The Corrupt Western Power Levers are Today’s NKVD

From Devin Keymer: It starts clandestine then covert and it appears that they plan everything that happens to you and stage car accidents, break you’re car, get you fired, frame, hospitalized, and incarcerated. They start s*** and tell on you and use micro aggression and come at you crazy based on reactions. They plot behind you’re back and put on a show in front of you and stare, rude, talk fake and hide that it’s CIA and FBI behind gangstalking.

Speaking now my (Edward Paul Donegan’s) life I view as a marathon of very long term police harassment that over time killed all of my family and has left me homeless and experiences long term death threats at attacks by thugs who point out the police they are working for.

I have posted pictures of arriving in Texas about 2014 in good shape but being harassed in Arlington County Virginia and other gyms. I am older but loved Cybergoth and Hardstyle music vidoes and had high energy legels. On reaching TExas and in Corpus Christi the first thing I did was rent a hotel room in Corpus Christi Bayfront and suggested they use the massive empty lobby space to open a fat camp for older men and diabetes in the area and copied the City Manager of Corpus Christi Texas. Nothing was said or done but they town was obsessed with my music videos I either made or listened to. I had very in depth experience iwth listing to Grace Slick Great Society and liberalism and the music movement of the Pacific Sound (Northwest) and music before and after it and counter culture. Religious Texas seemed to want it as Austin’s Place of Love (as the new permanent Summer of Love) and used much of what I was doing as cultural movement for Austin. Belittling me as a Nazi I think was part of who was co-opting the music, much more left wing types even tough religious, and the religious had gap in social culture of metropolitan areas. Keep Austin Weird?

Being framed in the gym was part of it but not the whole story. Being framed in the gym (a very convenient location to frame a person in) was used to black-list me in all places the public goes and raises children in and 2) Was necessary for my survival. The overall harassment campaign has sabotaged my life in all areas, intellectual, physical and diabetes recovery, sexual, political, financial, transportation, and more.

The confusion of this added to the affects. I could imagine framing a pedophile (or teen-phile) as a peeping tom, etc., but anyone who knew much about me at all should have recognized simple flukes here and there that made me look that way had nothing to do with the real me. Very often the same factual errors were being repeated about me, bot subjective, but objective clear misstatements and I corrected them over and over again but they remained in use by Stalkers. This left with why smear me when my real characteristics and lifestyle were different than acted out? That left a political motive, and in researching that and the power-base the harassment was coming from and how many it affected those who were connected to me led my to trace it all they way back to MK-ULTRA and the un-resolved truths of the JFK assassination and my family history. This book series shows the search for answers in this matter and my evolving beliefs about the matter as I research ever more deeply into the history of it.

Those who used the constant presence of an identity theif in the same area I am in similar contexts (apartments with the same floor plan or similar clothing items) have been used to link me to things I could not place in my life or if I could at all in way that was some distant or unimportant thing to me at most. I have for; for instance, noticed a teen girl here or there or buttocks. But the bizzare compulsions of that are not mine. When I would follow a 35 plus year old old school heavy leather dominatrix she would be approached and change to gym clothes and puhlicy wonder who might have follewed her social media account to find her in swimwear or yoga pants. That is somethig most lether scene fing disgustinly insophisticate.

The evidence linking me to this kind of activity or preference was being engineered but why? Those who were doing so not only knew me better than what I was being framed for they knew me better than I knew myself. They knew of McMartin School 1962, the Kennedy assasination, and tied to Indonesia and Barrack Obama Jr. at very minimun and perhaps for more eugenics from far more families than anyone had guessed, childen in Franklin Nebraska and elsewehere. Jen Moore was a great information vessel through wich I fixed some mistunderstandings I had about my own youth and when I did so everyting else fell into place.

I was targeting older men with my music “revolution” it seems interfering with my gym activities because it used them was part of COINTELPRO and a different cultural choice. I can understand copying my playlists but not sabotaging me in the gym. I have experience illegal discreditation such as evidence plants, break-ins, financial abuse, and other crimes including being physically attacked. People can make their own poltical choices, but evidence plants and other law enforcemetn dirty tricks are illegal.

If this is the only way this will work consider this request of the Houston Russian Consulate my Make A Wish as my life comes to an end, my wish to get the a book The War at Home by Brian Glick and own life story in my self published books to Russian historians that I think four wars balance upon though known until now and even mostly unknown to me until quite recently was a few new facts came in and one in particular fixed an error in my own understanding which allowed the whole story I now tell of the Battle of Britain, the Atomic bombing of Japan, the Cold War, and most likely WWIII edgemanship should that war finally occur or not. It turns out one has flowed from the next.

I have pictures of myself covered in blood from attacks of thugs in Austin Texas. The police will not arrest my attacker and at least 50 large of small fights I have been in were directed by Austin police usually asking thugs to try and destroy my computer I will not let out of my arms use other strong arms systems including attempted murder used against many others including Special Activities Pilot Phillip Marshall, Barry Seal, Gene Chip Tatum, all who flew for the CIA’s dirty operations and were talking and leaking. Ted Gunderson and Jen Moore (both of whom the USA treat as paranoids along with Geral Sosbee and others have been shot at as death threats, poisoned, had others in their “information networks” assassinated in a number somewhere around 50 and in my life I count 10 to 15 who were murdered or attempts were made on their lives because of the story I am trying to tell and write about.

IT is not easy to describe CIA and FBI violence. They hide behind “assets” and deny any wrongdoing. The Cuban’s might understand this. So would Kim Jong Un who reported correctly that the CIA uses radioltical weapons, poisons, and other techniques to kill. He is correct and I was placed in a mental hospital when I asserted what is now called Havana Syndrome.

If the press would look at the conspiracy theories of those I have named they would see 95 percent of them or so (perhaps one or two not) have an immediate direct connection to me an to the Kennedy assassination as well, an the conspiracy continues to be the CIA cover-up of these events by use of illegal dirty tricks of subversion against story tellers and witnesses that the power structure of the US and Great Britain killed JFK for robber-Barron oil Barron with oil money so the CIA could fund surplus military warfare and surplus bootleggers from prohibition to rule by denied but real use of wetworks, smears, fake news, corporations that frequently are vehicles created for the CIA to operate through or have been willing to be used as a cover-identity the CIA can operate through.

This letter I hope will reach the university system and espionage agencies and press of the Russian Federation is not my story. It only introduces it. But I do make reference here to others who have similar stories including March Rich who wrote a book that I also recommend. His book The Hidden Evil: The Financial Elite’s Covert War Against the Civilian Population is an excellent basis for understanding how teams of criminal thugs either police or their assets terrorize, poison, and kill the political needs of high level corrupt politicians them a cadre spread across both parties and who have full backing of the well funded and well controlled war-mongering mainstream media.

“The Police Acted When The People Institionalized Simply Brought It Onto Themselves”

So the word ‘lecherous’, when used typically, means to be obviously of sexual nature. This is almost always used as a negative connotation. An example is “a lecherous gaze”. This word is not common but is used sometimes.

The word ‘lewd’ normally means to be of sexual nature, but not so explicit as to show any nudity. If you spend a lot of time on the internet, within certain communities this word is quite common. Outside of those communities you won’t hear it much.

‘Lascivious’ means essentially the same thing as ‘lecherous’. I have never once heard this word used in literature or spoken English. Most English people will not know what it means.

‘Salacious’ means to evoke very vivid sexual imagery. Similarly to ‘lascivious’, I can’t recall ever hearing it said or written.

Hope some of that helps!

In fact Sentient it does.

This kind of unwanted behavior towards me (that abuses my character and me) is not only harassing it is meant as part of both on the one hand creating a salacious (and unwanted) relationship of some type with others by intonation or act, and that being one of my appearing an aggressor or toxic element and a person who wished that conduct to surround me. Words are placed in my mouth as intoned or acted out by others how much I want and would pay for lascivious or lewd conduct from others. I am made to seem a buyer of exploited others. While it does set-up a later Pay Up or Be Arrested shakedown of an impersonator, I assert I am being labeled by the fraud conducted by others that included faked appearances and even faked confessions used in the criminal justice system.

Calling out this abuse of me (and other forms of abuse) results in allegations I am paranoid, drawn to the site of under-age females, etc., or have a guilt-complex or similar allegation against me. Thus Revenge Parades. Like many political use of revenge parades they refer to events that did not happen in contexts that did happen.

This is my revision 1 draft I am starting on Memorial Day weekend in the USA and hope to survive until the weeks head (it is not easy to do so) when I hope to find a reliable and willing connection to the Russian Federation to deliver these materials to. As I have said the North Koreans the Cubans may have some level of understanding of this situation. I do not smoke cigars but I do have to eat out a lot since I am homeless. I always do hope I don’t find an unusual taste to my coffee or saland. The situation really is that bad and reported by others as well.

Zersetzung (Stasi Policing) is a psychological warfare tactic developed by the East German Stasi Secret Police (best on the planet) to nuetralize dissidents by disrupting every part of you’re life and gaslighting you. Disrupt, Discredit, Destroy (DDD) to isolate, set up, and nuetralize. Cults such as the KKK, Mormons, Scientology, Freemasons, and COINTELPRO copied it. Scientology calls it Fair Game and Freemasons call it Slow Dagger and sometimes target entire bloodlines for Masonic revenge. Freemasons are a police fraternity widespread in the CIA and USFIVEYES tied to the watchlist program. 911 created an unneeded police state and had Stasi director Marcus Wolf and KGB general Yevgeny Primkov create DHS and 78 Fusion Centers as a trojan horse used against the American people to create a total surveillance state.

As I go into my story because illegal use of genome tied to mass murder and covert sleep agents given cover identities now part of world history killing the entire Donegan family of origin is necessary and I am the only one still alive or descended from it.

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