Zersetzung Truth Revealors<

Zersetzung Truth Revealors

I Edward Paul Donegan have been learning the lingo of Street Theater from various locations, most recently watching Ms. Congeniality. “Trained Monkey Acts” are mindless dupes acting out something they do not understand. Also called Flying Monkeys, these are best explained as delusionally psychotic dupes and were explained to me by a article in Real Clear Defense on Information Doppelgangers that I can not find again though related articles are there I have found.

The funcion of PsyOps (according to their own wording and definition) is to build Fixed Pschosis in the forms of Delusions into Dupes. These “commanders” who are being dissinformed are most vulnerable with their strong emotions are played to, etc., and tend not to self-govern rationally. “Even the ‘good people’ and stuck in delusional acts and told not to stand down from their or give into the attempts of others to persuade to the contrary. These Dupes make up the Cause Stalking abusers of a person smeared by PsyOps.

So how is this intended to work? I will blend a few memes together like the Caine Mutiny and a few others like D Day etc., IF you can with Disinformation created by a Dopple (one messenger of military information has his identity stolen and is replaced, giving false information, or a fake photograph shows a foreign military in a location it is not when in fact it is elsewhere) the Disinformation perhaps catering to a weakness in the foreign military commander will lead the foreign military commander into a mistake striking at an empty location or going into a trap the commander thought was safe.

Cause Stalking built on sham issues often added to as Legend over years incorporates Dupes full of themselves bleeding with their own ego and importance about how the will serve the cause of undermining the perceived threat of the person who is the subject to the smears. Preventing “rational analysis” in military terms the exploration of the links to things an what is actually true of the links of information are explored for validity, is the art of dissifromation and working to avoie any proper hearing of the facts thus the delusions remain fixed in the Flying Monkey acts mindset as they clamor about.

What is the matter it is the same distance

https://www.youtube.com/@TIDavidA and https://twitter.com/Spiritu42830069

A Targeted Peson is sabotoaged in what they do another is not. “Disrupt” “Roadblock” “Sabotauge” “Happy Slap” “Harrass” “Bright” “Conflict Engagement” make the road difficult, pitted, hard to travel, unavailable. Sure that construction was planned for years. Try a new way along the path. This has occurred to me in the gym, housing, elsewhere.

Zersetzung (Stasi Policing) is a psychological warfare tactic developed by the East German Stasi Secret Police (best on the planet) to nuetralize dissidents by disrupting every part of you’re life and gaslighting you. Disrupt, Discredit, Destroy (DDD) to isolate, set up, and nuetralize. https://www.facebook.com/groups/165918446241837

There are several people named Dave I will quote from in this. But I will aslo add in my own facts. Much of what is happening in Austin Texas and it seems now tied by some weak evidence to a former city council now the US Representative who planned much of Austin growth. Weird components of it oddly mock or refernce my BDSM life in particular a failed relationship I had with the lovely Meridith. At the time we broke up I had paid for a 300 hundred dollar hood for her head as part of leather gear in scenes. We had broken up just before this was getting started and Mr S. Leathers gave a full refund for the custom work that included custom sizing and measurements for fitting.

In Austin Gold’s Downtown a hispanic hipster was making odd comments to me, wearing Superman t-shirst, seemed to be impersonating me in other ways at I heard him at several locations around Austin he was gettin a custom hood for his partner.

I had quipped a few things here and there. Once in Baltimore Supermax Detention I had said to someone giant and good shape, a black who may have been FBI SIS or other undercover he should get a job a a gym making women’s thights sweat. Someone took this to heed. I play things down in the gym other than grooving with the music but things I have done in the gym tied to diabetes like watching blood sugar control following intense workouts over days on advertisements for Orange gym. Orange Gym has “Kings it looks like Black Hebrew Isrealites and build on the themes of what I learned from some hate sites are miscenation, forced or voluntary inter-racial reproducity. Much of is predatorial an hate group and marshalls or deputies have women in Orange as slave uniforms is one of the sevarl weird things that seems part of pscych-sexual weird memes. Anotehr time this came up is after that breakup with Meridith I had one said rather rudely Roses are Red Violets are Blue my ex had an ass like a B-52. Some take on this and other off-handed quips appeared at Freedom Fitness in Corpus Christi.

I did use musi for a lot trying to teach Rush Limbaugh liberalism is not a disease and many groups talk about liberalism and music. I attacked For The Right Radio on these points as well. Suggesting I am a Nazi and this prison based Hebrew Kings using gyms as recuiting grounds seems part of the messaging and reality I have been seeing.

In one case while working on my book in 3rd Street Starybucks I happened to hear one of the Orange gym managers interview a blonde about working there. She said she had a custom playlist she used and they smeared not another play list yet most of them copied my DJ Delight Ohlalal sixties music long ago. I have seen veteratns groups in particular non-white ones really make lots fo inroads in the parks and rec and gym community as a culturalk movement I think building a new imaeg for themselves and Austin. Not everyone with a King tatoo is a hate group member but there are hate group members who do.

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