Well a little about me

I have long had to articulate my identity, the formation of it, and its lawfulness as I have been harassed during my life. In part that has fed more attacks but since the propaganda about me does not match who I am I will continue to write about who I am. is something I have mentioned before in fact fairly regularly. Seeing this in the Prado in Spain. Or was it the Louvre in Paris? The French and Mexicans fighting on the Third of May.

I have been to some twenty or thirty major national art galleries with my family in major cities around the world. This includes the study of fahsion and military uniforms and at times I have wanted to be a clohtign designer using things like Niecholas and Alexaner of the Rusion Revolution for Goth clothes.

I am not an insophisticatre in any way but discreditng me and who I am allows otehrs to copy me without attribution and crediting themselves.

I could explain my apreciation for Stormfront more fully than I do. I explain I was drawn their over curiosity about my genome an its ties to WWII and that is all true. But that is defensive. If I wanted to be more defensive I could say my Libertarian instincts were drawn from history and paintings like this.

So I might argue I would never otherwise gone to a site sympathetic to Nazi Germany. On the other hand I reserve that right even so. But this is not about me defending myself but conductign a prosecution of those who reject my right to White identity or white identiarian poolitics.

I have nothing but revuilsion against color of law abuses, racioal abuses and transgressions, or any other abuse. I am sibmect to them and not the perpetrator. I resefve the right to be white and the right to fight back against trangression against me.

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