Donegan’s and Prouty’s Skate in Marshfield

Because Canada’s freezing blasts arrived much sooner than in previous years, our “grandparent” bog-farmers began measuring the bog-ice thickness earlier and more frequently. And after many careful inspections, they finally proclaimed, “The bogs are safe enough to skate on today!”

In our case a frint car wheel would be driven onto ice and left there as inspection for cracks in ice was conducted around tire.

James Paul Donegan blames Vatican Catholic Gladio for death of JFK. col Prouty blames Cabell, Landsdale, others. Ed is too young to know. Jen Moore talks of history of assassination of JFK and Gambit Children used to stygmatize Ed Donegan as exploiter of children. Ton Dunham is part of that, notices non Ed Donegan sock puppets are being blacnlmaied by FBI at birthday parties were Ed isn’t . All went through J Edgar Hoover, Angleton. Fake allegations against Ed

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