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Edward Paul Donegan
Subject: Emerging history of the Kennedy assassination and I believe a Donegan family tie to them

E. Howard Hunt of the CIA on his death bed said Cord Meyer of the CIA and LBJ were in a plot to assassinate jFK. St. John Hunt his son has written of that and the death of his mother. My father in 1952 likely served with the Hunts at ATSUGI airbase Japan both then with Col Fletcher Prouty and earlier as well in WII. The Donegan family on my father’s side comes from the Roman Catholic church in Boston the Kennedy family is from.

This press-kit essay that is a conjoined patchwork of book excerpts is chuck full of conspiracy theories that have been a nearly full time focus of the public and government of the United States of America and for the first time DOES tie together (and I think credibly and in a way that satifies the questions still open on these matters) the assasination of Kennedy family member, the CIA activities in Latin America and elsewhere, the assassinations of Marilyn Monroe, Dorothy Killgallen, 9/11 ties to Saudi Arabia, and the downing of TWA Flight 800, UAL flight 533, and other major national and international disasters.

Many if not most of the people I quote on this and use as source material are people I knew or grew up with as child and nearly all are connected by one to two degrees of publicly verifiable connection to those who have written first hand confessions as to Cold War CAI activities and worldwide CIA activities.

I am facing (and have for decades) harassment including the FBI’s most abusive forms vigilantism and smear activities and I believe it is tied to my family’s connection to JFK thread of history cover-up attempts as I write about history. My books about the FBI and CIA roles are a dark and dim view of the USA. It’s officials uses gangs and thugs to undermine truth seekers in history and illegal acts have left me homeless and subject to police backed attacks the police neither stop nor prosecute. Others have had that same problem with police sanctioned illegal conduct. Writers even amateur writers should not fear for their lives or face break-ins to their offices or death threats and I have experience all those.

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Sincerely, Edward Paul Donegan

Press Kit for Ed Donegan and his own books regarding JFK RFK, Truther and Airline Disasters

New William Cooper Patriotic Sovereign Press ™

Books series on The Deep State and the CIA Special Relationship With Great Britain

My name is Edward Paul Donegan and I self-publish under the name New William Cooper while under police harassment threat and violence. I describe my life and survival efforts akin to those of Dorothy Hunt, Lee Bowers Jr., Jean Hill, Jim Garrison, and others whose accounts of our history and families runs against the official accounts of the JFK and RFK assassinations and those of Dr Martin Luther King and Malcolm X as well as others such as Marilyn Monroe.

James Paul Donegan retrieved from Obituary,com and copied or modified to here

James Paul Donegan (my father), at age 86, of Lincoln, Calif., originally from Dorchester, Mass., died Oct. 13, from injuries following an accident. Jim leaves his wife, Sue Ann of Lincoln; two sons from his first marriage, Thomas of Provincetown, Mass., and Edward of Arlington, Va. He also leaves a sister, Mary “Betty” Connolly of Atlantic Beach, Fla.; and a brother, Robert of Marshfield, Mass. He served in the Army Air Corps in Europe during World War II and later flew many combat missions as an Air Force fighter pilot over North Korea. Following the war, Jim joined TWA and spent the next 35 years as a pilot captain [and with many stories to tell about Howard Hughes and aerospace and the Cold War]. –

This story is part of the plot that the CIA and MK-ULTRA and a Warren Commission cover-up of the actual assassination details that if known then would have exonerated Lee Harvey Oswald and his family. Pen Jones Jr., Gary Shaw, and others were part of decades long efforts along with Col Fletcher Prouty (played as Mr. X in the Oliver STone film JFK) and who I knew in real life and was a friend of the Donegan’s in the south Boston area to get the truth out about the CIA operatives including “Mr. George Bush of the CIA.” Note that Col Prouty was a far-right winger who ghost wrote news and magazine articles for William Buckely Jr. among others, was integral in the CIA overthrow plans and did not accuse the GOP Party elites of being art of that plan out of any political spite.

Today break-ins, fabricated evidence, and covert provocateurs have left me homeless and often without access to computer equipment or internet access and the struggle for those continues. I am the last living member of my family as I struggle to tell this story told by others also but others were not believed until I hope now as I corroborate them in my own accounts..

Pillory – Tools and Fools of the USA asserts I am being smeared by a false-flag utilizing Protection Racket who wins public approval and cooperation by asserting I am threat who should be blacklisted and retaliated against. The allegations usaully depend on ex-parte (not before the person accused) allegations including Gran Jury proceedings. A False-Flag (Ff) using the Real Flag (Rf) will create a threat the protection racket warns the public about and even profits from. It need not have a real basis -word of mouth from a liar or faked appearances or forgers or out-of-context information) will be enough not only to start the protection racket but as false-flags (identity theft by a near by person in similar clothing, etc.,) is a book about trying to abusively treat me in public to my face and behind my back as a threat that I am not. But this scheme run by corrupt forces (who the public does appreciate for their security work) are really a complex criminal network that picks fights with me in public by treating em as a threat. I try to show the fraud of it (as Jen Moore did) but the desire to gain from what the protection racket offers those participating in it including political gains) keeps high internal and public loyalty to the racket.

I short a fabricated allegations system run by espionage capabilities has destroyed my life illegally but affectively and has done so in large part to undermining my books and the locations and peace and quite I need to write the books in.

I come from a family of two historically connected (all lives are historical, the events they are trapped in may or may not be noticed and they may or may not be noticed) and the history is with Joseph Kennedy Sr., his and Rose Fitzpatrick’s children, their deaths including JFK and RFK, other deaths including Sonny Bono, and the McMartin preschools scandal some (Ted Gunderson) and others say were CIA connected, and George H.W. Bush connected like the Conspiracy of Silence case Ted Gunderson and CIA operatives William Colby and John DeCamp wrote about.

Before his death Lee Harvey Oswald discovered in 1963 Nazis in North Carolina. I can tell you some of that. As Ted Gunderson reported McMartin School had CIA testing and I think I was a part of that in 1962. My mother Glorian Gainey until she was 9 that is in 1936 lived with her brother Harold in North Carolina and was then orphaned. I belie they were tied to the Kutscheras. I spent my summers as child in South Carolina in a family area she was adopted into. Staying at Harold’s farm house on Route 1 Bishopville South Carolina we were near his Camden SC Dupont employers, and while there she my mother had help with me. I was a crazy child and in SC they were trying to find out why I was so abnomrally volatile a child. Bad enough and then for days at a time a single mother as my father was away on trips thus the need to be relocated in the non-school months to the South Carlina relatives.

James Paul Donegan was born in Dorchester Massachusetts a Roman Catholic. He met Glorian Donegan and married her in 1952. He joined the US Army Air Force and may have been a test pilot for the P-51 at Inglewood and certainly flew it in WWII over Europe as a RECON Pilot and later took part in the first and second atomic bombing of Japan. As part of that he watched the Los Alamos New Mexico test blast from a nearby tower. Following WWII he flew in the Korean war from ATUSGI and later for TWA where he seemed to know Barry Seal and “Florence” from accounting.

He might have been famous if not for the needs of his wife Glorian he divorced for other reasons (volatile emotions she had) in 1980 or so. She herself might have been famous had she not had the Bastard Parents Combo – One famous perhaps aristocratic parent and one parent the person the aristocrat had an affair with and is trying to hide. A child of the Famous (Windsors) and Infamous (Kutscheras). In Glorian’s case it appears a philandering Windsor (Albert or Edward) and Maria Kutchera the ex-noviate Nun who became pregnant and was the niece of Nazi SS General Franz Kutchera. These children (more than one) were move into North Carolina withe Dean Rusk area likely as a favor to the Von Trapps and Winsdor’s and Glorian was given a fake name and birth records of falsified parents.

Like St John Hunt son of E. Howard Hunt I am telling the story of the Bush Family Treason and CIA downing of airplanes (such as UAL 533) that cover up the Ford Nixon Bush Rockefeller ties into the assassination of JFK and RFK and others by the CIA.

Did they do that, shoot down the plane Dorothy Hunt was on?” “Could they” “Would they” and “Who are they?” all are questions. Chauncey Marvin Holt in one book and an appendix full of scanned and preserved documents answers as those questions that the conspiracy theory raise by telling of the secret CIA airbase in Grace Ranch once for gambling horses of Peter Licavoli) and other CIA secret air force operations and secret navy operation the CIA began in the Cold War to intercede in (while using disguises for both CIA personnel and CIA military equipment and crafts) wars around the world. That equipment ranging from pistols to howitzers and bombs and surface-to-air and air-to-air missiles were in a covert CIA command and the CIA had all to hide from the world about the assassination of JFK, Watergate, and more.

What I can tell you and Chauncey Marvin Holt and Col. Fletcher Prouty have already told you from their information and my own is that a slightly-used Air Force was used by the CIA to covertly to wage war around the world. Disguised as indigenous fighting forces US combatants entered into civil wars around the world or started them to get the victor-scenarios the US thought advantageous for satellite nations.

In WWII massive new battle machines were created. At the end of WWII they were auctioned of as surplus to or given to academic institutions (who may need to transport machinery or other materials from feild research) or to other possible re-purposing. As Jesse Ventura and Col Prouty write it was Col Prouty’s job to provide to the CIA used Pentagon resources bought through these repurpose programs and Chauncey Holt picks up the story of them being rebuilt and designed with Robert Mahue and others turned into souped up modern weaponry flying in obsolete air frames seemingly owned by Latin American air forces. This covert military capability gave the CIA the personnel it developed and war-making equipment for extensive military grade capabilities and become one of the larges though cover military forces in the world.

Jim Donegan in the 1950’s was part of Mutagenic studies, his DNA part of atomic test blast and being airborne over Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Glorian was a bastard child of some Windsor family member or another (Edward or Albert) in a line like that the FOXP2 gene runs in that is very similar to ADHD and Dyslexia that responds to amphetamine treatments. Her secret connections to public figures who wanted to hide they had defects made her a good choice as an egg donor IF they wished (and they did) to study their offspring from generation to generation as Eugenics studies. So Mr Mutagenic meets Mrs Eugenics. And Dr Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA and Donald Barr were interested.

The events of this conspiracy theory span Watergate, UAL flight 553, TWA Flight 800, the Bush and LBJ families oil connections and Murder Inc. used in the assassination of JFK, and the P-51 Inglewood Manhattan beach Los Angeles country assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. Los Angeles became the epicenter of this in the 1920’s when Joseph Kennedy Sr and (later Admiral) Halsey got some Windsor family bastard children out of wedlock, into orphanages and preschools in the USA where under hidden identities these children were examined at early ages for signs of the London FOXP2 gene that runs in some well connected elite families including the Kennedy Family (including Rosemary) Rockefeller family, and my own the Donegan family through Glorian and I Edward Paul Donegan express the gene.

When Jim (my father) met Glorian (my mother) did it have anything to do with DNA? Yes and I was born in 1961 the year the Nobel Prize was given to DNA researchers basing their work on Slide 51.

Chapters excerpted in full from across my books tell the story of my book series.

    The Total Timeline of connected history

  1. The CIA Conspiracy to assassinate jFK and its regime change MK-ULTRA motives

    1. Donegan Family Bio and Hunt Family Bio are the answers the United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations and overhtrows (HSCA) 1976 Sought. Merging these two family bios doubles and synergizes (finaly) the whole story. Also online at In this file I show that both my father and mother were connnected to the history of WWI and WWII in famous but still partially concealed story-lines that led to the Kennedy deaths at the hands of US and British secret warfare teams.

    2. The Donegan Family Bio and Hunt Family Bio are the answers the NTSB Sought In my books about the assasination of JFK, RFK and others I often use this phrase “The Special Relationship and the Birth of Treason” because following WWII and during WWII and much before the USA and Great Brittian were closely connected in elites. That was at a high point under Jospeh Kennedy Sr’s life who helped win two wars. In World War I he helped Navy Undersecratry FDR get ship built and did some favoers for British Royalty while he was at at and was rewrarded with Ambassador to Great Brittain by FDR. It seems he was fired but acutually he was on his way back to USA during its “nuetrality” to get motors produce in large volumne numbers for high altitude fighter used both in the Spitfire and P-51 planes. This continued into the early 1960’s when JFK and others with Boston Roman Catholic Irish roots and who feared a military generals lust for agression agaisnt the East tried to tamp down the forced colonization of soveriegn nations down. Andy Warhols Marliln Monroe works and 8 hours 4 minutes Empire movie were part of a semi-public allegience to Great Britian that was losing its grip as the Troubles returned to Ireland along with JFK and Jackie who were repulsed (as Eisenhower became) of the Vice PResident Nixon and Richard Bissle Jr and Allen Dulles plans for world overthrows.

    3. RFKPamphlet,hml shows with some chapters from my book RFK and Paul Schrade (whom I seem to be a namesake of from Los Angeles in the area I was born and tied to my father) were shot over the P-51 history and Howard Hughes and Robert Mahue role in that history and later Latin American overthrows. Also online at or better but more than 1 gigabyte with assets

      1. The Special Relationship and the Birth of Treason

      2. Joseph Kennedy Sr. was fitted into a 20th Century vest

    4. Jet Pilot 1957 In this movie Howard Hughes and later Joseph Kennedy Sr RKO tell the story of Battle of Britain to Olga the Cold War USSR Russian pilot defector. Propoganda was big in the 1950’s and this was part of it telling and recreating important war-changing tales of aerospace.

    5. Dunham Payne and Obama Families Answer Questions in Kenya. There have been many questions about a CIA backed plan for Barrack Obama Jr beginning even before his birth and possible false or real birth certificates or questionable manufacture at questionable times both real and faked.

      Barrack Obama Jr is said to have Stanley Ann Dunham as his white mother. She was born to Stanley Armour Dunham and Madeleyn Paye (Husband and wife.) Both Madelyin Payne (a bank and probate officer in Hawaii) and Stanley Dunham (a Boeing Bomber plant employee) had CIA conections. The daughter of Dunham and Payne will raise Barrack Obama Jr. as Obama Sr. leaves the picture and Dunham will head to Indonesia with a new husband Sotero of Indonsia largely cutting the Kenya origins out of the picture. Ond to say it again. Obama Jr. has a for the record of history Barrack Obama Sr as his father. Barrack Obama Sr. had a CIA connected history in Kenya.

    6. Indonesia Kenya Obamas 1958/IndonesiaKenyaObamas1958.htmlIndonesia Kenya Obama’s 1958 possible soon or now available for download with supporing files as well at

    7. East-West-Center 1959 (EWC) (CIA planning for the islands) Lyndon Baines Johnson proposes while (1953 into early 1961) President Eisenhower is President of the USA and Richard Nixon is Vice President and National Security Council chair that operates the CIA of Mr. George H.W. Bush regime change overthrows a Pacific Islands peace and education center. Roger Stone who worked in the President Nixon administration at disputes levels of closeness to the inside most activities has written two books that outline what are now reported widely and reported using first-hand accounts and clear evidence. Texas (that is to say LBJ and Mr George H.W. Bush of the CIA) conspired to kill JFK. E. Howard Hunt said so on his death bed and it is YouTube and I have heard and poured over every second of it. Bush and LBJ assassination to keep the 1950’s era planning for overthrowing Indonesia secret makes sense both in the assassination of JFK and the Watergate break-in later to cover-up the Bush and LBJ plots. Two books are The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ by Roger Stone and Mike Colapietro that was a a New York Times best-seller and Roger Stone and St. John Hunt Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family: The Inside Story of an American Dynasty. The CIA activities tied to MKULTRA and behavioral research as sleeper agents were groomed and selected or deselected at early ages and given cover-identities into influential family was part of that plan. Allen Dulles one of the long term world strategy planners and closetly tied to England and England’s methods have plans to overtrhow Indonesia and that is a hotbutton for JFK and his Irish Roman Catholic Boston heritage and the Donegan family too.

    8. Indonesia November 20 1963 The planning for Indonesia since 1957 that I (Edward Paul Donegan) think “Col Shannon” was forced into by the WASPS chasing him (for his wife Olga and her background)

      Edward Paul Donegan as an author quoting other authors quoting each other and validating the Allen Dulles connection to the Donegan family and GLorian and Edward Donegan

      Allen Dulles’ “Indonesian Strategy” and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy retrieved from and copied or modified to here

      By Edward Curtin Review of Greg Poulgrain’s book “The Incubus of Intervention: Conflicting Indonesian Strategies of John F. Kennedy and Allen Dulles”

      This is the central question addressed by Greg Poulgrain in his extraordinarily important book, The Incubus of Intervention: Conflicting Indonesian Strategies of John F. Kennedy and Allen Dulles.

      Two days before President John Kennedy’s assassination on November 22, 1963, he had accepted an invitation from Indonesian President Sukarno to visit that country the following spring. The aim of the visit was to end the conflict (Konfrontasi) between Indonesia and Malaysia and to continue Kennedy’s efforts to support post-colonial Indonesia with economic and developmental aid, not military. It was part of his larger strategy of ending conflict throughout Southeast Asia and assisting the growth of democracy in newly liberated post-colonial countries worldwide.

      He had forecast his position in a dramatic speech in 1957 when, as a Massachusetts Senator, he told the Senate that he supported the Algerian liberation movement and opposed colonial imperialism worldwide. The speech caused an international uproar and Kennedy was harshly attacked by Eisenhower, Nixon, John Foster Dulles, and even liberals such as Adlai Stevenson. But he was praised throughout the third world.

      Of course JFK never went to Indonesia in 1964, and his peaceful strategy to bring Indonesia to America’s side and to ease tensions in the Cold War was never realized, thanks to Allen Dulles. And Kennedy’s proposed withdrawal from Vietnam, which was premised on success in Indonesia, was quickly reversed by Lyndon Johnson after JFK’s murder. Soon both countries would experience mass slaughter engineered by Kennedy’s opponents in the CIA and Pentagon. Millions would die. Subsequently, starting in December 1975, American installed Indonesian dictator, Suharto, would slaughter hundreds of thousands East-Timorese with American weapons after meeting with Henry Kissinger and President Ford and receiving their approval.

      Dulles’s Secret

      What JFK didn’t know was that his plans were threatening a covert long-standing conspiracy engineered by Allen Dulles to effect regime change in Indonesia through bloody means. The primary goal behind this plan was to gain unimpeded access to the vast load of natural resources that Dulles had kept secret from Kennedy, who thought Indonesia was lacking in natural resources. But Dulles knew that if Kennedy, who was very popular in Indonesia, visited Sukarno, it would deal a death blow to his plan to oust Sukarno, install a CIA replacement (Suharto), exterminate alleged communists, and secure the archipelago for Rockefeller controlled oil and mining interests, for whom he had fronted since the 1920s.

      Dr. Poulgrain, who teaches Indonesian History, Politics and Society at the University of Sunshine Coast in Australia, explores in very great detail historical issues that have critical significance for today. Based on almost three decades of interviews and research around the world, he has produced a very densely argued book that reads like a detective novel with fascinating sub- plots.

      The Importance of Indonesia

      Most Americans have little awareness of the strategic and economic importance of Indonesia. It is the world’s 4th most populous country, is situated in a vital shipping lane adjacent to the South China Sea, has the world’s largest Muslim population, has vast mineral and oil deposits, and is home to Grasberg, the world’s largest copper and gold mine, owned by Freeport McMoRan of Phoenix, Arizona. Long a battleground in the Cold War, it remains vitally important in the New Cold War launched by the Obama administration against Russia and China, the same antagonists Allen Dulles strove to defeat through guile and violence. Just recently the Indonesian government, under pressure from the army that has stymied democratic reforms for 18 years, signed a defense agreement with Russia for the sharing of intelligence, the sale of Russian military equipment, including fighter jets, and the manufacturing of weapons in Indonesia. While not front page news in the U.S., these facts make Indonesia of great importance today and add to the gravity of Poulgrain’s history.

    9. 2018 Photo Timeline To 1926 a Dissident Press reporting MK-ULTRA and Deaths This shows that Conspiracy Theorist Jen Moore who told of the assasintion of JFK tied to Allen Dulles and the Kutschera bloodline indie the USA and US officials was part of the Donegan family story. May also be here

  2. The Silencing of Witnesses including me and witnesses publicly tied to me and my family

    1. The Death of Lee Harvey Oswlad,Ted Gunderson, Jen Moore, and others, including Jen Moore, General Patton, James Forestall, Marilyn Monroe, and Others. The Doc and data files might be online as zip file here

    2. The Death of Ted Gunderson and Others (folder of files) Gang Stalks as illegal Dirty Wars inside the USA covering covert NWO assassination of JFK RFK in the assassin’s hope British techniques in corporate wealth as overthrow driver of weapons and covert armies (as with Charles Harrelson, cocaine dealers, Muder Inc. bootleggers and gamblers for hire) could continue global operations by thumbs on the scales tipping balances. If any of these mercenaries were caught the Secretary would disavow any knowledge. A group of PDF and other files have been added into this directory (as supporting files are also included in other file structure directories) supporting this point from a variety of credible reports that have received little attention beyond the initial reports.

    3. Since 1949 the USA use Covert Intermediated crimes against the world and authors like myself The last chapter in RFK Pamphlet (or mini-book) shows my claim of being a Havana Syndrome victim of the CIA and DHS is shared by Ted Gunderson’s claim and includes the death of William Colby and others, all of us trying to expose the Family Jewels program and the McMartin School story and Franklin Nebraska Boystown cases were the CIA family jewels program tried to create elite family offspring under falsified names and background for (much like cold war USSR athletes) very early starts in espionage.

Jen Moore was videographing the home of my mother an me when my mother and I lived in Arlington Virginia to explain the horror story that unfolded from her secret identity and its ties to Allen Dulles, the Kennedy assassination, etc., but she was killed before she was able to get the docs she had out and revel the names of myself and my mother and father. I confirm her “theories” and that she was a well informed truthteller of a truth the elites in the FBI, CIA, NSA and DHS, media, and elective offices fear.

OAN Sits Down With Former FBI Agent Over Death Of Clinton Investigator retrieved from and copied or modified to here

the deceased Jen MOore former Tracy PD later working for an illegal program of espionage and money laundering she was exposing the existence of. Many reports including a few of her own did contain sufficient error that her reports were discounted. Mostly her reports were anonymozed as she was planning to tell the whole story with names she had so far had left out.

One America News

the file contained in this book OANRG.mp4 probably will not play in the epub readers now but the video is on YouTube and One America News sites.

A veteran journalist who was investigating possible [politically connected and politically] sex crimes from former President Bill Clinton is said to have been found dead in Washington D.C.

Prince George’s County Police Department released a statement to One American News (AONN) regarding Jenny Moore’s death investigation saying officers found a woman unresponsive at a Washington DC hotel after a welfare check.

The department claims the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. One America’s Neil W McCabe breaks down the case.

FBI whistle blower Robyn grits told one American News her friend Jen Moore told her that if the wrong people found out about the documents, she had just obtained they would kill her.

Gritz did not know what those documents (the were the story of Edward Donegan and Glorian Donegan) were but she does know that the FBI called her August 13th to tell her that her friend was dead this is the Capitol Heights Maryland hotel where Moore was found unresponsive by housekeeping.


Grit said that she never knew Moore’s last name but that the police called her because she had listed the veteran FBI agent as the next of kin.

“On Monday I was sitting towards the end of the day no sitting at my desk at work and I looked down and a lot of messages were coming in myself up and so I looked at on Twitter someone had messaged me you do know task force is that task force was the nickname for Moore and grits said that she used it instead of her name to protect her craite said that she thought it was all a sick joke but after calling around she confirmed that task force had passed and then the phone rang it was a detective from Prince George’s County Police Department and really really nice guy and he said I got your name and number to get her next-of-kin and he he just said you know this poor woman he goes suicide is it’s pretty much ruled out nothing to indicate suicide nothing to indicate a forced entry nothing to indicate of any kind of physical confrontation.

the initial call was that Moore had suffered a seizure she said Robin Gretz was not just any FBI veteran for 16 years she was a top agent assigned to high-profile cases such as the Boston Marathon bombing and posted as the FBI’s liaison officer to the Defense Intelligence Agency six years ago. She filed a gender discrimination complaint but instead of addressing her concerns the FBI put her on unpaid leave and has slow walked her case.

Using her skills she used Moore’s phone number to find three of the reporters relatives and passed on their details to the detective it was this personal history that formed the bond between the two women as more herself was a former California police officer who was targeted by her leadership. reported that Moore had come to them about the child molestation ring she was investigating with the help of a 26 year-old who said he was passed around the ring in the 1990s .

I said you know you need to kind of focus on what you have here that is the most needed and and I thought you talked to someone ..

Brett McCabe said she never knew what Moore was working on but she did know it was getting serious in the middle of doing all this research she realized she was possibly getting into some pretty dark places so she and she had documentation for everything so she texted me and said I got to find out who I can give this paperwork to and if it gets into the wrong hands someone will kill me and that was just I could say that was only about to speak before her her death was when she said if it gets in the wrong hands at one point she offered to take in more at her place in the Midwest but more never followed up on it she said now she is mourning a friend and fellow traveler I would describe and I actually just picked it up a little thing for her kind heart fierce minded brave spirit that’s exactly how I would describe Jenny.

The Great Treason: High and Petite Treason in the USA

Written by the Right Hand: The Right Hand Operatives of the Cabal and the Dangerous Job They Undertook of Exposing its Secrets

Ted L. Gunderson: An Edited and Approving Biographical Anthology of his Life and Works

Pillory: Tools and Fools of the USA

THE BIG BAMBOOZLE II: The continuation of forbidden stories

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