An Essay Before History Accepting Lord McVeigh as this Vassals Master

What makes Timothy McVeigh above US Laws that he may attack the USA?

One may look at this way. McVeigh never elevated himself above the USA. The USA merely brought itself beneath him, but through is character he remain afloat.

What laws gave McVeigh the right? One might ask instead what laws did the USA drop iteslf below.

As a lay person caught up in the legal system it is not always clear what the roles of of the participants of a trial or hearing, and it is not as simple as it sounds at first but it is pragmatic.

“Is a Brady hearing used to court credential the validity of forensic science or procedures in a trial in advance or is the Brady hearing something else?” I might look it up if I had time or a PC including how is is used and like an attorney I might even get it correct.

In reality the attorney is more likely to than I and attorneys are useful for entering cases into the record before the court, and before the jury, preparing the case and forming it to the needs of the court inquiry in ways used by rules of procedure.

Access to the courts for that purpose, standing before the court to bring arguments, torts, charges against others or defenses is itself regulated tightly understanding finite time in the courts and courts of appeal available and the cost to the courts in being mired in frivolous cases and frivolous arguments.

Arguments before history are less constrained and while assert dire matters of Constitutional Law and the survival of the Republic and justice for criminality’s victim at issue, the sanctity of our Constitutional and Statutory offices and officers, an Essay is still I judge the best forum, or rather medium, for my message.

“The purpose of this book” (William Cooper said of his book) “is to convince you (the reader) that something is terribly wrong. It is my hope that this work will inspire you to begin an earnest search for the truth. Your conclusions may be different but together maybe we can build a better world.” – William Cooper speaking for Ted Gunderson, Jen Moore, Gene Chip Tatum Wayne Madsen, Prouty and all others mentioned, Tarpley, Chaitkin plus Snowden, Assange, and others.

No prosecution for any offense described in this section (killing or conspiring to kill a national of the USA) shall be undertaken by the United States except on written certification of the Attorney General or the highest ranking subordinate of the Attorney General with responsibility for criminal prosecutions that, in the judgment of the certifying official, such offense was intended to coerce, intimidate, or retaliate against a government or a civilian population.

Well; that’s just it? Isn’t it? The age old question of who is a freedom fighter and who is a terrorist.

It is a little more than a US Attorney Manual note, it seems to be in the legislation yet is is only nearly a legal quip in one of the many charges McVeigh faced for the bombing.

There are many writers emerging (and I am one) who are questioning who is a National of the USA and who is a foriegn operative (even holding US Citizenship and Office) that exists as an aneurysm of terror cell that took control of the USA from too loose language in the National Security Act creating the CIA and comined international operations of the OSS and FBI during and before WWII.

Further it is my belief and some others that the events of WACO and perhaps Franklin Nebraska and other locations are part of the secret government of illegal form conducting illegal acts to conceall its illegal existance and our press corp has not yet address the NWO but rather is a pie piece of that hole nebula.

The great fear is that after a death penalty has been carried out facts later call into question the view of the crime. That may be the case here. “You hit a cop. You’re going down” a Boston judge tells Goodwill Hunting. McVeigh knew he was going down and decided to rest his case with both his own conscious and the courts and to history. I remain willing to examine and consider them all.

The Law proscribes the sentence carried out. “Test the evidence” is the lawyerly saying. Do the facts describe the activities proscribed beyond a reasonable doubt or was there some other facts to describe such as an alibi. Describing McVeigh as as terrorist begins with the Courts believing in the legitimacy of federal government and even the acts Franklin Nebraska, WACO, and the JFK and RFK assasinations somehow (if the CIA was involved) partof Sovereign Immunity. That is a reach both factually and legally.

While the outcome of MacVeigh’s case was predicatable to him and all obsvers it is not yet “case closed” with me.

I like the others I just mentioned have done nothing but write and have break-is to my home office keep me in constant terror and fear for my live, constantly bloody mutilating battles setup by the United States that may give me aids, hepatitis, or other diseases, or other forms of poisings or attack in my journalism.

The quote I used was from William Cooper a former Naval Intelligence officer who gave top secret “family jewels” type military informational information to higher officials. He asserted a Deep State of NWO and used what are called “cut out” terms about classified matter that make light of NWO as things like Space Ships 33 miles above Earth that from there will prevemt war, though the want to remain unnamed.

Communication in Cypher per Exparte Quirin in the subversion of the USA is Treason the difficult is it is also policy as those holding Global Space offices and titles in Sottish Rites and other Orders will not name those associations and since those associations are illegal foriegn allegiances but classified allegiances not-the-less the cut outs are still used

If we disregard Cooper and we easily can by some of his talk that is only clearly redeemed by other works his we can move on to Ted Gunderson who feared for his life from the CIA and FBI, NSA, and others because he like Geral Sosbee (former FBI) and Dorothy Killgallen (journalist) simply knew too much.

Par of the history I am writing is not my work at all but what I have read from others in the long historical arc of history and that arc of history a Secret Team of Industrialist using private or misused public forces to retain robber Barron control of the USA and the world by illegal means. A bullet from Charles Harrelson not only changed the president it changed the commander in Chief and the assassination changed with the USA public could be suppressed by acts of terror, and yes it could and yes it can.

The War Powers Act of 1973 was part of Congress trying to roll back, the war started by the President, and cases like Youngstown were in movement as war resources in a form of funding and sources of war materials.

I (like former FBI agent Ted Gunderson writing to William Barr, Jeff Sessions, Attorney General Ashcroft) have written to many the same people and agencies that the Patriot Act, AUMF following September 11 and and the AUMF in Iraq have been tragically empowering to a bungling legal system rooting out demons in its own society by witch-hunts under Watch Lists.


Martin Luther King, Jr.’s courage, vision, and powerful words enabled him to lead a movement which changed the course of history. His speeches are full of literary and biblical references. Unsurprisingly, many of his allusions were drawn from 19th-century New England, a time and place in which American Literature grew alongside abolitionist agitation. King was influenced by Henry David Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience, Theodore Parker’s abolitionist sermons, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s life and poetry.

Like Longfellow, King was aware of the power of a well-crafted turn of phrase. Drawing on these 19th-century sources, he adapted their words and ideas for his cause and his modern time. He borrowed an extended metaphor from an 1853 sermon by Parker:

I do not pretend to understand the moral universe. The arc is a long one. My eye reaches but little ways. I cannot calculate the curve and complete the figure by experience of sight. I can divine it by conscience. And from what I see I am sure it bends toward justice.

King shaped the metaphor into the elegant, memorable, and quotable phrase “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

In a speech given in 1967 at Glenville High School in Ohio, King references and builds on Longfellow’s “The Ladder of St. Augustine” from 1858, saying, “It was Longfellow who said, ‘The heights of great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they while their companions slept were toiling upward in the night.’ And I urge you today to realize that doors of opportunities are opening now that were not open to our mothers and our fathers. And the great challenge facing each of you today is to be ready to enter these doors as they open.”

The outline for the sermon “Unfulfilled Hopes” from April 1959 shows that King was not only aware of Longfellow’s work, but his life as well:

We read Longfellow as he translates Dante. We think of his greatness, the poet translating the works of another great poet. Then, we appreciate Longfellow even more when we discover that a few days before he started translating Dante, the dress of his wife accidentally caught fire. And he tried desperately to put the fire out, but he couldn’t put it out. It injured her to the point that she died a few days later. Here we see that wifeless, motherless man sitting in his lonely room, turning to the translation of Dante in order to bring meaning in life. And he did it well.

In Longfellow’s 1839 novel, Hyperion: A Romance, the main character Paul Flemming is told by a travelling companion, “I shall not see you in the morning; so good bye, and God bless you. Remember my parting words. Never mind trifles. In this world a man must either be anvil or hammer. Care killed a cat!” With the anvil or hammer metaphor, Longfellow echoed one of his literary heroes, Johann Wolfgang Goethe.

King echoed the words in his sermon “Transformed Nonconformist” first written in 1954 and reworked in 1962-3, writing, “…every man is a hammer or an anvil, that is to say that every man either molds society or is molded by society.” Not long before his assassination, King gave a speech to the staff of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. They were preparing for a new campaign that spring and King gave an assessment of where the movement then stood and where he saw it going. In that speech he returned to the hammer and anvil image:

Violence has been the inseparable twin of materialism—the hallmark of its grandeur. This is the one thing about modern civilization that I do not want to imitate. Humanity is waiting for something other than a blind imitation of the past. If we want truly to advance a step further, if we want to turn over the new leaf and really set a new man afoot, we must begin to turn mankind away from the long and desolate night of violence. May it not be that the new man the world needs is the non-violent man? Longfellow said: “In this world a man must either be an anvil or the hammer.” We must be hammers shaping a new society rather than anvils molded by the old. This not only will make us new men but will give us a new kind of power. It will not be Lord Acton’s image of power that tends to corrupt, the absolute power that corrupts absolutely. It will be power infused with love and justice that will change dark yesterdays into bright tomorrows. I must say to each of you that I have made my decision.

Among other things today, we should remember the power of words to inspire and move people to great actions. …

There is too much here in the excerpts from the National Parks Service for me to impede by insertion of any comments of my own denying the reader’s own time with those reflections given to us.

What I can tell you is that I have read many historians often figures of history like Col Fletcher Prouty who I seemed to know as child. Odd I did not recognize his name since at the same time in my childhood I was reading OUI, Gallery, Penthouse, Playboy, and other magazines, the very magazines in fact the only magazines he was able to get published in.

I was recalling recently a desperate call to my athiest family from some pay phone in the church the Boy Scouts were meeting in, a place very unfamiliar to me and a place I would usauly call to say the meeting was over and could they come pick me up car. In this case I was using the phone a little early having left a little early to ask my father what to do since Christianity came up and I did want much to do with it. Nothing ever came of that issue but the did assign me to the paper recycling bin near the fire department and old industrial farming warehouse the paper drop-off was, moving the landslide of papers falling out of the back stacked into the back. I did so quite regularly and collected as many adult magazines as were left. At least there was some value to this work other than exploring Old Moraga and Jauqin Valleys 1900s abandoned industrial electronic and water system relics.

History was always of interest to me (as adult women were) and both remain important to me today.

The town of Moraga, California is named after Joaquín Moraga, grandson of José Joaquín Moraga and the grantee of Rancho Laguna de los Palos Colorados. His home, the Moraga Adobe, is located there.

Alex Detoqville was not sure his book would be read and wrote of as a journal of his curisoty towards American Life, Law, Society, and Philosophy of a result of the Atlantic Revolutions throwing off Kings and Priests.

By Alexis De Tocqueville

Translated by
Henry Reeve, Esq.


Introductory Chapter

Amongst the novel objects that attracted my attention during my stay in the
United States, nothing struck me more forcibly than the general equality of
conditions. I readily discovered the prodigious influence which this primary
fact exercises on the whole course of society, by giving a certain direction to
public opinion, and a certain tenor to the laws; by imparting new maxims to the
governing powers, and peculiar habits to the governed. I speedily perceived
that the influence of this fact extends far beyond the political character and
the laws of the country, and that it has no less empire over civil society than
over the Government; it creates opinions, engenders sentiments, suggests the
ordinary practices of life, and modifies whatever it does not produce. The more
I advanced in the study of American society, the more I perceived that the
equality of conditions is the fundamental fact from which all others seem to be
derived, and the central point at which all my observations constantly

I then turned my thoughts to our own hemisphere, where I imagined that I
discerned something analogous to the spectacle which the New World presented to
me. I observed that the equality of conditions is daily progressing towards
those extreme limits which it seems to have reached in the United States, and
that the democracy which governs the American communities appears to be rapidly
rising into power in Europe. I hence conceived the idea of the book which is
now before the reader.

It is evident to all alike that a great democratic revolution is going on
amongst us; but there are two opinions as to its nature and consequences. To
some it appears to be a novel accident, which as such may still be checked; to
others it seems irresistible, because it is the most uniform, the most ancient,
and the most permanent tendency which is to be found in history. Let us
recollect the situation of France seven hundred years ago, when the territory
was divided amongst a small number of families, who were the owners of the soil
and the rulers of the inhabitants; the right of governing descended with the
family inheritance from generation to generation; force was the only means by
which man could act on man, and landed property was the sole source of power.
Soon, however, the political power of the clergy was founded, and began to
exert itself: the clergy opened its ranks to all classes, to the poor and the
rich, the villein and the lord; equality penetrated into the Government through
the Church, and the being who as a serf must have vegetated in perpetual
bondage took his place as a priest in the midst of nobles, and not infrequently
above the heads of kings.

I have recently learned the name for myself and I am a Super-conspiracy Theorist

I believe in Pizzagate, a high level Defense Intelligence Agency type plot where when I order Pizza because I used to order Pizza once a week on my diet day off, Sunday, from Costco, teen females appeared and the smear of me was I had a code word to ask for teen females.

I believe the conspiracy that has destroyed my life with fabrications appearances, rerecords, and confessions I am involved in teen or child exploitation is to smear me as a Kenendy Assassination witness because without having known that I did I knew too much.

I going deeper into my family history in comibination with Jen Moore information and Kennedy records and Birther information about Obama Jr I believe Rockefeller Republicans in combination with British wealth planned Subversion and overthrow in the world my family history was a part of, and since then I have been hit with D-E-W, railroads in the legal system and regular police abuse of me directly and through police assets.

I have come to doubt that Timothy McVeigh bombed our government. I believe he bombed the NWO, a State imposed life under Council on Foreign Relations based CIA control of the world that controls who (wealthy free masons, Vatican, Malta) will govern the USA and how (STAZI) and pretext based abuse of proccess in COINTELPRO using planted evidence, poisonings, and gas-lighting and break ins to subdue discussion or evidence of the NWO plot, that same NWO plot my lifespan has been a victim of.

It is most likely per most historians that the Great Potato Famine and the events surround oil production technology and needs, and continuing Subversion and Overthrow plans run by rich London and OSS CIA bankers in the USA were able to subvert this direction (quite intentionally) that was being recognized by its admires and by its colonialsits enemies, and effort forming of a Special Gladio relationship with corrupt illegal practices organized by non uniformed actors front hiding state roles in the assassination of journalists, judges, political office holders, and others, and that is what much of this argument before history is about.

My attempts to offer a theory on Charles Harrelson as a hit man is what I am trying to do and likely will die before I can get this investigated or acknowledged.

What is at stake for me is not who killed Kennedy as a fact under US Law. The issue is inert. He is long ago dead, JFK and RFK and Sunny Bono are long dead as is Ted Gunderon, Marilyn Monroe, MLK, Dr. King, and others as are the historians who tried to get attention to and action on the facts of these assassinations and the importance of them.

What is not an inert issue, but a lively one, is whether the FBI DOJ ATF NSA CIA and others are now a terror group who after having gained power are now the most dangerous and well armed killers Earth has ever seen.

I think the answer is “yes” because after the assassinations the Cabla conducted (Mueller, Burns, Bush, and other families) to subdue the US political system and insert puppets, these puppets now in power are in fact cowering desperadoes like Jess James in a place with no where to run and no where to hide, except from accountability, and that accountability comes from COINTELPRO attacks on the infrastructure of the USA, violating its laws, killing its journalists, assassinating its Congress people, office holders, and its own law enforcement who are too close to the facts of history.

Anyone from outside of Government might say what I say so should I be heard by history on this point?”

I assert “Yes” and offer several theories on that. I assert that I know my family history of being from the Dorchester Massachusetts area of the Kennedy history and of the Kennedy timeline of life factors and that makes my family probables in contact with the Kennedy family on key issues or at least an analogn for what the Kennedy’s experienced as Roman Catholics in that small neighborhood.

I assert that Jen Moore asserts my family by her use of identifying my and my mother’s home were part of Dulles brothers history of the CIA, its OSS history further back than that are part of world events history, and that artifacts in my home were part of world history including the CIA role in manufacturing Barrack OBama Jr for the oval office, and controlling by assassination and other means the current flow of political and legal figures into government with assassination capabilities killing journalists like Micheal Hastings so Espionage control of Government will continue to control government for its political figures misdeeds remain un accounted for, not baked into public understanding and thus is not accountable to the public at the polling place.

A Form of The Great Writ suspended in Function. “The writ of habeas corpus was described in the eighteenth century by William Blackstone as a ‘great and efficacious writ in all manner of illegal confinement’

Such is not true with Organized Stalking, GangStalking, and other Espionage acts of guerilla warfare carried out by uninformed saboteurs (even as State Actors) who deny their activities.

One might say that for State abuses of the Public through Subversion teams (GangStalks) who hide their acts, national origins, or motives or deeds a recourse is in the press.

This has not been the case. From both parties the publishers and the reader a consistent thread is that if financial powers can by use of front organizations and personnel control the offices of government they can and do equally easily, perhaps more easily, control the press.

That has been the case as the Press has used Mockingbird and other CIA programs to squelch dissident voices asserting (more more dangerously being a witness to) the Kennedy Assassinations.

There is widespread discussion of the Kennedy Assassination and that is slowing leading along its long ARC that the Bush family has had much to do with it and part of that was creating the Obama Jr family possibly for Indonesia and elsewhere and Congressman and then Vice President Nixon and later President Nixon had key roles in this, but even they probably not allowed fully into the real corridors of power they have never themselves possibly accessed and that is from their own statements of what they believe might be true about the Deep State and the CIA and its connections who find the presidency mostly troublesome but fairly easy to control.

The CIA or FBI might find these people, families of Robber Barrens like Averell Harriman, Trusdale, DuPont, Rotcschilds, JP Morgan, and others but that memo from the To Do list never seems to stay on the desk, inconvenient since others are researching those families, finding capabilities and even death bed confessions, but the FBI and CIA and NSA or DHS will not act on those findings.

The F.B.I and C.I.A are Terrorists former FBI Special Agent assigned to Espionage Geral Sosbee

Sosbee’s Cause of Action in this Court] alleged that defendants [FBI and CIA] waged a terrorist campaign against him that included home invasions, car invasions, and chemical plantings in his food.

Ted Gunderon and Ed Donegan assert the same and that the actions against Ed Donegan, Ted Gunderson, and Jen Moore were “surgical” rare use of fixers controlled by high power State actors and the rarity of the claim undermines the claim until the Means, Motives, and Opportunity the CIA and FBI and ruling families of the USA can be exposed and that theory I proffer is of major world history that is a big problem for big agencies and big politicians that a few plausibly denied killings can contain.

I and Jen Moore assert a gent tied to WWI in the London KE Family King Edward VII and Mary of Tech (Romania) are tied to the CIA activities that continue through the Dulles Brothers, Dean Rusk, and others are part of covering up MKULTRA.

“FBI and CIA kill and torture innocent civilians worldwide” – said by Sosbee

“FBI and CIA routinely torture, kill, falsely imprison, or force
suicide upon targeted individuals using electromagnetic weapons for mind control and nervous system manipulation. I witnessed that the FBI and C/A inhumanely and regularly torture the targeted person and also force him/her to live under horrific conditions that could reasonably be expected to lead to
suicide. ” – Former Special Agent Sosbee

Geral W. Sosbee FBI Special Agent 1971 -1978

SA (Special Agent) SOSBEE was assigned to a squad handling Espionage – Foreign Intelligence matters. Because of his language ability, he is primarily concerned with investigations relative to the country of Romania. He handles a sensitive source on a nearly daily basis which requires the use of his language ability. He attended Basic Counter Intelligence school during April and May, 1974. (From Xerox of FBI document Espionage – Foreign Intelligence)

Let us consider, those who are reading and willing to, consider that we are in a forrest and it is hard to see forrest so big while we are inside it.

An alternative music band The Cure sings a song called the Forrest and AquarianCrhist offers us a theory on the song.

The Cure: Come closer and see See into the trees Find the girl While you can Come closer and see See into the dark Just follow your eyes Just follow your eyes

AQ: this is about thinking you see love, and hoping it is real. it’s about staying cautious at the same time, and taking things as they come.

The Cure: I hear her voice Calling my name The sound is deep In the dark I hear her voice And start to run Into the trees Into the trees

Q: this is the feeling that you know it has to be love, and you start making sacrifices, and start realizing how deeply you love them. (the “into the trees”)

The Cure: Suddenly I stop But I know it’s too late I’m lost in a forest All alone The girl was never there It’s always the same I’m running towards nothing Again and again and again

AQ: after all the sacrifices you’ve made and after something you felt so strongly about, the other person does something to betray or hurt you. it starts to make you think that maybe the whole time you’re love was an illusion….and that again, you are going to have to search for that missing love.-

If we are led into a forest and we think it is the USA but we are told that by the editors of our TV news shows and the editors of our newspapers could it be they are not giving us the full view and should we scale this?

WIKISPOOKS does on how big Gladio B is the CIA system of funding rouge operations by cocaine sales, arms, and other trafficking.

Operation Gladio B’ (also Gladio or 2.0) is a codename the FBI have used since 1997 for the relations between the US intelligence community, the US military and Al Qaeda. This was revealed by Sibel Edmond (whose revelations Daniel Ellsberg termed “far more explosive than the Pentagon Papers”.,

Violent Mafifa groups threatening me with stabbings, defrauding my trust frund with racketeering and monly laundering use faked evidence and fake Donegna to by lavish homes, cars, and lifestyles are part of the Gladi of WWII and before (Called black budgetes, criminal proceeds from mobster group based operations) and violent gang attacks using Ed Donegna trust fund is why Jen More was killed as she showed Operation Gladio from the Vatican, Allen Dulles, Donovan, the Jesuits, and other WWII figures were then and still are not mafia based attacks on my family as a traffikcing commodity for mob payoffs and the killing of politicians includeing JFK and she says JFK his death more than once as part of the Mafia black bugets story. She was killed so the mafia could continue criminal gang activity. My dedicationbn to her reporting on the Mafia as the dedication of my book rubs about 80 pages and I have written the Secret Service for years the Mafia is after me and tied to the CIA and murder of JFK.

HEre are just a few of my excertpts from the Great Treason with JFK on the cover (and that dedication) and she again is on my last book Written By The Right Hand.

In the table of contents I use her video pointing at my and my mothers home explaining how I use ordered lists.

This is the story of Mafia, CIA, black budgets of Narco, Prison, and CIA Nicaraguan, Colombian arms, drug, and black market profiteers and often large amounts of cocaine trafficked under stolen ID is attributed to me or house is illegal real estate deals is by CIA groups. [Flipping] and false deeds.

After I give you Jen Moore explaining this is why JFK is dead and there are threats to kill her and me I will show others have died with this story and that Wikispooks confirm Gladio Black Budget mafia groups still underway including in Austin Texas where Jen Moore started her reporting.

Unordered and Ordered lists

  • Unordered Lists and the theory of this book which is about CIA cover-ups
    • Jen Moore Video: OSS to CIA, black budgets, Operation Paperclip, & Hidden Identities
      • Hidden Identities / Operation Paperclip My theory that the King Edward that was my grandfather on one side of my family I thought had been on the paternal side of some Irish Vanity Estate was actually on the Maternal side and was King Edward VIII who with Maria (Kutschera) Von Trapp was a Windsor Nazi Kings Daughter, out of wedlock DNA tied to leadership but speech a speech defect
      • CIA Black Budgets: The CIA knows people want certain genes and if they know the desirability or quality of certain genes they can exploit that genome value using rights to it self enriching on spending the rights to it, this is the source of “black money” a black markets term, secretive money which is laundered illegally
      • Blackmail: the black money is introduced into black markets as CIA backed people allow themselves to be blackmailed for rights to the genes in massage parlors, caught with Tree House porn, minors in public exploitivley photographed by child porn freaks
  • Moles of CIA-Past hidden in Law Enforcement Corruption Today in an Ordered List
    1. The CIA operation is both profitable creating secret CIA budget for lewd activities and phony-crimes solving, and real budgets for solving phoney crimes taken from the worth of the DNA being taking by impersonators of me into the adult entertainer industry.
    2. Moles not only self enrich in the illegal operation they use the money for a dark budget dark operation which is used for cleanup operations of earlier CIA blunders, a cleanup operation which could not exist ” on the grid.”
    3. Moles running the operation likely wish to normalize that DNA can be used for legal debts IF the DNA is used for erotic misconduct as if to create a reproductive-event-exchange and this is the medical legal ethics dividing James Comey and the Free Masons in which Donald Trump sided with Rod Frankenstein, the US PHS Commissions Core US Marshalls over opinions from Comey, Sessions, Whitaker, and perhaps others
  • The summary of this book and Jen Moore videos is that the Rockefellers, Bidens, Bush family, Clintons, Kennedy’s, Trump family, Obama family, and others have a long term perhpas family jewels CIA twins program underway inside the Illuminati elites and it is tied to assassinations and other black opps coverups including Jeffery Epstein and the VI Brain Foundation, Columbia University and the Manhattan Project, and financing and this is the illegal world of MKULTRA and creation of [Economic] “Super Soldiers” captions of industry world wide.

FOXP2 and The Donegan’s Kennedy British Component of Kings Speech Story

Jen Moore Video #11

okay this is video number 11 and underneath this envelope is three cases and you can zoom in they say US District Court District of Columbia Washington DC

the top case is in a pills case closed type II so as I go on on my youtube journey I’m going at some point to expose in some way what is under this yellow or manila envelope and under it are cases that involve the identities of some people who would rather not that that not be done.

I think it’s important for the American people to know some of these facts so in the past week or so as I just started out this YouTube channel I’ve been doing a series of interviews on another YouTube channel with Farmer Jones.

And the interviews have to do with things such as MKUKLTRA, the Vatican
the Vatican’s connection to the CIA, how MKULTRA was started, details about Sigmund Freud
pre-world World War I (London King Edward VII), and what led into the Second World War and things like the MKULTRA program which many people have heard about

OSS to CIA, black budgets, Operation Paperclip, & Hidden Identities [including Glorian and Edward Paul Donegan, Tom Donegan, James Paul Donegan

Some images in the first book The Great Treason of her pointign her camera at my home and the story of the Mafia, MKULTRA, Black Budgets the Vatican and Catholic Gladio in WWII and drug dealing, and the assasination of JFK. It is ALSO ON THE COVER OF MY LAST BOOK Written By The RIght Hand.

FOXP2 and The Donegan’s Kennedy British Component of Kings Speech Story

Jen Moore Video #11

okay this is video number 11 and underneath this envelope is three cases and you can zoom in they say US District Court District of Columbia Washington DC

the top case is in a pills case closed type II so as I go on on my youtube journey I’m going at some point to expose in some way what is under this yellow or manila envelope and under it are cases that involve the identities of some people who would rather not that that not be done.

I think it’s important for the American people to know some of these facts so in the past week or so as I just started out this YouTube channel I’ve been doing a series of interviews on another YouTube channel with Farmer Jones.

And the interviews have to do with things such as MKUKLTRA, the Vatican
the Vatican’s connection to the CIA, how MKULTRA was started, details about Sigmund Freud
pre-world World War I (London King Edward VII), and what led into the Second World War and things like the MKULTRA program which many people have heard about

OSS to CIA, black budgets, Operation Paperclip, & Hidden Identities [including Glorian and Edward Paul Donegan, Tom Donegan, James Paul Donegan

PAINE: How We Dismantled the FBI In Our Pajamas

Money Laundering and Black Bugets, murder at Deutch Bank, and cover-ups. Epstein. Black Budge CIA and FBI money laundering. The asssasintion of Jen Moofre telling her to be silent has kept the conspiracy and narco gangs run by the FBI of street thugs and violent networks intact.

SWAT-clad FBI agents stormed into Mike “Thomas Paine” Moore’s home and terrorized his wife and young children at gunpoint after rousting them out of bed. Not once, but twice, pointing automatic weapons at the family. Historic, costly blunders for the FBI.

In response Paine assembled his journalism crew of former feds, launched True Pundit and literally dismantled the FBI in less than two years with pens and laptops while working from home, often in pajamas.

While the mainstream media ignored a corrupt FBI & DOJ, Paine and cohorts hammered away and knocked the FBI off its trusted public mantle. Revered FBI leaders were fired. Others quit. FBI officials, targeted by True Pundit’s hard-hitting reporting, are now targets of numerous federal investigations. A fitting irony after the FBI — whom Paine worked for — came into his home with M4 rifles drawn on his young kids and wife. Twice. Then, the FBI went on a rampage to ruin his Fortune 100 career at Citi and even prevented him from attending his mother’s funeral.

What did Paine know that terrified the Deep State and prompted FBI agents to stoop so low as to literally terrorize an 8-year-old and 12-year-old? And Paine’s wife? Paine tells it all here — revealing he was investigating Intel that the FBI, CIA & White House were covering up evidence that Osama bin Laden was living and running al-Qaeda from Iran after 9/11. Paine reveals his True Identity: Loeb Award-winning & Pulitzer nominated newspaper reporter and Intel expert Mike Moore.

And his insider revelations about bin Laden — and the Bush and Obama White Houses — are not pretty as they blow the roof off one of the most sinister, gut-wrenching scandals in U.S. history, involving Democrats and Republicans.

Implicated too here are U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller along with former CIA Director John Brennan, among many others. A Criminal conspiracy involving top players in the Deep State, entrenched in one of the greatest public betrayals imaginable.

They tried to silence Paine and ruin him to keep these alarming revelations secret but something went wrong. Paine rose from the ashes of his battered life and tattered financial career and then re-launched his award-winning journalism career. And this time — playing by his own rules — Paine blows the lid off of a massive cover-up that implicates the same D.C. elite who tried to take him down.

Mike “Thomas Paine” Moore’s story is one of personal loss, struggle, payback and patriotism.

You may have heard the prophetic warning that “One Day You’re Going to Mess with the Wrong Guy. [including wife Jen Moorfe]”

In ‘How We Dismantled the FBI in Our Pajamas,’ Paine proves he is THAT guy. And the FBI — or what’s left of it now — surely regrets the days it threatened Paine’s wife and children at gunpoint, miscalculations that ultimately rocked its foundations unlike any FBI scandal in American history.

In images contained in this book (The Great Treason) Jen More Law Enforcement Unit of One (LEUO) tells the stories of three hidden identities. Marilyn Monroe, Glorian Donegan, and most likely Julie Andrews. The King’s Daughters. By Maria Kutschera. These explain Lee Harvey Oswald’s attempt to call Raleigh North Carolina Army Intelligence. And the Kennedy assassinations, and today’s Deep State.

In images contained in this book (The Great Treason) Jen More Law Enforcement Unit of One (LEUO) tells the stories of three hidden identities. Marlilyn Monroe, Glorian Donegan, and most likely Julie Andrews. The King’s Daughters. By Maria Kutschera. These explain Lee Harvey Oswalds attempt to call Raleigh North Carolina Army Intelligence. And the Kennedy assassinations, and today’s Deep State.

Money laundering, and secret proprams, and secret identities

OSS to CIA, black budgets, Operation Paperclip, and Hidden Identities by Jen Moore aka Task Force

and #11 Secret envelope…secret identities

Tom Donegan, Thea Smith, Pizzagate, and gay, black, or other SJW claims to my DNA in manufactured events

Jen Moore videos describing my family history and home in Virginia and she was correct as are the records she left.

Jen Moore left his and other content I reference by title. “Interview on Nazi Germany, MK Ultra, child trafficking” and “OSS to CIA, black budgets, Operation Paperclip, & Hidden Identities about the increasingly declassified history MK Ultra, Mind control, Pedophilia blackmail, secret societies, Jesuits” and is part of the story my family the Donegan family events that history is part of.

Jen Moore talking about the Mafia, Guatamla Cuba Venezaual and Dulls and over throws tied to Narco gangs among others (prostitutipon and gambling)_ ” Okay it is Sunday night and I’m looking out at beautiful Washington DC and as you can tell I have a great view this evening it’s a Sunday night tonight before the Monday morning testimony I believe before the Judiciary Committee on the OIG report so that’s gonna be tomorrow morning and I will be there live it in person to see the fireworks if there are any I hope there are a little bit courage mr. Jim Jordan and mr. good luck and mr. gates to it mr. Gowdy to all go full wards get these documents so I’m posting this video just because I’m going to attach the interview number three and four that I had done now regarding um you know start the first two interviews were kind of starting in World War one and moving into World War two OSS to the CIA different players that were involved dealt the Dulles brothers Hitler obviously Aleister Crowley in my six in my five how the OSS became the CIA the Vatican’s involvement the indoctrination that occurred the different experiments that were done how MKULTRA was brought together under several different kind of philosophies or mythology’s I guess you could say some of it is really hard to listen to but it’s the truth and it needs to be told because it’s still happening so though as these interviews go long I move it into the United States and Canada in particular I mean it’s a very lot of other places but United States in Canada really was infiltrated through black budgets by the CIA and went from OSS into CIA the Vatican was involved in that and Operation Paperclip in how these Nazi scientists including Hitler and Mengele and Heinrich Himmler [along with Franz Kutschera] and all these kind of the worst characters of all were secretly moved in to Argentina and South America and then some of them were even brought up into the United States and they were given new identities they were brought into universities hospital programs various secret sites black-budget sites where the experimentation continued on all kinds of things and all kinds of Americans especially small children and I’m going to lead into things like the Kinsey studies if anyone has looked into that Masters and Johnson how they’re all tied together some of the places that are still in operation as of today that I am aware of but uh these two interviews specifically start to bring into the politics of the United States of America at least since World War two the different players involved a lot of these players that call them players or politicians or you know businessmen or senators or you know what whatever title they might have there’s some of them that don’t want their identities known their real identities are the real history zone and I’m not gonna name names at this point except you could do some deduction use your deduction skills and you know kind of think about whose identities might have been hidden recently even even years and years and decades ago but recently really and so these interviews start talking about that and how that came about and why there’s such a mystery and why there’s so many sealed records and some of the information that I am in possession of to begin to peel back the layers of this onion so the American people can fully understand where we are today why we are here today and who these people really are because this country is our country the American people’s country we are in charge of the government they don’t get to hide from us so it’s time for their exposure and I’m going to be part of that so you can listen to interviews three and four and it gets into some pretty gnarly details but there’s truth there and I’ve got court cases and documents to back it up personal eyewitnesses you name it this is the story of a whistleblower our whistleblowers in general yes it is dangerous I accept that at the same time I refuse to be silent anymore and so I’m going to carry on releasing this information

The original Operation Gladio was a Europe wide network of fascist “stay-behind” cells that NATO/CIA/MI6 trained to carry out bombings and assassinations in the event of a Soviet invasion. Gladio B substituted Muslims for fascists, and continues to carry out false flag attacks in Europe and maybe elsewhere.

Apart from Alan Francovich’s remarkable 1992 film which was broadcast on the BBC, the original Operation Gladio has received minimal attention by commercially-controlled media, considering that it killed maybe 2000 people, was discussed in the European Parliament and later officially investigated by at least 5 national governments. Coverage has been fragmented[9] and shied away from asking obvious and important questions such as “Why did NATO order terrorist attacks inside NATO countries?… Why have most national governments not followed the EU’s resolution and attempted to investigate it?… Do we have any evidence that this program has been discontinued?” Gladio/B is a third rail topic. Two anonymous Sunday Times journalists report that senior Pentagon and MI6 sources confirmed her story, but it was suddenly dropped under the pressure of undisclosed “interest groups”, which they suggest were associated with the U.S. State Department.

In short, as of 2019, no official narrative exists on Gladio/B. Wikipedia, to its credit, has a redirect page to Sibel Edmonds where it provides a summary mention her allegations. wikispoks

But in fact Government by dangerous mafia business is much older and was used in Nazi occupied Europe as saboutoer resistance (subversion) but subverion was used to colonize and force trade by East India Tea Company, much like United Fruit Company that took over Latin American nations to form Junta Bannana Republics.

The East India Company (EIC)[a] was an English, and later British, joint-stock company founded in 1600 and dissolved in 1874.[4] It was formed to trade in the Indian Ocean region, initially with the East Indies (the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia), and later with East Asia. The company seized control of large parts of the Indian subcontinent and colonised parts of Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. At its peak, the company was the largest corporation in the world by various measures. The EIC had its own armed forces in the form of the company’s three Presidency armies, totalling about 260,000 soldiers, twice the size of the British army at the time. The operations of the company had a profound effect on the global balance of trade, almost single-handedly[6] reversing the trend of eastward drain of Western bullion, seen since Roman times.

Originally chartered as the “Governor and Company of Merchants of London Trading into the East-Indies”, the company rose to account for half of the world’s trade during the mid-1700s and early 1800s, particularly in basic commodities including cotton, silk, indigo dye, sugar, salt, spices, saltpetre, tea, and opium. The company also ruled the beginnings of the British Empire in India. Wikipedia

Riley Coffe Company, OSS CIA General CD Douglas owened or directed Life magazine, the CIA and British had bought into or created most media companies including Kennedy owned RKO, and US news propaganda rode shotgun for our undercover operatives denying their being from the USA if these CIA operatives were ever caught or needed friendly stories. This remains the case today.

WIKISPOOKS: Funding appears to be via the normal deep state methods; Edmonds points to the international drugs trade as a key role in funding black ops such as Operation Gladio/B. She notes that in 2001, without providing any evidence that the country was in any way involved, the US invaded the world’s largest producer of opium, Afghanistan. She claims that the main areas of Gladio B money laundering are Cyprus, Malta and Dubai.

A huge upswing in opium production after the unprovoked US invasion of the country following 9/11.
Opium production has greatly increased since the US lead invasion. As with Gary Webb’s well documented case that the CIA was heavily involved in cocaine trafficking, the commercially-controlled media has refused to show much interest in the evidence.

“For the past 11 years I have been emphasizing that my State Secrets Privilege & Gag Orders had to do with the FBI files (covering period 1996-2002 February) on covert-terrorist operations in Caucasus and Central Asia backed, managed and armed by US actors. These US-NATO directed operations in the region involved Bin-Laden and mainly Zawahiri ….. The FBI documents contained damning evidence (audio and written) collected between 1996-2002 tying these terror operations directly to the U.S. persons in the State Department/CIA and Pentagon. Also, how the State Department got Congress to grant huge amounts of funds to “front“ NGOs and businesses (mainly Turkish companies in US-listed/members of ATC) to funnel money to the terrorist cells in this region.”
Sibel Edmonds

If this an innovation since WWII the only change is how dangerous a terror cell the USA is willing to fund, fund through BCCI Bank for instance, that Phillip Marshal wrote about and he and his family died I assert by assasination, and theser were drug running drug gangs being funded and weaved into US governing projection of power inside and outside the USA.

Operation Gladio first came to light in Italy in 1990, after over 40 years of clandestine operations. Members of the project revealed that similar projects existed in most if not all countries of Western Europe.[2] These stay-behind networks were, in essence, super secret armies in at least 14 European countries, which were kept secret from the official governmental structures of the host countries – being controlled by other forces such as the CIA and MI6. They remained mostly dormant but were also involved in anti-communist activities including anti-democratic agitation to swing elections and false flag “terrorism” to inflict psychological stress.

The name Gladio, (or ‘Sword’ in Italian) was technically the name given to their operations in Italy, but has since come by extension to stand for the phenomenon as a whole. Evidence of such arrangements, which had been kept secret from both public and politicians democratically elected governments in the host countries for a quarter of a century was revealed through a series of scandalous revelations in Italy and other NATO countries during the 90s, and meticulously documented by Swiss historian Daniele Ganser in his 2004 book NATO’s Secret Armies,[3] arguably the most shocking book ever to be ignored by the corporate media. The evidence contained in Ganser’s book, of terrorism directed against the people by secret armies funded and organised by NATO and answerable to deep state elements within NATO, MI6 and the CIA rather than the respective governments is so shocking that the initial reaction of most people would be to reject it. And yet the claims have been substantiated by juridical inquiries in Italy, Switzerland and Belgium and have been debated (and condemned) in the European Parliament.

In the Netherlands, Gladio was exposed, although as a limited hangout, by journalist Peter R. de Vries. Dutch program Brandpunt also ran a piece, interviewing former agents and revealing the division to still exist in the early 2000s. De Vries his revelations mentioned the Belgian investigator who was stonewalled in his research there. That officer linked the Belgian and Dutch Gladio agents to the Brabant Massacres and even the Olaf Palme assassination. The fact that the University of Amsterdam revealed the division was headed by early key Dutch Deep State leader Prince Bernhard was not mentioned in de Vries or Brandpunt their investigations. Bernhard wes a influential European Deep State player until the 1980s as well, raising even more questions. De Vries was shot dead by the successors of the Gladio members their drug smuggling associates in 2021.

Estimates run t0 38 billion in illegal controlled substance and other trafficking by NARCO terrorist who can be directed against pesky Islamic, Communist, or other governments trying to shut them down.

Dupont, the War Industries Board, Avereall Harriman, Standard Oil, Zapata Oil, and other businesses. HRG Group, Inc., formerly Harbinger Group Inc. and Zapata Corporation, is a holding company based in Rochester, New York, having originated from an oil company started by a group including future U.S. president George H. W. Bush. In 2009, it was renamed the Harbinger Group Inc. Founder: George H. W. Bush Revenue Decrease US$5.2 billion (2017) Wikipedia

According to a CIA internal memo dated November 29, 1975,[7] Zapata Petroleum began in 1953 through Bush’s joint efforts with Thomas J. Devine, a CIA staffer who had resigned his agency position that same year to go into private business, but who continued to work for the CIA under commercial cover. Devine would later accompany Bush to Vietnam in late 1967 as a “cleared and witting commercial asset” of the agency, acted as his informal foreign affairs advisor, and had a close relationship with him through 1975.

In 1954, Zapata Off-Shore Company was formed as a subsidiary of Zapata Oil, with Bush as president of the new company. He raised some startup money from Eugene Meyer, publisher of the Washington Post, and his son-in-law, Philip Graham.[10][11]

Zapata Off-Shore accepted an offer from an inventor, R. G. LeTourneau, for the development of a mobile but secure drilling rig. Zapata advanced him $400,000, which was to be refundable if the completed rig did not function, followed by an additional $550,000 together with 38,000 shares of Zapata Off-Shore common stock when it did.

The U.S. government began to auction off mineral rights to the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, and islands off the Central American coast in 1954, and in the late 1950s and early 1960, Zapata Off-Shore concentrated its business in these areas.[12] In 1958, drilling contracts with the seven largest U.S. oil producers included wells 40 miles (64 km) north of Isabela, Cuba, near the island Cay Sal.

In 1959 Bush bought control of Zapata Off-Shore, funded with $800,000,[13] splitting Zapata Corporation into two independent companies with the Liedtkes still in control of Zapata Petroleum. Bush moved his offices and family that year from Midland, Texas to Houston for access to the Caribbean through the Houston Ship Channel.[14][better source needed] But although Zapata Offshore had only a few drilling rigs, Bush set up operations also in the Gulf of Mexico, the Persian Gulf, Trinidad, Borneo, and Medellín, Colombia, and the Kuwait Shell Petroleum Development Company was among the company’s clients.[15][better source needed]

In 1960, Jorge Díaz Serrano of Mexico was put in touch with Bush by Dresser Industries. Dresser was owned by Prescott Bush’s Yale friends Roland and W. Averell Harriman, and had been George H.W. Bush’s first employer upon his graduation from Yale, giving him his start in both the oil business and the defense contractor business.[16][better source needed] Serrano and Bush created a new company, Perforaciones Marinas del Golfo, aka Permargo, in conjunction with Edwin Pauley of Pan American Petroleum, with whom Zapata had a previous offshore contract. The deal with Permargo is not mentioned in Zapata’s annual reports, and SEC records are missing. In 1988, a Bush spokesman claimed that the deal lasted only from March to September 1960. However, Zapata sold the oil-drilling rig Nola I to Pemargo in 1964.[citation needed]

Zapata’s filing records with the U.S.Securities and Exchange Commission are intact for the years 1955–1959, and again from 1967 onwards. However, records for the years 1960–1966 are missing. The commission’s records officer stated that the records were inadvertently placed in a session file to be destroyed by a federal warehouse, and that a total of 1,000 boxes were pulped in this procedure. The destruction of records occurred either in October 1983 (according to the records officer), or in 1981 shortly after Bush became Vice President of the United States (according to, Wison Carpenter, a record analyst with the commission).

During the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis, Zapata allowed its oil rigs to be used as listening posts. In 1988, Barron’s said Zapata was “a part time purchasing front for the [Central Intelligence Agency].”

In 1962, Bush was joined in Zapata Off-Shore by Robert Gow.[19] By 1963, Zapata Off-Shore had four operational oil-drilling rigs—Scorpion (from 1956, the first oil-drilling jackup rig ever built), Vinegaroon (from 1957), Sidewinder, and (in the Persian Gulf) Nola III.

In 1963, Zapata Petroleum merged with South Penn Oil to become Pennzoil.

The names in these reports are names we are getting used to such as Clay Shaw, world businessman, and world CIA ally in all matters CIA. Of course business women are in the forefront as well, but much of the commercial world we live in is so closely connected to government the weave is so tight specifically as corporate and conditional officers rotate and overly worries begin.

The Secret Service has preparations to identify Lone Wolves who have a grudge against a president. Many business hold grudges against presidents, even foreign policy ones of foreign policy methods and foreign police allegiances and foreign policy goals.

This is why JFK is dead, and who won that war against JFK one the war over who controlled the presidency – by gaining the presidency and putting down witnesses and opposition while in office.

One or more business interests especially with connections DID kill JFK and RFK and those businesses were the secret hands of US cia military cultivated companies.

The question many are now asking (such as Joan Mellon and others) is if the USA is free today, and I even wonder of the USA was free when JFK asserted US National control over the USA while fighting the CIA who already had control before he got to the Presidency, control based under Eisenhower and V.P. Nixon, Executive Action, Regime Change, and Gladio under the the Pope and United Fruit Company.

The dangers in crime and the intent of committing a crime especially as under Felony Intent is the willingness of a person to engage in a criminal act. Often crimes are messy, home occupants return or waken as a home is being burgled, and a shot is fired. How that happens or any other messy result of a serious crime unfolds in a group action is part of the reality that once in you must double down as a desperate act or be caught instead.

I assert and Timothy McVeigh and others may assert our government is in that position and now secretly has turned on its own population with what is called Fourth Generation Warfare, PsyOps #WETDIVISION

It is hear about on Conspiracy Theory sites in the death of Justice Scalia and I assert Thomas Crane Wales, both deaths explained as WETDIVISION still tied into my family secret OSS CIA history and the CIA and FBI covering up that with ongoing unexplained deaths.

The common burglar has a better change of fleeing than a major business or political figure and assassination journalists or judges their only option.

Ted Gunderson wrote “Techniques used to silence jounalists” that show how uniformed FBI, Secret Service, Department of Corrections or Marshalls or Deputies use assets from the criminal world to conduct assaults. Many assaults are directed by Law Enforcement Intelligence Units working with businesses (Lockeeed, Ratheon, others) on world intelligence matter and covertly disrupting terrorist threats with Subversion of them.

Operation Cable Splicer


William Cooper

On February 16, 1975, in the SAN GABRIEL VALLEY TRIBUNE, it was reported
that the L.E.A.A. (funded by the Department of Justice) and the Police Foundation
(funded by the Ford Foundation) are prime movers toward implementing a national
police force. Each, however, contends they support local police agencies. The total
program invoices military units that have the function of taking over the administration of local and state governments. That program is “Operation Cable Splicer” by Army civil affairs groups, a sub-plan of “Operation Garden Plot” (the Martial Law

The method by which the national police concept is being presented to the public
has changed. It was first disguised under the cover of protection against civil
disturbances. This program was as follows:

A. Keep the people from gathering in the streets.

B. Isolate and neutralize the revolution’s leadership.

G. Isolate and neutralize the revolution’s leadership.

This is followed by successful prosecution in order to: (1) Validate the action
of police; (2) Denying the arrestees propaganda materials; and (3) Denying them the
opportunity to recover money damages against the police for arresting them.
Let me quote for you the scenario which was developed for Cable Splicer One,
Two and Three, to justify the needs for dealing with civil disturbances:

“Phase One: an arrest and shooting provoke crowd unrest and threats against public officials and a
riot begins to form.

Phase Two: police vehicles are ambushed, various attempted
assasinations of public officials occur, destruction and raiding of armories occur, and
thousands of people begin to gather and local police loose control.

Phase Three: increased movement of rioters and the crowds must be dispursed before they become
sympathetic with the rioters. The National Guard and the local police loose control.”
This scenario provides for an orderly transition from state to federal control.

The Deputy Attorney General of California commented, at a Cable Splicer Three
conference, that anyone who attacks the State – even verbally – becomes a
revolutionary and an enemy by definition. They are the enemy and must be destroyed.
This program was taught in almost every state west of the Mississippi River and
included as participants local active military, reserve military, and civilian police.
The course name was “Civil Emergency Management Course”. The official explanation
that was to be given, if any questions were asked about the program, was: “This
activity is a continuous, joint law enforcement-military liaison effort and a
continuation of coordination established last year.”

In 1976, the OAKLAND TRIBUNE carried the most complete explanation of what
is planned. It is reported in it entirety in the NATIONAL CHRONICLE which added an
analysis to the story. (The OAKLAND TRIBUNE’S editor died suddenly after the story
was published.) And, I quote:

Last Saturday the California National Guard unveiled a new Law
Enforcement Assistance Force – L.E.A.F., a specially trained and
outfitted Military Police unit, whose members will serve as shock
-troups in the state’s war against political protesters and

I saw a full-dress exhibition of what the California National Guard has
planned for the next American revolution. Helicopters, SWAT teams,
civilian military policemen in jack boots and helmets, twelve-guage
shotguns, .38 and .45 caliber pistols, radios, walkie talkies, and
electrically-controlled intelligence centers wired for instant
communications with any police force in the state.

L.E.A.F. is a 1000-member unit put together this year to handle unique
law enforcement problems, such as mass civil disobedience, protest
demonstrations and riots. In other words, breaking heads and taking
names. L.E.A.F. has the support of Governor Brown, a quarter-million
dollard worth of grants from the federal government, and no public
opposition from civil liberties groups.

For all its ineptitude, however, L.E.A.F. has a frightening possibility
from a civil liberty standpoint. It is a direct product of the California
“Cable Splicer” conferences – a series of high-level secret meetings
between government officials, lawy nforcement officers, and military
planners held during the late ’60s and early ’70s. The meetings were
held as late as 1975, so far as many public records show. These were
the conferences which COUNTER-SPY magazine had identified as
California’s “Garden Plot Sub-Plan:.

Gary Davis, Governor Brown’s righthand man, says L.E.A.F. is to
assist civil police not to replace them. Gary says, “Civilians could
expect a civilian type law enforcement rather than what is commonly
known as Martial Law.” Despite this assurance, L.E.A.F.‘s exercises
look disturbingly like the military coup described in the novel, SEVEN

L.E.A.F. soldiers with nightsticks sood at intersections, stopping cars
with suspicious occupants, checking I.D. cards and generally intimidating
onlookers with their SWAT style uniforms, their sidearms and helmets.
Perhaps more ominously, several participants in the role-playing
exercises Saturday admitted that, even under simulated pressure,
there has already been a number of incidents where the L.E.A.F. troops
used excessive force to quell disturbances – even though their orders
forbade it.” (End of quote.)

Former L.E.A.FA administrator, Charles Rosgovin, is on record as having
stated that local law enforcement has failed and must be replaced by a national police
force. Patrick Murphy, the administrator of the Police Foundation, states, “I have no
fear of a national police force. Our 40,000 police departments are not sacred.” Ex
Attorney General, William Saxby, warned that, if we can go on as we are, crime will
invade us and the national police will take over.

For the policemen who do not cooperate and still want to be policemen, there is
the program of Contemporary Research, Inc. – and organization of psychologists,
sociologists, education specialists and economic experts – who work toward a solution
of many of today’s social problems. The same organization develops specialized
computer programming for the new world-wide military command and control
system, as well as computer base systems for law enforcement agencies at all levels
of government.

The L.E.A.A. alone will receive over a billion dollars a year over the next 4
years – even though it has been ineffective against crime. This is because the L.E.A.A.
is not geared to fighting crime; it’s geared to developing a system for takeover of the
United States with the assistance of the Department of Defence.

The Planned Police State

One of the programs the L.E.A.A. works on in its fight against crime is psychosurgery. If you don’t cooperate with their programs, you are merely operated on so
that you be as cooperative as an adding machine. Or, the L.E.A.A. supports drug
research for the same purpose – to neutralize neurological sources of violence. Hence,
as an example, if a law were passed whereby the ownership of firearms was declared
to be illegal, you would be placed in one of these programs if you did not cooperate.
The L.E.A.A. control exercise (at the state’s level) is from the Office of Criminal
Justice Planning of the Governor’s Office. Here in Texas, Mr. Robert C. Flowers is
still the executive director in that office. But all states have that particular

In May 1975, the L.E.A.A. NEWSLETTER describes the function of one of its
organizations: the National Institute of Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice. This
organization funds something called the “United Nations Clearinghouse” in Rome, Italy.
The function of that organization is, among other things, the exchange of Criminal
Justice System information with the Soviet Union. And it goes without saying that we
have nothing to learn from the Criminal Justice System of the Soviet Unition. These
incredible projects are being funded with our tax dollars.

The code name for these projects are: “Garden Plot” and “Cable Splicer”.
Garden Plot is the program to control the population. Cable Splicer is the program for
an orderly takeover of the state and local governments by the federal government.

The Department of Defense Civil Disturbance Plan, also known by its cryptonym GARDEN PLOT, was a general US Army and National Guard plan to respond to major domestic civil disturbances within the United States. The plan was developed in response to the civil disorders of the 1960s and fell under the control of the U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM). It provided Federal military and law enforcement assistance to local governments during times of major civil disturbances.

The Garden Plot plan—drafted after the Watts, Newark, and Detroit riots—captures the acrimonious times when the document was drawn up. The “Plot” warns against “racial unrest,” as well as “anti-draft” and “anti-Vietnam” elements.”

The Pentagon activated Garden Plot to restore order during the 1992 Los Angeles Riots.[3] Garden Plot was superseded by USNORTHCOM Concept Plan (CONPLAN) 2502 following the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States.[4][5] Under Homeland Security restructuring, it has been suggested that similar models be followed.

Operation Cable Splicer is a subprogram of the Rex 84 Program, which “was established on the reasoning that if a ‘mass exodus’ of illegal aliens crossed the Mexican/US border, they would be quickly rounded up and detained in detention centers by FEMA. Rex 84 allowed many military bases to be closed down and to be turned into prisons.”

The Department of Defense Civil Disturbance Plan, also known by its cryptonym GARDEN PLOT, was a general US Army and National Guard plan to respond to major domestic civil disturbances within the United States.[1] The plan was developed in response to the civil disorders of the 1960s and fell under the control of the U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM). It provided Federal military and law enforcement assistance to local governments during times of major civil disturbances.

The Garden Plot plan—drafted after the Watts, Newark, and Detroit riots—captures the acrimonious times when the document was drawn up. The “Plot” warns against “racial unrest,” as well as “anti-draft” and “anti-Vietnam” elements.”

The Pentagon activated Garden Plot to restore order during the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. Garden Plot was superseded by USNORTHCOM Concept Plan (CONPLAN) 2502 following the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. Under Homeland Security restructuring, it has been suggested that similar models be followed.

An investigation was completed in November 1975 by 4 sources: the
Conservative publication AMERICAN CHALLENGE; the leftist NEW TIMES; the
foundation financed FUND FOR INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM; and Don Wood of the
trustworthy OZARK SUNBEAM. It involves the potential creation of a Police State
through the use of the Pentagon and its computerized intelligence dossier (lodged in the
Pentagon basement) of thousands of citiaens by the National Guard, state and local
police departments, the L.E.A.A., plain-clothes military forces, SWAT teams, and the
Department of Justice.

Chapter Six H.R. 4079 & FEMA

Brig. Gen. J.L. Julenic. senior Army officer of the Pentagon National Guard
Bureau, has admitted, “I know of no state that did not have some form of these
exercises within the last year.”

Today the Cable Splicer handbook is composed of 6 loose-leaf 3-ring binders
that are merely an outline for the impending takeover and destruction of our
Constitution. The Sixth Army used the term “Cable Splicer” for the name of the
operation, but it has not revealed the name of the operation in the other military areas
within the U.S.

On page 4, paragraph 10, on Public Information, the instructions state: “As a
means to prevent adverse publicity or misleading psychological effects in regard to
coordinating, planning, and conducting this exercise, all military participants involved
will perform such duties in civilian clothing when exercise oriented activities are
conducted at law enforcement facilities. In the event inquiries are received regarding
this exercise, the response should be limited to identifying the activity as a
continuous, joint law enforcement-military liaison effort and a continuation of
coordination established last year.” On page 6, security guidance is explained to the
effect that if anybody asks any questions, limit the information that is given out on
the basis of it being in the interest of “national interest” (security).

Now, in the festivities celebrating the success of completion of the exercises,
Gen. Stanly R. Larsen, the commanding general of the Sixth Army stated, “The most
serious challenge facing all of us will be the challenge of discharging our legitimate
responsibilities. For a significant portion of a soiety at large is likely to regard us
with suspicion and to question, even challenge our authority on the basic assumption of
out profession. Part of this challenge we must be prepared to deal with; a potentially
dangerous portion of our society which, in truth, could well become the domestic

The manual includes instructions on operation of confinement facilities,
handling and processing prisoners – including searching, transporting,, feeding,
housing and handling of the special class of persons called “detainees”. The plan also
specifically includes a proposition for confiscation of privately-owned weapons and

Files on Potential Prisoners

The Army has over 350 separate record centers containing substantial
information on civilian-political activities. Virtually every major Army unit has its
own set aside from this. The Fifth Army of San Antonio has over 100,000 files of its
own. The overall operation command post is a domestic room at the Pentagon. There
are 25 million cards on individuals and 760.000 on organizations held by the Defense
Central Index of investigations alone. And this information includes political,
sociological, economic and psychological profiles. All this type of information on 25
million Americans.

Since 1970, local county and state police forces all over the country have
undertaken crash programs to install various kinds of computerized information
systems. A large portion of this is being paid for by the LE.A.A. Beginning in 1970,
Congress and the Joint Chiefs of Staff ordered the destruction of all these data banks,
but thev were not destroyed. All the outlawed collection is now located at Mt.
Weather. Clark County. West Virginia and similar Pentagon facilities designed as
adjuncts to the president’s emergency powers under the Executive Orders.

The cadre of specialized persons to enforce this plan are found in the U.S.
Army Reserves-Military Police POW Command at Livonia, Michigan. Mr. Fennerin, of
the 300th Military Police POW Command, at Livonia, told me, when I called him from
the Federal Information Center at Houston, that the camps in the Command were for
foreign prisonsers-of-war and for “enemies of the United States”. I asked him if
enemies of the United States included U.S. citizens. He became angry, wouldn’t deny it,
and referred me to a very sinister individual at the Army Reserve facility here at
Houston who I talked to; who explained to me that the prisoners were called
“inventory” and “internees”. He would not deny that the camps were for U.S. citizens.

I called the Pentagon, spoke with the defendant there, and then with the
provost marshal for the Fifth Army, and do you know what? Not one of these persons
would deny that the system was for U.S. citizens. The provost marshal for the Fifth
Army – when I mentioned the names of all the camp sites – said, “Well at least you’ve
got that right.”

The names of the detention facilities that I gave him were a list that I had
acquired from the OZARK SUNBEAM. That list of names was the same list of facilities
designated under the old Detention Act of 1950 as “emergency detention centers”. But
there is only one problem: That act was supposed to have been repealed in 1971.

After some research, I found out what the problem was. One congressman – when the
hearings were held for the repeal of the Emergency Detention Act – mentioned that
there am 17 other bits of law that provided for the same thing. So it didn’t matter
whether they ever repealed the Emergency Detention Act. The public was in fact
tricked by the Congress of the United States!

Here are the designated sites: Tucked away in the Appalachian Mountains of
centeral Pennsylvania is a bustling town of approximately 10,000 people. Fifteen to
twenty years ago it was a sleepy village of 400. Allanwood, Pennsylvania is linked to
New York City by Interstate 80. It takes up approximately 400 acres and Is
surrounded by a 10-foot barb-wire fence. It now holds approximately 300 minimum
security prisoners to keep it in shape. It could hold 12.000 people from one day to the

Thirty miles from Oklahoma City, on U.S.66, is El Reno, Oklahoma with an
approximate population of 12,000. Due west, 6 miles from town, almost in sight of
U.S.66, is a complex of buildings which could pass for a small school. However, the
facility is overshadowed by a guard house which appears to be something like an
airport control tower – except that it’s manned by a vigilant, uniformed guard. This a
federal prison camp or detention center. These camps are all located near super
-highways or near railroad tracks or both. William Cooper

It is these attacks I have been subjected to and like death threats and being harassed the times I am writing my books and places I am writing my books and what I am writing, the message verbally and by conduct is that my life is in danger and even forfeit if I continue my writings. Others like Jen Moore (before her death) have been told the same things as these (Ted Gunderon, Jem Moore and others said they will not stand down to death threats.

These are my books and if the First Amendment is to be subjective at all they and my authoring them should be protected and not harassed.

It may be that I criticize Nixon, I often do. I read his presidential library materials in the hundreds (Nixon Center) in the earl 2000’s on the phases of his life and presidential history on the topic including Home Grown Terrorism and frustrated immigrant populations becoming radicalized. I have heard that discussion from many angles and traveled the world and seen may nations and many parts of the USAS (I doubt the safety of anyone in the custody of any facility of the USA.)

Many hold bigoted views a I do and even emotive views towards Latin American Narco gangs and other forms of violence including Zeta Mexican US border violence towards journalsits on both sides of the border as Breitbart (deceased) Texas covers as well.

Both my views and fellings on race are protected constituionaly and as equally protected as my books that are being harassed.

In fact one of my central assertions is that intermational mafia Nicarougan, Columbain, Mexcian, Bogata, and other undocumented have funded themsleves in the USA as my victims in a mafia money laundering scheme backed by prison operations in the USA where institutional workers find sources of income when the have none, one source of incomce blaming a white with a trust fund for alleged toxicity towrards the immigrant families, I have haveshown none. My views are on policy.

These families in some sort of COINTELPRO are getting gains from allegations aginst me that are both baseless and police supported, and these allegations lead to demands from me and that leads to fights as I assert their foreign national or skid row vioelence faking of claims against me..

Molest is a word that came up recently. Molest can mean to interfere with, to be a problem to, in recent years it means more and more to harm a child sexually but it still has a meanign of anyone being molested, treated in a non-consentual way, and that is abuse. Chilren are planted on my activity who act disgustig (I find the dress of them as insane and the behavior insane) and that sexuall harrasemnt of minors trying to call attention to themselves or even adults doing so as unwanted apporaches to me is both abusive and harrasing. The appearences they say to me is that I am stalkgin them and look how often I am around them.

As a Mafia scheme I continue to assert drugs, minors, Protection Racket protectors of minors, and those incited to attack me as a predator white in skid row area all a play unfolding of based on potrayles of me and my activities that are staged distruthes to accomplish smear of me, a smear campaign to incite and invite all forms of retaliation and even combat with me, the assailants of me are called “Nobel Savagesz” otherwise filth whoi find a nobel mission of attacking a person they allege a toxitity to.

In fact the Secret Servicec knows of Megacide, a loser who wishes by assasinating a larger than life figure to elevate themselves into larger than life existance. I am not larger than life but easy pray for skid row groups to allege my alt right presence is a civil rights harm to them, and perhaps even to their children they say are so sexy and irresistble to me.

Jen Moore asserted money launderng, blackmail and extortion by immigrant gangs and she was right. She hersef a Trump supporter now deceased but asserted churches were staging their children as victim as a mafia activity to get at the Donegan trust, and that is what is happening.

I can not get housing because for eigth years in Texas lease data is being faked when I do have a lease, when I do have a lease neighbors who would watch my home in my abscence are replaced with neighbors who will help burglar my home in my absence or stage events that did not happen even using their similar apartments for a forger of my identity to be caught in a trap the neighbors set, that confession of a duplicate of me used to defraud my trust and incite against me all violations of the ORgnaized Crime Act of 1970 just as silencing Jem Moore was homicide to kill a witness to CIA and FBI misconduct, her stating the CIA would kill her before her death by thug attacks.

The police do not seem to he defending this but rather participating in it and over decades. Similar to the story of others stlaked for decades confirmed by Ted Gunderson. Drug pipes and allegations I do drugs are planted in conversation and planted in items strewn about and I have not done drugs for 40 years. Neither had my older brother before he died and I doubt my elderly parents knew people ever that had admitted doing drugs, at least other than me.

Ted Gunderson Former FBI Chief Most Terror Attacks Are Committed By Our CIA And FBI is a title to a youtube video showing the lifelong conspiracy theorist talk about acts of terror from inside the US Government. I will post data on Waco as well from another book I wrote and the deaths surrounding the CIA operations tied to WACO, to the Don Henry and Kevin Ives cases, and many more. What Ted Gunderson reports is that isn’t actually sure how it is all connected but seems to think it is an NWO Deep Statye cabal as many others think. The amount of mysterious deaths of reports is serval hundred long and coincidence should be ruled out though I think I am one of the few offering a Super Conspiracy Truther theory that can rule-in those deaths as fitting the theory. I had dedicated a book to Ted Gunderon and Jen Moore and their investigations and reporting.

Nevertheless police back the crackhead set over me as the mafia runs its course.

Ted Gunderson died a pacifist writing endless letters getting facts and transmitting them but he did finally die. So did Jen Moore and I have undergone less than less than lethal response.

I have a recaction tot he police. They are dangerous. They are dangerous outside the prison system and more violent and dangerous in the prisons where the have more snitch assailants and less supervision by the public or press.

I have never expected I could win a fight with police for fire or FBI.

I have always expected that as they die I face one less threat condition preventing my normal middle class life and writing carrer.

MC Veighs killing of law enforcement I had previouisy viewed in an ecosystem lense, that it angered police and the public and would cost us liberty in the long run. THere has been no movement towards liberty at all and now I see it in more direct and irrefutable terms. When police die and what my family lived for my normal life in a normal and safe and housed world becomes real, and the threats to that are gone.

Many Conspiracy Theorist with interesting arguments using the facts assert a Cabal insdie the USA wanted the attacks of 9/11 espeically the ONI office tied to Admiral Halsey, the Von Trapps, and that history, if they know that history. So far, at least until recently I had a different theory.

9/11 was Saudi nationalism that wished the USA and Standard Oil out of Saudi Arabi where we back an oppressive royla family.

The issue for me is different though. After the times of my life under GangSTalk I have visited at least twice and been staled there, in about 2006 or so, and 2020 or so. After all I experienced in the Transportation Center, at Times Square singing New York New York into my laptop YouTube screen, and how the Stalk by police and fire acted there (like it did at the US Supreme Court and other Courts) I view the 9/11 events as my safety being achieved with the firefights and police were killed in the building collapse.

At the Police and Fire attack under MKULTRA COINTELRP I am certain their deaths are part of my safety and I will never doubt that. It is possible the terrorists thougth that too, that an evil was comeing out of the USA (as Jen Moore and Ted Gunderson believed) and while those deaths were small in number they are a part of the USA being safer.

What PsyOops are, Guerrilla Warfare of thugs either as special forces or criminal assets who will be contracters for thug work as assassinations occur are called Quiet War. The hope of the assassination is an unsovled crime, or a patsy blamed and the case closed.

In the Pentagon Papers case of Elseberg the US Supreme Court opinions inlcuded one justice saying exposing the deceptions of Government to the public is what the Constitution hoped reportign would do.

On Date: April 19, 1995 Timothy James McVeigh and Terry Nichols carried out the bombing. The quite war was no longer quiet. While the war has not been won I value the dead police officers I have never been able to understand, how they think evidence plants is policing.

Psychological Warfare is designed to destroy reputions even bring false convictions, pscyhiatric diagnosis, all of which has happened to me costing my entire lifespan.

Attempts to get out of the USA are mared by the l ong record I have of ending up on mental wards making allegations I can not prove of spooks attacking me or that I was on defensive of CIA and FBI misconduct.

While in the USA I will recognize dead police an fire as safety from Espionage attacks on my life, now that lifespan closing out after the decades of abuse.

Whether McVeigh was right to do so or correct to do so are separate and independent questions. I recently read Discartes on what is true to self, and being true to what we ourselves as individuals know to be true. Based on my expderiences as a victim of police abuse and accounts I read of others suffering police abuse I believe to be linguistically fanciful about it Mc Veigh was right to do so, within his rights as an excersize of his and the People’s rights.

My belief then and now is that he probably was not correct to do so, that journalism is the best answer to corruption, but the Internet offered less promise in the time of McVeigh. Today it has grown to a point it may be able to take down, get around, gain support for Conspiracy Theories of Cabal corruption and make the case for exposing the acts of the Cabal and its methods and the identity and nationality of the Cabal and its illegal money laundering, drug dealing, assassinations, and murders.

I hope it does not turn into a body count between the victims of nationalism versus internationalism. It is best we weigh the cases for each by measure of constitutionality and a distaste for violence except for the exigent of circumstances.

I have stated a few names over and over again here but there is a wider list of celebrities and many thousands at least more than that who make please for public support from the GangSTalk. The State and its elites are certainly responsible. Lower-ranking members of police operations and members of the public such as business may or may not be aware of the entirety of the circumstances they are being used for or for what real reasons the State as, so while the act in unison culpability may filter out somewhat as people become dupes and participate in sham investigation at State requests.

I list them here. they continually advise not confronting Stalkers or the agencies and documenting the problem and that is good strategic advice but the exigency of the moment is also at hand and my real hybrid realization is the police are too dangerous to to me to fight if I take on the CONTELPRO I am being attacked with and can not survive as it is, and retaliation gives the state an excuse against me, but understanding and appreciating acts against the Predator State, the USA, by Timothy McVeigh was an acted called for by history.

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, the etymology of the word can be traced back to the Old English word hlāford which originated from hlāfweard meaning “loaf-ward” or “bread-keeper”, reflecting the Germanic tribal custom of a chieftain providing food for his followers. – Wikipedia

The planted Noises and Planted People and Planted Items or Items Stolen from my Home of the Vandalism to my home are part of an attempt to publicly and privately sexually humiliate me as interested in minors and the in-sophisticate, and not and adult with adult interests.

The appearances of the sights and sounds and items and people near me and their position to me is a smear campaign to cause me damage and it has and it enriches those taking actions of me using the smear as a pretext to take or incite adversarial acts towards me. I am unappreciative of that, and Lord Mav Veigh is the final and only so far success in this struggle against Law Enforcement. He is my Lord.

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