Fliers Police Abuse Victims Create and Utilize

William Binney and John R. Stockwell, Geral Sosbee and others are Revealors

The F.B.I and C.I.A are Terrorists – Geral Sosbee 1970s era F.B.I Special Agent

“FBI and CIA kill and torture innocent civilians worldwide

“FBI and CIA routinely torture, kill, falsely imprison, or force suicide upon targeted individuals using electromagnetic weapons for mind control and nervous system manipulation. I witnessed that the FBI and C/A inhumanely and regularly torture the targeted person and also force him/her to live under horrific conditions that could reasonably be expected to lead to suicide. ” – Former Special Agent Sosbee

No Ordinary Stalking

Organized stalking is carried out by an enthusiastic and structured group that has cruel intentions: stalk, harass, injure, financially ruin, and mentally crumple human prey until incapacitation occurs. What sets this crime apart is that innocents are picked off the street. There is no getting away from the stalkers and no getting away from the unusual technology that is used to take over someone’s life.

“For the first couple of months,” says June, “I thought it was a sick game. Now that I’ve been tormented for years, well, it’s clear that organized stalking is a sophisticated crime that follows a step-by-step process to leave the victim as bare and isolated as the dead tree on the cover. He or she may still be standing, but that’s about it.

“I’ll sum it up this way. Veiled intimidation ensures that targeted individuals are viewed by the public as free people, which they are not. They are playthings to their controllers. Hostages in plain sight. Victims are quite literally owned yet have limited chance of rescue because their desperate circumstances are misunderstood.

Some die from the violence. Some die from suicide. And the rest merely exist.”

Organized Stalking is worldwide and is called gang stalking in some areas. The electronic harassment that accompanies organized stalking is also known as covert harassment.


As Sosbee has previously reported, FBI agents, operatives and thugs stalk and harass him (see My Story in Detail at http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/mystory.html and updates at http://www.newciv.org/nl/newslog.php/_v194/ ) 24 hours a day 7 days a week without end. This monitoring of Sosbee’s every move is accomplished by a tracking device (or other shielding experiments) implanted in Sosbee and monitored by the thugs. (also see Ted Gunderon, Ed Donegan, others report being assaulted by police and community organizations backed thugs)

On 4-23-02 (3-4 pm) the following described individuals, operating a late model, white vehicle (possibly a Toyota), California License Plate # 4VDD501, followed Sosbee all day:

Suspect #1: White male, 5′ 10″ 140 lbs., 25 years, goatee, brown hair, brown eyes.

Suspect #2: Hispanic male, 5′ 8″ 160 lbs, 27 years, black hair, brown eyes.

The two thugs parked their undercover vehicle at the parking lot adjacent to 3807 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, Ca., followed Sosbee into the “New York, New York” Cafe and assaulted Sosbee who was seated at a table.

The Los Angeles Police Department and the California Department of Motor Vehicles unofficially confirm that the license number 4VDD501 cannot be traced because it is an unregistered plate vehicle.

Los Angeles: June-July 1999, individuals with the following vehicle plates stalking Sosbee: California 3SHV090, LOCAVD. Dallas Texas (1998) individuals (fbi operatives) stalked Sosbee in a vehicle with plate: Texas** NKZ621 (non traceable). IMHO.

From Brownsville, Texas


Every state in the country provides the fbi and other secret police agencies with non-traceable license plates so that the identities of the thugs and assassins cannot be easily determined.

Over the past four years (as of October, 2002) Sosbee is targeted non stop for similar assaults every where he goes, as a part of the fbi’s “Non-consensual Cover Research” program to neutralize him. The life that Sosbee is leading is however, infinitely more enriching and fulfilling than the lives of the tormentors; while this gives Sosbee no joy or consolation, the thugs and assassins are on notice that they offer nothing constructive to the world and that their life’s work will someday be an embarrassment to humanity.

First of all what is an Organized Stalk undercover police operation on a large scale?

The Globe and Mail, a national newspaper in Canada, reported in May 2006 that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) used organized stalking techniques (referred to as “Diffuse and Disrupt” tactics) against terrorism suspects for whom they lacked sufficient evidence to prosecute.

A cover article in The Washington Post Magazine in January 2007 by a journalist familiar with military policies and weapon systems portrayed self-proclaimed victims of gang stalking as intelligent and credible, and suggested that claims about exotic non-lethal weapons being used by the U.S. government to harass targeted individuals were plausible.

Former CIA division chief Melvin Goodman was quoted in a June 2008 article by Jeremy Scahill in The Nation (America’s oldest continuously-published weekly magazine) on the vast private contractor element of the intelligence-security community:

“My major concern is the lack of accountability, the lack of responsibility. The entire industry is essentially out of control. It’s outrageous.”

Gang stalking apparently targets American citizens deemed to be dissidents or whistle-blowers (and perhaps potential dissidents and whistle-blowers), although others might be targeted for other reasons – such as for experimental or training purposes. For perspective, it should be remembered that for two decades the CIA performed secret illegal experiments on U.S. and Canadian citizens (the infamous MK Ultra program). Those experiments included physical and psychological torture.

A newspaper article in the Verona-Cedar Grove Times in March 2009 titled “Stalker Claims Unsettle Police” described how a self-proclaimed target of gang stalking had been distributing fliers in his former neighborhood in Verona, New Jersey, warning about organized stalking of targeted individuals. The fliers stated: “Their intention is to murder their target without getting their hands dirty. It’s the perfect hate crime.”

In November 2013, a TV and radio broadcast of Democracy Now! featured an interview with the director of the Center for Corporate Policy in which he discussed the shadowy industry of spies employed by major U.S. corporations to conduct secret – and often illegal – counterintelligence operations against critics of those corporations.

Articles published by CBS, the Daily Mail, RT, Tech Dirt, and Courthouse News Service in December 2013 reported that a U.S. government contractor filed a lawsuit against multiple federal agencies for gang stalking him (the complaint refers to gang stalking as such). The plaintiff claims he was subjected to constant surveillance – including inside his residence and his vehicle – and constant psychological harassment from co-workers and strangers.


    An individual who has been placed into a program of psychological and often physical warfare tactics which are orchestrated by criminal organizations, corrupt politicians, government agencies, security companies, law enforcement personnel, colleges, doctors, scientists, and corporations.


    Also known as gang-stalking or organized stalking, is a highly criminal campaign directed at a targeted individual that aims to destroy an innocent person’s life through slander and carefully executed psychological and physical assaults and or other crimes often in conjunction with preset alibis and covert police support for the operation(s).


    An intentional, premeditated effort to undermine an individual’s reputation, credibility, and character usually conducted in cowardly ways coy enough to avert direct or clear confrontation on the assertions.


    Voice To Skull, Also called V2K, V2S, or Voice of God Weapon, is a weapon used for transmitting voices with low frequencies and can be used to induce or manipulate dreams or deprive the target of sleep.

    Biological and Radiological poisoning capabilities, D-E-W assaults, improper or impeded medical or legal or correct health care.


Surveillance and Harassment Survivors Alliance


The “Suspicious Person” you are ordered to

  • spread rumors about,

  • keep an eye on,

  • overtly harass,

  • deny equal protection under the law as they go about their daily lives or jobs or works, or religious activities

  • treat as If they were “crazy” or build a reputation or image that the person you have targeted is “crazy”

  • Falsify charges against “for the good of the community”

  • Is NOT NOT NOT a

    FALSELY present as a threat, in order for useful idiots to harass and vilify filling the arbitrary needs of politicians in Fusion Centers , YOUR SUPERIORS who with Due Process of raking Due Process use badges to smear law abiding citizens most likely in purely politically motivated acts. This POLICE STATE at the expense of INNOCENT
    PEOPLE and YOUR COUNTRY /LAND OF THE (not so) FREE, and when launched against Journalists or whistle-blowers or others illegal impeachment of witnesses to government of public figure or protected elite misconduct.

    You ARE BEING PLAYED FOR by corrupt, greedy
    enemies of America, hell bent on subverting freedom and justice and doing so by destroying thousands of innocent lives, so THEY can run America like a dictatorship.

    Is THAT why YOU joined the police force? To be a Nazi?



(a.k.a “organized harassment, “community policing,” “cause stalking,” “proxy stalking,” “vengence stalking,” “gang stalking”)

is a FELONEY in all 50 states.

975 of the names in the TSDB (terrorist screening database) belong to citizens who have no ties to terrorism.

Criminal elements in pour federal agencies have been throwing INNOCENTS onto the terrorist watch-list in order to generate funding for the Department of Homeland Security and other F.B.I’s 80 + fusion centers.

In the case of Edward Donegan the Semantic Artificial Intelligence system he (I) was developing was being copied by such malignant street criminals using it stepping stones for their career advancement hopes I found it a created a national security risk to offer ideas on those subject that I had been trained in.

These behemoths of “law enforcement Fusion Centers” have stopped ZERO acts of terrorism. Over the last several decade, they have spread domestic terrorism in an informant-based, police-controlled society.

Targets in the TSDB are treated as criminals

McCarthyism has returned to the U.S.A. People in the community are lied to. They are told that the targets are dug dealers, pedophiles, thieves, vandals, prostitutes, crazies, and of course, terrorists.

Everyday citizens are then employed ot harass, stalk, and intimidate the targets on the watch-list.

Law enforcement officers sit back and allow members of the community to perform CRIMES on their behalf.

Anyone can become a target.

The simple nomination process for putting someone you don’t like on the list, and likewise, ,anyone can you (or your loved ones) on the list. Once in the database, you become a non-consenting guinea pig for PsyOPS training and the testing of military-grade technology (research “Havana Syndrome).

This drags the U.S.A. back to the days of MK-ULTRA and COINTELPRO.

And the years or decades of being tortured, targeted citizens are more inclined to act violently if the program of picking then covertly initiating State desired fights succeeds.
Are you fed-up with mass shootings in this country or perhaps the F.B.I goading the Tsarnevs into attacking Boston?)

Clandestinely provoked violence those the government paints as radicals allows law enforcement to say, “See? We told you he/she/they were crazy.

Many Targeted Individuals are treated both violently and criminally, face death threats, physical attacks, break-ins to their homes, many claimed food or other poisoning, or being targeted by criminal enterprises that have law enforcement backing.

They next ask for more funding and that “pre-crime” be made law.

Do Not participate in vigilantism! You will be an accessory to torture and murder, and you will be dooming your children and grandchildren to “life” in a police state. Do your research. Our Department of Homeland Security was designed by ex-STASI leader Marcus Wolf and ex-KGB leader General Yevgeny Primkov. Are you okay with that?

Visit www.targetedjustice.com to read their lawsuit. Support Jim Jordan’s investigation of ABC Agencies. Google “NSA Whistle-blower Karen Stewart Exposes Biggest False Flag Operation in History. FBI/ Fusion Centers.” Once a Targeted Individual is framed by surrounding actors staging seeming events the KOMPROMAT is then talked up in various circles of people to incite vigilantism towards the person who was the victim of a frame job. Even a magistrate or grand jury may receive “evidence” that had been staged by the FBI rather than found by investigator.

Using Environmental Stress to induce conflict or self harm, no touch stress infliction – Espionage agencies discredit those who have information compromising to high levels of authority rouge units

Neuropsychological & Electronic No-Touch Torture Report by Dr. Robert Duncan (used on targeted citizens here in the U.S.) SERE training (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) MAR 30 2015

The Executive Summary: Neuropsychological and Electronic No-Touch Torture Report Based on “The Torture Memos” and the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Declassified “Torture Report”

Perspectives on Enhanced Interrogation Techniques Project Proposals for Google Summer of Code 2015 By Robert Duncan, A.B., S.M., M.B.A., Ph.D.

“The United States is number one in torture since they are currently the world’s only superpower.” 04/2015

Torture is a horrific topic and most minds will turn away from it because it can’t be comprehended that humans can be motivated, or computer programs can be run to do this to other sentient beings. Just when we believed we were becoming more civilized as a culture, the technology for torture has advanced more than a hundred fold in recent decades.

This summary will get into ‘the minds of the dishonorable monsters’ of the psychology of torture. Those like Dick Cheney who helped authorize it under certain administrations and regimes of the U.S. government which have been proven to be criminal under U.S. law, treaties, and the International Criminal Court. There are many people involved in the conspiracy and cover-up including General Hayden.

The full report discloses the spectrum of techniques of interrogation and torture used by the U.S. and its allies. The United States government will officially deny the claims of this “no-touch torture report” but in time it will stand firm.

The technologies used are still classified as state secrets and will not be discussed in this summary. The torture methods have been leaked through thousands of American citizens who have survived the no-touch torture programs. The research and testimony has been accumulated since 2002 and merely used as examples but the names of the victims are withheld.

This report will not use skewed, misleading language such as “enhanced interrogation” to describe the torture techniques. Why torture? The CIA claims it works. The assumption is that it works to gain actionable intelligence. Torture is often used for revenge, punishment, interrogation, and behavior modification. In other terms torture is used to remove the continuity of thought to confuse the target to reveal information, erase brain patterns such as values and beliefs, or to break down the human spirit to make them submit and obey their handlers. The downside of torture is that the countries that do it lose “moral soft power” in world politics. Without due process, over 25% of those reported in the Senate Torture Report were declared innocent. Blowback is always a repercussion of torture. Torture often takes a long time to affect the target from months to years. Torture has shown to be unreliable except for getting false confessions and bad information but the U.S. and its allies are improving on their tactics and techniques.

The purpose of this report is to draw the parallels between physical torture techniques and no-touch torture methods used in secret by governments who possess the technologies that still go on today. This is a brief summary of offensive psychological and information warfare methods using traditional methods and modern cybernetic techniques while exploring hyper-game theory to walk the target to the desired path: leak intelligence, commit assassinations, or change beliefs.

Numerated Torture Methods for Interrogation and Behavior Modification (A comparison between physical and no-touch torture tactics)

  1. Induction of Depressive/Manic states

    The idea is to shake up the emotional states of the target because different information can be accessed at each state. Making the target feel despair and helplessness is the objective. This cycle of hope building and then breaking is done in many ways. The techniques between the physical methods and the no-touch technological methods are similar. Speech is very important during this process of emotional manipulation. Such examples are, “We have imprisoned you without due processes or hope of it. You are indefinitely detained.” Hope building examples include, “Sorry. We have mistaken you for someone else. You will be compensated for false imprisonment and torture.” The main difference between the cybernetic technology and physical is that emotional state clusters can be entrained into the target mind which speeds up the process. The communication is done differently but perceived as human speech. In the no-touch torture methods it is helpful if the target is labeled with mental illness that is being created for discrediting purposes so as not to draw human rights groups’ attention.

  2. Memory Erasure

    The military and CIA have been researching memory erasing drugs for half a century. The focus of this summary report is on interrogation. Memory erasure is an important technique during interrogation. It is used in combination with sleep deprivation. There are many drugs that have been developed for physical memory erasure. One such interrogation method requires acquiring information from the target while on these drugs and recording the subject. After a sleeping cycle, the interrogator claims that the target has confessed. Of course the target remembers nothing of their conversation. The interrogator will play samples of the subject’s conversation back to them making the subject believe that the interrogator knows more than they do. Similar techniques are used in the wireless, no-touch torture and interrogation programs. The cybernetic methods of memory erasure have additional purposes. The memory erasure can be used on the cybernetic target to make the target believe people have broken in and moved their belongings. While physical black bag jobs do occur, it is a way to make the target more paranoid.

  3. Electricity and Shocks

    Pain and fear of death are common tactics during interrogation. Shocking by electricity is a traditional method of torture and exposed in the CIA’s secret prisons. Shocking the testicles and nipples are the most common due to their sensitivity. Interestingly, the thousand of interviews of no-touch torture involves “stings” and “shocks” to various parts of their bodies over long durations.

  4. Fear and Terror

    There are many techniques to induce extreme fear in the target. In physical renditions dogs, power drills, guns, insects, mutilation, blow torches, water boarding, suffocation, mock burials, and mock executions are just a few the United States government have used. Remember that many targets of torture die from the physical effects. It is torture to death.

    Let us compare the no-touch torture methods used to inflict the same terror and mental anguish. In several of these techniques the target needs to hear their handler’s voice. This report does not describe the technologies used to broadcast voices to the target at a distance. While the subject can be broadcast mental images to their mind using hypnosis and other suggestions as well as visual entrainments, the more invasive controls of the brain manipulation technologies can be used to entrained the brain’s autonomic nervous systems such as not breathing causing the target to not be able to sleep from fear of suffocation equivalent to water boarding. The neural linguistic programming can add fears such as heart attack, stroke, and cancer threats. Even motor cortex mapping can cause twitches in any part of the body. One example used a swift neck movement with a voice transmission, “We are trying to break your neck.” Directed energy effects such as Active Denial System can make the target feel that they are on fire indefinitely without the target dying from burns. Maximum pain and torture weapons have been evolving. Every drug effect can be artificially induced into the target mind including those of poisons.

  5. Imprisonment and Isolation

    Isolation is commonly used as punishment in prisons. Many whistleblowers like Bradley Manning suffer this condition. In soft interrogation it is used to get the target to talk to their interrogator since humans have the need for companionship. In no-touch torture the target is driven from their friends and family using different techniques in order to isolate them so that the electronic mind control has more effect on their psyche. Like in Guantanamo, the target becomes isolated losing their job and medical care. Part of the method involves slander in their community. They end up on the most part in poverty and paranoid about doctors and other people from false correlations that are purposefully induced into their lives. Isolation is also a form of sensory deprivation which will be discussed later. Days and weeks lose their meaning.

  6. Sexually Disturbing Tailored Pornography

    The Summary of the Senate Torture Report disclosed the disgusting revelations that in the secret torture prisons the targets were forced to perform homosexual acts on each other against their will and religion in order not to be beaten or killed. This is a common break down tactic of belief systems and the human will. In no-touch torture the techniques are more psychologically specialized for each target. Most common examples include homosexual targets that are forced with voices that are derogatory to their lifestyle and similar mental images. Almost all targets are forced to view child pornography in their minds. And vice versa is true, that heterosexual targets are forced to view homosexual sexual acts like in the secret U.S. torture prisons.

  7. Mutilation

    Also mentioned in the declassified report on torture was mutilation of the human. Cutting the naked target’s penis and scrotum, pulling nails or teeth is common. In no-touch torture mutilation is done by trickery. Let us look at a couple examples. There have been several targets who believed that the microwave hearing effect and other voice induction methods were done by microchips implanted in their teeth or ears. They had all their teeth pulled because they believed it was a technology called bone conductance. Others have poked out their ear drums in the belief they had micro implants in their ears. There are many more examples of trickery used to make the targets mutilate themselves.

  8. Personal and Spiritual Defamation

    In physical torture the CIA and other groups use propaganda and defamation of character for those they oppose. For detainees they try to disenfranchise the target from their religion. They will defecate on their Bible or Koran for example. They might say, “Why is your God not saving you?” In no touch torture and behavior modification they might try to make an atheist believe in god. It is just a mechanism to alter belief systems for control and experimentation. Perhaps the target may wish to confess their secrets to a “voice of god weapon”. Information warfare covers the gamut of electronic communication as well. The government training exercise uses language like “befriend”, “infiltrate”, “mask/mimic”, “ruse”, “set-up”, “disrupt”, “create cognitive stress”, “use deception”, “ruin business relationships”, and “post negative information on appropriate forums” – in a malicious effort to target bloggers, activists, journalists, social event organizers and anyone else deemed to be a ‘emerging leader’ or voice in the public sphere. 9. Psychological Intimidation

  9. This is a topic for a target at the beginning of the trials and programs. Physical break-ins are common even if the target has an alarm system. The NSA has used stalking of foreign officials in the past for economic gain. The FBI does black bag jobs to invade a home without a warrant. The point is to let the target know they are being watched and to increase their paranoia. The NSA easily hacks all computer systems and causes harm to the victim’s intellectual property and their relationships from that endpoint. In the no touch torture false correlations between pain and a neighbor coming home can be induced.

  10. Rape

    Rape is a common practice in torture. It causes much psychological trauma. In the United States methods of rape in their military and CIA secret prisons it is often relabeled. It is commonly done by prods but “rectal rehydration” is the more common misnomer. Often they call it forced feeding through the rectum but it is meant to induce psychological scaring and trauma. Several have died from the technique due to rectal bleeding. In no-touch torture the psychological trauma of simulated rape takes on different forms. Using technique often called EEG-heterodyning the targets will receive molestation effects of their genitals. In men this can be the anus and genitals. Similarly women can be wirelessly raped by the analogous function of perception.

  11. Dietary Manipulation, Forced Weakness and Sickness

    The idea behind dietary manipulation is to weaken the target. This is easily done in a physical setting but in no-touch the hunger trigger needs to be suppressed. Sometimes a false correlation between eating food and sickness is induced to make the target believe they are being poisoned. However, poisoning is common in physical renditions too.

  12. Repetition

    Verbal breakdown is most important during interrogations and torture. Obviously speaking the language of the target is necessary. This is why there are interrogators in all languages. Repetition is an important neural linguistic programming interrogation tactic to influence the target mind. During the breakdown process, threats to kill and to torture the target’s family or friends are common. Repetitious questioning and breakdown phrases are automated in both the physical and no-touch versions of torture. An interesting technology that is used for no-touch torture is called chatter bots. Chatter bots, an artificial intelligence program, automate much of the repetition so that the interrogators don’t drive themselves crazy during the neural linguistic torture and programming phases. Let us not forget the Chinese Water Torture, a single drop of water on the forehead of the detainee for months. Repetition is a form of torture.

  13. Sensitization of Pain Impulses

    While the reverse can be obtained, optimizing perceived pain and misery is the objective in torture. Each trauma adds to the overall misery throughout life. Optimization of pain has been studied by the military and intelligence agencies. In the past the CIA has used drugs such as LSD to enhance fear and terror in the subject. Other methods such as hypnosis can increase perceived pain and the power of suggestion such as telling the subject his pinky finger is going to be cut off before it is done. In no-touch torture the same psychological manipulations are exerted. Subliminal and overt suggested are often told to the subject before the directed energy or EEG heterodyning pain inductions in order to maximize their effectiveness.

  14. Sensory Overload and Deprivation

    Again, this technique of overloading or depriving the human of sensory stimulus is ubiquitous in torture around the world not just in U.S. secret prisons. Torture subjects in the United States have reported the use of repetitive bad music and noise campaigns. An unusual torture technique used in the U.S. secret prisons was of a use of a plastic suit filled with ice while they beat the target. Ultra bright lights for days on end in the prison and hot/cold temperature changes in the environment are frequent. In no-touch torture, the target’s brain is forced to release dopamine which causes pupil dilatation. This acts as a sensory overload. For example the non-lethal microwave weapons research done by a professor in University of Nevada has shown this capability. Body metabolism can be altered with these weapons causing cold and hot flashes. Targets of no-touch torture often hear endless tinnitus.

  15. Sexual Humiliation and Lack of Privacy

    Often used in common prisons is a lack of privacy. It is both necessity for security and a form of sexual humiliation. Also in prison many people are raped. No-touch torture offers the same sexual humiliation and lack of privacy by using through wall radar, cameras, and EEG visual cloning to let the target know they are being watched. Degrading comments are often used on the no-touch torture subjects while they are naked or in the bathroom.

  16. Maximum Sensory Pain Techniques

    Basic torture involves brutalization, i.e. physical strikes, kicks in the groin, pepper spray or tear gas, etc. Anything that involves maximum pain is the objective. Amazingly, these same basic tortures can be done wirelessly into the human mind. All forms of sickness have been reported without any real illness behind the suffering. All suffering can be entrained into the minds of no-touch torture subjects.

  17. Sleep Deprivation

    This is the number one torture method along with the popularity in the press of water boarding. This is done in every country that uses torture. The United States is number one in torture since they are currently the world’s only superpower. A repetitive sleep deprivation cycle is generally done 180 hrs/7.5 days at a time in the physical renditions, or in no-touch torture five days awake and two days of sleep. Sleep deprivation accomplishes the objective of memory loss during interrogation and induces hallucinations which help with the interrogation process. In behavior modification and programming it is necessary too.

  18. Stress Positions

    Keeping detainees handcuffed above their head and to walls so that they must stand for days is a common ploy in torture. These types of poses are called stress positions. They can be mimicked in no-touch torture. An example of one such trick requires the target to believe they can deflect radar energy using pots or pans and that it is directional. The target is being given an ample amount of pain until their hands and arms are spread apart holding the pans trying to block the signals. They must maintain that position in order to get any relief from the torture signals. However the stress position itself is physical torture. Often accompanying this technique are voices saying to the target, “You are doing it to yourself.”

We will finish off this summary of U.S. and its allies’ torture, interrogation, and behavior modification experimentation with ideas of why they are done to the general public and falsely accused detainees. Anyone can be put into these programs. Justice and rule of law does not exist at the highest levels of government. Treaties are worthless because the #1 agreement in the rules of war, a ban against torture, is not obeyed. This creates a more brutal and barbaric society lead by example.

No-touch torture uses the same interrogation tactics as physical interrogations but with some new twists. Techniques such as “Jeff and Mutt” a.k.a. “Good Cop Bad Cop” are used. The bad cop tortures the target and the good cop tries to gain their trust. In mind control, trust games are commonly employed to manipulate the beliefs of the target. Creating hatred of groups through false correlations and deception is a common CIA method of trickery.

In the CIA programs, the target is put through these phases as written in the documentation, “Disorient and confuse the target. Use them for our purposes, and then dispose of them in any way possible.” We can only surmise by our sample set of a thousand people what “dispose” means: prison, suicide, or perhaps a mental hospital. Coercing and torturing people to suicide is very common. Both tactics in physical or no-touch torture involves plausible deniability.


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I, Ted L. Gunderson, hereby swear under the pains and penalties of jury that the following statements are true and correct:

  1. My name is Ted L.. Gunderson. I am the owner and operator of Ted L. Gunderson & Associates, an international security and consulting firm based out of Santa Monica, California. I am currently a licensed private investigator in the state of California. I have performed private Investigation and security work for numerous individuals, companies, and governments worldwide since founding my firm in 1979.

    I have worked for, amongst others, F. Lee Bailey, Esq., The California Narcotics Authority by appointment of Governor Jerry Brown, The 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Committee, and The 1979 Pan American Games in San Juan, Puerto Rico by appointment of then U.S, Attorney General Griffin Bell.

    [Ted Gunderson narrowly was passed over to be FBI director as in inbound Reagan Bush team preferred Griffin Bell but the respect between the candidates for the top job was mutual.]

  2. Previous to my [Ted Gunderson’s] work as a private investigator I spent nearly three decades in the F.B.I. Between 1951 and 1960 I was an F.B.I. Special Agent. In 1960 I was promoted as a supervisor at F.B.I. Headquarters in Washington, D.C., where I was in charge of Organized Crime and Racketeering investigations covering 26 F.B.I Field Offices nationwide.

    [The Anti-Racketeering Anti Hoffa Robert F. Kennedy as Attorney General of the United States of America chose Ted Gunderson to be his right hand man in fighting the mafia. As Bobby Kennedy took the call his brother was assassinated and deceased it was Ted Gunderson in the meeting on the Mafia in his office with him.]

    Following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy I was re-assigned to Special [JFK] Inquiry White House Matters at F.B.I. Headquarters. In 1965 I was promoted again to Assistant Special Agent-In-Charge of Internal Security and Anti-Terrorism of the F.B.I. New Haven, Connecticut Field Office.

    In 1970 I was promoted to Assistant Special Agent- In-Charge of the F.B.I. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Field Office.

    On July 12, 1972 I successfully negotiated with two terrorist hijackers of National Airlines Flight 496 for the release of 119 passengers at Philadelphia International Airport: In 1973 I was promoted to Chief Inspector at F.B.I. Headquarters[appears to be just below Director of the FBI]. Also served as Special Agent-In-Charge of the F.B.I. Memphis and Dallas Field Offices[and continued ever increasing JFK Dealy Plaza material as Warren Commission, etc, unfolded]. I retired from the F.B.I, as Senior Special Agent-In- Charge of the Los Angeles Field Office of the F.B.I. with over 700 F.B.I. employees and a budget of over 22 million dollars in 1979, [perhaps a few cases to supervise].

  3. I have read the Complaint in the current action of Mr. Keith Labella against F.B.I. and D.O.J., It is my professional opinion, based on information, knowledge and belief that the information sought by Mr. Labella in this F.O.I.A suit regarding “gang stalking”, “gang stalking groups” and “gang stalking methods” reasonably describes an ongoing, active, covert nationwide program that is in effect today, and, based on my investigations and experience, has been operational since at least the early 1980’s. Since the 1980°s gang stalking has increased in scope, intensity and sophistication by adapting to new communications and surveillance technology. These programs are using the codenames Echelon Program, Carnivore System, and Tempest Systems.

    The Echelon Program is administered by the N.S.A. out of Fort Meade, Maryland, and monitors all email and phone calls in the world. Carnivore System is administered by the N.S.A. out of Fort Meade, Maryland, and can download any computer system without being traced or otherwise known to the owner. Tempest Systems can decipher what is on any computer screen up to a quarter of a mile away.

    These programs are negatively impacting thousands of Americans and severely abusing their civil rights on a daily basis.

  4. Based on my investigative work, which includes intelligence from sources such as active and former members of the Intelligence Services (including the FBI, the C.I.A, the N.S.A and Military Intelligence), information from informants active in criminal enterprises, and, victim testimonies, I have come to the conclusion that thousands of victims have been targeted by an illegal government rogue criminal enterprise that is active 24 hours a day within the U.S. This conspiracy is far too active to be controlled or operated by private enterprise whose goals are achieving financial gain.

    These operations require extensive financing with no return on the investment. This program’s operations are financed by illegal black operations, i.e., narcotics, prostitution, child kidnapping (children sell at covert auctions for up to $50,000 per child), human trafficking, gambling and other rackets.)

  5. I have documentation and know that throughout the U.S., operating 24 hours-a-day and 7 days-a-week, there is a Central Command, located within the U.S., with multiple satellite offices, whose administrators can instantly initiate surveillance, phone taps and harassment against any individual in the country.

    They have the technology, financing and manpower to dispense illegal surveillance and harassment against anyone at any time, day or might. I have files on numerous cases of active, programmatic, illegal government harassment currently being conducted against thousands of Americans. This makes the F.B.I.’s former COINTELPRO program, which I worked on, including in a supervisory capacity, look like a Sunday school program by comparison.

  6. I firmly believe that most individuals working in the F.B I, other intelligence agencies, and the government overall are honest, law-abiding public servants. However, a sophisticated network of rogue operatives has secretly infiltrated the F.B.I,, other intelligence agencies including the C.I.A, and other key government positions.

    This rogue element seeks personal power and wealth and considers themselves above the law and the Constitution. They are carrying out the aforementioned surveillance and harassment activities in conjunction with organized crime, the cult movement in America including Satanic cults, other commercial and political interests, and even misguided civic organizations and neighborhood groups.

    This illegal surveillance and harassment program is being called gang stalking and organized stalking by the victims targeted by it.

    The victims are targeted for a variety of reasons including government and corporate whistle-blowers, parties to financial and employment disputes, parties to marital disputes (usually divorced women), and even jilted paramours. Journalists covering controversial issues, and, even attorneys and private investigators representing unpopular clients or interests, have been targeted by this program.

  7. Individuals targeted by this program have been subjected to illegal and unconstitutional phone taps, illegal re-routing of business and private phone calls for purposes of harassment, illegal audio “bugging”, surreptitious entry into home, office, and vehicle, visual surveillance in the home conducted by illegal placement of miniature remote, wireless cameras (often accessible via internet), illegal internet spyware, illegal GPS tracking (often through their own mobile phones), regular fixed and mobile surveillance, mail misdirection, mail theft and tampering, financial and employment sabotage, slander campaigns and community ostracizing , internet disinformation and smear campaigns, poisoning, assaults and murder, illegal set-ups on ding charges and other felony charges, amongst many other civil rights abuses.

  8. In addition to high-ranking members of the F.B.I., other intelligence services, and the government overall, wealthy, powerful members of criminal syndicates, multi-millionaires and the corporate elite are using the government gang stalking program to harass enemies.

    They can get a targeted individual harassed for the rest of that individual’s life (individual cases of gang stalking lasting for over a decade are common).

    The higher status members of the gang stalking conspiracy initiate the gang stalking and coordinate logistics and funding. Lower echelon government rogue operatives, lower ranking members of the military (in violation of Posse Comitatus), petty criminals and street thugs perform the actual grunt work of daily monitoring and harassment of individuals targeted by the program.

  9. Based on my professional experience, extensive intelligence information and belief, it is my professional opinion that the F.B.I is involved in and has investigative files on the subject of gang
    stalking, related gang stalking methods, and gang stalking groups in the F.B.I’s vast intelligence files, that are responsive to Mr. Labella’s F.O.ILA. Complaint. Furthermore, I have personally referred numerous victims of gang stalking to the appropriate agents at the F.B.I. for investigation of their cases. I have also furnished the F.B.I. with documentation of an active, international child kidnapping ring probably operated by rogue C.I.A. agents.

    The F.B.I has ignored my requests to investigate even though it is their responsibility to investigate kidnappings. I have a contact in Germany who advises me that the C.I.A. has set up secret
    operations on U.S. military bases for the kidnapping, sale and trafficking of children worldwide. The FBI may be using a unique codename and nomenclature for the gang stalking phenomenon in its records. However, this is a semantic difference, and, in no way changes my professional opinion that the F.B.I. has investigative files on the nationwide phenomenon of gang stalking described in reasonable and specific detail in Mr. Labella’s F.O.L A. Complaint.

    These F.B.I. files contain information responsive to Mr. Labella’s F.O.L.A. Complaint regarding the subject of gang stalking. The F.B.I. and other intelligence agencies are administering and covering up the rogue, covert, government criminal enterprise of gang stalking. The gang stalking phenomenon appears in the records of both the F.B.I. and the N.5.A. in their records pertaining to the Echelon Program,
    Carnivore System, and Tempest Systems.

    In addition, the gang stalking phenomenon appears in the records of both the F.B.I. and the N.S.A. in their records pertaining to information collected by Narus systems. Narus is a wholly owned subsidiary of defense contractor Boeing that produces sophisticated, mass surveillance computer systems currently being used by both the F.B.I. and the N.S.A.

Dated this Al day of @nscl. 2011.

Los Angeles, California

Jet A Sonidiosson.

Ted L. Gunderson






Noise Campaigns: Fog thiking with imposed noxiousness competing for the forefront of thoughts. Disrupt attention, cognitive acvitities with threating, abusive, unsettling, terryfing or angering stimuly strong enough to become forefront in cognition. Clear enough in meaning to cause fear, anger, embitterment, annoyance, distraction.






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The ex-FBI official is Ted Gunderson mentioned earlier in this page and let’s first look at Ted Gunderson’s death.

In his 80s he said the United States Military was in an NWO overthrow plot and using Directed Energy Weapons on citizens, government officials, conducting poisonings, and other targeted killings on behalf of the NWO and he continued these assertions and writings until his death from Cancer, perhaps Cancer Type CIA-Havana Syndrome.

Rudy2: Former FBI official Ted Gunderson died of cancer on July 31, 2011. Was his illness induced by silent electromagnetic assault or by other nefarious means? We will never know – and that’s just the way certain entities want it.

A former senior official of the Federal Bureau of Investigation says “rogue” military intelligence and law enforcement units of the federal government oversee a nationwide network of community-based “gang stalking” harassment, intimidation and domestic terrorism directed at thousands of U.S. citizens who have been extrajudicially targeted as “dissidents” or undesirables.

Ted Gunderson, 82, who has served as the Special Agent in Chargeof the FBI’s Los Angeles, Memphis and Dallas FBI Field Offices, has stated in a series of public speaking appearances that he is now targeted by these same elements, and fears for his life and for the safety of his family. He reports that the windows of his home have been shot out, and he believes he has been poisoned and physically sickened by those seeking to silence him.

“Based on my thirty years’ experience and research, I have determined there are thousands of victims who have been targeted by an illegal U.S. government rogue criminal enterprise – military intelligence, probably, tied into CIA and FBI and so forth – that is active 24 hours a day throughout the United States,” Gunderson stated in an October 2008 speech posted last fall on YouTube, three years before cancer consumed him.

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