Perpetrators in Power And Their Victims

Espionage Agencies and Secret Police break the laws to preempt. Regular military and State Dept avoid such obvious matters but do as well. JFK draw the line in a different place during the Cold War.

Edward Donegan (myself) and many others assert NWO “elites” who hold office in the USA and elsewhere (including corporate board memberships) have so much culpability for treason and so much influence they can use espionage agency capabilties and the influence of those agencies to conduct widespread criminal activities including those colored as (depicated as) investigatory work finding or harrassing hard to catch crimials) that are in fact harrassment of law abiding citizens. Such harassers as substance 1) surveil targets illegally the as harassment 2) as substance often defraud, defame,. or discredit the works of a targeted person as a matter of stealing the targets works and then 3) as a matter of process setup the apperance and public belief the targeted person is schizophrenic or may attack random people for no reason lacking any cause to do so.

Impeaching a person who is defending themselves from under-cover harrassment allows an escape system for corrupt policing activities. Sometimes also called Prosecutorial Escape Mechanisms., loopholes they can use to trap defendants in such as to deny them Due Proccess when the prosecutor needs a dirty-trick/.

Michael Lutterschmidt in his book Ramblings of a So-Called Paranoid Schizophrenic writes:

From my own observations, the average Targeted Individual gets incarcerated, committed to a mental institution, or kills himself after three years of being in the program. Since I am a guy who refuses to lose at anything, I wanted to figure out how much money these criminals were willing to spend on me before I developed cancer or end up having a fatal accident. I am confident they have already spent over two hundred million dollars on me alone. I have already walked away from two staged car accidents, yet here I am writing my second book.

Where does this money come from? My own parents, who for years did not believe my stories of persecution, said that no one would spend that kind of money on me. I must agree—it’s ridiculous. On the other hand, thirty trillion dollars has gone missing from the federal budget.

Ed Donegan asserts “Four Hats” types based on those from Los Angeles Police who can sieze assets of alleged criminals can also fund themselves with robbing assets in money=-laundering or drug or gun running or other activities on the side of real police work.

As the FBI SIS Goes So Goes The Country

I have contacted )to no avail) the FBI SIS Special Intelligence Service the national security division connected branch that an illegal human traffickgin deep state exists and they have taken no action on it or any Conspiracy Theories about public officials being part of the Deep State.

I am sure there are other agencies like the NSA or the CIA or other groups of offices within agencies like Treasury or others but in my mind many like the CIA are curiosity fullfillers. How advance are the musicians in China and will they culturally infiltrate US music schools and influence the Humanities? How will our medical crisis teams compare with Russia in the mid 20th Century? What is the GDP of Pakistan and does it match publicly reported numbers?

But as the national security of the USA from foriegn esponage I don’t think any (at least in the history of agencies and early charters) have more direct responsibility than FBI SIS who seesm to be the culprit here rather than fix here.

That is not the only hope for seeking justice and national security. The Press should be able to take on Conspiracy Theory and there are at least 3k to 4k ranking prosecutors (in their jurisictions_) who could take on the Deep State who have had operations occur in their geographies (like New Orleans) or that they have substance matter jurisdictions in the legal codes they enforce with prosecutions.

This can be solved. Many can. None have so far stepped forward but the evidence is growing. As with Michael Lutterschmidt I was left (and still am) homeless dragging belongings around by wheels of luggage after the rental offices went along with police plans and potential renters to me did so as well.

[Our] strength will never be used in pursuit of aggressive ambitions – it will always be used in pursuit of peace. It will never be used to promote provocations – it will always be used to promote the peaceful settlement of disputes.

We in this country, in this generation, are – by destiny rather than choice – the watchmen on the walls of world freedom. We ask, therefore, that we may be worthy of our power and responsibility, that we may exercise our strength with wisdom and restraint, and that we may achieve in our time and for all time the ancient vision of “peace on earth, good will toward men.” That must always be our goal, and the righteousness of our cause must always underlie our strength. For as was written long ago: “except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.”

As Edward Paul Donegan let me paraphrase “In this policy speech I renounce CIA companies like United Fruit Company, Zapata Oil, and the East India Tea Company that preceded them. I intend to scatter these profiteers into the wind and and rely peacefull military and diplomatic means unknown to these CIA criminals.

More on JFK invoking Longfellow on Civil War.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” at a time when he had just lost his wife and his son was crippled by the Civil War.

He wrote the song about how every year when these Christmas bells ring, it reminds him that there’s peace on earth, good will toward men.

JFK We in this country, in this generation, are – by destiny rather than choice – the watchmen on the walls of world freedom. We ask, therefore, that we may be worthy of our power and responsibility, that we may exercise our strength with wisdom and restraint, and that we may achieve in our time and for all time the ancient vision of “peace on earth, good will toward men.”

That must always be our goal, and the righteousness of our cause must always underlie our strength. For as was written long ago: “except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.

An examination of the philosophy and the people of the NWO and where possible a symmetry with their victims and at the minimum at times because of the manner of evolution of the history the simple list of perpetrators and the victims as tied to events rather than philosophy.

W. Averell Harriman Perpetrator

PARIS, Dec. 19, 1949 — W. Averell Harriman, United States roving Ambassador for the Marshall Plan, was installed today for one year as chairman of the Economic and Financial Defense Committee, which directs financing of the North Atlantic Treaty.

Oral History Interview with
W. Averell Harriman
During the Truman administration served as U.S. Ambassador to Russia, 1943-46, to Great Britain, Apr.-Oct. 1946; Secretary of Commerce, Oct. 1946-Apr. 1948; U.S. representative in Europe under the Economic Cooperation Act of 1948, with rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, 1948-50; special assistant to the President, 1950-51; American representative on North Atlantic Treaty Organization Committee to study Western defense plans, 1951; and director of the Mutual Security Agency, 1951-53.

US Ambassadors to Great Britain Joseph P. Kennedy January 17, 1938 March 8, 1938 October 22, 1940
John G. Winant February 11, 1941 March 1, 1941 April 10, 1946
W. Averell Harriman April 2, 1946 April 30, 1946 October 1, 1946

Treason in America from Aaron Burr to Averell Harriman. by Anton Chaitkin (Author) Format: Kindle Edition

The Oligarchy that usurped power in the USA, against America’s revolutionary heritage, that has now destroyed the economy: What is it? Anton Chaitkin’s Treason in America is the original, authoritative inquiry into this criminal apparatus, the British Empire and its arms in Wall Street, Boston and the South.

General Edward Lansdale and C.D. Jackson

Memo from Edward Lansdale to C.D. Jackson, March 7, 1953. Lansdale and CD Jackson will “policy coordinate” with many including the Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend allies united “spooks, hoods, and the hidden elites (Chauncey Hot of Murder Inc.) that LBJ and others will use in the Caribbean etc., evn arming them with military surplus via front companies that Col Prouty will help funnel to CIA wars around the world conducted by the CIA company and its criminal companion identities it operates under or contracts through.

THe OSS CIA officer CD Jackson went on to be in Life magazine and bought and modified the Zapruder film. Lansdale was their with impossible mission assassins.

John F. Kennedy Victim

The USA had joined with the Mafia and that included both drug dealers, smugglers, and corporate criminals with privat armies given Royal permissions to wage war in violation of all laws usually openly and in the 20th Century more covertly seizing Prizes of War in the nations they raided and committed crimes against. His father Joseph Kennedy was fired as as embassador to Great Britain and jFK himself soured on the Colonialist exploitation of nations.

JFK planned a speech in Dallas rebuking the Marshall Plan that included Police Coordination manufacturing NWO allegiances against Communism who would conduct plausibly deniable illegal acts that would sometimes lead to thousands or millions of civil war deaths that CIA influence ins the US media would deny roles in.


With political roots reaching into the oil industry these participants in Globalism planned CIA activities around the world including in Indonesia throughout the East West Center and USAID, Peace Corp, etc., Strong evidence exists from Confessions of their Right Hand Operatives they assassinated JFK so the robber Barron plans of Prizes of War funded black operations could continued while officially denied. Goes back to the Walker family, Rockefeller, JP Morgan, and moor.

Assassination Witnesses VICTIMS

Lacking any political or philosophical common denominators those who knew to much from being at the JFK assassination seen with a 3D audio directional perspective were “silenced

Dr. MLK, Malcom X, Norma Jean

They were aware of plans to insert Sleepers and Agents of Influence around the world and their help had been solicited but their support was lost over time and they were silenced. I believe Maclcom X, MLK and Norma Jean knew Obakma Jr was being groomed for Indonesia but began to doubt the Cold War plans and what was being asked of them by the CIA to support British colonialism.

Robert F. Kennedy et. al., VICTIMS

Against organized crime and big business they mostly in Democrat Politics were assasinated by the George H.W. Bush Deep State. These victims do fit a profile of those sympathetic to Irish immigratns or rule of law that the Kennedys’ believed in such as Ted Gunderson and Gene Chip Tatum.

The Donegan’s, other Kennedy’s, the USA, other countries overthrown

Col Prouty (and at least some others from the Pentagon JFK wished along with the Dept of State gain Sovereign control of while James Jesus Angleton, J. Edgar Hoover, and others built NWO alliances with) was similar in experience and profile and life activities to James Paul Donegan and the Kennedy family from Rose Kennedy on down.

  • James P. Donegan, 86, of Lincoln, Calif., originally from Dorchester, Mass., died Oct. 13, from injuries following an accident. Jim leaves his wife, Sue Ann of Lincoln; two sons from his first marriage, Thomas of Provincetown, Mass., and Edward of Arlington, Va. He also leaves a sister, Mary “Betty” Connolly of Atlantic Beach, Fla.; and a brother, Robert of Marshfield, Mass. He served in the Army Air Corps in Europe during World War II and later flew many combat missions as an Air Force fighter pilot over North Korea. Following the war, Jim joined TWA and spent the next 35 years as a pilot captain. – Obituary the Patriot Ledger Boston.

    Originally from a middle class Republic of Ireland family (James Paul Donegn father unknown per his Irish immigrant father in Boston was forced to live in poverty working as a janitor in a Hersches chocolate factory. Jame’s mother interviewed for jobs hoping for enough income to help raise the children (James being one of them) was treated in a humiliating way with her Irish pin on and Sunday best. He hated Britain and British historians and the oil industry all his life. He left the Catholic church as JFK was assasinated. I suggest Jospeh Kennedy of Dorchester got him his WWII flight opportunity.

    That history led to atomic tests observations in the watch tower, flying in the first and second atomic bombing wings of the Army Air Force, flying missions over Europe probably overseen by MacNamara as the Nazi industrial machine was crushed, and as RECON from ATSUGI in the Cold War, and lived in Marhsdhield near Dorchester where I Edward Paul Donegan grew up as a very young child.

    His profile (James Paul Donegan) like the profile of the Kennedy’s and most likely Prouty’s was the professional military role. While the Roman Catholic Prouty WAS part of subversion and overthrow he like most came to resent the USA policies of the Cold War and suspected corrupt Bush cronies of the CIA in JFK’s death. Edward Paul Donegan follows in tha profile resenting authority of anyt type when it is corrupt or political, etc., and thus hated the Bush wing of the Rerpublican GOP Party and shivered at hatred of exploitative Lords and Masters of BDSM circles who established social classes of power. In the days of was known to hit on independent strong women who still followed the Irish Republican [{Patriotic] Army.

  • Col Fletcher Prouty (the Donegan’s used to socialize with in Boston Ed Donegan while very young included) had some insulation from the gory details of what the CIA companines like Zapata or United Fruit were doing arond the world but the DOD official got suplies requests mostly and later outed the CIA he felt inferiro to the US DOD refusing to even ask for a CIA security clearance on the grounds such a clearance was below a Pentagon official.

  • Glorian Donegan his wife (nee Glorian Gainey) and of North Carolina then South Carolina

    Likely met in 1952 CIA operations with Prouty Cold War ATSUGI and along with James Donegan fictionalized in the movie Jet Pilot by RKO (Highes and Joseph Kennedy Sr.) The story is defector (in truth from Nazi Germany) Glorian maries the allied Col Shannon. But the WASPS really pressure Col Shannon for his defector wife.

    The Hidden Identity of Glorian Donegan is ties to Franz Kutshera and Himmler that via Capt Von Trapp the Von Trapp family had though they left in 1926 I think to give birth in the USA out of Nazi Germany and out fo Nazi Austria. IT is probable a Windsor Edward VIII of Windsor or ALbert of York King George or some other family impregnated Maria Kutschera leaving the Royals hopefull the chidlren would look at London and think “Mama. Dadda.” thus would make good Sleepers around the world.

  • Lee Harvey Oswald. He was first associated with Fort Nagg or something (Naval Intelligence Center North Carolina) then other roles. I think he secretly was away Von Traps children wer in the USA and that was his last phone call attempt while in custody. All very good from the start and at the 55 minutes or so mark and all the way through too. Dalls Reporter adds details FBI was involved at 55 mins, and i think this was FBI Malcom X plan Maclom X was going to reveal as to Barrack OBama JR.

  • William Cooper My identity of New William Cooper is based on carry forward with his wisdom and loyalty including about the police in the USA and not being taken alive if that can be avoided in any way.

    In part I say this as a “Havana Syndrome” victim in DHS custody nobody believed or took seriously nor did people take seriously the issue of heing held in a mental institute after making a true statement about National Institute of Health and FBI misconduct. In every case since and before it was a rigged proceeding that arose after an open or undercover operation harassed me or threatened me and I was trying to defend myself this I was placed in prisons and psychwards usually without be being transported to any of the hearings a right garanteed me.

    Another part of WIlliam Cooper I carry forewards is what I will call PsyOps Test Cases.:. Like Test Cases taken before the courts a Test Case in the Media tries a case for against CIA and Briitsh Realm SPecial Operators like the Jedi to see how the public will react to such an Order of Knights if potrayed well in the press.

    I along with William Cooer assert many PsyOps ghost written story lines including those Tom Clancy were working on tell James Donegan’s story (Jet Pilot) and Glorian Donegan’s story The Von Trapp Singers. The Trapp Family (German: Die Trapp-Familie) is a 1956 West German comedy drama film. I also think several Marilyn Monroe movides tell the story through metaphors including Grace Ranch and The Misfits.

    William Cooper was a naval intelligence briefing officer with August 4 in his military papers I can not trace the field name of and he beliebvs he saw data a Deep State within the military and utilizing William Greer assassinated JFK and he lived in fear of his life since seeing it. Classified docs and leakers name “aliens” that we have an agreement with who use Saucers. very high society. 33 Miles above earth.

Reports, Writers, and Leakers

Crime reporter and close Kennedy confidant Dorothy Kilgallen was a strict Roman Catholic (as Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimagio were.) Killgallen interviewed Richard Nixon’s Jack Ruby who was part of the underworld operations of Congressman (US Representative) Nixon who later became head of the NSC of the Whitehouse that becae a unilateral treaty making and war machine conducting wars so covert sometimes Congress did not know or know who the war was fought with or how. Ovetime just like with La Cosa Nostra Catholic distate for loss of life took over and the assainaton programs lost favor. I believe RFK was left out of the loop and he found at the day he died after staying at Frankenhiemer’s house. The mafia never wanted him or Prouty in on the real details of the mob, nor Sonny Bono. Many greaty reporters blame RFK for MM, I think the British and Dr Feelgood killed her, Bobby hoped to save her. Danny Cassolaro to Mihceal Hastings died (along with Breitbart) searhtinv the CIA history of Barrack Obama Jr., and his CIA origins.

I count myself in this crowd. I used to defend against criminals challenging covert shill neigbors. That go me arrested on the prediction I was a maniac and attacked people for no reason. I stopped attacking but at least 50 times in 2023 someone hit or struck me in some way hoping for a fight often very violently. I now do not only do not start fights I do not fight if fought. Even soi the police threaten ME with arrest after I anm attacked in the destabilized sitution the police initiated. Police tacticts for fights and blmae the person covertly instigated into fighting. I will have more on this in coming chapters about White Identariantisn of me as a response to attacks while my attackers say white identitarianism is why I attack them for no reason at all. I assert covert provocation by them hopig a cuase to arrest me (and stop my writing) will emerge. Phillip Marshall, Paul Wilcher, many others I consider having been silenced. I am leaving Jen Moore for later.

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