Fabric of Edward Paul Donegan and Fabrications

There are many similarities I have with others and the overlaps are in very unique areas not normally believed but viewed the full fabric of connected existances the truth can be seen.

St John Hunt and Edward Paul Donegan

ST. John Hunt is the son of E. Howard Hunt. E. Howard Hunt served in the U.S. Navy on the destroyer USS Mayo, the United States Army Air Corps, and finally, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the precursor to the CIA, in China where his wife Dorothy worked for the US Treasury before escaping Mao and meeting Howard Hunt while working for Averall Harriman in 1949. The Hunt family was stationed at ATSUGI airbase in Japan in 1952 where Col Prouty and James Paul Donegan were stationed.

James Paul Donegan and Glorian and Ed Donegan were friends with Col Prouty in Marshfield Massachusetts and James Donegan likely before at ATSUGI were he flew recon in the 1950’s including the 1952 Korean War. JFK and Jackie were wed at this time as was James Donegan and GLorian Donegan. James Donegan was part of the atomic bombing of Japan in a recon role and possibly from what he described verbally in the pre-attack strafing as a :P-51 and F-86 pilot. He was at the atomic blast that tested the atomic bomb or at least one of them while in the observation tower and flew in the first and second nuclear bombing wing groups.

The Army appointed warrant officers against vacancies from this 1936 list until the beginning of World War II. In 1939, warrant officers who were qualified as pilots were declared eligible for appointments as air corps lieutenants in the Regular Army. In 1940, warrant officers began serving as disbursing agents. Though his father had lost all about the tiem of the Great Depression (he was an accountant) my father James DOnegan grew up poor painting houses under 18 until the US Army Air Force took enlistments and my father born in Dorchester Massachusetts enlisted as a Warrant OFficer in Pennsylvania where the arail reconnaissance school was and he flew mostly recon for the rest of his career. He would hvae likely worked with the OSS and CIA,. Massachusetts, U.S., Birth Index, 1860-1970
Name James Paul Donegan
Birth 1926 Boston (Dorchester), Massachusetts, USA James Paul Donegan was born in 1923 in Dorchester, Massachusetts, to Unknown paternal grandmother and Unknown paternal grandfather. Ancestry.com He also told me he was a painter using a stepaladder when he heard pilots were being hired. This may be the time Holt enlisted.

1923 • Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA. His brother Robert William “Happy” was born on October 30, 1928, in Dorchester, Massachusetts, when James Paul was 5 years old. His son Edward was born on November 18, 1961, in Inglewood, California. Education 4 years of high school
Civil Occupation Railroad clerks, n.e.c.
Enlistment Date 23 Feb 1943
Enlistment Place Allentown, Pennsylvania
Service Number 33617288
Branch Branch Immaterial – Warrant Officers, USA
Component Selectees (Enlisted Men) Probably him he told me he was told to lie a little go get in and that is what he did.

Threats to our lives. E. Howard Hunt warned St John Hunt he was afraid the CIA would kill him (St John Hunt) as it had killed his mother (UAL flight 533) if St John knew too much but after saying that gave taped confession of the CIA killing JFK with LBJ and Cord Meyer as participants. Ed Donegan reported (before he ever heard of any of this) that a plan existed to shoot down a plane he was about to board at the time I left Wells Fargo to write about my world travels and political philosophy in the Natural Law system.

If E. Howard Hunt at the time of his own death told St John Hunt the CIA killed JFK his wife Dorothu yHunt on UAL 533 likely knew the CIA killed jFK. She worked for E Averell Harriman and US Treasury before meeting Hunt in 1949, a special operator herself.

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