrongdoing. The CIA through the Press has attacked Jim Garrison and any true revealor about the Deep State.

Many of the sites I follow that have detailed information about the CIA like and Rudy2’s Multilingual Blog | Just another weblog

“This sight will truly, give you information, crimes against humanity and who are the psychopaths, administration THEM!”

Rudy2’s Multilingual Blog
Just another weblog



Official confirms what thousands of victims have long known: an evil U.S. shadow government is conducting a covert, taxpayer-funded genocidal purge of American society — while Congress and an apparently entrained Obama administration sleep.

Author’s note: Former FBI official Ted Gunderson died of cancer on July 31, 2011. Was his illness induced by silent electromagnetic assault or by other nefarious means? We will never know — and that’s just the way certain entities want it.

A former senior official of the Federal Bureau of Investigation says “rogue” military intelligence and law enforcement units of the federal government oversee a nationwide network of community-based “gang stalking” harassment, intimidation and domestic terrorism directed at thousands of U.S. citizens who have been extrajudicially targeted as “dissidents” or undesirables.

Ted Gunderson, 82, who has served as the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles, Memphis and Dallas field offices, has stated in a series of public speaking appearances that he is now targeted by these same elements, and fears for his life and for the safety of his family. He reports that the windows of his home have been shot out, and he believes he has been poisoned and physically sickened by those seeking to silence him.

Since his retirement from the FBI in the 1979, Gunderson has been a Southern California- based private investigator. He is most noted for his defense work on the murder case involving former Army physician Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald.

Suspicions Growing Over Death of Journalist Probing NSA and CIA Abuses

I agree on all matters and have written (in English) on these same topics.

While these multi language sites translate CIA information into Greek, Itallian, Spanish and other langauges they are blocked by most US tech and media companies, sites like this I get much of my information from but get banned when I use links to their sites.

This multilingual site.

The conspiracy against my rights and book publishing are the worst of tyranny and political opression in the worst of countries. Most (not myself) detailing the state of abuses of human rights are former FBI, CIA, NSA, or MI6 and likely in their work stumbled onto information that the elites feared.

Introducing the 3 Kennedy Assassination sources

  • Col Fletcher Prouty Wrote Guns of Dallas, VP Nixon Indonesia 1958, became basis of JFK movie by Oliver Stone and same book introduced by Jesse Ventura. Ed was in Donegan family as friends of Prouty but as child too young to understand it all.

    Specific Contributions Col Prouty wrote about Big Business and disputes between Nixon controlled Los Angeles Aerospace and LBJ controlled Texas Aerospace, and the Military Industrial Complex generally, regime change, and to over throw Indonesia and the entire world with a CIA Coup De Tat.

    Prouty was an insider to the Eisenhower-Nixon 1950s CIA overthrow plans and later in the JFK admin in the same role. His books most notably were JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy and the very similar book The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World the latter being team of big business buddies tied of world commerce and CIA plans for that activity.

    He also wrote articles such as The GUNS of DALLAS published separately showing the CIA killed JFK and he also wrote Indonesia 1958: Nixon, the CIA, and the Secret War showing from his own work the plan to overthrow Sukarno with Suharto and that plan underway in 1958 as Eisenhower signed off on it in 1957. This was one of the Secret Teams Secret Wars.

    Edward Paul Donegan and the Donegan family are also connected to this peice as was the birth of Barrack Obama Jr under CIA plans for Indonesia.

  • Ted Gunderson FBI picks up trail The well placed well informed Ted Gunderson suspects an inside job of big businesses as Prouty said, and is correct but dies under FBI harassment.

    Specific Contributions Ted Gunderson was an insider to the Kennedy administration certainly to Robert F. Kennedy as an anti-mob anti rackets FBI agent and later investigator of the JFK assassination. Likely he knew Dorothy Kilgallen and was a source for her. His works were on World Global Business of corruption, sex workers, Illuminati parties of Free Mason groups, drug dealing, etc., and how the NWO big business keeps troops loyal in corrupt Cabal. He considered these activities and form of organizations Satanic in their principles and practices many of whom use that in logos such as Roths Childs “devils children” for whatever sense they are their logos mean that.

    Ted Gunderson realized some master plan for some reason included Marilyn Monroe, McMartin child abuse, Jeffery McDonald’s family, Sunny Bono, and others. Chip Tatum – Black Ops Interview with Ted Gunderson Rockefeller’s Rothschild’s buy their candidates into office, George H.W. Bush wanted a CIA kill of Ross Perot. Gene Chip Tatum IS former CIA, wrote several books include the CIA “Mule” Mueller. Edward Donegan and Deep State Analytics EACH separately confirm it, Ed by DuPont history connected to Gainey family, and by names used.

    148 PAGE File w/ Exhibits INCLUDED read aloud by Penelopy from bad handwriting of a prisoner, Riconscuito. Liek Charles Harrelson stating he was part of team that killed JFK, Riconscuito’s claims about CIA Deep State are rejected by FBI DOJ. Ted Gunderson worked as private detective for Risconsuito in the case.

  • Ed Donegan in combination with Jen Moore can complete the entire picture.

    The Donegan family OSS CIA history is where most recently the conspiracy included grooming CIA FBI projects for anti communism during the Cold War.

    The CIA wanted moles and sleeper in deep cover from birth, now those big business families have moles and sleepers still in power still alive or as second generation civil servants serving in office in the 21st Century but from Cold War era families and sleepers. Ed Donegan asserts along with her the story of the Donegan’s is being Silenced and obstructed because it is a danger to the elite who assassinated their way into power in the 20th Century, removing office holders, other government officials, and those who could compromise the secrets of what some call The Secret Team or the Cabal of the Military Industrial Complex CIA and its OSS roots.

    Specific Contributions Behavioral Research familiar Jen Moore and Ed Donegan who are insiders to Donegan family history recognize FOXP2 Minimal Brain Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, problems with neuron-regulation. The Tavistock Institute, Dr Cameron, and Rockefeller Psychiatry have in interest in these genes and many powerful families carry and talk about them. VP David Rockefeller will talk about attention deficit like problems in school and let people know it something that can be overcome. The Donegan’s carry this gene, Glorian Donegan and Edward Donegan, and that comes from Maria Kutchera who carried it and the Windsors who also carry it and research on it in early childhood.

  • Ed Donegan in combination with Marilyn Monroe can explain the psychiatry interest

    Joseph Kennedy Sr and Dean Rusk, Admiral Halsey, and others brought 1926 children likely born here, Norma Jeen and Glorian Donegan and Julie Andrews. Mariak Kutchera Von Trapp secret daughter s by winders 1925 impregnation of Maria Kutschera FOXP2 Ed Donegan and his mother carred and Marilyn Monroe did was studied generation to generation.

I Edward Paul Donegan produce my books under the self publishing nopm de plume of New William Cooper.

Like Ted Gunderson, William Cooper, and others I see a Deep State corruption a threat, an undercover operatives harassment of me threat, a Quiet War (denied acts) war against any who are a threat to the Cabal’s existence, actions, and history. I assert having been poisoned multiple times and ways by the US Law Enforcement Community who continues to harass and stalk me, and destroying my life and credibility with smear campaign conduct in layers of constantly extending embellishments of fraudulent characterizations of me that the public and those disguised as the public use as pretexts for attacks on me and conspiracy against my rights. Geral Sosbee, Ted Gunderson, and others report those threats while out of custody.

I believe the US Government has allegiances to foreign entities based on their previous actions have exposures to charges of treason for acts committed in the name of unconstitutional allegiances called the NWO and the US participation on COINTELPRO that extends to outright murder of journalists and others makes the government a threat to me and others. Once a person is Targeted no trust should exist with Law Enforcement. The more control they have over you and the less visible their actions are to the public the more lethal their conspiracies can be.

I see myself on the “Hit List” Jim Mars and others talk about, strange deaths of those who knew too much.

…  …  February 20, November 18, December 13, April 1, June 4, July 6, August 4 …  …

…  …   New William Cooper Patriotic Sovereign Press   …  … 

Cross Paths of Donegan hidden identities, OSS and CIA, and Kennedy’s and Kennedy Assassination

James Donegan and Rose “Honey” Fitzpatrick arrive in Boston same time from Ireland to Boston Roman Catholics

  • Boston Origins Great Potato Famine and 1800’s and then 1920’s Roman Catholic Rose Fitzpatrick meets Roman Catholic Boston Politician of South Boston Joseph Kennedy Sr. and future president John (Rose) Fitzpatrick (Joseph Sr.) Kennedy is one of their children. Joseph Kennedy has close tied to England going into WWII. James Donegan flies in WWII P-51 into and after being part of nuclear test blasts (with is brother Happy Donegan) flying with the bomb group of P-51s and B-29s that attacked Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Was part of CIA and US DOD atomic bomb test explosion and exposed to radiation and follow testing. Glorian Donegan had secret OSS CIA Vatican history a refugee of Salzburg Austria Maria Vontrapp impregnated by a philandering Windsor kept secret for many reasons, Maria Kutschera gave birth in North Carolina.

  • In WWII over Europe and England McNamara and others help England by finding and destroying industrial war machine infrastructure in Europe. Prouty and Donegan fly in similar operations at the same place and will be friends in Boston (where both the Roman Catholic families were from) into mid 1970;s. I will meet and go skating with Prouty;s dining at their home at times, etc., at family get together though I was very young at the time.

  • Following 1946 into 1953As Congressman Richard Nixon Southern California defense industry and Rockefeller Republic forms Marshall plan post WWII Europe Air Force, CIA, DOD, FBI, others try to gain control of world map using Espionage.

  • 1953 Atsugi and Operation MongooseEisenhower Nixon 1953-1961 under VP Nixon and Security Council Prouty leading the way world regime change. Prouty and Donegan at Atsugi with Bissle Jr, plans for CIA world projects, recon, Korean War. John F Kennedy and Jackie wed, James and Glorian Gainey wed, parents of Ed Donegan. Le Harvey Oswald at same base showing later how RECON and RADAR worked to film makers and propagandists

  • 1961 Ed Donegan born in Los Angeles County were Edward’s Air Force Base and SSFL Labs are. Jim DOnegan part of those USAF activities and regime change. Ed thinks Barrack Obama Jr. planned for Indonesia was part of the Republican plot and is a Birther that Obama Jr was born in Los Angeles.

  • 1963 The regime change system had grown out of control, JFK to reveal its use of Mob (Murder Inc in Carribean, elsewhere) and resents Mafia as East-India Tea Company. Chauncey Holt tells all later. JFK assassinated. The plans continue to place CIA projects like Obama Jr. in power around the world controlling the world, Prouty thins so too.

  • 1968 Robert F Kennedy is in Los Angles and assassinated where the Manchurian Candidate story took place Though from a Boston family I am born in Los Angeles where Air Force officer James Donegan was flying from. This is where JFK had visited at my birth regarding CIA plans and RFK visited and found out about from Don Nixon (former VP Richard Nixon’s brother) and John McCOne CIA and Atomic Energy Commission. Robert Kennedy was staying with John Frankenheimer who produced the Manchurian Candidate 1962 that told the Donegan story.

  • 2018 Jen Moore is assassinated talking about my family Glorian Donegan our history is tied to Allen Dulles, regime change, OSS and CIA and the assasintion of JFK. Though she is dead now and had death threats as a constant, Ed Donegan picks up her story on this my family and continue to write under names Second Line of Troops (after Jen Moore is slain) and continues the story but also experiences subversion attempts.

…  …  February 20, November 18, December 13, April 1, June 4, July 6, August 4 …  …

…  …   New William Cooper Patriotic Sovereign Press   …  … 

Various “Sundown” Thematic Bibliography – Interested parties in overthrowing Latin American Companies will have CIA backed and assisted mercenaries in the fight.

The basic mechanism must be looked at as only the covert or
semi-covert part of the United States (secret) team in each country. The rest
of the team should be playing in the same game, towards the same goal.
If it isn’t, the United States loses. Thus the critical task falls
upon the Executive, for clear statement of our Policy towards each
country and compliance of officials to both spirit and letter of that

The second part of my suggestions concerns the application
of the basic mechanism to each country. The start should be a
penetrating review of what we know of each country. From this review,
by individual country, we list the real targets to be destroyed, the
assets (including names of persons) in that country which will destroy
the targets, and a sketch of how an agent or agents make those assets

General Edward Lansdale to General CD Jackson OSS and CIA. Prouty was OSS too and worked with these people intercommunicating the CIA and USAF.

It is these two Prouty says hated JFK and Mongoose and Camelot by William King Harvey using Sam Giacanca, Myers Lansky, and Chauncey Holt that JFK was trying to interrupt. Lansdale and William King Harvey and the collection of Castro objectors (Morgan Brown Oil providing Jim Braden, Murder Inc providing Charles Harrelson, E. Howard Hunt of oil industry being there for the hit on JFK with Goerge H.W. Bush of CIA Zapata “proprietary interest” (CIA front company on site at Dealy Plaza.

These companies interested in the natural resources of the independent nations exploitative mined from the were robber barons and foremost among them was United Fruit company, a steam and rail company that used oligopoly or monopoly transportation capabilities to move bananas to market worldwide..

The War State: The Cold War Origins Of The Military-Industrial Complex And The Power Elite, 1945-1963

Michael Swanson on Kindle (unlimited)

Today when you factor in the interest on the national debt from past wars and total defense expenditures the United States spends almost 40% of its federal budget on the military. It accounts for over 46% of total world arms spending. Before World War II it spent almost nothing on defense and hardly anyone paid any income taxes. You can’t have big wars without big government. Such big expenditures are now threatening to harm the national economy. How did this situation come to be?

In this book you’ll learn how in the critical twenty years after World War II the United States changed from being a continental democratic republic to a global imperial superpower. Since then nothing has ever been the same again. In this book you will discover this secret history of the United States that formed the basis of the world we live in today.

By buying this book you will discover:

  • How the end of European colonialism created a power vacuum that the United States used to create a new type of world empire backed by the most powerful military force in human history.

  • Why the Central Intelligence Agency was created and used to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations when the United States Constitution had no mechanism for such imperial activities.

Would the military really go so far as to overthrow a president of the United States? On the surface, that seems like a far-fetched notion, but you have to remember this was the height of the Cold War.

In 1962 a best-selling book came out titled Seven Days in May
that postulated just such a scenario. Kennedy read it, and when asked if it could happen, he replied,

“It’s possible, but the conditions would have to be just right. If the country had a young President, and he had hay of Pigs, there would be a certain uneasiness. Maybe the military would do a little criticizing behind his back. Then if there were another Bay of Pigs, the reaction of the country would be, ‘Is he too young and inexperienced?’ The military would almost feel that it was their patriotic obligation to stand ready to preserve the integrity of the nation and only God knows just what segment of Democracy they would be defending. Then if there were a third Bay of Pigs itcould happen. It won’t happen on my watch.”

After the meeting, Kennedy met with his brother and some of his closest associates to go over the discussion he had just had with Ike. He said he was amazed at how calm Eisenhower seemed as he talked about nuclear war. He thought there was almost something frightening about it.

Kennedy himself was scared of nuclear war and worried over the possibility that one could start due to a miscalculation on the part of the Soviet Union or the United States. The new president would soon recommend to some of his advisers that they read the best-selling Barbara Tuchman book The Guns of August that chronicled the beginning of World War I. It described the start of that war as an almost automatic process in which once one switch was triggered, the war could not be stopped.

In talks with people, Kennedy would recall a passage from the book in which two German leaders talked about the war: “How did it all happen?” one asked. The other answered, “Ah, if one only knew.” Now an accidental war or one sparked by some crazy incident could mean the end of life as we know it. Kennedy had the book placed in every single Officers’ Club

Several members of the Joint Chiefs of Staffthought that Kennedy actually dropped the ball on the Cuban Missile Crisis. According to
Daniel Ellsberg, who served in a working staff for the EXCOMM group under Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, “after Khrushchev had agreed to remove the missiles, President Kennedy invited the Chiefs to the White House so that he could thank them for their support during the crisis, and there was one hell of a scene.

LeMay (chief of staff of the air force) came out saying, ‘We lost! We ought to just go in there today and knock ’em John Frankenheimer adapted a Rod Serling, of Twilight Zone fame, script for Seven Days of May into a movie production. Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster played the leading roles. The military brass did not want the picture made and wouldn’t allow the movie crew to go inside the Pentagon, but Kennedy was personally thrilled with the idea and left Washington one weekend for his home in Hyannis Portso that they could film in the White House. The movie ends with a speech by the president giving a defense of the US Constitution that today sounds overly sentimental, because most people do not have the faith and trust in the government that they did back then.

Profile in Courage

book cover image

Chapdelaine Sr., Perry On Kindle

Written in 1955 by the then junior senator from the state of Massachusetts, John F. Kennedy’s Profiles in Courage was ghost written by Ted Sorenson to represent the thinking and beliefs of the Kennedy family who had boycotted a British events in the US Congress. In 1991 Kennedy boycotted a speech to the U.S. Congress by the United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II “in protest to the British occupation in Northern Ireland” Growing up on Boston and Irish Catholics from the Republic of Ireland (Wexford) resentment against the British abuses of colonies was deeply ingrained morally and geopolitical in these Catholics as the Troubles have dominated the Emerald Isle’s history since William of Orange. The book with a forward by Robert F. Kennedy served as a clarion call to every American against global oppression. The inspiring true accounts of eight unsung heroic acts by American patriots at different junctures in our nation’s history, Kennedy’s book became required reading, an instant classic, and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. Now, a half-century later, it remains a moving, powerful, and relevant testament to the indomitable national spirit and an unparalleled celebration of that most noble of human virtues.

Ed Donegan asserts that Gregg Poulgrain is correct, the attempts to control Indonesia and rob it its gold was the dispute JFK was ultimately assassinated over, resisting even Joseph Kennedy Sr’s ties to Britain (As Robert F. Kennedy resisted FBI tolerance and closeness with Organized Crime that help in overthrow activity becoming contracts to the FBI and CIA). Further Ed Donegan (me) asserts during atomic testing under McCone (CIA Director and Atomic Energy Agency and Proving Grounds Nevada New Mexico, Tennessee. Donegan DNA was used in tests births since there are those around the world as bastard children to the Windsors the CIA hid, we show a gene that Windsors are trying to hide, and Barrack Obama like Ed Donegan is a bastard child descendant of this genetic line also under a hidden identity but does not have the gene. This likely converges through Glorian Donegan my mother who was born at the time of the Kings Speech the when the defect was publicly seen.

George HW Bush & the JFK Assassination

George HW Bush & the JFK Assassination (Youtube discussion of a collection of reports)

This above video with an author does list just about every source that this book also relies on (including Col Prouty) as its sources and many more. Very detailed and a good overview full of documented facts leading to the original primary sources.

The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World and his other book JFK : The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy

book cover image

book cover image

L. Fletcher Prouty on Kindle

L. Fletcher Prouty (1917–2001), a retired colonel of the U.S. Air Force, served as the chief of special operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Kennedy years. He was directly in charge of the global system designed to provide military support from within the military for the clandestine activities of the CIA.JFK was trying to more more into direct military oversight augmenting control of the CIA. Prouty was the author of JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy and The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies.

He also wrote The Guns of Dallas, Indonesia 1958: Nixon, the CIA, and the Secret War that is an articel explaining how he was asked to provide military support for actions in Indonesia the CIA was conducting under direction of the NSC as led by V.P. Richard Nixon.

Chapter 8 of The Secret Team goes into the conditions of Post WWII and the atomic bomb (and experimental fighters and bombers elsewhere) as the sound barrier break, space race is born, and many other factors setup a powerful military industrial complex acting covertly in military activities.


book cover image

Based on On the Trail of the Assassins
by Jim Garrison
Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy
by Jim Marrs

JFK is a 1991 American epic political thriller film written and directed by Oliver Stone and starring Kevin Costner as Jim Garrison leading along with an ensemble of casts. The film examines the investigation into the assassination of John F. Kennedy by district attorney Jim Garrison, who came to believe there was a conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy and that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone. The film features performances from Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Oldman, Sissy Spacek, Kevin Bacon, and Joe Pesci. The film also features supporting performances from Laurie Metcalf, Donald Sutherland, Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Michael Rooker, Ed Asner, Brian Doyle-Murray, John Candy, Beata Poźniak, Wayne Knight, Jay O. Sanders, Vincent D’Onofrio, Sally Kirkland, and Martin Sheen.

The film’s screenplay was adapted by Stone and Zachary Sklar from the books On the Trail of the Assassins (1988) by Jim Garrison and Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy (1989) by Jim Marrs. Stone described this account as a “counter-myth” to the Warren Commission’s “fictional myth”. JFK has been considered controversial due to its embracement of conspiracy theories.[2] Many major American newspapers ran editorials accusing Stone of taking liberties with historical facts, including the film’s implication that Kennedy’s Vice President (and eventual successor) Lyndon B. Johnson was part of a coup d’état to kill Kennedy.

Despite the controversy, JFK received critical praise for the performances of its cast, Stone’s directing, score, editing, and cinematography. The film gradually picked up momentum at the box office after a slow start, earning over $205 million in worldwide gross, making it the sixth highest-grossing film of 1991 worldwide. JFK was nominated for eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and won two for Best Cinematography and Best Film Editing. It was the first of three films Stone made about American presidents, followed by Nixon (1995) and W. (2008).

A Farewell to Justice: Jim Garrison, JFK’s Assassination, and the Case That Should Have Changed History (Mellen) and On the Trail of the Assassins (Garrison)

book cover image

Joan Mellen and Jim Garrison On Kindle

Working with thousands of previously unreleased documents and drawing on more than one thousand interviews, with many witnesses speaking out for the first time, Joan Mellen revisits the investigation of New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison, the only public official to have indicted, in 1969, a suspect in President John F. Kennedy’s murder.Garrison began by exposing the contradictions in the Warren Report, which concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was an unstable pro-Castro Marxist who acted alone in killing Kennedy.

A Farewell to Justice reveals that Oswald, no Marxist, was in fact working with both the FBI and the CIA, as well as with U.S. Customs, and that the attempts to sabotage Garrison’s investigation reached the highest levels of the U.S. government. Garrison interviewed various individuals involved in the assassination, ranging from Clay Shaw and CIA contract employee David Ferrie to a Marine cohort of Oswald named Kerry Thornley, who at the very least was a Defense Intelligence Agency asset.

Garrison’s suspects included CIA-sponsored soldiers of fortune enlisted in assassination attempts against Fidel Castro, an anti-Castro Cuban asset, and a young runner for the conspirators, interviewed here for the first time by the author.

Building upon Garrison’s effort, Mellen uncovers decisive new evidence and clearly establishes the intelligence agencies’ roles in both a president’s assassination and its cover-up, set in motion well before the actual events of November 22, 1963.

The assassins the included the Burns family, Obama Family, and others of CIA creation working in the Cabal now and then are part of world rule plan and are on trail of witnesses who know too mucb. (Richard Belzer, Ralph Thomas, Mark Lane, Penn Jones Jr., Gary Shaw, and others.)

Murder Inc.,

Bugsy Segel, Meyers Lanski and his accountant-pilot-forger Chauncey Holt are part of Casino Muscle and clandestine combatants against socilist or communist governments.

Murder, Inc. (Murder, Incorporated) was an organized crime group active from 1929 to 1941 that acted as the enforcement arm of the National Crime Syndicate – a closely connected criminal organization that included the Italian-American Mafia, the Jewish Mob, and other criminal organizations in New York City and elsewhere.[1] Murder, Inc. was composed of Jewish and Italian-American gangsters, and members were mainly recruited from poor and working-class Jewish and Italian neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn. It was initially headed by Louis “Lepke” Buchalter and later by Albert “Mad Hatter” Anastasia.

The Bugs and Meyer Mob was the predecessor to Murder, Incorporated. The gang was founded by New York Jewish mobsters Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel in the early 1920s. Sicilian mafioso Charles “Lucky” Luciano created the Commission and began to closely cooperate with his friend Lansky and the Jewish Mob in general, establishing a multi-ethnic alliance that eventually was deemed the “National Crime Syndicate”. Soon after, Siegel and Lansky disbanded the Bugs and Meyer gang and helped form Murder, Incorporated.

Members of Murder, Inc. were Italian and Jewish gangsters from the gangs of the Lower East Side and the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Brownsville, East New York, and Ocean Hill. They committed crimes in New York City and acted as enforcers for New York Jewish mobster Louis “Lepke” Buchalter, and they accepted murder contracts from mob bosses all around the United States.

The killers were paid a regular salary as retainer as well as an average fee of $1,000 to $5,000 per killing. Their families also received monetary benefits.[Thus as it said on Charles Harrelson’s business card most likely (it was redacted by someone) Enemies, debtors, skimmers ofLa Cosa Nostra or other mob enemies on case-by-case basis “shot for free.”

James Jesus Angleton in WWII used the Mafia to hunt Nazi and this continued after WWII to subvert communism in Latin American countries. Plausibly deniable in the USA this ducked legal accountability of the CIA or US DOD since we denied using front groups or people as intermediaries. George H.W. Bush was among the CIA front mechanisms (Zapata) tied to aristocracy that worked for regime change. The Kennedy’s resented what was the same scheme and ends the Great Britain wanted in Ireland. A nation depleted of resources to rebel with since Robber Barons had robbed the wealth. Those Robber Barron’s gained power with Mafia recruits. The scheme of hiding national acts behind mafia fronts has been as useful for saving the politicians from scrutiny as it has been saving the Cabal from international retaliation for assassinations and assassination or acts-of-war attempts.

Self-Portrait of a Scoundrel

book cover image

Holt, Chauncey On Kindle

The How of killing JFK

The Siegel Lanksy Mob grew out of prohibition. The Great Lakes and closeness to Canada allowed for bootleggers to bring Canadian booze across the great lakes to Chicago and other Speak Easys. “The Bugs (Bugsy) and Meyer Mob was a Jewish-American street gang in Manhattan, New York City’s Lower East Side. It was formed and headed by mobsters Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky during their teenage years shortly after the start of Prohibition. The Bugs and Meyer mob acted as a predecessor to Murder, Inc.” – Wikipedia

Bugsy Seigel left for Vegas and and Myers Lansky to Florida as they grew apart. In Vegas gambling was legal. I Cuba gambling was legal. Short flights to Cuba during Batista of the 1950’s allowed travelers Havana club life the Florida mob could offer up and use printed numbers cards inside Florida to work with Batista run lotteries.

Chauncey Holt was was the mob accountant to Meyers Lansky and could do the graphics and other work on altered books, etc., This mob was offered Havana back if they could help the CIA hit Castro. J. Edgar Hoover recruited and used them. Holt tells the story of being under Lanskey and how the orders reach him though he did not have the higher level knowledge of what was planned, did do things like print fake Secret Service IDs and Fair Play for Cuba fliers and work with Lee Harvey Oswald in the plan.

The Men Who Killed Kennedy

book cover image

by Nigel Turner and GG Communications – The History Channel (online as video)

The How and the Scope of the Cover-ups

“Starring: Hilary Minster , Robert J. Groden , L. Fletcher Prouty , et al.
Directed by: The History Channel”

The Men Who Killed Kennedy is a video documentary series by British television network ITV that depicts the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Originally broadcast in 1988 in two parts (with a subsequent studio discussion), it was rebroadcast in 1991 re-edited to three parts with additional material, and a fourth episode added in 1995. The addition of three further episodes in 2003 caused great controversy, particularly in the final episode implicating Lyndon B. Johnson and the withdrawal of these additional episodes.

A detailed examination of the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, with emphasis on the discrepancies and inconsistencies in the government’s official version of events.

Forgive My Grief Vol 4


Penn Jones JR

American journalist, the editor of the Midlothian Mirror and author.

He was also one of the earliest John F. Kennedy alternative assassination theory proponents.

‘Forgive My Grief’ Volume I was published by Penn Jones Jr. way back in 1966, a year which saw the publications of ‘Rush to Judgment’ by Mark Lane, Epstein’s ‘Inquest’, Weisberg’s ‘Whitewash II’ and Popkin’s ‘Second Oswald’. The Lane, Epstein, Weisberg and Popkin books have been on my shelf for quite a while, but the Jones volume has been omitted owing to the high cost and it’s rarity. The cover shows that back in the day this sold for $2.95.

Fortunately a copy was available to me via a co-member of Dealey Plaza U.K. The books value to me is more from the rarity value than the content.
Jones has published selected transcripts from the Warren Commission volumes for his critical review of that report, and the vast majority of the text is taken directly from Earl Warren’s fairytales. Pete daPixie
1,505 Goodreads reviews

The Unauthorized Bush Biography and ALSO Treason in America from Aaron Burr to Averell Harriman

book cover image

book cover image

by Anton Chaitkin and Webster Tarpley

The Motive for hitting JFK

Some assert the Saudi government is not consistent with the US system. It is. Understanding Bandar Bush the Saudi royal friend of the Bush family so close to the Bush’s that he is a called Bush is part of that. The British system of installing repressive puppets who will allow access to natural resources (or base locations) to the West is how it is done. What is the average income in Indonesia that we have ruled with puppet governmnents after Sukarno was overthrown or the income in Bannana Republlics setup by United Fruit Company?

The George Walker Bush family come from big defense backed and even funded companies like that were closely connected to the CIA. Like United Fruit Company, Zapata Petroleum followed in the tradition of East India Tea Company helping overthrows of independent of communist nations and George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography
by Webster Griffin Tarpley (Author), Anton Chaitkin (Author)

Treason in America from Aaron Burr to Averell Harriman
The Oligarchy that usurped power in the USA, against America’s revolutionary heritage, that has now destroyed the economy: What is it? Anton Chaitkin’s Treason in America is the original, authoritative inquiry into this criminal apparatus, the British Empire and its arms in Wall Street, Boston and the South.

George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography This is the groundbreaking classic expose of the Bush family, cited by all that followed it, yet still unmatched. Exhaustively documented by intensive search of dozens of archives and months of interviews with government insiders, this biography digs up all the dirt – frightening, gory, hilarious – on the Bush dynasty: how the Bushes made their fortune building up Hitler and the Nazi war machine; Iran-Contra; Zapata’s Watergate burglars; the Reagan shooting; the ‘war hero’ story; the secret government; ‘Eugenic’ population reduction plans; Kissinger, China, and genocide in the Third World; Luring Iraq to attack Kuwait; The Bush Leveraged Buyout Mob, theft of a nation; Jupiter Island, Skull and Bones, and other power bases. Essential reading as long as this Anglo-American oligarchy directs American politics, the “Unauthorized Biography” is a vivid X-ray of the presidential dynasty, and the private forces dominating both major political parties.

The British model was to cripple satellite countries with imposed poverty keeping them from rising to be a threat and that was done to Republic of Ireland. Guess what JFK thought about all of this. Companies run by the aristocrat powers of WWI America Robber Barrons like Averell Harriman and Rockefeller;s, Dupont (Franklin D Roosevelt’s one time wife Ethel DuPont,) J.P. Morgan were funded by Great Britain and USA with huge returns on investment (if any) that these private individuals put up DuPont large contract suppliers to the military, atomic research contracts, gun powder, etc., War Industries Board at end of WWI decided to create a military subservient set of big businesses that would be ready for Pentagon orders rather than be unable to fill them. The sponsored companies were also CIA allies around the world with Washington and London loyalties. Key players in Subversion and Overthrow operations.

Memo from Edward Lansdale to C.D. Jackson, March 7, 1953

CD JACKSON and Edward Lansdale will run the program along with Bissle Jr. Charles Cabell, Allen Dulles, the Dulles Brothers, Bush, and others.

Charles Douglas Jackson retrieved from Wikipedia and copied or modified to here

Jackson was born in New York City. After graduation from Princeton University in 1924, he entered the private sector. In 1931, Jackson took a position with Time Inc. In 1940, he was President of the Council for Democracy. From 1942 to 1943, he served as special assistant to the Ambassador to Turkey. From 1943 to 1945, he served with the OSS. From 1944 to 1945 he was Deputy Chief at the Psychological Warfare Division, SHAEF.

After the war, he became Managing Director of Time-Life International from 1945 to 1949. He later became publisher of Fortune Magazine. From 1951 to 1952, he served as president of the anticommunist Free Europe Committee. He was a speech writer for Dwight Eisenhower’s successful 1952 presidential campaign. He was assigned to be Eisenhower’s liaison between the newly-created CIA and the Pentagon.

The Free Europe Committee. was founded by Allen Dulles, later to be Director of Central Intelligence, in conjunction with DeWitt Clinton Poole. Early board members included Dwight Eisenhower, Lucius D. Clay, Cecil B. DeMille, Henry Luce, Mark Ethridge, Charles Phelps Taft II and DeWitt Wallace.[2][3] From 1951 to 1952, Charles Douglas Jackson served as its president. The organization created and oversaw the anti-communist broadcast service Radio Free Europe.[4] CIA subsidies to the Free Europe Committee ended in 1971 which caused restructuring to its operations.

The Free Europe Committee sent leaflets with balloons from West Germany to the Eastern Bloc countries. Each balloon was able to drop 100,000 leaflets.

From February 1953 to March 1954, Jackson served as adviser to the President on psychological warfare. He worked closely with the Psychological Strategy Board and was a member of the Operations Coordinating Board. He was also a member of the Committee on International Information Activities, which was known, after its chairman, William Harding Jackson, as the Jackson Committee.

During 1953 and 1954, Jackson was key in establishing the Bilderberg Group and ensuring American participation. He attended meetings of the group in 1954, 1957, 1958, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, and 1964.

Jackson was a defender of Radio Free Europe, stating, “Over the years, Radio Free Europe has never, in a single broadcast or leaflet, deviated from its essential policy, and did not broadcast a single program during the recent Polish and Hungarian developments which could be described as an ‘incitement’ program.”

He later served in a position at the United Nations. From 1958 to 1960, he served as a speechwriter and White House manager after the departure of Sherman Adams and the death of John Foster Dulles. In 1960, he was publisher of Life magazine.

Jackson became acquainted with Whittaker Chambers at Time Inc. He developed a harsh opinion of Chambers as a psychopath.[citation needed] During the first two years of the Eisenhower administration, Jackson urged strong action by the President in dealing with personalities like Senator Joseph McCarthy and Chambers.[citation needed] In Jackson’s opinion, they were damaging the anticommunist cause with self-serving and unstable behavior. Sherman Adams, Chief of Staff urged a more moderate, political approach, which the President followed.

After Abraham Zapruder took the famous film in Dallas on November 22, 1963, Jackson purchased it on behalf of Time/Life to “protect the integrity of the film.” Upon viewing it on Sunday morning, he ordered it locked in a vault at the Time/Life building in Manhattan.

CD Jackson is suspected by government experts of the alteration of the Zapruder film from whent the CIA first saw it to when it was returned from the private vault of Life Magazine

The representatives of Jackson bought the film from Zupruder for $150,000. After it was made public (a odd altered version of it in 1975 the bootleg copy of it) it was sold back Zupruder for $1. They key time is during the days that followed the assasination and the lost of CIA posseion of what would be depended on later by assassination researchers.

While serving as chief analyst of military records at the Assassination Records Review Board in 1997, Douglas Horne discovered that the Zapruder Film was examined by the CIA’s National Photographic Interpretation Center two days after the assassination of President Kennedy.

In this film The Zapruder Film Mystery Horne interviews legendary NPIC photo interpreter Dino Brugioni, who speaks for the first time about another NPIC examination of the film the day after the assassination. Brugioni didn’t know about the second examination and believes the Zapruder Film in the archives today is not the film he saw the day after the assassination (he saw it prior to Life Magazine taking possession of it).

Drawing on Volume 4 of his book “Inside the ARRB”, Doug Horne introduces the subject and presents his conclusions.

This man saw the original film. Dino Antonio Brugioni (December 16, 1921[2] – September 25, 2015) was a former senior official at the CIA’s National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC). He was an imagery analyst and also served as NPIC’s Chief of Information. During his 35-year career, Brugioni helped establish imagery intelligence (IMINT) as a national asset to solve intelligence problems. Even after retirement, Brugioni was considered to be the world’s foremost imagery intelligence analyst.

After retirement, he has been active in encouraging the use of declassified photographic intelligence for historical research. His book, Eyeball to Eyeball[4] is an extensive unclassified history of US imagery intelligence.

Brugioni flew in 66 bombardment and a number of reconnaissance missions in World War II over North Africa, Italy, Germany, Yugoslavia and France. He received the Purple Heart, 9 Air Medals and a Distinguished Unit Citation. After the war, he received BA and MA degrees in Foreign Affairs from George Washington University. He joined the CIA in March 1948 and became an expert in Soviet industries. In 1955, he was selected as a member of the cadre of the newly formed Photographic Intelligence Division that would interpret U-2, SR-71 and satellite photography.

The King’s Speech (film)

Directed by Tom Hooper
Written by David Seidler

Produced by
Iain Canning,
Emile Sherman,
Gareth Unwin

1925 England’s Prince Albert (Colin Firth) must ascend the throne as King George VI, but he has a speech impediment (and more. London FOXP2 gene.) Knowing that the country needs her husband to be able to communicate effectively, Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter) hires Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush), an Australian actor and speech therapist, to help him overcome his stammer. An extraordinary friendship develops between the two men, as Logue uses unconventional means to teach the monarch how to speak with confidence.

A speech therapist helps King George VI overcome his stammer. Historical, International, Gentle, Inspiring.
Included with Prime

Edward Donegan assert this was FOXP2 studied by the British and American intelligence agencies in out of wedlock bastard children, most cooperating partially or fully aware. Some clear of the gene and did not have names linked to England were used as British friendly Sleeper agents the US and British Defense Intelligence Overthrow activities globally.

…  …  February 20, November 18, December 13, April 1, June 4, July 6, August 4 …  …

The Books

The Great Treason: High and Petite Treason in the USA

Extensive non-fiction that shows the 100 year history of the espionage covert Special Relationship between England and the USA that led in to the Kennedy Curse and how the Donegan (my own and other families secretly were tied to that history under Hidden Identities and Underground Railroads during several world wars.

Pillory: Tools and Fools of the USA

I try to writre my book but really noxious cabbage hits me on the head from the side as I type.

Whoever knowingly engages in any conduct and thereby causes bodily injury to another person or damages the tangible property (including the home, its safety, or access to public facilities of office equipment) and office equipment) of another person (or patron of a [public] library), or threatens to do so, with intent to retaliate against any person for—
(1)the attendance of a witness or party at an official proceeding, or any testimony given or any record, document, or other object produced by a witness in an official proceeding; or
(2)any information relating to the commission or possible commission of a Federal offense or a violation of conditions of probation, supervised release, parole, or release pending judicial proceedings given by a person to a law enforcement officer;
or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

Title 18 Chapter 73 Obstruction of Justice – Witness suppression. Most have told me what I would be killed over. Every day. They the Cabal know the whole story and are suppressing it. I am being assaulted by a JavaScript methodically running abusive carefully engineered Black Propaganda (smear of a person publicly) fraudulent themes that are an elaborate hoax paraded in public before the public. It has never changed. In substance and processes the criminal intent has been to stop my writing, stop any allies form forming with me, and stop available resources needed to write my book.

I can write five percent of the time I had available in my apartment even stalked when I was in it.

A fictional book as a speculative simulation between the Donegan’s, Kennedy family, and others in Boston and how because of the Donegan factual history in that matter led to a Mockingbird pillory of me by the CIA, FBI, and others when my and other evidence on the JFK and RFK and other murders should not be retaliated against or conspired against by the very agencies this information should be useful to in those agencies and the US sovereign self-interest. In the fictional version RFK escapes assassination and we will learn of the underlying connection between Marilyn Monroe and Dysgraphic Albert Einstein.

Ted L. Gunderson An Edited and Approving Biographical Anthology of his Life and Works

Ted Gunderson was the right-hand man to RFK fighting the mafia that was run by Vice President Richard Nixon in the 1946 to 1960 years. As the Kennedy’s gained power in the USA and world global dirty business operations subverted the USA and other nations. JFK and RFK attempted to shut down the CIA but it was too globally located to respond to the US Presidency and and held too much allegiance from British trained and supported Espionage in the USA operating as the US Government but through NGOs that again were difficult to control from inside the US Government. It would be comparable to NASA trying to control a long gone satellite past its available connections back to Earth.

A former senior official of the Federal Bureau of Investigation says “rogue” military intelligence and law enforcement units of the federal government oversee a nationwide network of community-based “gang stalking” (harassment, intimidation and domestic terrorism) directed at thousands of U.S. citizens who have been extrajudicially targeted as “dissidents” or undesirables.

“Based on my thirty years’ experience and research, I have determined there are thousands of victims who have been targeted by an illegal U.S. government rogue criminal enterprise – military intelligence, probably, tied into CIA and FBI and so forth – that is active 24 hours a day throughout the United States,” Gunderson stated in an October 2008 speech posted last fall on YouTube.

Written by the Right Hand: The Right Hand Operatives of the Cabal and the Dangerous Job They Undertook of Exposing its Secrets

Many leakers of the secrets of the JFK history have come forward. Deep State Cabal range from Mocking them to assassinating them to denying the truth of revelations but history is being continuously revised as theories Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy are gaining growing support. The patriots fighting against Free Masonry, Vatican history, Knights of Malta, Council on Foreign Relations, British Pilgrim Society all experience media abuse of their theories find any publicity at all but these patriots still speak out at the risk of their lives and leave death-bed statements.

Majic 12 and the Secret Government by William Cooper Introduction by Edward Donegan

With Ed Donegan provided Introduction and in-context commentary and de-anonymized cartoon space aliens as real people under Hidden Identities talked about in anonymized fictionalized ways for un-traceability of any real figures. William Cooper was tied to Free Mason families in his personal life and was part of that overlay of that in US Government activities and became an NWO whistle-blower. Ed Donegan shows the real people and real stories under the clouds of fictionalized obfuscations. Eisenhower GOP and Truman and NIXON worked with Free Masonry and likely formed the CIA as un understudy of MI5 and MI6 Jedah assassins and covert operatives with exchanges of espionage teams between the USA and Great Britain.

All Above Books By Edward Paul Donegan © All rights reserved 2023

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Download Calibre for Windows. Only the light brown icon book reader is needed to read these books that are in development by me and readable in full for free now but and can be transmitted to others as I do in full as per-publicity and problem solving of who came to power after JFK.

The State

Loyalty to Loyalty is Loyalty. Loyalty to Disloyalty is Disloyalty. Loyal People in Loyal Government is internally consistent. Disloyal People in Disloyal Government is also internally consistent.

…  … February 20, November 18, December 13, April 1, June 4, July 6, August 4 …  …

…  …   New William Cooper Patriotic Sovereign Press   …  …

The Super-conspiracy by Ed Donegan and in parts of this others as well

The Kings Speech and efforts to help the Windsor family and Great Britain in its imperialism.

In the early 1900’s Mary of Tek introducted some gene from the Central Europe Romania area to who became the Windsor Family and it is like the speech and grammer defect gene FOXP2. Also called Minimal Brain Dysfunction and can include Borderline Personality, Dyslexia like grammar problems, and at times symptoms like multiple personality when emotions can for a while get carried away from norms of the normal character, but is rational and not Bipolar. I had an apartment break-in tied to that. Geral Sosbee who is being GangGtalked (cover-fire Noises campaign, elites have provocateurs act in disturbing ways around a stalked person leading to fights and a series of stigmatizing set of events that become tied to the stalked person (loud arguments, fighting, etc.,) Usually that is quickly talked up smear campaigns suggesting the stalked person is a trouble maker and shows it all the time.

My book with this theory is The Great Treason

The John F. Kennedy Assassination

Ed Donegan asserts that Dean Rusk, the Dulles Brothers, and many more long knew (as royal families do) there are “bastard” Windsors US Army intelligence were studying. The plan was from Rockefeller Psychiatry and others to watch the children in orphanages or placed in CIA backed families and often using fake birth certificates perhaps from forgers place children in celebrity or diplomat or aid worker families traveling abroad and use these children as sleeper agents, agents of incluence the CIA would back as regime changes were planned or business were made as front companies employing these people. JFK soured on it all and the assassinations team that were the fullback for sleeper agent running backs were turned on JKF.

Barrack Obama Jr.

Ed Donegan asserts biological samples were taken from GLorian Donegan and Malcom X. There never were really attached parents to Barrack Obama Jr. A CIA backed plan moved him around as a youth, but most was CIA cover-story. I assert at two years old November 18 1963 Barrack Obama was passing childhood developmental metrics that I was failing. It was anticipated he did not show the FOXP2 gene and it was hoped he become an influential person in Indonesia, Kenya, or the USA. His real US birth certicate in Los Angeles (with JFK Present) was likely destroyed but a Hawaii one was created.

Robert F. Kennedy Assasination

The Manchurian Candidate 1962 contains plot-lines of planting “blue” flowers around the world, were there was a lack of them. LIke say; for instance, in the USA. When he found out or started to find out while in Los Angeles and while meeting with John Frankenheimer that his brother Robert F. Kennedy was killed when they were trying to create CIA controlled agents for the future (like Barrack Obama Jr but others) he RFK was assassinated. The plot his brother wanted stopped, subverting foreign governments and planting puppets in those countries is the plot. Marilyn Monroe, Malcom X, and Dr Martin Luther King also knew of the plot and were assassinated as RFK was to keep the plot and the identity of the sleepers and the identity of the assassins secret. Malcom X resented both England and Christians as opressors.

The Media Conspiracy of Silence

English propaganda fills the US Media infrastructure. They reject conspiracy theories and by eupemism or allegories in outer space tell the tale of great kingdoms of in various movies. Ed Donegan and William Cooper think major movies have messages about 33s and Finest Hour overlords who stay hidden from view, espionage agents, Jeda, who assassinate a few here or there and groom their youth from early on to become part of the fabric of thousand year society.


Espionage Agents in treason run illegal programs in the USA. Many cooperate. Ted Gunderson and Gene Chip Tatum say the NWO can plant people everywhere and operate secret programs and can get away with anything. That is true and the US CIA FBI DOD AND NDAA system uses illegal programs to target law abiding people

A book Called Hidden Evil of how elites can use undercover thugs and spies to ruin the lives of Targeted Individuals and not admit to doing it.


Jen Moore says the mother of Ed Donegan Glorian Donegan and Ed Donegan and her were targeted for illegal espionage criminal activity including money laundering and staged events, the affect was someone like Ed Donegan would get sex ed lessons, perhaps fantasy role play when he would be discovered of having child porn or been around children, and that event using a fake Ed Donegan would be talked up everywhere, and it was a smear campaign to discredit her, me, and others,

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Kindle Your Imagination

Self-Portrait of a Scoundrel

book cover image

Holt, Chauncey On Kindle

Released in 2013 for the first time (16 years after his death) this startling autobiography by one of the so-called “three tramps” from the John F. Kennedy assassination reveals the details of Chauncey Marvin Holt’s many claims.

Much mystery and suspicion still swirls around that fateful day in November 1963, and theories abound in nearly every form of media. But one of the major mysteries revolves around the three men spotted and later arrested in Dealey Plaza. Holt’s controversial confession to being one of the three tramps has a history of its own, and in his own words he delves into his unique and wild background and life.

From his United States Air Force service during Pearl Harbor to his associations with the mob and the CIA, Holt discusses his experiences and encounters in great detail. From a man who truly lived a rare and unique life, the book explains the ins and outs of his associations with Lee Harvey Oswald and the assassination in this unique retrospective of a complex and occasionally dubious life.

Rush To Judgment (August 1966)

book cover image

by Mark Lane (Author), Hugh Trevor-Roper (Introduction) Chauncey On Kindle and elsewhere

Mark Lane speaking at UCLA 12/3/1964 Early in and limited audio trouble (clears up) Shots of him speaking and his graphics

Rush to Judgment is Mark Lane’s seminal work on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This groundbreaking number one bestseller opened the eyes of the people of the United States to the possibility that their government was involved in a cover-up of monumental proportions. In his mesmerizing book Lane explores the Warren Report’s conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Lane’s exhaustive investigation provides a roadmap to the body of evidence about the assassination. By interviewing witnesses throughout the country, comparing each of the Report’s conclusions with its own corresponding evidence, and searching through the 26 volumes of evidence the President’s Commission collected and thousands of documents found only in the National Archive in Washington, DC., Lane truthfully investigates the assassination. Meticulously detailed, with over 4,000 citations, yet immensely compelling, Rush to Judgment set forth cataclysmic ripples through the fabric of our nation. This work, still unparalleled after nearly 50 years and scores of other explorations, is where it all began. No serious study of this event is complete without it.

While the CIA influenced news media bought the story of Oswald as the shooter and mocked conspiracy theorist Mark Lane and Pen Jones gave speeches at colleges and universities to wild applaue after the two had followed in the footsteps of the FBI and found out what the witnesses really said (and said again on camera as the two re-interviewed) them and showed the FBI investigation was wrong and not following the facts. Events like these that led to the rise of Robert F. Kennedy for President, departing his US Senate role. Mark Lane & Wesley Liebeler debating at UCLA 1/25/1967 https://

Did you know when they transposed the order of frames in the Zupruder film it changed the bullet that his hit head coming from the front into coming from the back?

An excellent book maybe still the best there is. Mark Lane who had some level of closeness to JKF is pictured on the cover with JFK. Like Penn Jones Jr Mark Lane, Jim Mars, and others see evidence right away that the official version was incorrect, shots came from the Grassy Knoll area and that is what the witnesses in the area were attesting to.

Since that book and other books like Penn Jones Jr book Forgive My Grief about the same time much has happened. Scientific techniques have been used to forensically analyze photographs and other evidence. Patters of deaths have occurred that lead to suspicion of an ongoing cover-up themselves raising questions. Death bed confessions have come out as have classified documents. Still he has a list of about 100 deaths then he considered suspicous and on details revealed since now seem homocides.

In recent months I have been working from the 2014 released book Self Portrait of a Scoundrel along with ST John Hunt E. Howard Hunt data and similar sources such as Lisa Pease and James DiEguenio books, other books and his now.

Since these early books were written technology has added a lot such as Web 2.0 with videos and speech to text on sites like YouTube that are searchable and indexed. Anita Ward’s book Rush To Conspiracy leads to a different conclusion but in the discussion an organization something like the Standard Model of physics of forming in understanding the layout of Dealy Plaza and the names of witnesses and available theories such that more and more of a common base of information reasonable minds can explore are getting more detailed and finely honed a picture of what really happened and the terminology like Grassy Knoll, pagodas, various rifle types, groups of people like Hobos or Tramps and the train yard, train tracks and Triple Underpass begin to become common understanding.

His book is still an important read, thorough read, and the lawyer (himself) who put it together and deposed witnesses himself exceed and contradicted the Warren Commission.

Mark Lane (February 24, 1927 – May 10, 2016) was an American attorney, New York state legislator, civil rights activist, and Vietnam war-crimes investigator. Sometimes referred to as a gadfly, Lane is best known as a leading researcher, author, and conspiracy theorist[5] on the assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy. From his 1966 number-one bestselling critique of the Warren Commission, Rush to Judgment,[6][better source needed] to Last Word: My Indictment of the CIA in the Murder of JFK, published in 2011, Lane wrote at least four major works on the JFK assassination and no fewer than ten books overall.

In December 1963, Lane traveled to Dallas to question Oswald’s family, and three days later suggested to Marguerite Oswald that she sue the city of Dallas for the death of her son. Lane said: “It would be an attempt to give Lee Oswald in death what he could not obtain life—a fair trial.” Marguerite Oswald announced on January 14 that she had hired Lane to represent her son before the Warren Commission. After Lane notified the commission that he had been retained by Marguerite Oswald to represent her deceased son, the Commission’s general counsel J. Lee Rankin replied: “The Commission does not believe that it would be useful or desirable to permit an attorney representing Lee Harvey Oswald to have access to the investigative materials within the possession of the Commission or to participate in any hearings to be conducted by the Commission.” Although Warren reversed that position with a statement released on February 25 that said Walter E. Craig, president of the American Bar Association, had been appointed by the Commission to represent the interests of Oswald, Lane remarked that he still considered himself to be Oswald’s counsel.

I Edward Paul Donegan believe I am representing deceased Ted Gundeson’s interest against the FBI and CIA and NSA and Lee Harvey Oswald and my own family too, myself included.

JFK vs. Allen Dulles: Battleground Indonesia

book cover image

Poulgrain, Greg On Kindle

For those interested in the assassination of JFK, the untold story of Indonesia, gold, JFK, Allen Dulles, the CIA, and secret military coups.

Two of the most fascinating figures in history, John F. Kennedy, thirty-fifth president of the United States, and Allen Dulles, our nation’s longest-serving CIA director, often clashed over intelligence issues and national security. However, one such conflict has remained in the shadows until now. JFK vs. Allen Dulles: Battleground Indonesia takes reader to the vast archipelago 3350 miles wide where this secret showdown occurred.

In 1936, an Allen Dulles-established company discovered the world’s largest gold deposit in remote Netherlands New Guinea. In 1962, President Kennedy intervened, and Netherlands New Guinea was added to President Sukarno’s Indonesia. Neither Sukarno nor JFK was aware of the gold, since Dulles had not informed Kennedy.

Dulles planned a complicated and ruthless CIA regime-change strategy to seize control not only of Indonesia itself, but also of its vast resources, including the gold. This strategy included a push to start Malaysian Confrontation. Yet Kennedy’s plan to visit Jakarta in early 1964 would have sunk Dulles’ master plan, which included the destruction of the Indonesian communist party as a wedge to split Moscow and Beijing. Only an assassin’s bullet put an end to Kennedy’s plan of peace. Did Allen Dulles arrange for JFK to be killed to save his plan and his gold? Was his coup for gold successful with JFK out of the picture?

Using archival records as a basis, Greg Poulgrain adds word-of-mouth evidence from those people who were directly involved—such as Dean Rusk and others who worked with President Kennedy and Allen Dulles at the time; or the person who was with Michael Rockefeller when he mysteriously disappeared in West New Guinea during this whole affair.

Treasonous Cabal: A Primer on the Violent Overthrow of John F. Kennedy and His Presidency

book cover image

Jones, Barry On Kindle

As assassinations go, the JFK assassination was unique for at LEAST a few reasons. First, the very nature of the crime was astonishingly brutal…and visible. Second, an alarming number of key assassination witnesses died violent…and unexplained deaths. Third, the subsequent investigations created more questions than answers. This book is an attempt to answer three of those questions. Why was President Kennedy killed? Who benefited? And who had the power to cover it up?

As Dwight Eisenhower’s Vice President, Nixon was fully involved in a covert CIA plan to assassinate
Fidel Castro. What made this operation a stick of political (and legal) dynamite was the involvement of Sam Giancana and his crime syndicate. The federal government and the mob were partners! Giancana described the arrangement as the CIA and Cosa Nostra
being “two heads of the same coin.”

President Johnson later characterized the relationship as a reincarnation of the 1940’s-era hit squad, “Murder, Inc.” It began in August 1960 when the CIA recruited ex-FBI agent Robert Maheu to approach mobster Johnny Roselli and pass himself off as a representative of international corporations that wanted Castro killed because of their lost business enterprises in Cuba.

After the successful meeting, Roselli introduced Maheu to “Sam Gold” — Sam Giancana — during which a deal was struck to work together. Later, The Agency gave the Chicago outfit six poison pills. The plan was to have someone put them in Castro’s food. Naturally,
Vice President Nixon was rooting for this plan to succeed before the 1960 election so the Republicans could claim credit for having rid the world of the Castro scourge.

[After the Bay of Pigs and still connected to the CIA cabal the CIA will use Murder Inc. (Meyers Lansky, Charles Harrelson, others, Peter Licaovoli, Chauncey Holt partially aware only of his role, to it JFK. -edp relying on Holt.]

The War State: The Cold War Origins Of The Military-Industrial Complex And The Power Elite, 1945-1963

book cover image

Swanson, Michael On Kindle

Today when you factor in the interest on the national debt from past wars and total defense expenditures the United States spends almost 40% of its federal budget on the military. It accounts for over 46% of total world arms spending. Before World War II it spent almost nothing on defense and hardly anyone paid any income taxes. You can’t have big wars without big government. Such big expenditures are now threatening to harm the national economy. How did this situation come to be?

In this book you’ll learn how in the critical twenty years after World War II the United States changed from being a continental democratic republic to a global imperial superpower. Since then nothing has ever been the same again. In this book you will discover this secret history of the United States that formed the basis of the world we live in today.

By buying this book you will discover:

– How the end of European colonialism created a power vacuum that the United States used to create a new type of world empire backed by the most powerful military force in human history.

– Why the Central Intelligence Agency was created and used to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations when the United States Constitution had no mechanism for such imperial activities.

– How national security bureaucrats got President Harry Truman to approve of a new wild budget busting arms race after World War II that is still going on to this day.

– Why President Eisenhower really gave his famous warning against the “military-industrial complex.”

– Why during the Kennedy administration the nuclear arms race almost led to the end of the world during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

– How President Kennedy tried to deal with what had grown into a “permanent government” of power elite national security bureaucrats in the executive branch of the federal government that had become more powerful than the individual president himself.

In this book you will discover this secret history of the United States that formed the basis of the world we live in today.

In Russia -The State strove to make use of the developing economic groups, to subject them to its own specialized financial and military interests. The dominating economic groups, as they arose, strove to use the State to consolidate their advantages in the form of estate privileges. In this play of social forces, the resultant went much more in favour of the State power than was the case in the history of Western Europe. The exchange of services between the State power and the upper social groups, at the expense of the working masses, which finds its expression in the distribution of rights and obligations, of burdens and privileges, was less advantageous to the nobility and clergy in Russia than in the mediaeval estates-monarchies of Western Europe. This is beyond doubt. Nevertheless, it would be a great exaggeration and contrary to all sense of proportion to say that while in the West the estates created the State, in Russia the State power created the estates in its own interests (as Milyukov does).

Leon Trotsky (on the Permanent Revolution and the Russian Revolution Betrayed)
Results and Prospects
I. The Peculiarities of
Russian Historical Development

Introduction to the on-line version of
Permanent Revolution and Results & Prospects

Along with the theory of “combined and uneven development”, one of Leon Trotsky’s major contributions to Marxist thought was the theory of “permanent revolution”. The first is the idea that a backward country does not need to pass through the same sequence of stages already achieved by advanced countries. It can combine elements of both backward and advanced countries and leads to the idea of the permanent revolution. The expression “permanent revolution” was borrowed from the Address of the General Council to the Communist League, 1850, by Marx and Engels. Trotsky wrote: “The permanent revolution, in the sense which Marx attached to this concept, means a revolution which makes no compromise with any single form of class rule, which does not stop at the democratic stage, which goes over to socialist measures and to war against reaction from without; that is, a revolution whose every successive stage is rooted in the preceding one and which can end only in complete liquidation.”

The theory of permanent revolution was first formulated in the wake of the 1905 Russian Revolution as an attempt to explain what class would need to lead the coming revolution in Russia. Trotsky agreed with the other Russian Marxists that it would have to initially be bourgeois-democratic in character in order to accomplish such tasks as the overthrow of the Tsarist regime and the transformation of agrarian relations. In Results and Prospects, Trotsky took this idea a step further and analyzed how the conditions unique to Russia meant the working-class would need to join the peasantry to overthrow the capitalist class. Trotsky outlined the theory of permanent revolution from his cell while awaiting trial for his participation in the Petersburg Soviet of 1905. Some 24 years later, The Permanent Revolution (1929) was written in response to an attack on the the theory by Karl Radek, a Soviet journalist and former Left Opposition member who advocated Stalin’s theory of “socialism in one country”. It’s purpose was to clarify the relationship between Trotsky’s and Lenin’s perspectives on class relationships and objectives of the Russian revolution in the international arena.

The Revolution Betrayed is in The Great Treason as Trotsky opposes support for capitalist ventures in farming. The Farming Industrial complex as incentivised private actors farms are created after the Russian Revolution.

Did the USA unlearn Colonialism using mobster companies is oppression?

SILENCED! Strange Deaths Of People Who Knew Too Much About The JFK Assassination: 92 Witnesses, Researchers, CIA Agents, Police Officers, Reporters, Girlfriends Who Just Knew Way Too Much!

book cover image

Thomas, Ralph On Kindle

Now includes new information from the 04.2018 JFK Files Release!

When the Jim Garrison trials started, there had already been a huge number of witnesses, reporters, police officers and others who had suddenly died who knew too much about the Kennedy Assassination. On March 1, 1967 New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison arrested Clay Shaw for conspiring to murder John F. Kennedy. Shaw promptly had his attorneys file a motion for dismissal based on the fact that the Warren Commission proved that there was no conspiracy in the JFK Assassination. The court ruled in the state’s favor claiming that the Warren Commission was hearsay. Garrison had wanted to bring to trial David Ferrie and was about ready to do so but he suddenly died. Since that time, the death toll has slowly risen to almost 100 people.

Here are a few samples of silenced victims: Organized crime figures Johnny Rosselli, Sam Giancana, Charles Nicoletti had all been murdered right before they were to give testimony before the House Select Committee On Assassinations. CIA handler of Lee Harvey Oswald George DeMohrehschildt also died of a gunshot wound to the head after he was notified he was to give testimony before the House Select Committee On Assassinations. David Ferrie died right before he was charged with conspiracy to assassinate JFK.

Intelligence officers And FBI agents David Sanchez Morale- CIA, William Guy Banister- FBI, James Cadigan –FBI, John Garrett Underhill Jr. – Intelligence Officer all died because they knew to much. Rolando Masferrer , Dorothy Kilgallen, Bill Hunter and Jim Koethe were going to expose too much but their exposure died with them.

Assassination researchers Joe West, Larry Howard and Larry Harris were all about ready to bring forward new evidence of a conspiracy but their evidence was taken to the grave with them when they died. Material witnesses Jean Hill, Roger Craig, Hank Killam, Karen Carlin, Marily Walle, Rose Cheramie and Lee Bowers were just a few of the witnesses who saw and heard too much. The evidence they had died with them. Congressman Hale Boggs was a member of the Warren Commission that wanted to reopen the investigation. He disappeared in a small plane over Alaska.

Lt. William Bruce Pitzer took photographs of the autopsy that revealed shots from the front. These photographs disappeared and he died of a gun shot to the head.

This investigation details the strange deaths of 92 people who knew way too much about the Kennedy Assassination. Inside there are 92 Witnesses, Researchers, CIA Agents, Police Officers, Reporters, Politicians and Girlfriends who just knew way too much! Some of them were outright murders like Mary Pinchot Meyer who was the girlfriend of John F Kennedy. Some of them are highly suspicious suicides, accidents and other strange incidents. In the profile of each victim, you will sometimes find links to online videos you can watch by clicking on the link.

Note: This investigation was last updated on 05.01.2018

Bombshell: The Night Bobby Kennedy Killed Marilyn Monroe

book cover image

Douglas Thompson (Author), Mike Rothmiller (Author)

Bombshell: The Night Bobby Kennedy Murdered Marilyn Monroe tells the essential truth of the death of Marilyn Monroe at the hand of Robert Kennedy, Attorney General of the United States. Drawing on unseen police files, Marilyn Monroe’s private diary, and first-hand testimony, this book proves that Robert Kennedy was directly responsible for her death. It details Marilyn Monroe’s tumultuous personal involvement with him and his brother, President John Kennedy. The new evidence and testimony is provided by Mike Rothmiller who, as an agent of the Organized Crime Intelligence Division (OCID) of the LAPD, had direct personal access to hundreds of secret files on exactly what happened at Marilyn Monroe’s Californian home on August 5, 1962. With his training and specialist knowledge, Rothmiller used that unseen information to get to the heart of the matter, to the people who were there the night Marilyn Monroe died—two of whom played major roles in the cover-up—and the wider conspiracy to protect the Kennedys at all costs. There will be those with doubts, but to them, the lawman—who has advised the White House, the Pentagon, and international crime agencies—says the printed, forensic, and oral evidence are totally convincing. He insists: “If I presented my evidence in any court of law, I’d get a conviction.” Includes eight pages of black and white photographs.

The Reporter Who Knew Too Much: The Mysterious Death of What’s My Line TV Star and Media Icon Dorothy Kilgallen

book cover image

Mark Shaw On Kindle

Opening of this book I Ed Donegan have just opend

“Wherever Dorothy Kilgallen goes fame precedes
her, envy follows her and a crowd looks on. She is
one of the communication marvels of the age.”
—New York Post Daily Magazine, 1960

“Justice is a big rug. When you pull it out from under
one man,
a lot of others fall too.”
—Dorothy Kilgallen

Mark Shaw in addition to his books has been interviewed extensively and communicated with institutions and organizations connected to these assassinations, murders, and possible suicides. -Edward Paul Donegan

Was What’s My Line TV Star, media icon, and crack investigative reporter and journalist Dorothy Kilgallen murdered for writing a tell-all book about the JFK assassination? If so, is the main suspect in her death still at large?

Book Publisher: These questions and more are answered in former CNN, ESPN, and USA Today legal analyst Mark Shaw’s 25th book, The Reporter Who Knew Too Much. Through discovery of never-before-seen videotaped eyewitness interviews with those closest to Kilgallen and secret government documents, Shaw unfolds a “whodunit” murder mystery featuring suspects including Frank Sinatra, J. Edgar Hoover, Mafia Don Carlos Marcello and a “Mystery Man” who may have silenced Kilgallen. All while by presenting through Kilgallen’s eyes the most compelling evidence about the JFK assassinations since the House Select Committee on Assassination’s investigation in the 1970s.

Called by the New York Post, “the most powerful female voice in America,” and by acclaimed author Mark Lane the “the only serious journalist in America who was concerned with who killed John Kennedy and getting all of the facts about the assassination,” Kilgallen’s official cause of death reported as an overdose of barbiturates combined with alcohol, has always been suspect since no investigation occurred despite the death scene having been staged. Shaw proves Kilgallen, a remarkable woman who broke the “glass ceiling” before the term became fashionable, was denied the justice she deserved, that is until now.

More about the book may be learned at” or

Frank Sinatra and the Mafia Murders

book cover image

Rothmiller, Mike; Thompson, Douglas On Kindle

It was said of the young Frank Sinatra that he came across as “St Francis of Assisi with a shoulder holster.”

Mike Rothmiller and Douglas Thompson draw on previously secret LAPD intelligence files, a cache of FBI documents released to the authors in 2021, and extensive interviews with prime sources, including many who worked with Frank Sinatra and many more who tracked his long and fatal association with the American Mafia, notably his ongoing connection, after his original godfather was assassinated: Sam ‘Momo’ Giancana, who shared a lover with President John F. Kennedy.

Sixteen days after the assassination of John F. Kennedy on 30 November 1963, while the singer was ‘consoling’ the president’s widow, nineteen-year-old Frank Sinatra Jr. was kidnapped at gunpoint from his hotel room in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. A $240,000 ransom was demanded from his father. While the FBI and Nevada and California law-enforcement agencies sprang into action, Frank secretly contacted his Mafia friends for help. The Mafia believed they could free young Frank much more quickly through their underworld connections. In the end, nine people died, having been beaten for information.

Revealed here as never before is the extent to which Sinatra was adopted by the Mafia. They promoted his career and ‘watched his back’ and, in return, Sinatra danced to their tune. New information disclosed here shows that Sinatra also offered to spy for the CIA. Inside sources say Sinatra wanted the CIA to intercede to stop an investigation into his gaming license in Las Vegas. But the CIA declined because they were already working with the Mob and were concerned Sinatra would learn of the Mafia’s connection to the CIA and leak it.

A Lie Too Big to Fail: The Real History of the Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

book cover image

Pease, Lisa On Kindle

In A Lie Too Big to Fail, longtime Kennedy researcher (of both JFK and RFK) Lisa Pease lays out, in meticulous detail, how witnesses with evidence of conspiracy were silenced by the Los Angeles Police Department; how evidence was deliberately altered and, in some instances, destroyed; and how the justice system and the media failed to present the truth of the case to the public.

Pease reveals how the trial was essentially a sham, and how the prosecution did not dare to follow where the evidence led.
A Lie Too Big to Fail asserts the idea that a government can never investigate itself in a crime of this magnitude. Was the convicted Sirhan Sirhan a willing participant? Or was he a mind-controlled assassin?

It has fallen to independent researchers like Pease to lay out the evidence in a clear and concise manner, allowing readers to form their theories about this event. Pease places the history of this event in the context of the era and provides shocking overlaps between other high-profile murders and attempted murders of the time. Lisa Pease goes further than anyone else in proving who likely planned the assassination, who the assassination team members were, and why Kennedy was deemed such a threat that he had to be taken out before he became President of the United States.

Various Book on the Hunt family and the Bush operation that killed Dorothy HUnt during Watergate

Saint John Hunt on Kindle

About the author
Saint John Hunt is an author, a musician, and the son of the infamous and legendary CIA covert operative and author, E. Howard Hunt. Saint John spent more than ten years searching for the truth about his father’s involvement in JFK’s death, resulting in his first book Bond Of Secrecy. In his next book, Dorothy, he explored his mother’s life as a CIA spy and her war with Nixon, which resulted in her murder. He lives in South Florida.

Saint John Hunt is an author, a musician, and the son of the infamous and legendary CIA covert operative and author, E. Howard Hunt. Saint John spent more than ten years searching for the truth about his father’s involvement in JFK’s death, resulting in his first book Bond Of Secrecy. …

The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ


Stone, Roger J. On Kindle

From the mind of legendary political insider Roger Stone, here is the sensational New York Times bestseller that reveals the truth about who was behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

From the mind of consummate political insider Roger Stone, unofficial adviser to Donald Trump and subject of the documentary Get Me Roger Stone, comes a compelling case that Lyndon Baines Johnson had the motive, means, and opportunity to orchestrate the murder of JFK.

Stone maps out the case that LBJ blackmailed his way on the ticket in 1960 and was being dumped in 1964 to face prosecution for corruption at the hands of his nemesis attorney Robert Kennedy. Stone uses fingerprint evidence and testimony to prove JFK was shot by a long-time LBJ hit man—not Lee Harvey Oswald.

President Johnson would use power from his personal connections in Texas, from the criminal underworld, and from the United States government to escape an untimely end in politics and to seize even greater power. President Johnson, the thirty-sixth president of the United States, was the driving force behind a conspiracy to murder President Kennedy on November 22, 1963. In The Man Who Killed Kennedy, you will find out how and why he did it.

Legendary political operative and strategist Roger Stone has gathered documents and uses his firsthand knowledge to construct the ultimate tome to prove that LBJ was not only involved in JFK’s assassination, but was in fact the mastermind.

The Kennedy Assassination: what really happened: The Oswald letter, JFK archive releases, and a deathbed confession implicating President Johnson in the murder


Kroth, Jerome A. On Kindle

Professor Kroth decodes a mysterious letter written to a “Mr. Hunt” by Lee Harvey Oswald sixteen days before Oswald was murdered. Oswald’s dyslexia provides a final clue to the actual events surrounding the assassination.. This leads us to Howard Hunt and his dramatic deathbed confession implicating LBJ in the murder. In addition Trump’s dramatic disclosure of over 50,000 secret JFK files in 2017-18, plus more documents disclosed in 2021, changes our understanding of virtually everything. In late 2022, 13,000 more documents were let go, and these too have been sifted and sorted here. All of the releases together are absolutely revelatory.

Publisher reviews follow: “These documents, as he says, over 80 of them, blew me away. I’ll never believe the Warren Commission was anything but a whitewash. Johnson did it through the CIA and the Mafia. No doubt in my mind it was a coup d’etat.” —M.S. Forrest, Ph.D

Hey Mom, I’m a Targeted Individual: For the Families and Friends of Targeted Individuals


Cathy Meadows on Kindle

Defamation of Character

[Creating a “Legend”that some person is threat and doesn’t belong there, creating a basis for retaliation on the record against a person framed off of the record, the Abuse of Process system that is Obstruction of Justice and Conspiracy Against Rights.]

[Creating By Undercover Operatives Deceived Emotional Lynch Mobs]

Slander can rally many people in the community,
particularly financially marginalized people, young
people, emotionally damaged persons, and angry
middle-aged men (David Lawson, Cause Stalking:
Terrorist Stalking in America) against targets. Slander
is free, easy, and effective and it’s the foremost tool
used by the perpetrators because it fuels hatred for
the target.

It’s virtually impossible to carry off the
targeting without it. Slander can get an entire
community mobilized against an individual, and
induce the community to commit felonies against
that person, for fun and relaxation.

Kind of like what throwing Christians to the lions did for citizens in
Ancient Rome. Further, it can cause psychological
confusion in the target who’ll worry about what’s
being said about him or her that’s so horrific that
their neighbors, co-workers, and other associates have
turned against them.

As an added bonus, this tactic
often lowers the self esteem of targets, and damages
their egos. This, along with sleep deprivation, 24/7
harassment, worry, and confusion could lead to an
agonizing descent into mental illness (or at least the
perpetrators of the crime hope so).

Quite Often, fake police documents are distributed
around the locality of the target that falsely describe
the target as some kind of a community danger.

From what the targets themselves report, it appears
that the false documentation against them usually
has to do with sex crimes, theft, violence, and
associations with terrorism.

Those who introduce the
illegal and slanderous “offcial” documentation into
the community usually show fake police badges, or
something similar, to prove their point. However, law
enforcement doesn’t knock on doors. They simply put
the stats on the internet and in 99 percent of the
cases I’ve worked on, all accusations are criminally

The good new is that sometimes these kinds
of attacks work against the stalkers because spreading
disgusting slander, and falsified documents goes
towards proving that the target is not imagining that
people are out to get him or her. It’s proof that someone
is, and it’s illegal as hell. Prison awaits those who find
themselves in the cross-hairs of some of the more
retaliatory targets who have resources.

Homeless and indigent people are often used to harass
targets and all it takes is $5.00, a threat, a sandwich, a
cheap bottle of booze, or a very small amount of their
favorite drug to draw them in. In fact, because they
have nothing, almost anything you give to indigent
people could seduce them into committing a felony.

You may not suspect that someone who is driving a
car and is dressed well is poor but think again. Many of
the vehicles that the stalkers use are lent to them. Also,
they may be given free haircuts, clothes from a 2nd
hand store, or other goodies that the overseers got for
free on Craigslist.

Sometimes people who have their
own places and cars have over-extended themselves
financially and will work for as little as $20.00 a day,
to follow a target around, menacingly. Plus, figure in
those stalkers who have been deluded into thinking
that they’re some kind of James Bond who are
saving their communities by harassing a “dangerousperson who has done bad things” and the criminal
perpetrators have themselves a free army [of “Noble Savages”, punks and prison snitches, trustees, etc. helping the police now.]

The pay scale, if there is one, is very low and
people who work at fast food restaurants make more.
However, the stalking schedule is often flexible and
many guys do it just to impress the females, and
vice versa.

Sometimes, sex is involved. Seduction is
used as much as possible to get people to commit
these types of felonies. Most of the time, the
top stalkers just have to flirt with the recruits and
offer the promise of something that’s probably never
going to happen. [Frequently they are Targted themselves like Veronica Hoffman, Bobby Courtney, and Jimmy of Corpus Christi.]

Illegal Entry

What occurs in 99 percent of all cases is illegal entry,
and gaslighting. Illegal entry is done either the good
old fashioned way, with credit cards, lockpicks, etc.,

Why don’t the targets report the illegal entry to the
police? Sometimes they do but in the majority of
cases there’s no extreme evidence that anyone other
then the tenant (or someone posing as the landlord) was in the home.

These criminals don’t break and enter; they illegally enter. Further, the
stalkers usually don’t break or steal any of the target’s
possessions, but when they do it’s minor or can be
explained away as normal breakage. The more targets
call the cops, the crazier they look, and some cops have
been know to call a 51-50 (involuntary psychiatric
hold) out on a target out of fear for the target’s safety.

[If they do break in they pose as rescuers to children being held or other emergenices that do not exist.]


[Black bag jobs planting items, removing them, or altering them in the absence of the home owner or leasor of the property]

The term “gaslighting” is taken from a 1944 movie
thriller starring Ingrid Bergman (wife) and Charles
Boyer (husband). In the movie, the husband tries
to drive his wife into madness by assuring her that
there’s no gas with which to light up the lanterns in
their home. Yet, every night while she lies in bed the
lanterns light up. She continuously tells her husband
what’s happening and he continuously tells her that
she’s imagining it, thereby making her question her
own sanity.

When stalkers illegally enter the home or vehicle of
their target they let them know that they’ve been
there, but in a subtle way. They leave one little
thing out of place, for example. They may do small
but noticeable vandalism, move things around, or take
things and bring them back at a later date. This is not
really confusing for most targets, who know exactly
what’s happening, but it can be infuriating that their
right to privacy is being trampled on.

The Hidden Evil: The Financial Elite’s Covert War Against The Civilian Population

book cover image

Rich, Mark M. On Kindle

Mark provides compelling evidence that wealthy satanist-psychopaths are waging a covert war right in your neighborhoods as they establish a global dictatorship known as the New World Order.

Their potential enemies are placed under constant surveillance by the security forces and attacked with silent and traceless directed-energy weapons that leave no visible injury. These attacks are combined with psychological warfare used to inflict recurrent emotional pain.

Use of Blacklisting is a main tool of destroying lives and credibility often staged compromising appearaces then talking them up behind the vicitims back in the office, etc.,

Job opportunities will be trashed. Most Targeted Individuals are unemployed. Many
would be in the street if it weren’t for parents, siblings, or friends.
Those who are employed are usually mobbed.

“Progressive financial impoverishment, [isl brought on by
termination of the individual’s employment, and compounded by
expenses associated with the harassment,” wrote McKinney. Most
of the targeted individuals she was able to observe during her early
investigations were mobbed out of employment by their coworkers.

There are blacklists and software packages used to check
these lists for suspected terrorists and threats to national security.
Apparently this is a flourishing business, according to the American
Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Blacklisting has also been used on Russian dissidents. In his
book, The Persecutor, Sergei Kourdakov, a member of the plain-
clothed PeopWs Brigade, declared that once a person was targeted
they could only get the worst jobs, if they were employed at all.1
To accomplish this, the government of the USSR used
something called a workbook, which could advance or destroy
careers. If you were cooperative with the state, your career could be
very successful. If not, you would live in poverty.

In East Germany dissidents were blacklisted as well, and
their careers were destroyed. After the wall came down they were
allowed to inspect their files, and learned why they were unable to
get jobs or enter into universities.

Targets may regularly experience acts of vandalism. Electronic
equipment may fail or act strangely. People have reported this
happening with electrical systems in their cars, brand new
appliances, TVs, radios, PCs, and other electronic devices.
Ongoing computer problems which do not follow any logical
pattern may also occur. They include hardware and software issues
that span from the file to the internet level.

Many times this vandalism is just below what you’d report
to the police. For instance, a small but noticeable portion of your
wall has been chipped off, and a crack has appeared in one of your
windows. This may be restricted to minor vandalism, just to let you
know that you’re under surveillance.

However large-scale property damage is also done to homes
and vehicles. Some people have reported that their pets die
suddenly of a mysterious illness. Vandalism and pets being tortured
may also be in retaliation for you taking action to expose them.
“Automobiles are one of the biggest targets,” said Moret.

People have reported that tires are slashed, oil is drained, windows
are smashed, electronic components are tampered with, and breaks
and clutches are sabotaged.

McKinney wrote: “Vehicles invite peculiarly ferocious
attacks in these harassment campaigns—slashed tires, smashed
windows, oil drainage, oil contamination, destruction of electronic
components and batteries grounded fuel gauges” and “suddenly
failed brakes and clutches,” are common, as are recurrent auto

According to Moret and McKinney citizens are being used to
conduct staged vehicular accidents. They are deliberately colliding
with the vehicles of targeted individuals.

Ramblings of a So-Called Paranoid Schizophrenic

book cover image

Lutterschmidt, Michael On Kindle

In this follow-up to his ground-breaking memoir “Extrajudicial Execution,” Michael Lutterschmidt—who was targeted for surveillance, intimidation, torture and death—presents a series of reflections and theories on subjects ranging from the frightening to the bizarre.

Labelled a paranoid-schizophrenic by professionals attempting to discredit his knowledge of government secrets, the author’s perceptive mind weighs in on the abuses and vagaries of religion; the manipulation of society by unseen forces; the presence of magic in our world; exotic new technologies used to spy on citizens and influence minds; explanations for aliens and other paranormal entities; criminal conspiracies in major organizations; and a host of other issues. These must-read “rambles” will both startle and illuminate anyone with an open mind.

In his own words, this Targeted Individual (TI) exposes his tormented life and the heartless, sadistic and invasive methods used covertly to undermine his credibility, cause illness and excruciating pain, ruin him financially, tear apart his family, drive him mad and lead him to consider suicide. This dramatic and cautionary tale may seem extreme and far-fetched, but thousands of other Targeted Individuals throughout the world are suffering in silence right now. In this candid account, the author describes the psychological, emotional, mental and physical torture that he has endured for over six years, hoping that he will survive long enough to see this book in print.

Target Patton: The Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton (World War II Collection)

book cover image

Wilcox, Robert K. On Kindle

Murder, He Wrote…

… And he wrote the true story. Investigative and military reporter Robert Wilcox unravels the mystery surrounding the death of one of history’s preeminent war heroes: George S. Patton. Wilcox cries foul play and reveals the shocking truth behind Old Blood and Guts’ untimely demise in Target: Patton—the Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton.

Conflicting testimony, disappearing witnesses, missing official reports, a suspicious Stalin, and a lack of autopsy comprise the greatest unsolved mystery of World War II.

Find out “whodunit” in this thrilling account of America’s most famous general.

The Kennedy Autopsy 2: LBJ’s Role In the Assassination


book cover image

Hornberger, Jacob G On Kindle

Jacob Hornberger’s bestselling The Kennedy Autopsy detailed the mysterious events surrounding the autopsy that the U.S. military conducted on President’s Kennedy’s body on the night of November 22, 1963. Hornberger’s new book, The Kennedy Autopsy 2, expands on his earlier work. In this new book, you will learn: • The important role that Lyndon Johnson played in the U.S. military’s fraudulent autopsy on the president’s body. • The significance of various meetings at the National Archives prior to the 1968 presidential race, where autopsy pathologists signed false affidavits relating to the inventory of autopsy photographs. • An alternative explanation as to why Johnson suddenly decided to drop out of the 1968 presidential race. • How and why Lee Harvey Oswald escaped the U.S. government’s Cold War anticommunist crusade.And much more.

The Mule – Large Print Edition: Robert S. Mueller III

book cover image

Tatum, D.G. Chip On Kindle

Robert Swan Mueller III has been the go to man when secrets go awry. Recruited as a CIA asset in Vietnam as an member of the Phoenix Project it was embedded in him that there are No Borders, No Limits, No Restrictions, and No Repercussions. With these standards ingrained in his persona, Mueller became an invaluable asset in protecting what today is called “The Deep State”. Teamed with William Barr the duo was incredibly effective in blocking investigations, erasing and fabricating both evidence, and witnesses. When the need arises, invariably the Deep State Handlers call on “The Mule”

About the Author –
Gene “Chip” Tatum a native of St.Petersburg Florida, was a Vietnam Special Forces Air Combat Controller, Defense Intelligence Asset, and US Army special operations pilot flying classified missions during the US invasion of Grenada, Tatum was also involved in the Nixon Administrations relations with China, NASA’s Apollo Program, the Iran-Contra Affair, and several other classified intelligence operations dating through through 1992 . Working directly for the sitting Presidents. From sensitive and highly secret – and hitherto largely unknown – Special Forces covert operations in Cambodia, to wandering CIA asset, through to “black ops” activities in Grenada and Oliver North’s Iran-Contra “Enterprise.” Tatum knows where the skeletons are buried.

The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror

book cover image

Marshall, Philip On Kindle

From the perspective of a Boeing 767 captain and former “special activities” contract pilot, Philip Marshall straps the reader into the cockpits of hijacked commercial airliners to tell the story of the most sophisticated terrorist attack in history. Based on a comprehensive ten-year study into the murders of his fellow pilots on 9/11, he explains how hijackers, novice pilots at the controls of massive guided missiles, were able to beat United States Air Force fighters to iconic targets with advanced maneuvering, daring speeds and a kamikaze finish.

But, as Marshall explains, the tactical plan was so precise that it rules out car-bombers and shoe-bombers known as al Qaeda, KSM and Osama bin Laden. So then, who was it? That’s what you are about learn. Backed by official NTSB, FAA and black box recordings, Marshall finds the most capable and most documented group of conspirators buried deep within a Congressional Inquiry’s report and retraces their work in gripping detail.

Fasten your seatbelt– the sad truth is that all of the solid evidence points to a dark collaboration between members of the Bush Administration and a covert group of Saudi government officials. This is a game changer that will finally set the record straight on the most horrific crime in US history.This book is a compilation of official reports that disputes the Bush Administration, the Bush Intelligence Community and the American media’s account of the 9/11 attack.

United States Senator Bob Graham’s Congressional Joint Inquiry in 2002 revealed that Saudi Arabian Intelligence agents met the 9/11 hijackers in the Los Angeles in January of 2000, harbored them and led them to 18 months of flight training in Florida and Arizona. Marshall follows reports from FBI field agents that warned George W. Bush’s Administration that a “cadre of individuals of investigative interest were engaged in flight training” in the Arizona desert in the spring of 2001.

Marshall identifies three top federal investigators who complained that Dick Cheney obstructed justice by refusing access to suspects who supposedly confessed to the greatest crime in U.S. history. None of the federal investigators were ever allowed to verify the confession of Khalid Sheik Mohammed who had been water boarded over 180 times at Guantanamo detention facility.

The book disputes the video and media confession of Osama bin Laden and points out that none of the accusations by the Bush Administration could be proved. Marshall asserts that the Saudi government was the true executioners of the 9/11 attack and framed their enemies while CIA special operations set up an elaborate decoy named Osama bin Laden to divert attention away from the Saudi operation. He follows the hijackers to flight training airports and finds that Saudi agents led the hijackers to the Arizona desert where Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 airliners were parked at a secluded CIA operated airport.

The operators of the CIA airport were traced to suspicious insider stock trades on two airlines, United Airlines and American Airlines, the only two airlines used in the 9/11 attack. Marshall breaks down the tactical flight plan that was used by the hijackers and chronicles the actions of Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Saudi Arabian Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Dick Cheney and George W. Bsuh to learn that their account of the attack was severely flawed.

Three top investigators wrote that Dick Cheney had obstructed the investigation and redacted the involvement of the Saudi government agents who were employed in California by the Saudi Civil Aviation authority. The Congressional Inquiry reported that the Saudi agents had “seemingly unlimited funding from Saudi Arabia” and had traced the hijacker financial support to Prince Bandar through a Riggs Bank account. Finally Marshall chronicles the media trial that allowed Bush and Cheney to derail American Justice by trying the 9/11 case with media propaganda and away from the American federal court system. campaign created by Eric Stacey

Justice for Captain Philip Marshall

In February of 2013, the Calaveras County Sheriff determined that Captain Philip Marshall shot his two teen-age kids, the family dog and then himself in a murder-suicide. However, Marshall’s friends, neighbors and investigative journalist Wayne Madsen believe that Marshall and his family were assassinated by others Marshall threatened to expose as conspirators in the terrorist attacks of September 11th.

Why is this important?

There are a number of reasons someone may have wanted Phil Marshall silenced. Marshall had maintained relationships with colleagues from his days as a contract pilot for the CIA who had provided inside information.

Marshall had written a book about Government sponsored drug smuggling flying the notorious cocaine smuggler, Barry Alderman Seal. Later, based on his experience as a commercial airline pilot with over 15,000 hours flying heavy passenger jets, Marshall had also published two non-fiction books investigating those responsible for the support and training of the 9/11 terrorist pilots.

The Calaveras County Sheriff’s findings were based largely on hearsay and innuendo rather than on solid forensic evidence, suggesting that other factors may have influenced the Sheriff’s investigation. In order that all lingering questions be adequately answered, an impartial and unbiased investigation into the deaths of Philip Marshall and his family is clearly called for.

Deep State Hit List- Strange Deaths Of People Who Knew Too Much: JFK- MLK – RFK Assassinations And The Clinton Scandals


Thomas, Ralph On Kindle

On November 22, 1963 John F. Kennedy was murdered in the streets of Dallas by gunshot in broad daylight in front of some 500 people. 54 years later, the debate rages on as to who was involved in the JFK conspiracy. Within five years, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X would also be murdered as a result of a conspiracy. The debates on the assassination conspiracies of these leaders also rages on.

On May 15, 1972 Alabama Governor George Wallace was shot at a campaign rally in Laurel Maryland while campaigning for President. Wallace lived but was crippled for life and confided to a wheel chair.

The Laurel Maryland rally would be his last campaign event for President. On March 30, 1981 President Ronald Reagan had been shot in Washington D.C. and came close to death but lived on. The American public didn’t understand how serious his injury had been and how it effected his overall life in his remaining years. George Bush had been Vice President and took over many of the duties of the office of he Presidency. A close Bush family friend was the parents of John Hinckely, the gunman who shot President Reagan.

In 1987 the Congress conducted hearings on the Iran Contra Affairs. What was uncovered was a massive conspiracy to sell arms to the contras and import drugs back into the United States on the same planes that delivered the illegal weapons.

Recently a movie was made about this smuggling that had been going on called American Made. American made was a the story of Barry Seal who was a drug smuggler involved in these affairs that had set up a small airport in Mena Arkansas as a drug smuggling base. Barry Seal ended up being murdered in New Orleans in the aftermath of the operation. He is just one of hundreds of casualties involved in the deep state hit list.

On July 20, 1993 White House deputy counsel for the Clintons Vince Foster was found in Fort Marcy Park Virginia a stones throw away from CIA headquarters with gunshot wounds to the head. His death was ruled a suicide. Foster had been in charge of containing the Clinton scandals. His death is highly suspicious and he likely did not die in the park but was moved there.

This material combines related deep state deaths involved in the JFK- MLK- RFK assassinations as well as involved in the Clinton scandals and how it all relates to Watergate.

The Men on the Sixth Floor: The “Must Have” JFK Assassination Book for the Serious Researcher.


Sample, Glen; Collom, Mark On Kindle

The Men on the Sixth Floor has charted a new course in the research of the JFK assassination. Containing fascinating, never before seen documents, the JFK book was a major focus of Nigel Turner’s History Channel Documentary – “The Men Who Killed Kennedy/The Guilty Men” in 2003.

But legal action was threatened by LBJ associates, leading to the banning of further sales or broadcasting of the program. “The Men on the Sixth Floor” was the first book to introduce Malcolm Wallace to the assassination community. It was the first Jfk conspiracy book to tie Wallace to the owner of the Texas School Book Depository – D. H. Byrd, and it was the first book to release the never before seen “Estes documents” to public scrutiny. There is good reason why this JFK assassination book is considered ‘required reading’ by serious JFK researchers around the world.

Ambush in Dealey Plaza: How and Why They Killed President Kennedy

book cover image

Murdoch, Robert On Kindle

A split second description of the assassination of President Kennedy and the killing of Officer Tippit, based on the acoustic recording, photos, videos, expert witnesses, affidavits by witnesses and time-line analysis. Demonstrating the evidence given to the Warren Commission by members of the Dallas police was created.Document contains 44 photos and illustrations. Many prove Lee Oswald did not kill President Kennedy or Officer Tippit.

Customer Reviewer: Very well researched. I remember the murder of John Kennedy – was a high school senior in Nov ‚63 – have NEVER believed that poor Oswald was anything more than a patsy for those in high places pulling the strings.

Mr Murdoch reveals so many things hidden from the general public. We the people have been fed so many lies over the years; not just about the Kennedy assassination but many things (the lie of what really happened on 9/11/2001 being just one of so many). I walked through Dealey Plaza on a late Sunday afternoon in June 2001 with my brother and spotted the storm drain mentioned in the book and shown by acoustic testing to be the spot from which the fatal shot came.

I pointed it out to my brother and said that it would be a great spot for an assassin.

Murdoch‘s book, so hard to put down each night, is one that every adult American should read.

Unfortunately it is too late to haul before the public and bring to justice the vile “public servants” (CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Dallas PD – the list goes on) and hired gunmen who that day changed American history thereby leading to the deaths, life-long physical & emotional wounds of countless young Americans in Viet Nam.

It is so sad that John Kennedy didn’t get to crush the CIA into a thousand pieces as he had hoped to do! Don’t dare think this is the only thing your government has lied to you about – I truly believe that WE ARE LIED TO ABOUT EVERYTHING!

Don’t live your life believing the government & news media tripe – READ, DIG, RESEARCH! There are many revealing books on this subject written by independent researchers – find & read them. Don’t waste your time reading the lies written by government sanctioned “authors” who try to sell the absolutely laughable crap the Warren Commission managed to squeeze into a mere 26 volumes. This terrific book lays it all out – you will be absolutely spellbound & astonished!

JFK Beyond A Question Of Conspiracy: An Investigation And Revision Of History – Including New 2018 Material


Thomas, Ralph On Kindle

Note: This Updated Edition Now Includes Material Uncovered From The New 2018 JFK Document Release That Indicate A Conspiracy With Clues That Indicate Who Was Involved!

New Witnesses have come forward, old witnesses have said more, new JFK documents have been released and new evidence has been developed that clearly show the JFK Assassination was a conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt. The new material in this 2,200 plus page investigation hands you new smoking guns that crack the case wide open and hands you names you have likely not heard before. This material is written much like a professional investigative report setting out clear and convincing evidence of what happened and breaks the Warren Commission into a thousand pieces scattering it to the winds.

The author of this material is the founder and director of the National Association Of Investigative Specialists. Using networking and team work consisting of a small army of investigators, researchers and specialists, he was able to slowly piece together different aspects of the case that exposes two conspiracies that involve the assassination itself.

This includes the massive cover-up that took place after the actual murder, and the reasons it was done. This investigation unravels the smoke and mirrors related to the case that peel away the layers of deception that then expose the truth. Along the way, various forms of deception detection techniques have been used to separate and rule out deception and false leads that separate what is fact and what is fiction. JFK Beyond A Question Of Conspiracy is filled with thousands of new documents, witnesses, photographs, diagrams and charts that hand you the final answers.

There is back material that provide you online links to other documents, resources, videos and book reviews that hands you a goldmine of related material. This includes how to access online hundreds of thousands of pages of documents and testimony as well as hundreds of hours of video and audio files you can access online.

In order to avoid information friction that delays the release of and freezes information in a printed book form, this material is only available in a digital form and is updated often. Within the material, you are shown how to gain access and follow along with developments as the investigation moves forward and obtain the updates in the investigation as they happen.

Nothing like this has ever been offered before and we urge you to join the movement that continues to develop the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth by obtaining JFK Beyond A Question Of Conspiracy right now.

Note: This investigation was last updated on 08.02.2018.

The Illuminati’s Greatest Hits: Deception, Conspiracies, Murders And Assassinations By The World’s Most Powerful Secret Society

book cover image

White, Frank On Kindle

Birth through Adam Weishaupt in 1776 the secret society group known as the Illuminati have been wreaking havoc on the world ever since. They have fomented wars and have manipulated events from behind the shadows to sinister and diabolically implement their agenda of a New World Order.

People have heard of the Illuminati through popular culture, but most brush off their existence as nothing more than some “conspiracy theory” hatched by conspiracy theorists without doing any valid research that would perhaps discount their existence.

Shame on them, because if they did the necessary research they would conclude that the Illuminati do actually exist in the annals of history. However, they supposedly disbanded which of course is not the case. Nonetheless, this powerful secret society is headed by 13 distinct bloodlines consisting of prominent families that you’ve probably heard of like the Rothschilds and the Rockefeller’s.

Behind the scenes the Illuminati are planning and implementing their New World Order agenda through organizations that they’ve created like the Council on Foreign Relations, The Bilderberg Group, The Trilateral Commission and many other entities.

They are shaping the world right in front of our eyes, but many are unable to see their hidden hand. They have toppled countries and their leaders not only through the acts of deception, corruption, and theft, but also through flat out murder and assassinations, all in the name of creating a New World Order. They have disrupted progressive movements like the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s and have disposed of people who opposed them and refused to surrender to their Global Empire.

In his book entitled The Illuminati’s Greatest Hits: Deception, Conspiracies, Murders And Assassinations By The World’s Most Powerful Secret Society author Frank White in a follow up to his best-selling book “Who Are The Illuminati?” covers the major historical figures from various time periods who simply stood in the way of the Illuminati and their New World Order Global Empire Machine or flat out rejected its overtures and as a result were assassinated and eliminated. The following events and people will be covered.

The French Revolution and the execution of Louis XVI, The Sinking of the Titanic, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and John F. Kennedy Jr. The assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Patrice Lumumba, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Pope John Paul I, Jaime Roldas, Omar Torrijos, Muammar Gadhafi and the murder of Princess Diana. Simply put this is the most controversial and explosive book of the 21st Century!

Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia

book cover image

Williams, Paul L. On Kindle

This disturbing exposé describes a secret alliance forged at the close of World War II by the CIA, the Sicilian and US mafias, and the Vatican to thwart the possibility of a Communist invasion of Europe.

Journalist Paul L. Williams presents evidence suggesting the existence of “stay-behind” units in many European countries consisting of five thousand to fifteen thousand military operatives. According to the author’s research, the initial funding for these guerilla armies came from the sale of large stocks of SS morphine that had been smuggled out of Germany and Italy and of bogus British bank notes that had been produced in concentration camps by skilled counterfeiters.

As the Cold War intensified, the units were used not only to ward off possible invaders, but also to thwart the rise of left-wing movements in South America and NATO-based countries by terror attacks.

Williams argues that Operation Gladio soon gave rise to the toppling of governments, wholesale genocide, the formation of death squads, financial scandals on a grand scale, the creation of the mujahideen, an international narcotics network, and, most recently, the ascendancy of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a Jesuit cleric with strong ties to Operation Condor (an outgrowth of Gladio in Argentina) as Pope Francis I.

Sure to be controversial, Operation Gladio connects the dots in ways the mainstream media often overlooks.

The Claim Staking of Indonesia by Gregg Poulgrain

JFK vs. ALlen Dulles: Battleground Indonesia

book cover image

Greg Poulgrain On Kindle

World War 1

US Secretary of State Robert Lansing (Allen
Dulles’ uncle) sets up Secret Service in State


Allen Dulles in US embassy, Vienna, begins
career in intelligence (USA enters WWI on
April 6, 1917); elder brother John Foster
married (1912) into Rockefeller family.


Standard Oil New Jersey (part of Rockefeller
oil empire) secretly purchases Humble Oil
and Refining Company, the largest producer
in Texas and next year buys into Baku oil
fields in Russia; oil fields then held by Noble
Brothers soon under Red Army control.
(Later, Russia becomes USSR.)

1920 – 1921

Allen Dulles in US embassy Constantinople
(Istanbul), on behalf of Rockefeller oil,
negotiates with head of Baku oil, von
Mohrenschildt, father often-year-old George
(de Mohrenschildt), who in 1938 emigratesfrom Belgium to USA. In 1940—41 George
works with Allen Dulles in Humble Oil,
selling oil to Vichy French. (George de
Mohrenschildt in 1964 is key witness for
Warren Commission in which Allen Dulles is
dominant figure.)


Hitler’s Nazi party on the rise; Japan quits
League of Nations. USA recognizes USSR. In
Netherlands East Indies, new oil company
formed: Standard-Vacuum (Stanvac).


Standard of California (Socal) gets oil
concession in Netherlands East Indies: ten
million acres in Sumatra for drilling.
Rockefeller since WW1 has been denied
entry into Netherlands New Guinea (NNG)
or West New Guinea; Indies oil mogul Henri
Deterding publishes pro-Nazi memoirs


NNGPM starts oil exploration in NNG:
40 percent Royal Dutch Shell, 60 percent
Stanvac and Socal. (NNGPM has Dutch
name, Dutch staff, and headquarters in the
Netherlands, but majority share held by
Rockefeller interests.)


NNGPM expedition to highest peak in the
territory (16,000 ft.) Ertsberg and Grasberg
discovered but not announced (only much later described as world’s largest primary
deposit of gold.) Freeport, the US company
still mining today, starts producing in 1972.


Humble Oil conducts oil exploration in West
New Guinea; 26,000 barrels per day (b/d)
is largest well ever discovered in Southeast
Asia, but not announced, as Japanese
Imperial army about to invade and war starts
a few months later. (“Rediscovered” in 1972
after Sukarno replaced by Suharto; this oil
has no sulphur, is exceptionally pure and
light, and needs no refining.)


President Sukarno proclaims Indonesian independence from Dutch colonial rule;
four years of armed struggle before Dutch
transfer sovereignty of Indies, excluding


Allen Dulles (now Director of Central
Intelligence) uses CIA to start Outer Islands
Rebellion (PRRI) supporting disparate
Indonesian army commands in Sumatra and
Sulawesi to attempt break-away from Java;
Dulles’ actual aim is to create unified central
army command in Jakarta.

Indonesia 1958: [V.P.] Nixon, the CIA, and the Secret War
By L. Fletcher Prouty


When CIA covert operation in PRRI is
perceived as failure, Moscow offers Jakarta huge arms deal to oust Dutch colonial
presence from Netherlands New Guinea


President Kennedy reappoints as DCI Allen
Dulles, who already has arranged for Bay of
Pigs and Dutch-Indonesian NNG sovereignty
dispute to be Cold War crises awaiting
JFK. DCI Dulles fails to inform Kennedy
that Sino-Soviet dispute is real, not an
intelligence ploy. UN Secretary-General Dag
Hammarskjold agrees to intervene in NNG,
but is assassinated in the Congo.


Kennedy intervenes in NNG sovereignty dispute in favor of Indonesia and proposes
follow-up program of US aid (against earlier
advice from Dulles).


CIA gun-running in Sarawak helps to
start Konfrontasi between Indonesia and
Malaysia. US Congress disapproves of
Indonesian aggression against (British)
Malaysia and stops US aid program for
Indonesia; JFK decides to visit Jakarta (set
for early 1964) to stop Konfrontasi in order
to restart US aid package. JFK unaware that
his support for Sukarno will end Dulles’ plan
for regime change and jeopardize Rockefeller brothers’ plans (which involve Allen Dulles
and Henry Kissinger) to “drive a wedge
between Moscow and Beijing.”


Self Portrait of a Scoundrel Table of Contents Reviewed by Edward Paul Donegan

Chauncey Marvin Holt (October 23, 1921 – June 28, 1997) was an American known for claiming to be one of the “three tramps” photographed in Dealey Plaza shortly after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Self-Portrait of a Scoundrel, which was posthumously released by TrineDay Publishing in August 2013.

Subtitled “A Memoir of Spooks, Hoods and the Hidden Elite” speaks of a secret government of assassinations run by the CIA and the most powerful figures in politics. Holt used the term “secret government” buried inside business, high-office politics and military, and front groups and is consistent with Col Fletcher Prouty books on a Secret Team of CIA that controls the US and other governments..


The introduction is written by Wim Dankbaar who interview many important figures in the Kennedy assassination including Jim Mars. Dankbaar writes on this Self Portrait “You will never be given a look inside on the preparation for and cover-up of the de coup d ‘etat on 11/1/1963” and he is correct. No matter how much you have read on the subject in any other places you will learn more and come to be convinced of a coup more here than anywhere else.

Lee Harvey Oswald exclaimed at once
he was “just a patsy.”

Numerous other witnesses and
participants spilled the beans on the conspiracy, some
of them paying with an untimely death.

The list is endless but includes Jack Ruby, Rose Cheramie, David
Morales, David Atlee Phillips, Charles Nicoletti, Sam
Giancana, Charles Harrelson, Johnny Roselli, Carlos
Marcello, Tosh Plumlee, E. Howard Hunt, Santos
Traficante, Luis Posada Carriles, David Ferrie, Dorothy
Kilgallen, Lyndon Johnson to his mistress Madeleine
Brown, Oswald’s girl friend Judyth Vary Baker, and on
and on.

Last but not least, the grassy knoll gunman
himself talked. (James Files)

Others say that the JFK assassination happened
too long ago to be of interest today.

I disagree wholeheartedly and blame it on ignorance.

I maintain that the political landscape of today is a direct result
of the assassination.

A sitting, elected President was
removed through a secret, illegal coup d’etat and the
ones who committed the crime, seized power. At
least 4 succeeding Presidents were in some capacity
involved in the planning and/or cover-up of the
murder. Lyndon Baines Johnson, Richard Nixon,
Gerald Ford and George Herbert Walker Bush. It is
therefore safe to say that George W. Bush, the most
recent ex-President, also knows that JFK’s death was a coup d’etat, a crime against the American system
and thus its people..

The assassination may be some time ago, but the power structure built on it, is still
at the helm today.

Not so long ago at all.

We Never Forget Our Debtors: Mafia, Inc

By Ted Schwartz with Chauncey Holt. “An Insider Tells of Organized Crime, Big Business, and America’s Political Elite.” And also future chapters. After WWII Holt lands a pilot bucked from the US Army Air Force after an altercation and in Detroit encounters the mob.

Meyers Lansky Bugsy Siegel La Kosa Nostra from prohibition days smuggled booze across the Great Lakes and ran gambling outlawed in the USA. This was later the basis for Casinos. Bugsey Segal was also dealing arms and after meeting Hitler had a strong distaste for him and put a contract out on him.

James Jesus Angleton was using the mob to fight Hitler in occupied Germany. The relationship between the CIA and fighting common foe is called Gladio the Unholy Alliance with the mob. The Detroit and New York parts are the Yiddish Mob. They become Murder Inc., Having their own internal hit men they also outsource the capability to others on a contract basis. Murder Inc is likely who Charles Harrelson worked for “Debtors to other mobs shot (by Murder Inc) for free.”

An artist (fine paintings and scenic sketches) Holt was used for forgeries and for flying. Private flights to casinos in the USA or to 1950s Havana or carrying mob or CIA figures around was part of privat plane trips. Later Grace Ranch with Peter Licavoli and Bugsy Siegel and himself will modify planes likely train for Latin America in the hills and deal in munitions, documents provided in the book.

Meyers Lansky co-founder of Murder Inc with Bugsy Siegel and Holt’s boss is part of mob history. “The story is that Lansky first became involved with Luciano and Siegel on October 24, 1918, when he was approximately 16 years old. Lanksy was Jewish and a Polish immigrant whose real name was Maier Suchowljansky. Lansky was an auto mechanic and gunsmith and that is how he drifted in to mob connections and mob work. Various incidents brought them all together in gambling, prostitution, and mob in-fights.

“What made Lansky a legend by the time I (Chauncey Marvin Holt) heard of h im was the consolidation of criminal activities on an international scale. He had developed a business chain of command with representatives of the syndicate in every city.

“In 1936, he went to Cuba to align himself with Fulgencio Batista. Havana was a wide open city for gambling, prostitution, and tourism. Where other gangsters of the era would try to coerce the dictator, Lanksy simply made him an equal partner. He knew so long as Batista gro rich, he would not interfere in the growing wealth of all involved.”

“Similar situations existed in corrupt cities (including J. Edgar Hoover’s friend Frank Costello and Pelican Novelty Company in Louisiana.,”

Thus Bugsey Seigel takes Nevada and from Florida a short private flight Havana Lansky with Holt as his accountant takes 1950s Havana.

At times Holt’s mob bosses will send him invitations to meetign with the CIA and be asked to assist the CIA with forgeries for fake IDs, falsified documents and records, help with flights including C-47 with munitions in to Latin America, Surplus B-52s, etc, and be given CIA aliases like Jack Moon to use as he worked through CIA Proprietary (front) groups.

Hot states “The roles played by William King Harvey, Robert Maheu, Sam Giacanca, and Jonny Rosselli have been well publicized. However, the roles of some other players, including Peter Licavoli (Grace Ranch), friend and long time associate of Rosselli and Giancana, as well Tony Materna, a clos associate of Howard Hughes, legendary gambler Ray Ryan and his partner Ernie Dunlevie, have never been exposed before”

Holt shows in the chapter containing scans of documents William King Harvey setting meetings with these figures just about the time Marilyn Monroe was assassinated and the plans for Operation Mongoose were underway by William King Harvey.

Holt will show he was a Technical Sargent of freelance work as the mob worked to give Lee Harvey Oswald and others fake credentials and fliers for CIA work and later for infiltrating JFK’s visits to Dallas.

Photographs & Documents (the last chapter of Self Portrait)

In plentiful documents between himself, William King Harvey and the CIA, photographs he provides of himself with Lee Harvey Oswald, the Tramps at the JFK assassination, and himself and family there and elsewhere identifying scars can be see on both him and Lansdale, a broken wrist area bone note properly set while he had been a prisoner somewhere (according to Prouty) and Marvin Holt membership Association of Former Intelligence Officers



Operation Diablo (Chapter 10)

Cleaning up America’s Backyard: The Overthrow of Guatemala’s Arbenz

Cleaning up America’s Backyard: The Overthrow of Guatemala’s Arbenz

Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training.

The Central Intelligence Agency launched a covert operation on June 18, 1954 to overthrow the left-leaning government in Guatemala. The coup, code-named Operation PBSUCCESS, deposed Guatemalan President Jacobo Árbenz Guzman, ended the Guatemalan Revolution and installed the military dictatorship of Carlos Castillo Armas. Armas would be the first in a series of U.S.-backed strongmen to rule Guatemala.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower authorized the CIA to carry out Operation PBSUCCESS in response to growing concerns over the spread of Communism in what was considered “America’s backyard.” Árbenz permitted the Guatemalan Communist Party to operate openly and his land reform program threatened U.S. commercial interests, in particular those of the United Fruit Company.

U.S.-backed invading forces numbered at most in the hundreds, but through psychological warfare operations, the CIA convinced the Guatemalans that a major invasion was underway, broadcasting propaganda messages and jamming Guatemalan radio transmissions. American pilots bombed Guatemala City; the Guatemalan Army refused to fight. Árbenz resigned on June 27, and following negotiations in San Salvador, Carlos Castillo Armas became President on July 7.

Who knows exactly who did it? But I think it was a group in the military itself who wanted Colonel Arbenz to be president. He was a much more leftist-thinking individual than Arana was and probably even than Arevalo was. The election took place and he was elected.

What [Arbenz] did was allow the Arevalo program to go farther and farther. He was very much in favor of the liberalization of the labor laws, which again hurt the United Fruit Company right away. He encouraged the importation of arms from Czechoslovakia. We didn’t like that.

In general he took a very, very liberal path and soon he was being called a communist in the eyes of the Americans, the United Fruit Company in particular. I cannot say that he wasn’t a communist. When it was all over he took refuge in Cuba. But there is a body of thinking that he wasn’t actually a communist. I am inclined to think that myself.

IUFCO any event he was a communist for the United Fruit Company and they were not only lobbying in the State Department but were up on the Hill. They wanted him out because he was affecting their interests very severely….

There wasn’t any question about the fact that they were hurting the United Fruit Company and there wasn’t any question that some of the things that were being done down there were, even if not communist-inspired, off the wall and the United Fruit Company was going to be driven out of there one way or another. So, certainly you had to be sympathetic to their problem. They were getting screwed. So what to do?

You make your representations telling them that it was going to affect our relations very severely, and it did. Things were very ticklish and confrontational between the United States and Guatemala in those days…. -Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training.

Two areas of the Caribbean were of primary
interest to the IRC (CIA front International Rescue Committee) ; Cuba, where dictator Fulgencio
Batista y Zaldivar was in power and Guatemala, where
Juan Jose Arevalo was president.

I (Chauncey Holt) was advised at the very outset that the
administration was very upset with the situation in
Guatemala, where a new day had begun with the fall
of Jorge Ubico, the dictator who reigned with an iron
fist for almost fourteen years, until the revolution of
October 1944.

Juan Jose Arevalo, teacher-philsopher, was elected
to the presidency after a hard electoral campaign,
in what has been described as the freest election
Guatemala has ever seen. His social awareness,
however, made him as feared and hated by the
powerful few, as he was loved and revered by the weak.

He was an idealist and dreamer, an anomaly in the
political life of Guatemala.

Soon after his first speech as president-elect, in
which he declared that there had been a lack
of sympathy in the past for the working man,
Guatemala’s ruling class with its quasi-feudalistic
mentality, branded him a communist.

Powerful interests in the United States were
positively terrified. In the forefront were the
stockholders of United Fruit Co., which actually
owned over 50% of all the land in Guatemala. These
powerful enemies persuaded the fledgling CIA to turn
its attention to Guatemala.

Arevalo proposed that the government build a
highway from Guatemala City to the Atlantic seacoast,
paralleling the railroad, owned by United Fruit, which
held a monopoly. The manager of International
Railways of Central America, subsidiary of United
Fruit opposed the idea.

Arevalo considered the input and desires of the
common man. The implications of such a radical
approach was very unsettling for the wealthy
landowners, especially United Fruit.

So the decision was made to intervene in the politics
of Guatemala, by fair means or foul.

At this point, President Eisenhower decided that
Arbenz had to go and this ignominious duty was
assigned to the CIA, who, in turn, delegated this odious
task to the International Recue Comitte (a CIA front group Holt was working for.)

[After trying other avenues] We then turned to our second choice, Carlos Castillo
Armas, who was in jail, after having been sentenced to
be executed for his part in a military coup attempt that

I (Chauncey Holt) was part of a five man team, headed by
Jack Youngblood, sent to Guatemala and we were
successful, with obvious collusion at a high level, in
freeing Armas, who immediately began arming for a
coup attempt against Arbenz.

[Story continues]

Get Castro (Chapter 11)

, Traficante and other syndicate bosses
had been involved in Cuba since prohibition, when
they ran booze in from Havana to the U.S., and
Lansky’s influence over Batista was so pervasive that
he practically owned him.

Still, when Castro was mounting his revolution
that Lansky thought was virtually hopeless, Lansky
hedged his bets and gave support to Castro, despite the
fact that he was very close to Batista.

During Batista’s first reign as dictator, he was
being pressured by the U.S. government to hold free

Lansky, in response to overtures from the state
department, urged Batista, for effect only, to declare
elections. Lansky was certain that Batista would be

Toward the middle of 1958, I believe he realized his
mistake but then both he and Traficante had what
they thought were firm promises from Castro and
Prio, that syndicate operation of the casinos would
continue as usual.

It is impossible to sort out, even now, the loyalties
and the disloyalties of many of the colorful and,
regrettably, deceitful characters I (Chauncey Holt) met during that

I will point out, however, that in hiring its contract
agents or “cowboys” as they are called, the CIA, or
card carrying CIA agents, routinely, cull the “201 ” files
of the military, looking for talented, albeit immoral
and unscrupulous, veterans to do their dirty work.

They would, in all probability, have been glad to hire
someone with Morgan’s talents for deception.

In saying this, it is not my intention, or even
my inclination, to comment on the morality of these
recruiting practices, or the projects these devious
individuals were hired for.

As a matter of fact, one of the projects, most
abhorrent to most Americans , which involved
our attempts to assassinate Castro had, and has,
considerable merit. I see no moral reason to oppose such a project and if I were again asked to participate
in this regard, I would be most happy to volunteer.

It is a brutal fact of life, that the double and triple
cross is a way of life with the CIA and the same can
be said for the syndicate, a fact that all professional
criminals appreciate.

So when various agencies are looking for the
truth, regarding certain illegal operations, involving
the syndicate and the agency, both of these factions
feel that the truth must be avoided at all cost and
the list of victims give mute testimony to this fact
and demonstrate clearly the lengths to which the CIA
and the syndicate, whose incestuous partnership goes
back a long ways, will go to, in an effort to insure that
details of operations are not divulged.

Those participating in this type of operation are
fully cognizant of these brutal facts and most would
agree – it comes with the territory.

So, in March of 1959, I flew Morgan and a friend of
his, Frank Nelson, to the Dominican Republic to meet
with Jose Eleutherio Pedroza, formerly chief of staff of
the Cuban Army, Arturo Espaillat, chief of intelligence
for Trujillo and a former race track tout, Johnny Abbes
Garcia, who was in charge of Trujillo’s security forces.
In 1956, that old friend of the syndicate, Richard
Nixon, who was vice president, visited the Dominican
Republic and the CIA established a base there, soon

I never met the first chief of station; actually I never
knew his identity.

The second COS was Lear B. Reed, an ex-FBI agent,
who was involved in the cold blooded murder of
John Dillinger. Incidentally, a goodly number of ex-
FBI agents, who incurred the wrath of that closet
homosexual, Hoover, were cashiered out, or resigned
because they couldn’t abide by the asinine rules
established at Hoover’s whim, and were picked up by
the CIA.

This included William King Harvey, who was in
charge of “Operation Mongoose,” which involved Peter
Licavoli and two other ex-agents, who were drummed
out of the FBI, due to an incident that occurred in
Tucson and involved Peter Licavoli.

The two agents had been assigned to keep tabs on
Joe Bonanno and Peter Licavoli, two ranking and elder
statesmen of the Mafia, who lived in Tucson.

The agents became frustrated that nothing was
happening and so, the over zealous agents decided to
foment a gang war between the two Mafiosos.

A complaint was filed; the agents were allowed to
resign quietly and were picked up by the CIA.

Back to the Dominican Republic meeting.
In 1958, I was approached by Reed, through a
mutual acquaintance and asked to participate in the
removal of Trujillo. I told Reed that I was leaving
for California, to establish and operate proprietary
gunrunning, gun modification and documentation
interests for the CIA. He said that this would be no
problem, and, in fact, the two projects might mesh,because weaponry was needed for the project they had
in mind.

First, they tried to generate trouble by indulging in
gossip; when that didn’t work they ran out to Licavoli’s
Grace Ranch, on Wrightstown Road, and bombed
some vehicles, parked at the ranch.

(Extensive other details in the chapter like all chapters supported in an appendix of scanned documents from the CIA, mob, and elsewhere photos, etc. This includes :Peter Licavoli owned Grace Ranch as the base of the mob operations as supported by the CIA),

CIA Meets the Mob

(Transcript of Chauncey Holt interviewed on camera 8 days before his death from cancer. Holt provides all the CIA docs and mob docs published in his book sixteen years after his death. VO is Voice Over, the camera focused on Holt from interviewer questions.)

CH: Operation Mongoose was an ill conceived
operation, an operation between organized crime and
the CIA to actually simply kill Castro, and they had
some various memo’s, as a matter of fact I have a few
memo’s how I ended up, how they were talking about
what they were going to do and so forth…

VO: Here are some of the memo’s Chauncey refers
to (picture of memo’s). These men participated in a
meeting held at a small airport between Palm Springs
and Indio California, the name: Bermuda Dunes.

CH: For that meeting Peter Licavoli and I flew in
from Arizona. Sam Giancana and Johnny Roselli came
in from Chicago. William King Harvey came in from
Langley. William King Harvey was a legend in the CIA.
He was the only member, he was the only CIA-member
there, but of course he was the one that was laying out
the plans.

VO: Who was William King Harvey?

(picture of William King Harvey in the televised interview)

VO: Chauncey was well aware of his involvement in
other CIA operations.

CH: William King Harvey was the head of Taskforce
W. That had been renamed, originally, that was a part
of ZR/Rifle, an Operation called ZR/Rifle. ZR/Rifle was
nothing more than an assassination group, that went
around the world assassinating people, and Harvey
happened to be the head of ZR/Rifle.

VO: On December 14th 1961 top echelon leaders of
the CIA and the mafia met at Bermuda Dunes airport
in Palm Springs to discuss ground rules for Operation
Mongoose. Chauncey’s memo’s of that meeting show
an Executive Action was planned. Executive Action
means assassination. The target: The Beard, Castro.

The ground rules: CIA only, maximum security, non
attributability, plausible denial, need to know basis.
Harvey set the tone of the meeting at the Bermuda
Dunes airport.

CH: They were going to eliminate the Beard and how
was going to be done and just starting as to what
personnel they were going to hire.
First of all they were trying to decide what
cryptonym they were going to use, because they had
decided that they would assign a cryptonym to end
up in the official CIA-files. AM, normally, operations
involving Cuba had an AM-start to their cryptonym.

VO: It is also decided any further discussions about
operation Mongoose would be face to face, nothing in
writing. The CIA’s William King Harvey was clearly in

CH: It was a very short meeting because of the fact
that, 20 minutes to an hour, it didn’t take very long,
I mean, he laid it out in precise terms, but these guys
wanted to get out, you know, and take off and uh
guys like Giancana and Roselli, they were reluctant
to get together, and Licavoli too, these high-ranking
mobsters don’t like to meet with each other and they
rarely do that, so we kept it short and sweet and that was it.

(picture of CIA-memo on televised interview and contained in the book Self Potrait)

VO: An August 14th 1962 inter office CIA-memo from
William King Harvey to the Director of Clandestine
Operations says in part: “Our contract agents in Miami
and in Los Angeles have been assured by me that no
reference to this operation appears in our central files.”

The Mob Memo of the same meeting also in the book.

mob to meet with CIA Dec 14 1961 WiliamKingHarveyMongoose

Evaluating The Death Bed Confession of Play Author Holt

Bermuda Dunes Airport (IATA: UDD, ICAO: KUDD, FAA LID: UDD) is a public use airport located in Bermuda Dunes, a town 13 nautical miles (15 mi, 24 km) east of the central business district of Palm Springs. Meeting set for Dec 14 (and that meeting will occur 10 days after Marilyn Monroe was silenced and about to leak the Mongoose program)

Letter dated Dec 1961 from Frank Hayden, Ray Ryan’s manager, to Chauncey Holt (aka Jack Moon) regarding the meeting at Bermuda Dunes to discuss Operation Mongoose (the CIA plans to kill Fidel Castro). Note SG (Sam Giancana), JR
(Johnny Roselli) and Mr. H. (William Harvey).

The Patsy

Edward Paul Donegan (me) is equally resolute on this point Holt makes. LHO was a patsy and was assasinated. Ed Donegan has from his own life deep hatred and distrust of police and has considered Ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald or other nom de plumes of “beware of police in the USA” messaging. Thugs have bosses, and the crime bosses of the USA control those filthy worthless pig thugs.

CH: What bothered me from day one, was the
vilification of Lee Harvey Oswald. Because I KNOW
that Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy. I KNOW that he
was executed just the same as everyone else.

VO: Chauncey is absolutely convinced that Oswald
was framed.

CH: Although my revelations probably won’t add too
much to what has already been said. But all I wanted
to do is set the record straight. I felt that the American
people is entitled to know.

VO: The editing for the next portion of the Holt
interview will be minimal. You will hear Chauncey
Holt’s words as he spoke them. He is talking about his
New Orleans assignment. It is late spring 1963.

CH: It turned out that this work was for Lee
Harvey Oswald. We did documentation … identity
documents, in the name of Lee Harvey Oswald, Lee
Henry Oswald, Leon Osborne and Alek Hidell.

We weren’t sure at the time who we were actually doing
it for, or who this person was, for the simple reason
that the same picture that appeared on Lee Harvey
Oswald (ID card), also appeared on Leon Osborne. So
we didn’t know if this guy was actually Leon Osborne
or that, or he might have been neither. We didn’t know
exactly who this was. So we delivered that. Some of
that stuff, the documentation, was redoing some other
documentation that someone else had done.

And it was very amateurish, and it would never pass, if you
looked at it very closely, you knew it was a forgery. So
it was merely a matter of cleaning it up. Some of it was
new. One of the new things that we did for him, was a
card to show that Lee Harvey Oswald was a member of
the Communist Party.

Well that presented a little problem for us, because
we did not even know what that card looked like.

And we hunted and hunted and hunted, trying to
find what it looked like, and then we were finally told
by an expert: “Hey, Communists don’t carry cards, a
communist is not carrying a card.” But they wanted it,
so we just had to wing it and made them a nice looking
card that he was a member of the Communist Party. So
we completed that in May or June.

In August we made a trip to New Orleans, to deliver
some guns and so forth. I had a note, another note
from George Reynolds.

( Letter Of Reynolds shown on screen)

The Motorcade, Coup d’ Etat, and Run for Cover

The Motorcade

VO: The crowd had begun to gather along the route
in anticipation to see the president and the first lady.
It was noon. Chauncey was pacing in the parking
lot behind the grassy knoll, waiting for the staged
demonstration to begin.

CH: I was told specifically by Phillip Twombly that
there was going to be a non violent demonstration,
an incident that was going to be laid at the door of
the pro-Castro Cubans. I just assumed it was going
to be serious enough to inject some life into the anti Castro program.

That it would be more than a
few placards, more than those “We hate Kennedy”
placards. I would assume that they were going to take
a shot at that motorcade, with no intention of hitting
anyone. Maybe that’s why they were going to use that
Mannlicher Carcano because they couldn’t possibly hit
anyone with that.

VO: On the surface the plan seemed simple. The
demonstration would lead to public outrage.
CH: You know that there was going to be a swell of public opinion.

Hey, it would turn the screws on
Castro. They would have been yelling again to invade
Cuba and everything else.

VO: The presidential motorcade was moving closer
and closer. Chauncey could hear the crowd growing
excited. It was 12:30.

Coup d’ Etat

CH: When the shooting started at 12:30, then
immediately after the first shot, which was a weak
type of shot, I realized that this was not any simple
demonstration. You know, in addition to the shots
people were screaming and running in all directions. I
didn’t actually see the shooting although I was behind
the picket fence within 3 5 yards of the motorcade, but
I didn’t see it.

VO: Chauncey didn’t see the president shot, but he sure
heard something.

CH: Oh, I heard it very well, and enough to know there
were more than the three shots they are claiming. And
it seemed to me, as somewhat of an expert in shooting,
that the shots did not all come from the same
direction. I am quite sure that the shots were from
different caliber guns and from different sources and
I know there were 4 shots, possibly 5 shots.

It’s very hard to distinguish shots fired with an automatic or
a semi automatic because the sounds merge together,
but believed there were probably 5 shots and that they
came from different sources. It was just a fuselage of
shots in a very short period of time.

Run for Cover

CH: My first instinct was just to get out of there. You
know, mix with the crowd and go. But I had been given
specific instructions, and when you are given specific
instructions, that is what you do. I had barely enough
time to get to the boxcar and when I arrived there
these two individuals, known to me as Harrelson and
Montoya, were already there. It indicated they were
close by. We jumped in the box car and settled down
just to wait everything out.

There was a search party that came by many times, but
this boxcar appeared to be locked. It had a seal on it and
they kept passing it by. We could hear them outside,
we could hear their radio’s and so forth.

VO: The three sat in the boxcar for over an hour,
listening to a police radio receiver that Chauncey had
concealed in a brown paper bag. Then around 2:20 PM
the boxcar started to move.

CH: It moved up the track and then it moved back
down the track and then it stopped. What actually
happened was that Lee Bowers, who happened to
be the tower operator that supervised all the train

[This is supported by facial recognition of the Hobos by experts, the death bed confession of three of them (Holt, Hunt, and Harreslon, Harrelson recanting after a new leas on life) publicly available photos marked up by Holt of LHO and himself in New Orleans, police records, video of the assassination, CIA records, mob records, all of it and more in his book. The difficulty in discounting Holt’s deathbed confession is that you can not study the assassination of JFK in any way without encountering this evidence. Only some theoretical alternate reality assassination of JFK does not have this conclusive evidence as part of it. The conclusion that the CIA killed JFK is not just conclusive, it is unavoidable.]

MENA Airport

Little Rock Arkansas and Standard Oil Rockefeller

  • Middle East (Israel, Saudi Arabia,

  • North Africa others countries of interest in Africa including Kenya

ATSUGI airport

Tokyo Japan E. Howard Hunt, Col Fletcher Prouty, James Donegan (my father), Richard Bissle Jr. others

  • Asia including China, Korea, and Vietnam

  • Tokoyo CIA Station

  • Soviet Union USSR

  • Guatemala

  • Indonesia

Bermuda Dunes airport

Palm Springs California near Las Vegas.

Think Dunes Hotel is Vegas that opened in 1955. But this small airport connected the CalNeva area to the country of Bermuda offshore. Grace Ranch in Arizona as the real CIA base created for Guatemala overthrow the work beginning in 1951.

  • Bermuda St Georges Island in North Atlantic near USA, British military station

  • Dunes area of Palm Springs to Grace Ranch Tuscon . Latin American overthrows Caribbean including Guatemala and Cuba opening operations in 1951-1952

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