Dedication To Ted Gunderson (Reprise)

Dedication To Gunderson (Reprise)

The Progression of Super Conspiracy Theorists

The first for modern events history (that of 20th Century) was Mark Lane an attorney with a State of New York practice and he was the JFK Presidential State of New York campaign manager for John F. Kennedy.

Like most present at the assassination in Dealey Plaza or with sources from there he believed Lee Harvey Oswald as a patsy and that Oswald was assassinated by Jack Ruby to quickly closed the investigation that otherwise might have turned into a factual inquiry of a trial the Deep State feared.

Mark Lane believed the Conspiracy operated in Jonestown Guyana where LBJ connected prophet Jim Jones was the leader and others (including Edward Paul Donegan myself) that Eugenics and Brain studies were secretly underway by the CIA.

Ted Gunderson who was the right hand man to Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and an anti-mobster anti-rackets specialist was the next Super Conspiracy Theorist about a dangerous criminal Deep State Cabal of big business elites conducting massive crimes throughout the world. He did not retire from the FBI until about 1979 or so and thus had less of the original publicity Mark Lane had in the years that followed the assassination of JFK. Lisa Pease did not write much or anything about Ted Gunderson but her work on Robert F. Kennedy and a Lie Too Big To Fail is an excellent insight on the Kennedy Attorney General versus the Mob.

Jen Moore was next and she wrote about the Donegan family connection to all of this including the OSS, CIA, and Vatican history and the infiltration of US Politics and how this was tied to Franklin Nebraska, Child abuse rings, child courts, human trafficking, and how this has been a long term CIA thread in history that in fact far predates the Kennedy assassination and goes back to 1902 and 1910 and what most knows Borderline Personality Disorder being transmitted to half of descendants of families that carry the genes and the hidden identities some of these children or families have lived under like the Donegan’s (Glorian Donegan and Ed Donegan in particular.)

She spoke of the Black Propaganda of honey-put nets, and money laundering used to fund Guerrilla Warfare operations in the USA. This “black propaganda” smear campaign making it appear I owe payouts to my blackmailers (my double’s blackmailers) funded illegal acts throughout the US silencing witness through the use of thugs hired by the slush fund. I also accused MacLamar Properties for Industrial Espionage in that aided in the money laundering and fraud by helping fabricate the false allegations that result in payouts to the slush funds. That Guerrilla Warfare deep state was the elites way of WETDIVISION silencing via special opps.

Roman Catholic investigator and witnesses to CIA misconduct tend to die off under suspicious or violent deaths such as William Colby, US Representative Leo Ryan, US Representative Sony Bono, mob case AUSA Thomas Crane Wales, and judges Roll and Scalia among many others not inclined to be approving of a mafia based criminal network as Great Britain system of overthrow any more than the Kennedy Family, the Donegan family (my own) or the Prouty family (who I knew as a child in Massachusetts.

Ed Donegan myself have a new identity of a New Patriot of New Territory. Each successive Super Conspiracy Theorist has added more into the story and the breadth of the story but each one has been lesser and lesser known.

That is because the Criminals of Government (Mueller, Burns, and others) have been able to use CIA (and the FBI DOJ and store-fronts and veterans groups and homeless people they hide behind) to assassinate witnesses preempting the truth becoming known. The Robber Barrons like Facebook put blocks on sites that tell the truth about the CIA and are likely hidden-identity cabal-ist born into Eugenics studies (Mark Zuckerberg related to Jen Psatki is a question ion the Internet.

There are theorists about world figures and world events in the Super Conspiracy Theory such as the September 11 2011 attacks were tied to “Bandar Bush and the Bush family ties to the NWO, not just Brigade 2506 and the overthrow of Cuba and assassination of JFK but also the holding of Saudi Arabia under a control indirectly ruled territory of the NWO. Phillip Marshall has written on this and was assassinated. Dorothy Kilgallen wrote about the Mob and the hit on JFK and interviewed Jack Ruby of the mob and she was assassinated.

There are six or so enormousness Deep State victims lists from the Obama Dead Pool much of my work is based (as it was named but I renamed to the NWO Dead Pool) that includes Birther data) and the Inslaw Promise Dead Pool, a software for the police to use (Prosecutors Management Information System) that the CIA wanted a back door into I think so monoclonal anti-bodies) (family lineage data) could not be tracked perfectly.)

There is the Don Henry and Kevin Ives dead pool. Witnesses who died so the cover-up of those children’s murders could be concealed. Again I think gun running and CIA activity out of the Middle East North Africa Airport by special operators explain that Dead Pool of victims.

But just as troubling is GangStalk. Police without hesitancy suppress journalism about the Deep State and do frame jobs, hire thugs to conduct hits on Conspiracy Theorists, break into our homes and plant evidence and intiate fights to get us evicted, give us death threats, harass us at libraries, etc.

I like Gunderson , Sosbee, and Labella assert being poisoned and other attacks. That a Robber Barron controlled USA Press Corp rejects conspiracy theories seems easy. Thus I seek the world press on this issue as well.

What is the difference between patently and blatantly? Blatantly is unashamed, almost showing off in some contexts. Patently is a little calmer, it simply means something is clear or obvious. To some it might convey a more serious or intellectual author, but that’s not inherent in the definition. – Google

I don’t know which word I want of the two here but the police are politicized and full of various arbitrary COINTELPRO programs of made-up rights police have to investigate and retaliate against the crimes they also made up and even profit from running protection rackets and funding themselves in various lifestyle of mostly prurient drug dealing and Midnight Climax after hours CIA and Dept of Defense slush funds of financial racketeering and money laundering.

Ethical concerns of Midnight Climax

Operation Midnight Climax was established in order to study the effects of LSD on non-consenting individuals. Prostitutes on the CIA payroll were instructed to lure clients back to the safehouses, where they were surreptitiously plied with a wide range of substances, including LSD, and monitored behind one-way glass. The prostitutes were instructed in the use of post-coital questioning to investigate whether the victims could be convinced to involuntarily reveal secrets.

In 1947, the CIA was prohibited on behalf of President Truman, due to fears of political abuse, from spying against American citizens, but these actions contradict the adherence to this prohibition.[9] These acts were illegal and several significant operational techniques were developed in this theater, including extensive research into sexual blackmail, surveillance technology and the possible use of mind-altering drugs in field operations.[10] Furthermore, the CIA operatives in charge of administering these experiments were told by superiors that the results of the experiments would be beneficial to the country. There is currently a debate over how ethical George Hunter White’s actions were, with some arguing that if his motive was to legally make people suffer, he was unethical, while others argue that if he believed that the experiments would benefit national security, his actions could be justified. The subjects of Gottlieb’s experiments also included mentally disabled children.

The police involvement in theses black-ops illegal programs have cost me my home and years in psych wards as COINTELPRO is designed to do. They (as witness harassment of me to discredit me) bully me three ways. They aggrandize themselves pushing around a dummy of me (a dopple) acting as though they are on the trail of who they the dummy they assert I am) when fact my intellect and value is what they seek. They also treat me in public (even hoping for a fight with me) as though I were the developmentally retarded dummy they assert. Finally they “get the word out” in a smear campaign I am the person they make me appear to be and thus affect how I am treated by public,, courts, or others is based on them taken off track into ulterior motives, not rent homes to me, not approve credit apps for cars, hire me for jobs, etc.,

I have asserted this is all in violation of Title 18 Chapter 73 obstruction of Justice and doing so by using a criminal network of slush fund protection racket payoffs for where not my own activities.

With my health and youth now gone and what I and my mother and father lived for and worked for gone I have asked myself if these cops attacking me and other were do die of a gunshot wound could I type out my book more safely? Yes and the police through their stoolies in the library and elsewhere clearly give me death threat about me continuing to write.

But I do not believe in killing them. I can not as an author get out of the USA if in prison. I probably can’t as a writer either but the odds are better. Still I am left with the abstract question I wonder about (and writers do wonder about things as we all do) if a gunshot wound to a police officer was doing its job killing the police officers how many grams is the bullet that entered the police officer.

My Life Without Me is a 2003 Canadian drama film directed by Isabel Coixet and starring Sarah Polley, Mark Ruffalo, Scott Speedman, and Leonor Watling. Based on the 1997 short story collection Pretending the Bed Is a Raft by Nanci Kincaid, it tells a story of a 23-year-old woman, with a husband and two daughters, who finds out she is going to die soon. The film is an El Deseo and My Life Productions co-production.- wikipedia.

We all know that we are going to die including myself. My parents had an expectation of the country they lived and fought for and that is the same county I lived and fought for. Instead we have been betrayed. In the movie the family only finds at the very end the mother is going to die perhaps within days. She hid much of the various problems under excuses. As they reflect they find the mother while planning to die was leaving in place positive plans for those around her so she could leave in peace. That is what my mother and father intended for me including through educating me and the trust fund but a GangStalk has smeared and destroyed that in my life time and theirs.

The cops are exploitatively running an illegal false allegations smear-campaign racket. Just as with Midnight Climax before CIA and FBI and other police sit behind one way mirrors now of Dominas shaking down a gullible person who has harmed others and now has to pay up or be arrested on orders of the dominatrix. That scam likely includes scamming the Domina since he was actually a child porn perv leave him alone in the corner while police pick out a substitute of him to blackmail based on fabricated facts the gullible double will accede to rather than contest.

acceded; acceding intransitive verb a : to express approval or give consent : to agree to a request or demand. The government acceded to their demands. b : to become a party to something (such as an agreement) to accede to the terms of a contract

I do not consider myself different from perhaps thousands on those hit lists dead pool lists. What I do think is that if a bullet were to kill a police officer (who have hindered my typing and would have been from somewhere other than me) the weight of bullet would not be in grains but the collective victimization of the Cabal on the USA now conquered by the Cabal’s use of hit lists.

A New Territory is what I believe in and the Corrupt USA gone. I can’t make the USA believe I am framed but I am trying to get out and have an office to write in whiel in some other country preferably Russia.

The Great Treason, Pillory, Ted Gunderson Bio Mx, Written By The Right Hand, Majic 12 and the Secret Government

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