To Write Read The Think Tank I Built At 15 13 Ocean Drive

In the locations I live State actors in unison with others have worked to conspire to deny my ordinary life through subversion and Conspiracy Against Rights.

You can just imagine working from home.

The sabotage included falsely predicated eviction from my home I was working in as a writer.

The Past is the Prologue

“What’s past is prologue” is a quotation of William Shakespeare from his play The Tempest. In contemporary use, the phrase stands for the idea that history sets the context for the present. The quotation is engraved on the National Archives Building in Washington, DC,[1] and is commonly used by the military when discussing the similarities between war throughout history. – Wikipedia

Excerpt from Pillory that sets up ther Deep State need to cover-up the truth of the JFK assassination decades later as the truth begins to emerge.

Some dialogue

  • Robert F. Kennedy: I have been on the phone. Russia and Cuba know the CIA is behind this. THere probably was a leaker. Either way, they know. Its an attack on them traced to us. We have an agreement to stand this down before it gets worse.

  • John F. Kennedy: Try and protect the assets we have with fighters to cover the exit if one can be made from the bay but do not send bombers in over any targets. That includes any bomber-gunships or other craft like that.

  • Col Prouty: I will communicate the orders.

  • Fidel Castro: Sen all we have to repel this attack with any firepower we have. Capture and torture who you can so we can find their real identities and plans,.

  • The CIA: The Contract Pilots Holt and others from Grace Ranch and other locations under Wiiliam King Harvey, Cord Meyer, George. H.W. Bush in a single voice. JFK goes.

In the locations I live State actors in unison with others have worked to conspire to deny my ordinary life through subversion and Conspiracy Against Rights.

More of the specifics will be elsewhere on the smear campaign (it uses the Demons in others projected onto half-wits from mental health hospitals who imitate being Ed) that cause me a bad reputation in circles I would be in or locations I would travel to. (Depredation)

When I did establish leases a “close Hit” was used as normal neighbors were changed out by mental health patients in a Scott Foval and Robert Creamer styled operation of mental health patients and very dangerous skid row drug addicts bird dog assaulted me as neighbors trashing the building and frequently threatening my life and engaging in break-ins, noise making, etc., The management company not only tolerated this they placed the assailants as my neighbors.

As for being driven from the circles and locations I would be in I will use a quote I just found on a wall at the library.

A man is known by the books he reads.” Ralph Waldo Emmerson.

More fully

A man is known by the books he reads, by the company he keeps, by the praise he gives, by his dress, by his tastes, by his distastes, by the stories he tells, by his gait, by the motion of his eye, by the look of his house, of his chamber; for nothing on earth is solitary, but everything hath affinities infinite.

The neighborhood I lived in was trashed by those with sufficient power to do so (criminal vagrants drug addicts violent criminals illegal immigrants corrupt officials and landlords) and fights against that crime that was moved in led to my being evicted.

My contention is it was made a hostile and abusive environment designe to be where I would not fit in, and would be driven out of through contrived smear campaigns and constant harassment forged documents and false allegations.

I have included (in this draft) 26 photos of what I call my think tank at 1513 Ocean Drive I spent enormous time and money building furniture for, working around problem in lack of electrical taps and moving to kerosene lamps and batter powered lighting, running AC cords and as added wiring including do splicing work (that I am qualified to do) to make electrical lamps and plate warmers, tea infusers, TV and home media, computers and WiFi, sound systems, etc., work in. they can also for now at least be downloaded here.

I do not know how the mind works I only know how writing works; at least for me, after 40 years of wanting to be a writer, writing, reading, and contemplating, reflecting, and then taking baby steps into what might be, what might have been, or what could be.

What is in the photos I chose is a main living room. In that room I watched enormous amounts of CSPAN Book Notes listening to authors talk about CIA planes flying in Latin American countries like Guatemala and plans for the same in Cuba, planes that were created likely at Grace Ranch owned by Peter Licavoli to look like Latin American air force planes that could unload military equipment more safely as the CIA armed rebel groups on those countries.

Often times on pass at history is not enough especially when exploring for links or motives or connections to other events. Looking out the window with a glass of wine or coffee or tea, and looking around seem to free the writer from too much focus. In that time an inspiration may come from an apple dropping from a tree, or boat reminding a person like me of some other train of thought, or just relax me enough I might be available for an insight, or pet the cats and and get that time away my brain needs at times.

Almost at the end of my stay a 1513 I bought a small PC for the bedroom that was not well decorated, it was a crash pad. I could have written there, but is such an isolation from other media and ideas, there would be nothing to write.

I liked the videos from Jen Moore, her tortured sole dedication to overcoming the thugs and getting her story out, and she did, and of so much MKULTRA history largely opened up by the book The Devi’s Chessboard by Talbot and others, and so many videos on the JFK assassination, the base level is 2 hours or more, often three hours, and each delve into the life and death of Kennedy of which there are hundreds.

This is where I did my writing and much more about why I had used PC from a discounter that did not even have Bluetooth will go into more stores about break-ins, damages to my PC and apartment, theft of my computers and at times theft of or damage to my book notes, and subversion of my use of writing environments is the Conspiracy Against Rights I assert as I am in abusive and harassed “Rough Noise” environments.

In an undercover operation attacking all Constitutional rights abuse Shill neighbors are moved in, old neighbors illegally paid off as the Landlords office becomes a place controlled by what amounts to Watergate Burglars who will alter rental records, encourage neighbor abuse of the Target (me) including false allegations, created lynch mob organized by the basis of a smear all these shills created.

Not only does the mob support the eviction of me the very publicly demand it just as they were moved in to do so and publicize the smears they spent so much time and effort near me fabricating as pretexts and staged appearances. For taking over the building management and neighbors it becomes an “inside job” creating an island of hostile parties trying to remove the original resident.

Faking and manufacturing the basis for an eviction including designed dangerous abusive confrontations that could lead to missteps or miscalculation or dirty tricks played are not the enforcement of the lease those acts are State conspiracy against the lease.

Texas did tread on me to fake an excuse for a lynch mob in smear campaign characterization me. It is political illegal activity as I write book about Espionage agencies and their office holders.

The Stalk on me observed by others uses Dopples who are a threat to children and need lessons from Cyberoths on ” .. how to fuck like a time-lord” (I am quoting one of my neighbors exactly first floor apartment between me and the parking lot) who asserted I was developmentally retarded, exploiting his child as my peer desire for sex, and had a paid sex worker brought out to remediate that same impersonator me who is retarded. This has repeated near me but behind me back as I worked on my book looking the other direction out my bay-side windows, or cities or locations I am not in or have never been in. It is money laundering other get counseling on matters I was once tied to but it appears I was never tied to and need education in from sex workers.

The staged appearances of me smearing me and faked records and faked confessions do build the lynch mob. Mostly they want to keep getting away with it until the lynch mob is needed to force and eviction or psych ward commitment because the book content is too threatening to them and so they pull the trigger and go into action. It was when I starting writing on CIA head William Burns they evicted me after just recently signing a second year lease with me.

The process has repeated some 30 times in my life.

I think I have read about 25 books on the Kennedy assassination and Eisenhower Nixon military industrial complex in full and most of those books are now incorporated in full or nearly in full in my own books along with a thank you note to the original authors.

Image Dennies Farina

Crime Story actor and former real-life Chicago PD Detective Dennis Farina knew all about the Mob, Jack Rubenstein, and other mobsters like Sam Giacanca. Like Jen Moore, the JFK story were their final and biggest cases

Several key breakthroughs came on content now available through YouTube (and I subscribe to Red) one of which was Dennis Farina (I have always been a fan) doing a story on Sam Giacanca I think as a segment of Unsolved Mysteries that stated the Mob killed JFK and part of that was that the CIA and FBI had promised Ruby and others casinos in Cuba if they took out Castro.

Donaldo Gugliermo “Dennis” Farina (February 29, 1944 – July 22, 2013) was an American stage and film actor, who prior to his acting career worked as a Chicago police detective.

Some of the conferences on YouTube held by various parties or groups ran up to 15 hours long. More information continues to come out.

St John Hunt is in agony over what the CIA has done to his family. The book for those not noticing is about the CIA murder of his mother, as told by his father.

The format he uses is in Dorothy the CIA called an immoral woman (who gathered facts on corrupt CIA officers like Averell Harriman) as he ages he explains his mother’s role in his life. That is each chronological chapter. At the end of each chapter he lists how long she has to live before the CIA does kill her.

Dorothy, “An Amoral and Dangerous Woman” retrieved from and copied or modified to here

Author’s note: March 20, 2014

I sit for hours sometimes gathering the thoughts that will become this book. The words don’t come easily and I write and rewrite trying to express what has been buried for years.

Sometimes I can make it through a few pages, other times the pain and memories break me down and it’s too hard to continue.

Today, my wife Mona, had fixed a nice dinner and afterward we sat and talked. We thought a movie would be
nice to watch and I asked her if I could choose one.

“Of course,” she said. “What ever you want to watch

I tuned into Netflix on her laptop and picked a movie. The movie came up and I clicked on it.

While we watched, I could feel my emotions building.

When I could no longer control my emotions, I started to
cry. I felt like a wounded animal, vulnerable and exhausted.

She squeezed my hand and waited in silence for me to
speak. As the tears flowed down my cheeks I managed to
say, “This movie, it’s about … (my voice trembling), hope
and sometimes all I have is hope.

Mona listened. She understood how difficult it was to
write about my mother’s death.

“Hope … that when I die … I’ll see her again.”
I wiped the tears from my cheeks and sobbed, “If I die and
go to Heaven … if I don’t see her … I’m going to be so lost.”
Mona quietly reassured me, “Saint … you will find her,
you will, I know it.”

As writing progressed I became increasingly more
emotional and unbalanced. Rage, anger, depression, and emptiness were taking a toll on me. I started drinking more
and more, sometimes for days when I couldn’t sleep.

Here is an example chapter in full.

Chapter Twelve

Madrid, 1964

Hunt in the arms of Dorothy. 1963 (picture)

Soon after Dallas we moved yet again. This time to
Madrid, Spain. Rather than fly it was decided
we would take a leisurely trip across the Atlantic on a passenger/freighter named the S.S. Covadonga.
In researching this book, I came upon this story by
Deborah Ramirez of our ship and it’s dark history:

S.S. Covadonga
The Covadonga was a Spanish freighter and passenger
ship that operated between Spain, New York, Cuba and

The ocean liner was carrying 254 vacationing
passengers who boarded in Veracruz, Mexico, when it
docked in Havana in September 1961.

Another 118 passengers climbed aboard in Havana.
Most were exiles, fleeing after the communist takeover.
The ship was already full when the 131 priests and
religious people started to arrive.

They had been rounded up from parishes throughout
Cuba, and delivered to the port of Havana in trucks
and police wagons. Armed militiamen, a civilian
police force assembled after the 1959 revolution,
accompanied them. Because the cabins were filled with
paying passengers, Roman and the other priests were
transported in the belly Of the ship, with the cargo.

So as with most things “Hunt,” the peaceful trans-
Atlantic voyage to Spain was carried out on a
ship where over one hundred Catholic priests were
confined and deported against their will in the months
after the Bay of Pigs.

The ship we sailed on in the summer of 1964 had
been used as a forced prison transport vessel by Fidel
Castro. Is there no end to our family mysteries?
Obviously both Howard and Dorothy knew of this
dark truth. The ship itself was falling apart under the
weight of this terrible secret and very little about the
ten day journey was pleasurable.

The pool was empty
save for some bilge water sloshing around at it’s depth,
the shuffle board deck was broken and in disrepair,
the crew looked menacing and we were told to stay
inside our rooms. The food was horrible and my poor
little brother David who had been born on September
1st, 1963 was having a negative reaction to milk and
barely made it alive.

As it turns out our little family trip to “get away
from it all” was another secret only now coming to
light. After the death of JFK it was decided by Richard
Helms, the new CIA boss, that E. Howard Hunt should
retire. In 1965 Howard “retired” from the CIA and took
his family to Spain (on an ex-prison ship) where he
could write his novels and lead the good citizen life å la
Hemingway. Sounds to good to be true.

It was to good to be true. Howard’s retirement was
the first of two times he would “retire” from CIA. The
other time was 1970. Here in 1964/65 Howard went
under deep cover for some anti- communist work still
relating to assassination attempts on Fidel Castro.

According to Lamar Waldron in his book, Legacy of
Secrecy: The Long Shadow of the JFK Assassination, the early retirement of Hunt was a means whereby Hunt
could delve into anti-communist matters with less of
a trail leading to CIA. According to Tad Szulc in his
book, Compulsive Spy, Hunt remained active in Cuban
operations in 1965 with Manuel Artime and Rolando

CIA files now declassified confirm that although
technically resigned from CIA, Hunt remained on the
CIA payroll free to pursue his assignment in Spain
under deep cover.

Cubela was a CIA asset involved in liquidation, and
was code named AMLASH. He was close to Fidel and
tried to kill him.

There is much evidence that the CIA
in 1965 was still going full throttle with plans to kill
Castro using a variety of methods and killers.

Manuel Artime, the CIA’s golden boy meant to
succeed Fidel, was in Spain with Hunt and had several
meetings with other “technicians” regarding plots to
kill the Cuban leader. Artime’s right hand man at
these meetings was “Chi Chi Quintero” later to figure
prominently in the drugs for guns Iran-Contra project.

On a much more devious level, Castro was
starting to disassociate himself with his long time
co-revolutionary comrade, Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

Guevara had returned to Cuba after a three month
journey abroad and met in New York with journalist
Tad Szulc and others. He was placed under house
arrest by Fidel and phased out of any meaningful role
in governing Cuba.

For Che, it was a betrayal equal to that of Kennedy
to his Cubans. In just a few more years Che Guevara
would be captured in the jungles of Bolivia by one of
Howard Hunt’s friends, CIA killer Felix Rodriguez and
after a call to Washington, was told to allow a Bolivian
guard to execute Che so as not to directly implicate the
CIA. After they put a bullet in Che’s head, Rodriguez
chopped his hands off and sent them to CIA (as proof.)

Dorothy must have been deeply involved as well. She
worked in the Spanish Embassy in Washington D.C.
And now in Madrid her position allowed access to
classified files. She was also able to insert faked or
retouched files into the Embassy system.

Spain wasn’t all that bad for the Hunt children. I
remember our apartment in Madrid where we stayed
upon our arrival. It was owned by William F. Buckley
Jr., my Godfather. It had one of those ancient elevators
with the accordion gate and made all kinds of noise
when in use.

Later we moved to a American community outside
of Madrid called Aravaca. Our house was a modern
one story with a pool in front. We had a British nanny
and we went to the American School of Madrid, where
I fell in love with twin sisters Judy and Joyce. I was
ten years old and dressed in cool Beatle fashion; Cuban
heeled Beatle boots, straight thin black tie cut square
at the ends, tight fitting pants and cool shirt and suit
jacket. I sported a longish Beatle haircut and enjoyed
our privileged lifestyle.

[Kevon, Saint John, Mama and Lisa, Spain, 1965 photo]

During our stay in Spain, Dorothy took us on many
short travels to see the Moorish influence on Spanish
architecture. Most notably, Toledo, Seville, and South
Spain where I loved the huge castles. I learned of the
great El Cid, and watched the Charlton Heston movie
of the same name.

While living in Madrid, Dorothy took us to Paris
for an extended stay of about a week as I recall. It
must have been thrilling for her to walk down the
streets now with her children. I know that with some
regret she had fulfilled much of what she wanted
out of life. She had led an extraordinary career in
espionage, married into royalty (the French Count),
and remarried a wonderful man ofmany talents, given
life to four children, and now she was back in Paris
where so much of all this life had started. She took us
on expeditions to the Louvre, and a Paris flea market.

We visited the Cathedral of Notre Dame and ate
crepes at the little Cafe “Quasimodo” in honor of the
Victor Hugo character in his novel “The Hunchback of
Notre Dame.” I even had the pleasure of meeting movie
star Anthony Quinn who portrayed the hunchback in
a version of the classic film. I asked for his autograph
and he gave it to me saying I was the youngest child to
ever ask for his autograph!

I loved Paris and Dorothy was having a wonderful
if not nostalgic time strolling down the avenues and
back streets of this city where so many loves had been
born and so much history had happened.

It was 1966 and Dorothy would be dead in just six

[Another picture of the family at that time on that page]

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