2018 Photo Timeline To 1926

2018 Photo Timeline To 1926 a Dissident Press reporting MK-ULTRA and Deaths

[available online as a zip file https://archive.org/download/genoracketeering_202001/2018PhotoTimeTripTo1926.zip and drawn from a chapter of my book and autobiography The Great Treason. https://archive.org/download/genoracketeering_202001/GreatTreason.epub]

According to my deceased brother who like me spent many days on Cape Cod beaches and homes with out Donegan family relatives and cousins my family or rather some cousins were part of the Irish Mafia tied to liquor and other activities. Though Catholics they church tolerated their activities and they donated regularly with some kind of common understanding or agreement. My father would leave the church (it appears that exact same church) when his friend was betrayed for political reasons. Though who have read Paul L. Williams book on Catholic Gladio – the Unholy Alliance Between the Vatian and the Mafia will understand Murder Inc., Meyers Lanksy, Chauncey Marvin Holt, drug dealing, prohibition, and more. And thus the death of JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald, Jacky Ruby, and others.

According to Thomas Neil Donegan as we sat around the adults (the nannas and grandmother and grandfathers in the dining room or living room as we played in another area the adults were against drugs but trading their prescriptions with each other and drinking cough syrup for its healing properties and laughing it up.

I remember my grandmother in California as we had later in my life moved jus east of the Oakland Hills and from there we toured Lawrence Livermore Labs museum and heard many of his history lectures on developing the atomic bomb, the bombing of Japan, etc., flight missions he was part of like the atomic test of the first bomb an witnessing that blast.

We spent our children reading aerospace magazines and hearing its history. Thomas Neil Young was of the namesake of Thomas Jefferson and Neil Armstrong. I was named Edward Paul Donegan getting Edward from my father’s father and one of my father’s friends I believe now was Paul Schrade.

Picture of St Aidans Church

Picture of RFK and Mark Lane in presidential campaign meeting

Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy sits with Mark Lane his State of New York presidential run campaign manager. Mark Lane will spend the rest of his life as a Super Conspiracy Theorist connecting many world events to a Deep State.

Robert Kennedy was born in Brookline on November 20, 1925 and was baptized at Saint Aidan’s Church. Robert was influential in JFK’s campaigns for public office, became attorney general to his brother, was his closest confidant, became a New York senator, and ran for president in 1968. Saint Aidan’s Catholic Church site will feature a backyard exhibit and two Neighborhood tours, at 11:15 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. Please join us for this special day of remembrance.


Col Fletcher Prouty who I knew as a child also believes this tale of the CIA and the CIA plans that JFK got in the way of. Now, here, it all comes out.

After having lived and been born in Boston my father joined the US Army Air Force as a Warrant Officer (not a college graduate but qualified for a need for an officer in the Air Force and thus became a P-51 pilot and later jets flying in WWII and the Korean War before becoming a TWA pilot.

My birth in 1961 was while we were still living near the Inglewood Los Angeles home of the P-51 and I was born in an Inglewood Catholic Hospital St Jospeph’s right near Manhattan Beach City of also of Los Angeles County near Santa Monic City and Venice Beach City.

Why JFK was assassinated, how every presidential family since inducing the Obama family but in no way limited to the Obama family, are tied to this and tied to the Warren Commission and why the Warren Commission evaded its real responsibilities to national security plans in the Cold War of MK-ULTRA would not be publicly exposed.

It also has to do with the Cold War plan of secretive subversion and dirt wars fought covertly through front groups in places like Indonesia or openly in countries like Vietnam often with European or Vatican or other NGOs connected to those plans.

“If not now, when? If not us, who?”

Jen Moore died in 2018 trying to tell the story of my birth and life and the Allen Dulles based JFK assassination that was closely related to my life and a brain development defect I carry and was being researched from generation to generation, human lines not rat lines because these are related to speech and grammar some of the cognitive facilities mice and rats do not have for use of animal models in research.

[Many] have echoed Hillel’s aphorism, perhaps unaware of its provenance:

In 1963, Michigan governor George Romney stumped for his tax reform plan across the state with the impassioned plea, “If not now, when? If not us, who?” Addressing the United Nations in 2012, then-Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoğlu proclaimed, “If not now, when are we supposed to act in unity? And if it is not the United Nations, who is to lead? If it is not us, then who will shoulder the responsibility to protect the innocent civilians?”

The Babylonian Talmud (Sukkah 53a) records how different rabbis used to celebrate the annual water festival at the Temple in Jerusalem. Among them was Hillel the Elder. The Talmud recounts:

They said about Hillel the Elder that when he used to rejoice at the Simchat Bet Hashoevah, he used to say: ‘If I am here, everyone is here; but if I am not here, who is here?’

In laymen’s terms, this is rabbinic for “I am the life of the party.” Put that on a t-shirt. https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/if-not-now-when-a-recent-history-of-hillels-misattributed-maxim-from-ivanka-trump-to-ronald-reagan

Jen Moore was the lifeblood of the Republic as before her Ted Gunderson, Gene Chip Tatum, and John DeCamp were. Truth tellers. Chauncey Marvin Holt knew the history of the USA belongs to the people of the USA and wanted to tell that history before he died. Like Holt and unlike Jen Moore and unlike Ted Gunderson I am not law enforcement I am a witness. But as a rare witness rarified by the deaths of my family member and all heirlooms lost during my family or origins life and after their deaths only the oral history I can provide is left. For the importance of that is not me but the connection my story makes between very important victims and very important criminals. That is in a way lifeblood of the Republic and I am trying to insure it is not lost. When we are gone the last hope of the truth coming out is gone, or rather when our works are lost to a cover of dust or deletion the last hope of truth is gone.

The British and Patricia Kennedy (Peter Lawford’s wife and JFK’s sister) like Joseph Kennedy SR were very connected to the Great Britain in WWI and WWI and Joseph Kennedy Sr is who worked with rather than against the British was helping out of wedlock hidden identities – bastard children of famous families – be researched under phone names. (Julian Assange is one of them and an Ecuadorian court studied it and found it to be a forgery.)

My mother had a hidden identity too and this is how Jen Moore and Ed Donegan and Ted Gunderson bring this story to the Lawford Kennedy Compound.

Los Angeles County and Manhattan Beach City, Santa Monica, and celebrities from that area will make up the Why of JFK and RFK being assassinated, The Manchurian Candidate 1962 story explained as reality underlying it, and how my family was used and abused as part of that.

In this evidence-backed essay I will exposit my belief that the current US Government officials according to me and other sources are tied to Deep State and the Deep State of NWO proportions pesters rather than hounds those who could contribute to whistle-blowing on the corruption in Government.

Many police view themselves as hounds on the trail of the truth but I will show here they instead use pests to attack Conspiracy Theorist journalists and other of us victims who are trying to bring the truth to light about these politicians dn their ties to history. The pests attacking me are part of that story and a distraction from the JFK story but a part of that fabric of events and cover-up and attacked Ted Gunderon and others with death tbreats, break-ins, and harassment.

The “silencing” these few journalists, witnesses, or others is what Jen Moore called “the ultimate betrayal.” These inter-related crimes are what I and many others are writing about and I face an ongoing threat to my own life posing not only a threat to me but also to the truth over coming out once and for all.

After now having gone down the Ted Gunderson branch of suspicious deaths from these child development facilities I now with Jen Moore go down the same story but from Jen Moore and I and Veronica Hoffman and others (Jimmy, Bobby Courtney, and others) who also were gang-stalked and died under I say suspicious circumstances.

We will see (willing listeners) that I have bee thrown in pscyh wards alleging a conspiracy against me. Once was in 2004 or so when I said that I heard some people talking who were stalking me that if I got on plane towards D.C. it would be shot down similar to what now is said to happen to Dorothy Hunt’s flight UAL Flight 533. But I was put in a pscyward after that when I reported radiation burns on my body and had already reported poisoned foods, etc., I did not know who Ted Gunderson was nor who St John Hunt was but I was telling the same story of attacks on me AND my father did work with Col Fletcher Prouty and likely after retirement from the military Lee Harvey Oswald who recreated as a refresher course the events of the cold war and radar ATSUGI as depicted in the movie Jet Pilot and Col Shannon.

Jen Moore confirms all these Stalking activities Ted Gunderson and I asserted and like me says it goes back to my childhood, special-ed, and early developmental programs and the short bus the first few years.

Jen Moore was killed as she was about to name names of the elites who were criminals and tied to the JFK assassination and about to formally name the names of Edward Paul Donegan (me) and my mother Glorian Donegan born under the name Glorian Gainey in North Carolina 1926 and who is now deceased.

I am not a government official.

I can can not compel by means of law. I can not summon you to a trial or inquiry or subpoena you to a hearing by Congress or a commission. This is an appeal to History for justice and I am not alone in seeking it.

Jen Moore was a former Tracy California police officer and after leaving the force disabled a Master’s Degree holder in Psychology. She was asked to participate in and gained access to file she held on the late 1950’s Masters and Johnson and CIA connections of Freud and Jung, of MKULTRA and Midnight Climax, CIA history, MKULTRA, the Cold War, WWI and WWII history. And in that strange history is the assassination of JFK that was led under Allen Dulles. Sh was whistle-blowing some of the darkest secrets the world has ever known that were held by people connected two world wars and the cold war and have controlled our history since and during. Eugenics travels from generation to generation as do family ties to the cold war and now emerging truth about the war between JFK and MKULTRA.

Before her death she was my evidence and advocate. After her August 13, 2018 death I am her evidence in her and our Conspiracy Theory and I am now her advocate. Her death was in the context of threats to kill if she spoke and earlier attempts on her life and my telling the same truths has met violent opposition as well from thug attacks, etc.,

Jen Moore was a whistle-blower and had the real story perhaps as Micheal Hasting had either in full or in part at the time he died.. She Jen Moore knew of the insidious, corrupt, and lavish treachery of our officials and the fruits of their criminal activities that break the laws and reward themselves.

John F. Kennedy was not assassinated by some party remote to the USA who hoped for a policy shift or revenge against him. He was assassinated by terrorist faction inside the USA with connections outside the USA who believed neither in the United States way of life nor its goals in the world. Rather than remote to the USA this terrorist faction shared and shares with the Kennedy family the titles of US Senator, President, Vice President, Attorney General, FBI Director, and esteemed positions.

Many if not most gained those titles only because of and in some cases through the act of assassinating JKF and witnesses who could have in a more timely way proved the existence of the international interwoven fabric milieu whose power in covert actions were too great and too well connected for JFK to stop and whose apologism or support for Great Britain’s system of oppressive colonialism was too repugnant for JFK to permit as US foreign policy.

We now know in spite of her death who Jen Moore was. Who I am is Edward Paul Donegan. What I do is write books. My autobiography and family of origin and the world we traveled in very similarly to St John Hunt and his family of Dorothy Hunt and E. Howard Hunt and ATSUGI Japan in the Cold War with the CIA operations underway their with Lovett Jr., Richard Bissle Jr.,, General Landsdale, Prouty, and others The books are about my life and my family story traveling the word in the 1970s and 1980s with a WWII pilot based (then commercial TWA pilot) middle class family with a secret background for secret reasons.

Writing these books has not been and is not easy. Today I have several advanced and terminal illnesses that were not only preventable but had been brought into remission before a series of events, a smear campaign of the type the FBI runs, made me seem an undesirable and forced out of housing into homelessness as a whisper campaign asked my lease applications be turned down. Included in my books are excerpts of Brian Glick’s work The War At Home about FBI illegal operations targeting activists and those and many specific FBI and CIA officials are at the center of my books about the cold war and engage in retaliation against me and harassment of me through thugs, ex-con skid ow thugs, and others.

Used as assailant these Pscychiatric Shock Troops of homeless people spitting all over me, making abusive comments, striking me, being drug addict neighbors pulling knives on me, etc., are the hostile environments that Agents in Place (assets of the FBI, CIA, and local police and fire) position to initiate conflicts, break into homes, etc.,

One sure window into a person’s soul is his reading list” – Mary Tabor. And from Ed Donegan extending the quote “One possible look into a politician’s soul is the writings of a dissident. One sure look into a Government’s soul is how that dissident is treated under the law.

Here is the reason attackers and unavoidable conflicts have afflicted me and my home office that I write from and live in for safety. There have been many fictions in our public mind; that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and was a communist sympathizer (rather than a patsy the CIA, FBI, and others setup and placed at the scene,) that the McMartin Pres-school or Boystown Franklin Nebraska child abuse scandals have been resolved and were not CIA activities, and that the Bush family from Prescott Bush, the Walker family, and other CIA and DOD figures are not Cabal connected.

This single tale told by Jen Moore, Ed Donegan, and Ted Gunderson now unites and resolves all these frauds on a coherent and complete way.

The difficulty is that I, Jen Moore, and others have been discredited by smear campaigns and the abuse treatment of me and smear campaign against me, bullying me with false allegations going to part of this story and fit into this story as to what motivates the smear campaign against me and others and the written and oral witness accounts of me and others.

Our journey through the evidence will show Jen Moore identified slush funds rooted in the US DOD and CIA and FBI who use identity theft and trafficking in an underground money laundering world that includes “silencing” and hits on witness to the deep underbelly of the Cabal. That cabal, that world-wide fabric of covert activities that now via subversion, criminal rackets, and black-opps have targeted with smear campaigns and ripoffs and robberies and assaults openly on whistle-blower to discredit them and thus are protecting today’s officials. The Conspiracy Theorist may “smear” a public official but then they themselves are smeared, intimidated, harassed, mocked, sometimes assaulted and sometimes killed – If they name too many name about the Deep State.

Some of it you might not believe. IN the early pages start this book the tile is txtstart.html or Textual Start is this about the setting of this story of treason.

In the case of plane research the Bomber aircraft especially before RADAR the fighter/pursuit plane could fly within a circumference of bombers and intercept inbound hostile fighters before they reached the home team bomber.

Some kind of Parasite Bomber which drops from other airplanes is being built and that experimental plane in the movie is played by the Bell X-1. The couple Jim and Anna (or Olga which name when) try to fly to Vienna.

According to Chauncey Marvin Holt an injustice was done to Lee Harvey Oswald and to history and to others when the hit on JFK and the hit on LHO silenced the possible emergence of the truth. Like E. Howard Hunt before he died Holt felt (like historians of Dorothy Kilgallen and others like Lee Bowers Jr.) wanted to out hidden evil residing in our politics and politicians and call-out before the world who the assassins were and who their victims were and still are.

Listen to and look at some of her video titles as she pointed her camera at my former home.

My use of images (Now we find out it is a pictograph that helps imagine the information contained or invoked by it.) in this story-line will name the photos and what they represent. Here is what we learn from Vocabulary.com about images (a few of the meanings of the word.) : a visual representation of something: such as (1) : a likeness of an object produced on a photographic material (2): a picture produced on an electronic display (such as a television or computer screen)a : to create a representation of also : to form an image of imaged Jupiter’s rings image the bone using X-rays b : to represent symbolically 2: to call up a mental picture of : IMAGINE 3 : to describe or portray in language especially in a vivid manner 4 a : REFLECT, MIRROR b : to make appear : PROJECT

Here is image 89.jpg

Olga in the movie Jet Pilot may come from a WWII split political family. The competing system of Aristocratic England and Socialist Nazi Germany (on the mother’s side) A movie representation I Ed Donegan believe is analogous to Glorian Donegan.

Imagine now Glorian And Donegan lived in the apartment shown in 89.jpg and that Jen Moore was telling and I am confirming my family history.

OSS to CIA, black budgets, Operation Paperclip, & Hidden Identities Task Force: Whistleblowers Journey:Live in DC • 670 views • 1 year ago MK Ultra, Mind control, Pedophelia blackmail, secret societies, Jesuits https://youtu.be/JhhnAbIsS20?si=8xXxMIY1c1gbqo0N

The 3rd Reich & “The Artist” Infiltration into US Politics Task Force: Whistleblowers Journey.Live in DC Indoctrination. theaters, the Hitler Youth https://youtu.be/HXl5seoGk4Q?si=zOAENldQtrAmvb-b

What could all that refer to? Let me show you a Google query as to who the Von Trapp Family singers were. Is The Trapp Family Singers a true story?
The play is based the actual Maria Augusta Trapp’s 1949 memoir, The Story of the Trapp Family Singers, which chronicles the family’s beginnings in Salzburg, Austria, through its escape from Nazi-occupied Europe, to the family’s eventual relocation to America.

Maria Augusta von Trapp DHS (née Kutschera; 26 January 1905 – 28 March 1987), often styled as “Baroness”[1][2][3], was the stepmother and matriarch of the Trapp Family Singers. She was the Nazist Niece of Franz Kutschere and early on when Fascism was popular all around the world use Capt Von Trapp children she was overseeing for Nasi propaganda in theaters thought the decided to flee in 1926.

Maria Kutschera at a young age became an orphan after her parents died at least one from a flu. Her Uncle Franz Kutschera became her guardian. He had some control of her but she ran away and for a while entered a Catholic Convent for traing but seems to have left it pregnant was assigned to Help Capt Von Trapp with his children now that his wife was gone. During a window of time she the Singing Nun was asked to coach the Von Trapp children in Nazi songs as Hitler Youth. Both Maria and Capt von Trapp objected and as Nazi power grew they fled Austria.

Is Glorian Donegan of North Carolina is secretly tied to an underground railroad that ran in the mid 1920’s? Yes and she was born in 1926 to one of those relocated people probably arranged by Dean Rusk and the Rockefeller family along with Joseph Kennedy Sr. and others for a variety of reasons we will see later including some nice pictures with FDR in them to home Joseph Kennedy Sr was closely associated as a fellow prominent Democrat Party member and US Navy connected..

Other images will show a high power espionage operation tied to the elites in the USA has illegally “targeted” me with a smear campaign, allowed break-ins to my home office live work space, undercover operations falsifying rental data in the building management got me evicted and the COINTELRPO system now has me homeless with the public believing the smears and black-listing me from rentals, car buying, etc,

I will speak admiringly of Ted Gunderson and his works as he believed (and he was correct) that CIA front groups operating as Satanists, Drug Dealers, or Motorcycle Gangs were really CIA backed wrong-doers who even after killing children would escape prosecution and be protected by people like The George H. W. Bush administration that he Gunderson hated so badly and suspected so much of. He also believes (as I do) that these groups murdered Jeffrey R. MacDonald’s family and then left Jeffrey R. MacDonald the blame.

In a distant future Guy Montag is a fireman employed to burn outlawed books, along with the houses they are hidden in. – Wikipedia plot line Fahrenheit 451. “The instruction we find in books is like fire. We fetch it from our neighbours, kindle it at home, communicate it to others, and it becomes the property of all.” ― Voltaire

When I have signed leases at Ballpark West in Austin, hunted for new leases or signed leases elsewhere for my live work book writing space an undercover operation using shills has fakes enough events and picked enough fights for me to be evicted and blacklisted as a trouble maker.

I have ostracized and smeared and this their is a nexus between the history of my family being told and the retaliatory acts of abuse against Jen Moore, myself, Tom Dunham, Veronica Hoffman, and others including the Kennedy family and investigators of the assassination.

I will show a few things about lots and how properties in the USA work. I lived on lot 1513 on Ocean Drive Corpus Christi. Lot 1511 was next to it and next to Ocean Drive. There may have been Lots 1510 and 1512 on the other side of Ocean Dr but the ocean was there instead. You can see the logic in all of this.

One developer bought lots 1511 and the adjoining lot 1513 and and treated them together as one lot. One giant two story building was there and on Lot 1511 were units 1-4 and on lot 1513 the apartent building spanned into were unites 5-8. Moving in was extremely complicated because 1511 NOR 1513 were on the outside of eitehr building and unless you knew the story and had been inside the units and talked to the residents you migth think Unit 5 was on the 1511 lot. Complex tricksters were using a smear campaign that was based on discrediting by the actiosn of people wrongly identified by me and I and Jen Moore that was a “black” (plausibly deniable) covert operations scheme making me seem an abomibale person who should be black-listed, was retarded, a schoziprhonic not to be listened to, wel, except for high price sex workers who might help him grow up a few years with some lessoins given to him by those sex workers.

The police use this as a system of studying me since many of those sophisticated sex workers were part of Goth or other non Red State underground communities the Bible Belt rejected as an evil and knew nothing about.

While a COINTELPRO program has harrased her and me and even killed her and cost me my health and home and reputation the larger story (not the smear campaign) is that today’s “Sooks, Hoods, and Hidden Elites” have old money connection into the Kennedy assasion and long term operatives from both parties including John Podesta, Victoria Nooland, Rod Rosentein, the Bush Family, Obama Family, and many others are tied to widespread corruption of all forms going back to Allen Dulles days and the JFK assasination an in today across the ocean into the Ukraine, contemporary wars and foreign policy, and long term CIA and MKULTRA ativities that are not yet known to history.

If it were as simple as one corrupt landlord or one corrupt trust fund administrator at ARC of Northern Virginia or elsewhere the situation would be more easily remediable but the use of smear campaign and politically motivated fake excuses for all sorts of request of private entities for police cooperation (after a smear campaign has begun that the police are acting under then the police harassment situation has to be won at the level of outing the elite ad corrupt government officials that have such power to order covert illegal programs that have ruined my life and associans and left me homeless as an undesirable. It has been a decades long fight to research my books and write them safely while being harassed and attacked.

Mocking a person as a pedophile or bullying them in any other of a number of ways to get the person blacklisted should be obvious a naked act of retaliation if a person like myself writing books like The United States v. EPD about FBI and DOJ misconduct in an earler arrest of me and in the federal system the case is The People of The Unites States v. the defendent.

While the bullying, blacklisting, and smear campaign needs no more analysis the fabric it exists in here is even more obvious. I like other JFK witnesses find the story we are telling to be a threat to the United States Government and its official both of them complicit in the JKF assassinations. Those who have been attacked by me by illegal programs bullying me are from all parties, genders, and walks of life.

This timeline using supporting witnesses and surviving evidence shows my connection to these events and witness who have been assassinated covertly and attempts on my life and book writing through thug who deny being operatives of the police. This chapter is one chapter of my book The Great Treason and writing that book and some other ones is one chapter of my life. I am a biographer of Ted Gunderson who was assigned to investigation the deaths of JKF and Marilyn Monroe and worked in the field office of Los Angeles as Special Agent In Charge and where RRK was assassinated and he was in the Kennedy administration working under Robert F. Kennedy as an anti-racketeering chief today would be called an Assistant Attorney General if he were DOJ instead of FBI. He (like Jean Hill the last dissenting JKF witness) held now confirmed conspiracy theories through their lives and like myself feared for their lives.

Much of my writing and fitting my life story into the JFK assassination ties to 1958 and Secret War to be conducted under Vice President Nixon through the CIA against Indonesia that Col Fletcher Prouty and Wayne Madsen have written about. Frank Gardiner Wisner (June 23, 1909 – October 29, 1965) was one of the founding officers of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and played a major role in CIA operations throughout the 1950s.

Some of my writing in not only as an observer but as a commentator. Some might suggest de-funding the CIA as Ted Gunderson suggested. But black budget operations are designed to insulate against that. Auditors can not see where money goes to or where it came from. Thus money from the oil companies and other sources can effectively fund CIA operations. I am one who believes a “sin tax” might work on the CIA. The CIA’s black budget operations often include drug dealing, arms trafficking with hostile nations merely for the pallets of untraceable cash such deals may produce, infiltration of the media hoping to qualify for Hollywood parties and of course just to feel welcome at them running high priced modeling agencies and funding or being funded by people like Jeffery Epstein and Victoria’s Secret models in slush fund illegal operations.

Now more about the CIA.

Wisner began his intelligence career in the Office of Strategic Services in World War II. After the war, he headed the Office of Policy Coordination (OPC), one of the OSS successor organizations, from 1948 to 1950. In 1950, the OPC was placed under the Central Intelligence Agency and renamed the Directorate of Plans. First headed by Allen Dulles, Wisner succeeded Dulles in 1951 when Dulles was named Director of Central Intelligence.

Wisner remained as Deputy Director of Plans (DDP) until September 1958, playing an important role in the early history of the CIA. He suffered a breakdown in 1958, and retired from the Agency in 1962. He committed suicide in 1965.

In July 1947, Bissell was recruited by W. Averell Harriman to run a committee to lobby for an economic recovery plan for Europe. The following year he was appointed as an administrator of the Marshall Plan in Germany and eventually became head of the Economic Cooperation Administration (ECA). Bissell worked with the Office of Policy Coordination (OPC) in diverting counterpart funds of the ECA to OPC operations in Europe.[7] Work with CIA – Bissell worked for the Ford Foundation for a while but Frank Wisner persuaded him to join the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Vision for the CIA- Bissell delivered an address at the CIA entitled “The Stimulation of Innovation” in 1957 that called for funding the research and development of groundbreaking new technologies for intelligence gathering and surveillance. He acknowledged that such surveillance may entail “gray activities” by the CIA, surveillance that the CIA may not have the legal right to undertake. But he urged that the dubious legal status of such activities should not preclude the CIA from pursuing them. He also advocated that the CIA implement covert political actions in target countries. [That document recomeds scientific TSS methods.

Did he forsee coming DNA research and the ability to see genes and genetics in X-Rays?

[Awared the Nobel Prize in 1962, and] the most important work in modern biology was published in the journal Nature – on the structure of DNA. Three articles finally proved that DNA was the genetic material by showing its structure. One was by Dr. Maurice Wilkins and his team, another by Dr. Rosalind Franklin and a doctoral student named Ray Gosling. The third was by Drs. James Watson and Francis Crick. The result was the birth of molecular biology, but it was controversial.

Dr. Rosalind Franklin was the X-ray crystallographer who produced much of the key data that captured the structure of DNA. She was a colleague of Dr. Wilkins at King’s College and their relationship was so strained she abandoned her work.

But her photo was the single key piece of evidence to solving the DNA structure. She supervised her doctoral student, Ray Gosling on Photo 51, an X-ray image of the DNA that all high school students have probably seen. She presented critical measurements of DNA at a talk that was passed on to Drs. Watson and Crick without her consultation. This strengthened the thought that DNA was doubled stranded with each strand running in opposite directions.

Drs. Watson and Crick used this data to propose a detailed physical model that explained DNA structure and sealed the argument. The pair were awarded the Nobel. Some claim her work was stolen which might be an over-reach. But the pair did not give her the credit she deserved. The Nobel can’t be given posthumously, but her work on DNA was certainly deserving of it.

Consider in 1962 the Nobel Prize goes to the Double Helix and the secret of life itself.

Affirmatively, what is proposed ig that two of the moot important function of the SA/PD should be (a) to achieve a really effective relationghip between dovelopers operators, and (When intelligence collection is involved) consumers, and b) to see to it that there unity of command over a particular project when this is needed to drive through inter—related chznges in tools, operational concepts, personell, and or organization. The reagon for omphagizing these functiono is, as REDACTED pointed out (in hig memorandum entitled Organization for the Exploitation of Advanced Technology) is that the secret of success of more than one recent project has been “the unity and freedom of the command end the very close coupling between three major areas—-research and development, operations, and the consumer’s requironents with the most candid interchange between the three.” https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP80B01676R002600130061-5.pdf

CIA Deputy Director for Plans- After Frank Wisner suffered a mental breakdown in September 1958, Bissell replaced him as the CIA’s Deputy Director for Plans (DDP). Bissell officially assumed the office on 1 January 1959. Richard Helms stayed on as Bissell’s deputy. The Directorate for Plans reportedly controlled over half the CIA’s budget and was responsible for covert operations. (DDP oversaw plans to overthrow Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán, Patrice Lumumba, Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, Ngo Dinh Diem, and others. Bissell’s main target was Fidel Castro.)

Jen Moore in talking about Freud, Jung, and others working for the CIA and the study of rat lines from generation to generation and ties to the JFK assassination is much like those treating Borderline Personality Disorder and ADHD and related minimal brain dysfunction.

What do Elvis, President John F. Kennedy (and Jackie), Alfred Hitchcock, Truman Capote, Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe all have in common? Apart from the obvious cultural and historical significance, they all shared a special relationship with Dr. Max Jacobson or as he would later become known, ‘Dr. Feelgood’. Private physician to the rich and powerful, Dr. Jacobson would administer his own brand of alternative medicine with an efficacious bedside manner, a questionable ethical morality, and a surgical bag full of illicit concoctions known as “vitamin shots”. Jacobson would insert himself into the lives of the American glitterati and practice his own unique style of personal medicine with grave consequences to their careers and wellbeing, but also by extension, to the American people. It’s an unnerving and little-known truth that when JFK was president, he was pretty much high throughout most of the Cold War. https://www.messynessychic.com/2023/11/24/everybody-who-was-anybody-had-dr-feelgood-and-his-speed-shots-on-speed-dial/ Dr Greeson found Marilyn Monroe dead but couldn’t tell the whole story of the research Ralph Greenson, broke into her bedroom by smashing a window to find the actress dead in her bed, with an empty bottle of sleeping pills on her

DNA and XRAY and Sonic Studies of oscillations of proteins is important. The Symptom might or not be visible and decoupled from the cause. A clinical tendncy of disorder might be overcome by behavioral intervention and training or other interventions such as being more rested, nutrition deficiencies or complications or co-factors remediated, etc.,

If a genetic disorder does exist then it might be highly distinct in clinical expression or vary from patient to patient. Being able to track genes reliable by the cause of the disorder and not the symptom was part of the promise of DNA technology.

Barrack Obama Jr and Long Hope the CIA had for Barrack Obama Sr. and that family line

“I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.”

Richard P. Feynman:Lined notebook

For Feynman’s contributions to the development of quantum electrodynamics, Feynman was a joint recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965, together with Julian Schwinger and Sin-Itiro Tomonaga. Feynman developed a widely used pictorial representation scheme for the mathematical expressions governing the behavior of subatomic particles, which later became known as Feynman diagrams. During his lifetime and after his death, Feynman became one of the most publicly known scientists in the world.

He assisted in the development of the atomic bomb and was a member of the panel that investigated the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. In addition to his work in theoretical physics, Feynman has been credited with pioneering the field of quantum computing, and introducing the concept of nanotechnology (creation of devices at the molecular scale). He held the Richard Chace Tolman professorship in theoretical physics at Caltech.- wikipedia

Wayne Madsen


The Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation is a non-profit foundation founded by Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. in 1946 in memory of his son Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. The foundation was led by his youngest brother, U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy, until his death in 2009. Wikipedia

The Ford Foundation is one of the most important “private foundations” collaborating with the CIA over a significant span of time in major projects in the cultural Cold War.

“At times it seemed as if the Ford Foundation was simply an extension of government in the area of international cultural propaganda. The foundation had a record of close involvement in covert actions in Europe, working closely with Marshall Plan and CIA officials on specific projects”

Frances Stonor Saunders, a noted scholar of the Cold War writes: “At times it seemed as if the Ford Foundation was simply an extension of government in the area of international cultural propaganda. The foundation had a record of close involvement in covert actions in Europe, working closely with Marshall Plan and CIA officials on specific projects”.

The leaders of the Foundation were in total agreement with Washington’s post-WWII projection of world domination, and they had over 3 billion in assets, a lot of money in 1950.

This is graphically illustrated by the naming of Richard Bissell as President of the Foundation in 1952. In his two years in office Bissell met often with the head of the CIA, Allen Dulles, and other CIA officials in a “mutual search” for new ideas. In 1954 Bissell left Ford to become a special assistant to Allen Dulles in January 1954. https://wikispooks.com/wiki/The_Ford_Foundation and https://www.voltairenet.org/article166741.html

Ted Gunderson is among those the FBI and CIA killed as they did Jen Moore for telling the truth of what I will now name the “Albert Conspiracy” that involved child abuse, child murders, murders of investigators and murders of witnesses. Jon Decam and William Colby of the CIA (both of them) died suspiciously and I assert (and Ted Gunderson) assert Colby was murdered by the CIA and I assert after Gunderson died John Decamp’s death should be viewed as a suspicious car accident that disabled him mentally first. Jen More also telling the “Albert Conspiracy” was also found dead as was the family of Jeffery MacDonald and Marilyn Monroe and Sonny Bono I assert all these and more had connections to the CIA activities in Guatemala, Bermuda Dunes Airport, New Orleans, weapons trafficking and CIA overthrows. The Albert Conspiracy is out of wedlock connections to Prince Albert York had a genetic minimal brain disorder that can be diagnoses as ADHD, Dyslexia, Borderline Personality Disorder, and other complex diseases of the brain that amphetamines that psychiatrists were testing had a positive affect on.

The Ted Gunderon Investigates Scientific Report of McMartin School did find CIA tunnels and excavated them and recovered artifacts while the Government did not look below the floors for the tunnels the abused children described. It may relate to Birther and test births being tested psychologically rigt about the first year of my own life.

The McMartin Preschool was 2 miles away from where I Ed Doneanlived when I was born and new building was planned when I turned one year old and I did go to preschool and I think that was mine and Tom Donegan’s (my brother’s preschool. I also remember being at a table there with a black child at that time and there being something going on with our nutrition they were talking about for us. https://maps.app.goo.gl/3GWs4LM441oX5Zkt7


“In 1956, at age 49, Virginia McMartin opened her preschool in downtown Manhattan Beach, and it quickly became popular within the local community. Following reports of sexual abuse at the school, McMartin was arrested in March 1984 on child molestation charges. The charges were dropped after the district attorney determined there was insufficient evidence to prove her guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, according to the Los Angeles Times. She and her granddaughter successfully sued the parent of one child for slander in 1991, but the plaintiffs were only awarded $1 each, according to the Los Angeles Times. McMartin died in 1995 at 88 after suffering a series of strokes, according to The New York Times. https://www-oxygen-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.oxygen.com/uncovered-the-mcmartin-family-trials/crime-time/mcmartin-preschool-trial-where-are-they-now?

The first construction on the preschool lot (i.e. 931 Manhattan Beach Blvd.) was the “Virginia McMartin Preschool” itself. for which the initial application for a permit was registered in December, 1962 (Permit, 1962). The building was built by C.R. Anderson and Co.. Contractors, who submitted architectural plans which were approved on February 15. 1966

Now more about the CIA. Wisner began his intelligence career in the Office of Strategic Services in World War II. After the war, he headed the Office of POSS olicy Coordination (OPC), one of the successor organizations, from 1948 to 1950. In 1950, the OPC was placed under the Central Intelligence Agency and renamed the Directorate of Plans. First headed by Allen Dulles, Wisner succeeded Dulles in 1951 when Dulles was named Director of Central Intelligence. Wisner remained as Deputy Director of Plans (DDP) until September 1958, playing an important role in the early history of the CIA. He suffered a breakdown in 1958, and retired from the Agency in 1962. He committed suicide in 1965. [According to Col Fletcher Prouty many at the time questioned the firing of Frank Wisner.]

Col Fletcher Prouy’s first paragraph following his reprint to the letter to Ford from Mrs. Sukarno of Indonesia. “What is not generally known about the complex Indonesian struggle is the role that was played by the then Vice President of the United States, Richard M. Nixon, and the bitter aftermath that involved the sudden ouster of Allen Dulles’ protege, Frank Wisner, who at that time was the head of the clandestine arm of the CIA. After Watergate, when Anthony Lukas wrote in his book Nightmare, about the growing mistrust between Nixon and the Director of Central Intelligence, Richard Helms, he could have added that since the 1958 Indonesian rebellion there were many in the CIA who made a career of hating Nixon because of what he had done to Frank Wisner, among others.” Indonesia 1958: Nixon, the CIA, and the Secret War
By L. Fletcher Prouty

I believe as Ted Gunderson that the CIA had plans at McMartin preschool just as they did at Boys Town Franklin Nebraska that Williamm Colby, Ted Gunderon, Jen Moore, and John DeCamp (also CIA) investigated.

retrieved from Dr. Gary StickeL Archaeologist
Ted L Gunderson. Project Coordinator (former FBI agent)
and copied or modified to here

TED L. GUNDERSON & ASSOCIATES, Santa Monica, California.

Private investigator firm included case files forensic trail work for F. Lee Bailey, esq., ina way comparable to Perry Mason and Paul Drake television duo.

Background of the Project 1.2 – The preschool site was located in the greater Los Angeles area of Southern California in the City of Manhattan Beach. Specifically it was located at 931 Manhattan Beach Blvd. Across the street is lot 922 Manhattan Beach Blvd and you can this is these photos there is a patent for a device in question patent number 3233922. 3233 are the last 4 of my SSN.

It was built on a rectangular parcel near the northeast corner of the intersection of Manhattan Beach Blvd, and Walnut Ave. (Figure I). The rectangular lot measured some 35.4 m.(116′) N(S by 11.1 m.(36′) EAV. In addition we explored the neighboring lot (927 Manhattan Beach Blvd.) which bordered the preschool lot. extending west of it to the intersection of Walnut Avenue and Manhattan Beach Blvd. (see Figure I). This property, referred to herein as the “side lot”, measured about 35.4 m.(ca. 116′) N/S and 12.3 m.(ca.20′) E/W (Langenwalter, ct al, 1985). ftus the combined two lots measured 35.4 m.(116t) N/S bv 23.4 m.(76′) E/W. with a combined total area of 828.4 square meters (S. 747 sq. ft.). This area is hereafter referred to as the “site.”

The first construction on the preschool lot (i.e. 931 Manhattan Beach Blvd.) was the “Virginia McMartin Preschool” itself. for which the initial application for a permit was registered in December, 1962 (Permit, 1962). The building was built by C.R. Anderson and Co.. Contractors, who submitted architectural plans which were approved on February 15. 1966 (Blueprint, 1966). The actual construction of the school conformed to those architectural plans (see Figure 1. which is taken directly from the architectural plans) for a singie story• wood-frame and stuccoed wall structure with a fiat. gravel-covered roof. The school was L-shaped and built on a N/S. E,’W basis. Tne long axis of the “L” was perpendicular to Manhattan Beach Blvd. and the short axis of the L. on the north.

As stated in section 1.1 above. the objectives of this archaeological project were to independently and objectively resolve whether or not actual corroborative evidence of the reports cf the children regarding features and data at the preschool could be located and recovered. This was necessitated bv the fact that despite seven years of official investigation, from September, 1983 to July 27. 1990 (USA Today, 1985: Wiley, 1991, p. 88) the tunnel reports of the children and the attendant concerns of the parents were never adequately addressed. The lack of tangible corroborative evidence of the children’s reports of subterranean openings was used in court to cast doubt on the credibility of the children’s testimony regarding the case in general. Obviously if such corroborative data were to have een discovered and entered into evidence at the appropriate time in the case, they may have been important factors in the jury’s final verdicts. However, as the series of events occurred. as described below. no such corroborative evidence was to be forthcoming until our work. Even when it was recovered. it was given no role in the court cases.

Ed Donegan proposes secert tunnels were in a “T” shape spaning Manhattan Beach Blvd and not just an “L” shape on one side of the street as earlier thought. I Ed Donegan also suggest this has to do with pre-school for SSN last four 3233 and that is me.

By use of ground examining equipment used under the floor area a 45 foot tunnel and a 7 foot tunnel were found. They had artifacts dating from about 1960 patented equipment to 1983 Disney toy bags. I Ed Donegan am from one of those families and my mother was one of those relatives under a hidden-identity in North Carolina.

Jen Moore was again saying what Ted Gunderson and John Decamp were saying. In the photos you will see Ted Gunderson believes a CIA operation led by then President George H.W. Bush was in 1988 tied to the same scandal a McMartin in 1987 and it was all some kind of CIA elaborate hoax of children moved around the world in abusive ways from orphanages after being terrorized. State Department passports and secret identities were made up. Villains were completely made up (as Jen Moore notes too) that Alister Crowley to Micheal Aquino were running cult groups encouraged to violence including against children but the police always let them go.

What was the CIA really doing? Per a memo written in 1966 and with some restored readability of its available text the DIA want a group to located talented children for use by the DIA who would disappear in seeming kidnappings and reverse psychology would make anyone identifying the kidnappers as Satanic Cults (that Gunderson and Moore saw through) would be dismissed as lunatics.

I invite you. I will try to entice you to ] non-fiction story of great importance in history of the world and has the missing pieces to the JFK, RFK, Marilyn Monroe, MLK, and Dr King assassinations as well.

There have been attempts to silence and sabotage and death threats are still made to me and death threats were made to her before she was found dead. That system she called Silencing and was the ultimate betrayal (in her words) of the elites using CIA and other resources to conceal their criminality going back into those events from their lives or the lives of their families and presidents, CIA, FBI, and other families like Mueller, Barr, the Bush Family, now the Obama family, and many others tie into world business politics that JKF and RK differed with.

In include in my books and here (in a much lessor amount) the evidence of that smear campaign that got me blacklisted from houses, into fights that I seemed in the wrong, angry and out of character, and even the victim of financial frauds and scams because the Abominable Mr. Rumph who is nearby me gets into all those things and creates turbulent disputes, hostile fights, etc.,

The Abominable Mr Rumph has a bad reputation he ears all the time and the information about him gets linked to me when it should not be. His actions while he is in disguise as me will be rumors about, information about me. His character based on his actions will reflect on me because he is disguise as me and often uses my name if not just dressed to look like me. A rather devious system called an Information Doppleganger and you will see Mr Rumphn next to me as he puts on wigs and things so (in a retarded way) he figures he won’t get caught. Everything about him is retarded.

I could not even get into Canada. Mr Rumph as always was along with me and beingn confused with me. He had a bad wig, was schizoprhenic, and had like me the only backpack he could find left on the used clothes rack, a high school backpack that he like I tore the emblem off. The baggage of the bus to Canada was search (away from me) and my baggage was damaged. I believe it was made to look like I was in flight from clever police who had outsmarted me again and I was “allowed to leave Canada” according to Canadian officials. In fact the police constantly outsmart Mr Rumpm who has pictures of little girls buttocks and when confronted pays up into a Protection Racket restitution and then with those very smart police go to high end “only the 10s’s” very hottest models to see what an adult person should want to see. It is these sex ex course the police take Mr Rumph to.

I am not the only person who know of this loser the the FBI and others are talking down about to others (like they did Candidan officials) He was in apartment buildings i was evicted from each and every time I rented an apartment. I am not the only person who has seen him. Tom Dunham and others have noting a smart friend he once had (me) was being imitated by a loser who seems to discourage protecting children.

The USA. Can’t live with it. Can’t live without it. These are the typical dirty tricks CONTELPRO has used against activists like myself and are documented in the Brain Glick work The War At Home and the FBI dirty tricks against activists.

FBI and CIA COINTELPRO “black” programs often involve violent group associations, crimes, murders, etc., and Nueces County Texas and its Bible Belt skid row missionary fabric are the type of place CIA and FBI associations with the needed criminal networks form for covert opps.

But it in fact it is the other way around. I am important to them and even a risk to them. I think my family story, my writing it, and my stories threat to them makes me a journalist risk to them and the protection racket use of falsifying smears of who I am exists primarily to damage me. That is not to say that people have not gone along with the Protection Racket because they believe the smear of me OR they get something out of it. Since many white adult sex workers want nothing to do with the right wing they are happy to teach non-white police officers and a local disabled person about goth culture and style. And for the FBI or others they want to learn how to be appealing and fit into and infiltrate that culture. Much of that is actually based on trying to act like me minus the white identitarian politics.

Arc Norther Virginia is part of the Protection Racket and it or ARC of Central Texas or other firms allow their disabled people to substitute for me and that substitute for me agress to payout to poor families and also gets access to cultural coaching.

But if you look beyond the more narrow interest of seeking a sex-worker with a stolen checkbook you find that the abusive allegations that are abusively part of the public treatment of me you find that the hostile environments that brook those allegations and treatment of me have a political interest in stopping my library usage, my computer to write books on, etc., It has been the experience of former FBI Special Agent Geral Sosbee, Ted Gunderson, and others including Jen Moore abusive hostile environments are the manufactured alternatives to safe spaced and part of CIA FBI harassment and are retaliation for attempts to write about government officials.

Using Thug networks for break-ins, illegal acts, gang attacks, and other acts of violence the police won’t protect a victim from are the dirty work of dirty policing.

First of all I will show I have been “preempted” a system the FBI and others use a two part system of. First my work and positive aspects like good gym community and politics (most of mine not all of mine are good politics) are cooped by others thus preempting those positive parts of what I do as being valued in me.

Often preempting a person is not just copying from them it is also smearing them and in a certain way such that it seems unlikely that what was was co-opted from a person would have originated from the person it was coopted from.

In short the system is discrediting people. Surveillance of a person then and copying them and smearing them and trying to take over from the person they are copying from and smearing.

I intend to show in this outlay of evidence others than Jen Moore were assassinated by what they said was an FBI CIA scheme covering up the role of global elites in our government and that includes Ted Gunderson and others.

AT the same time I will show that attacks on my books that I am writing are attempts to silence my and deprive me of office equipment, etc., and have been (in the FBI tradition Brain Glick documents in his book The war AT Home) and that all these deaths those connected to me that are unknown as to the public accepting there was a reason behind them and the deaths already known such as the Kennedy Curse and the curse of witness to the investigations of the Kennedy deaths are an integrated fabric the story of my life weaves together. All of this is exist evidence based often with recordings pictures videos public records etc., to be presented in this chapter.

In my case it is pretty easy since I am vary open about sharing ideas and care little about being identified with any “glory” or “worth” that the idea came from me. Mostly I just pick chose things in life and recommend those things I like For instance in music I often say I am a fan without being a musician. Many have copied my many YouTube playlists and I don’t blame them and often encouraged it.

That had been part of my gym success and extensive reading on metabolic syndrome and sports fitness was another strength of mine. Many observations I was making such as breathing and drinking habits, nutrition, metabolic cycles in 24 and 72 hours periods following workouts, lean meats, paleo diets etc., I was a constant source of leading trends in recovery and started a few of my own.

Two particular figures (in addition to my deceased brother Tom Donegan) have been part of highly placed and closely placed elder-abuse and fraud against myself Edward Paul Donegan over a long period of time costing me a decade of recently occurring and still present homelessness and series of losing legal efforts against the harassment that was conducted from a position of power.

The two figures are Tia Marselli from the ARC of Northern Virginia and Mark Gonzales who was the District Attorney for Nueces County Texas.

[I]n 2016, Nueces also elected Gonzalez, a 38-year-old Democrat and self-described “Mexican biker lawyer covered in tattoos.” Before being elected, Gonzalez had never prosecuted a single case: For his entire 10-year career, Gonzales had specialized in getting accused criminals off the hook—working most closely with low-income, mostly minority offenders, fighting low-level charges for marijuana and other substances. His pride in his work is expressed in a spectacular tattoo that he had inked across his chest a few years ago, reading, in colorful gothic type, “Not Guilty.”

Gonzalez’s résumé puts him in a small but striking new wave of U.S. prosecutors, politically liberal and in some cases even civil-rights advocates, who’ve been elected to roll back the excesses of the past 20 years’ worth of tough-on-crime laws. But what might make him the single unlikeliest DA in the United States isn’t his legal philosophy or his politics, but what’s stamped on the immense red belt buckle he’s wearing: the insignia of the Calaveras, the motorcycle club Gonzalez belongs to, which describes itself as a charity group but which the state of Texas officially considers a gang. With that comes a unique situation faced by no other elected official nationwide: Gonzalez, the county’s district attorney and regarded as a potential rising star in Texas politics, is considered by local police to be a registered gang member.

The intricate red-and-gold belt buckle of the Calaveras motorcycle club
A belt buckle with the insignia of the Calaveras Motorcycle Club, of which Gonzalez is a member—one of many belt buckles he regularly wears.

He connected with the Calaveras 10 years ago after they asked him to be their defense attorney for occasional DUI- or marijuana-related cases, soon joining them as a full-on member. It’s a partnership that has brought him a lot of joy and a lot of business, but it also ensures he can never quite relax about how the public sees him. At least once last year he had to explain to a police officer who pulled him over for speeding that he would come up in his system as a known gang member—and, full disclosure, that he was also the county’s district attorney.

The smear campaign and Protection Racket defending against and compensating injuries that do not exist are what these two seemed involved in (shaking down the trust fund as abusers of immigrants and biker gang members who want protection racket money to patrol with nice new cards and bikes) thus creating was the Legend of the Retarded Mr. Rumph. He loves em’ is rumphs that he can view but gets caught because he is so retarded. The gullible person impersonating me in that fictitious character leaves of trail of clues and forgeries that I Ed Donegan (whose identity he has stolen) is a harm to others and needs to and is willing to pay the fees out for damaging others but after that will have sex ed workers who are high priced models meet his needs in a better way. The Mr. Rumph scheme allows for a paper trail left near locations I was at or live in such that outrage forms I even lived there or would ever live there again. The FBI and others use smear campaigns acted out by paid actors in a system called Gang Stalks the gang being undercover operatives participating in FBI or CIA operations while undercover. Much has been written about under-cover FBI and CIA activities that make up COINTELPRO operations here in the USA and elsewhere.

How this ties together is how my reputation is damaged and impeached by the smear campaign. This is in addtion to break-ins to my apartment and theft of my computers, plants of evidence, and other forms of “black bag jobs” that make up Gaslighting.

Read the whole story and WATCH THE FULL KRIS 6 INTERVIEW

The least likely DA in America is an outlaw biker gang member who specialized in small time cases of local immigrants who he worked at defense counsel for mostly in misdemeanor matters but ambitions from the star of his DA term for Governor or now a run for Senator.

I Ed Donegan am going to assert he started a version of a COINTELPRO program at the behest of higher ups that had intended for illegal law-fare of fake allegations against me for political reasons

CORPUS CHRISTI – Nueces County District Attorney Mark Gonzalez has resigned, announcing his intention to run for US Senate.

In December, Gonzalez was set to go to trial in a case seeking his removal from office.

In a letter of resignation to Governor Greg Abbott, Gonzalez said the trial will not happen, because “I refuse to play this rigged Republican game, particularly considering Republican’s hypocrisy, as their presumptive presidential nominee is under indictment in four jurisdictions across this beautiful country and no less revered.”


When he was in office or newly elected? “One thing to know about Neuces Texas DA Mark Gonzales is he is a known gang member recusing himself from his own gangs murder cases and anti white pro Hispanic immigrant politics and national magazines called him the most unlikely DA in the America. His biker gang began patrolling against threats to immigrant children and I was portrayed as one (a threat), and a person who wanted to view young children exploitative and an impersonator of was confronted and had to pay up or be arrested from a conservancy likely operated by himself or himself in conjunction with others.

I dislike turning to metaphors but I can not complete the picture of this without one easily. What comes most easlity to me is infiormation circuits and lights going from illuminated to dark based on the truth-circuit. If such a chain of things link together the bulb lights up of there is a break in the chain it does not.

In the JFK assassination story tied Allen Dulles and the Donegan’s that Jen Moore was telling (while facing death threats) really had two components I will call JMComponent1 and JMComponent2.

JM Component1 is a life saver (lets say made of metal) in a roll of lifesavers that involve other metal disks (JFK, RFK, MLK, Dr. King, and Birther and Free Masonry of old European money) and with the Donegan metal disks in there JMCcomponent1 and JMCompoent2 the entire story lights itself up and for the first time and all the connected events are taken from darkness to light.

JMComponent1 is this is tied to JFK and the Elites need to kill JFK to complete the plans of Allen Dulles in Battleground Indonesia (see Gregg Poulgrain. Some if not most is drawn from other sources including the diary of Maria (Kutschera) that have been increasingly partially fictionalized from early to later versions. One early foreign language film version had her likely pregnant in the Austrian convent. Another possibility is she became pregnant in London passing through on her way to North Carolina USA. Other material is drawn from my family’s oral and recorded history, Jen Moroe, presidential libraries, etc.,

Another key source of JFK assassination information about the CIA (and Fort Bragg North Carolina assassinations unit we learn from Robert Groden) is Col Fletcher Prouty a Donegan friend and tied to the JFK assassination conspiracy plot he helped detect and publicize.

I was told by bullies in the area that white people did not belong in that area (though the bully pretended he was talking to his dog – a dog that was not white). Immigrants and others in cooperation with church groups were placing teen and younger females near me and acting out that I should be happy my interests were being fed and bullied as such. I find while some may think this has a real basis in me no more so that the guy who once mistook a male biker with long to be a woman was gay or a person who accepted a few teens here or their had good adult bodies was interest in the less developed. So you can if you look hard enough find a little of that here or there but those few exceptions clearly are overwhelming overshadows by the real rule of my instincts for adult women including when I was underage myself and hoarding adult magazines.

Acting like I am exploitive of underage women by either cover acts or age-of-consent disqualified consent is just plain wrong but good smear campaign material and even profitable false allegations. Only an impersonator me would say otherwise and that is just what this illegal racket employs to fabricate allegations.

It was and is a racket or organized crime to predicate false claims asking for payouts into victims fund run by those who say they were victimized by that old white guy from the far white wing who had moved into the area.

The plan was to get me blacklisted including after hoax events including nooses left around areas I have been. I don’t know if that ever happened in Corpus Christi Texas but it has happened around other areas I have been and it is rumored or believed I place them there.

This is intended to be an evidentiary exposition of surviving evidence. Witness statements on the record before and after witness deaths, existing documents of historical events that involve the Kennedy family deaths as part of this tory of Allen Dulles and the CIA, and existing known and unknown espionage and black-budge (covert mafia activities in some cases such as here a Protection Racket pilfering on false predicates) and the deep secrets of US history the most powerful lf US leaders are trying to hid their connections with.

My evidence presented to you is the same evidence she presented to you but I will name names. She did not tell you about the person living on 850 N. Randolph St Arlington Virginia USA but I will.

My mother? Let me tell you about my mother. She was born under the name Glorian Gainey in North Carolina 1926. It appears her story (and her and my disease) part of the FOXP2 gene and The Kings Speech. That was a movie of King George V in his suitor Mary Bowles-Lyon working to overcome FOXP2 symptoms, of mind and speech.

There are “out of wedlock” births of famous, rich, or “noble” families those families have denied for reasons of preserving the reputation and character and marriages of very powerful figures who in the glamorous spotlight did philander.

The story my mother of North Carolina though is the story of my father born in Dorchester Massachusetts to a once prosperous father who had lost all. Him in the same church as the Kennedy’s got a lucky break with WWII as service assignments go the prestigious (and in any service job dangerous) role of P-51 Mustang pilot flying recon over Europe to guide bombers, most likely to strafe Japan before the atomic bombing, and be part of the reconnaissance role of the first and second bombing wings.

He certainly knew Col Fletcher Prouty later (as I did) in Massachusetts and likely knew him in the post bombing of Japan work Prouty took up shortly after the surrender of Japan. My father was still flying in the Cold War and Korean War likely using ASTUGI Japan that is the frontwards “home” airstation of non-contested Allied space.

We can start with who Jen Moore was, how she started her life, what she did during her life and how it came to an end the way it did.

Jen Moore began her work (germane to this story) in the city of Tracy in an agricultural area of California. That itself is perhaps one thing she and I had in common and it brings to mind something (a bookshelf piece) I want you to keep in mind. When I introduce several pieces of visual evidence it may be the most important evidence I will ask you to consider.

It involves sex crimes and among the most important work Jen Moore did was as a sex crimes investigator. Perhaps at one time or another she became involved in the facts of one of my dumber actions. I close friend of mine a fellow Cal State Hayward student and also a friend was a true life friend of mine at that time sharing drinks, laughs, good times, and good music. During that time and while she was engaged and not particularly have any sort of crush on her but because she was so lovely I peeped on her from an opportunity related to construction (allowing for a camera) in the bathroom. She caught me and treated it nicely even throwing me a few “shots” of frivolous flirt and there was some heavy petting at times with us during her off and on relationship with her real partner and soon husband to be.

That was back in the 1980’s and much later for me and for her she became involve in other issues thought that reputation would not leave me.

She was fighting as a police officer rapists, violent offenders of all types and the ruggedest mentally, physically, and for her especially spiritually some of the most difficult to endure sagas of suffering.

Jen Moore eventually left Tracy Police Department disabled from physical and emotionally traumatic battery and went to pursue and receive a Master’s Degree in Psychology and there we meet again.

One of her specialty was Borderline Personality and the secret OSS CIA history of psychiatry going back to Vienna Austria, Frued, Jung, and many others who had CIA code names they worked under during MKULTRA in research that want far back even to WWI and its history.

Glorian Donegan (born Glorian Gainey) and I have FOXP2 gene most likely. A combination (co-morbid that means coexisting in a person) ADHD Dyslexia and some or fewer other symptoms perhaps. IT is not that uncommon even occurring in very “elite” families. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller and what he said about it … we’ll let us just hear from him on this.


(The author stands as proof that youngsters can overcome learning disabilities.)

By former Vice President Nelson A. Rockefeller

Those watching the Public Broadcasting Service program on “The Puzzle Children” Will include a very interesting Vice-President of the United States.

For I was one of the “puzzle children” myself – a dyslexic, or “reverse reader” – and I still have a hard time reading today.

But after coping with this problem for more than 60 years, I have a message of encouragement for children with learning disabilities – and their parents.

Based on my own experience, my message to dyslexic children is this:

Don’t accept anyone’s verdict that you are lazy, stupid, or retarded. You may very well be smarter that most other children your age.

  • Just remember Woodrow Wilson, Albert Einstein, and Leonardo da Vinci also had tough problems with their reading.
  • You can learn to cope with your problem and turn your so called disability into a positive advantage.

Dyslexia forced me to develop powers of concentration that have been invaluable throughout my career in business, philanthropy, and public life.

And I’ve done an enormous amount of reading and public speaking, especially in political campaigns for Governor of New York and President of the United States.

No one had ever heard of dyslexia when I discovered as a boy, along about the third grade, that reading was such a difficult chore that I was in the bottom one-third of my class.

None of the educational, medical and psychological help available today for dyslexics was available in those days.

We had no special teachers or tutors, no special classes or courses, no special methods of teaching – because nobody understood our problem.

Along with an estimated three million other children, I just struggled to understand words that seemed to garble before my eyes, numbers that came our backwards, sentences that were hard to grasp.

And so I accepted the verdict of the IQ tests that I wasn’t as bright as most of the rest of my class at the Lincoln School in New York City.

Fortunately for me, the school (though it never taught me to spell) was an experimental, progressive institution with the flexibility to let you develop your own interests and follow them.

More to the point, I had a wise and understanding counselor in Dr. Otis W. Caldwell, the headmaster.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “just because you’re in the lower third of the class. You’ve got the intelligence. If you just work harder and concentrate more, you can make it.”

So I learned, through self-discipline, to concentrate, which in my opinion is essential for a dyslexic.

While I could speak better French than the teacher, because I’d learned it as a child, I couldn’t conjugate the verbs; I did flunk Spanish – but now can speak it fluently because I learned it by ear, later, at the Berlitz School.

My best subject was mathematics: I understood concepts well beyond my grade level. But it took only one reversed number in a column of figures to cause havoc.

When I came close to flunking out in the ninth grade – because I didn’t work very hard that year – I decided that I had better follow Dr. Caldwell’s advice if I wanted to go to college.

I even told my high school girl friend that we would have to stop dating so I could spend the time studying in order to get into Dartmouth.

And I made it by the skin of my teeth.

I made it simply by working harder and longer that the rest – eventually learning to concentrate sufficiently to compensate for my dyslexia in reading.

I adopted a regimen of getting up at 5 a.m. to study, and studying without fail. And thanks to my concentration and the very competitive nature I was born with, I found my academic performance gradually improving.

In my freshman year at Dartmouth, I was even admitted to a third-year physics course. And in the middle of my sophomore year, I received two A’s and three B’s for the first semester. My father’s letters were filled with joy and astonishment.

I owe a great debt to my professors and to President Ernest M. Hopkins. I had met Dr. Hopkins earlier and was so impresses that I made Dartmouth my goal. Most of all, however, I think I owe my academic improvement to my roommate, Johnny French.

Johnny and I were exact opposites. He was reticent, and had the highest IQ in the class. To me, he was that maddening type who got straight A’s with only occasional reference to books or classes. He was absolutely disgusted by my study habits – anybody who got up at 5 in the morning to hit the books was, well, peculiar.

Inevitably, Johnny made Phi Beta Kappa in our junior year, but my competitive instincts kept me going. We were both elected to senior fellowships and I made Phi Beta Kappa in my senior year.

Johnny, of course, had the last word. He announced that he would never ware his PBK key again – that it had lost all meaning.

Looking back over the years, I remember vividly the pain and mortification I felt as a boy of 8, when I was assigned to read a short passage of Scripture at a community vesper service during summer vacation in Main – and did a thoroughly miserable job of it.

I know what a dyslexic child goes through – the frustration of not being able to do what other children co easily, the humiliation of being thought not too bright when such is not the case at all.

My personal discoveries as to what is required to cope with dyslexia could be summarized in these admonitions to the individual dyslexic:

► Accept the fact that you have a problem – don’t just try to hide it.

► Refuse to feel sorry for yourself.

► Realize that you don’t have an excuse – you have a challenge.

► Face the challenge.

► Work harder and learn mental discipline – the capacity for total concentration – and

► Never Quit.

If it helps a dyslexic to know I went through the same thing…

► But can conduct press conferences today in three languages…

► And can read a speech on television

► (Though I may have to rehearse it six times…

► (With my script in large type…

► (And my sentences broken into segments like these…

► (And long words broken into syllables)…

► And to win Congressional confirmation as Vice President of the United States…

Then I hope the telling of my story as a dyslexic child could be an inspiration to the “puzzle children” – for that’s what I really care about.

By Vice President Nelson A. Rockefeller (“The Puzzle Children” was a special on learning disabilities (Attention Deficit Disorder, Hyperactivity, Dyslexia. These do differ from retardation or bipolar disorder by can be clinically mistaken for those pathologies) telecast on most PBS stations. It was hosted by Julie Andrews and Bill Bixby.)

My (Edward Paul Donegan’s) parents nor I could understand why I couldn’t focus on my school work either and I was certainly very passionate about many things I was motivated but grades were always a problem and there were other problems to like being a good kid that could be wonderful but also become a terribly out of control child that could not be reasoned with. I was carried aswy by unstable emotions that were even a suprise to my rational mind that wondered why they were there doubting why things got to me that much (that internal argument between competing brain voices is a symptom of the emotions and intellect competing and a diagnostic criteria.)

Of course Julie Andrews was a quite famous “mom” to children. In the Sound of Music she played Maria Kutschera who in Austria leaves the convent (I think while pregnant) to live with Captain Von Trapp and his children. His first wife and mother of the chidlren Agatah Whitehead had died and a woman around the house was needed and in fact the soon married and moved to North Carolina.

Julie Andrews who played the ex-novitiate singing coach the the children later visited the Salzburg Austria home and spoke of the horrors the Marias’ uncle Franz Kutchera and Himmler had fro early visits to the estate in 1926 and after the Von Trapp departure in 1926 had taken over the villa in Hitler’s Eagle Nest mountains of Austia as the command post. That was right there in the area of Bavaria the classic Austria-Germanic hills people in the Eagle’s Nest of Nazi High Command inside the villas right at Hitler’s feet (per Jen Moore talking about the history of Maria Kutchera and Glorian Donegan) in Hidden Identities and Nazi Infiltrators into US politics.

Julie Andrews trained since birth as a vocalsit sang for the Queen of England at very young age, never knew who her father was but was born in Walton-on-Thames a town also known as Walton just 15 miles from Central London. Here is what is said Julia Elizabeth Wells[8] was born on 1 October 1935 in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England.[9][10] Her mother, Barbara Ward Wells (née Morris; 25 July 1910[11]–1984) was born in Chertsey[12] and married Edward Charles “Ted” Wells (1908–1990), a teacher of metalwork and woodwork, in 1932.[13] Andrews was conceived as a result of an affair her mother had with a family friend. Andrews learned of her true parentage from her mother in 1950,[14][15] although it was not publicly disclosed until her 2008 autobiography.[16]

Julie Andrews is quoted as ” J IS FOR JOHN
“My brother, John Wells, two years younger than I, is a jet pilot in the Royal Air Force, just married and stationed in Nigeria. John is dark and handsome, droll and funny. He’s my full brother. Actually, my true name is Julia Wells, but that didn’t have the right ring for the music hall. Andrews is my stepfather’s surname. I have two half-brothers, too-Donald Andrews, 23, a member of the Rhodesian police, and 19-year-old Chris Andrews, who’s coming to America soon to study photography-and a half-sister, Celia Wells, 20.

“I’ve seen John only three times in the past ten years, and I long to hear his giggle, which is the most wonderful throaty chuckle in the world, completely infectious. When I hear him giggling, I giggle too, and we’re helpless. He laughs so hard he has to lean against a wall, and very often he’ll sink on his knees in a heap.

“Years pass, yet when John and I see each other it seems as though we were together only yesterday.”

The only reason I introduce that tidbit here as that later I am going to talk about Cecil Rhodes and the effort to colonize around the world that was part of British pride of that super-power nation.

Now back to more immediate timeline focus of research Jen Moore was doing on generational studies of this form of developmental issue that did realte to British and other royal families.

To understand the Submarine hero and Captain Von Trapp and his former wife Agatha Whitehead and Great Britain connections a recognition of naval battles and naval intelligence is necessary.

Much has been made of a former FBI agent Guy Bannister and his anti-communist work. But Jim Garrison went even further into Bannister’s background and I introduce some that through the Garrison book On the Trail of the Assasins.

… About a week after Oswald’s Canal Street arrest, I recalled, someone arranged for him to participate in a radio debate on station WDSU. The subject was, essentially, capitalism versus communism. Oswald represented the left-wing position and duly portrayed himself on the taped program as a Marxist. After Kennedy’s assassination, and less than a week after Oswald in turn was murdered, copies of the tape were sent to members of Congress as proof positive that a communist had killed the President.

Could it have been Banister or one of his associates, I wondered, who had arranged for the debate and taped it? Could it have been Banister who sent it to Congress? If Oswald was working under Banister’s direction that summer, it was clear that neither his pamphleting nor his radio debating were intended to convert anyone to the cause of Marxism. Rather, they were designed to accomplish only one thing: to create a highly visible public profile for Lee Harvey Oswald as a communist.

I turned away from Banister’s old office and looked across Lafayette Street, where the U.S. Post Office Building loomed. Occupying an entire city block, it was majestic and timeless in contrast to its decayed, weatherbeaten surroundings. The building housed the New Orleans Secret Service operation. And, I now recalled, upstairs was the New Orleans headquarters of the Offce of Naval Intelligencet – the organization I had been musing about the night before in relation to Oswald’s Marine intelligence training. Was it just coincidence, I asked myself, that Guy Banister, who had begun his career in World War II with the O.N.I., had chosen an offce right across the street from his old employers? Just as much a coincidence, I supposed, as the location of his previous private detective offce – directly across the street from the New Orleans offces of the C.I.A. and the F.B.I.

I walked down Lafayette Street, toward the Mississippi River, to look at two other addresses on the 600 block of Magazine Street that I had noted from my reading about Lee Oswald’s movements. One was the Reily Coffee Company, where Oswald had been listed as an employee in 1963, shortly before his famous emergence on the city streets handing out circulars calling for fair play for Fidel Castro. You would have to be practically a stranger to the city not to know that William Reily, the coffee company’s president, had actively supported the anti-Castro movement for years.

As I walked around the small coffee company building, I wondered whether Lee Oswald actually had labored there as a “second oiler” as company records had indicated, or whether the firm simply had been his nesting place until it was time for him to fulfill his ill-fated assignment as an agent provocateur for Guy Banister. …

What few knew but she did is that distant relatives being secretly watched by powerful families had a lot to do with orphanages scandals like McMartin School the CIA is said to have been involved in, Boys Town in Franklin Nebraska, and other locations the powerful elite have been able to impose a Conspiracy of Silence. Ted Gunderson asserts his partner in the investigation William Colby of the CIA Family Jewels program was killed by the CIA FBI because he was whistle-blowing the scandals and lending his names to questioning the many deaths of children and Franklin Nebraska officials and investigators.

OAN Sits Down With Former FBI Agent Over Death Of Clinton Investigator retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgK_0Ga1Tpg and copied or modified to here

One America News

the file contained in this book OANRG.mp4 probably will not play in the epub readers now but the video is on YouTube and One America News sites.

A veteran journalist who was investigating possible [politically connected and politically] sex crimes from former President Bill Clinton is said to have been found dead in Washington D.C.

Prince George’s County Police Department released a statement to One American News (AONN) regarding Jenny Moore’s death investigation saying officers found a woman unresponsive at a Washington DC hotel after a welfare check.

The department claims the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. One America’s Neil W McCabe breaks down the case.

FBI whistle blower Robyn grits told one American News her friend Jen Moore told her that if the wrong people found out about the documents, she had just obtained they would kill her.

Gritz did not know what those documents (the were the story of Edward Donegan and Glorian Donegan) were but she does know that the FBI called her August 13th to tell her that her friend was dead this is the Capitol Heights Maryland hotel where Moore was found unresponsive by housekeeping.


Grit said that she never knew Moore’s last name but that the police called her because she had listed the veteran FBI agent as the next of kin.

“On Monday I was sitting towards the end of the day no sitting at my desk at work and I looked down and a lot of messages were coming in myself up and so I looked at on Twitter someone had messaged me you do know task force is that task force was the nickname for Moore and grits said that she used it instead of her name to protect her craite said that she thought it was all a sick joke but after calling around she confirmed that task force had passed and then the phone rang it was a detective from Prince George’s County Police Department and really really nice guy and he said I got your name and number to get her next-of-kin and he he just said you know this poor woman he goes suicide is it’s pretty much ruled out nothing to indicate suicide nothing to indicate a forced entry nothing to indicate of any kind of physical confrontation.

the initial call was that Moore had suffered a seizure she said Robin Gretz was not just any FBI veteran for 16 years she was a top agent assigned to high-profile cases such as the Boston Marathon bombing and posted as the FBI’s liaison officer to the Defense Intelligence Agency six years ago. She filed a gender discrimination complaint but instead of addressing her concerns the FBI put her on unpaid leave and has slow walked her case.

Using her skills she used Moore’s phone number to find three of the reporters relatives and passed on their details to the detective it was this personal history that formed the bond between the two women as more herself was a former California police officer who was targeted by her leadership.

Truepundit.com reported that Moore had come to them about the child molestation ring she was investigating with the help of a 26 year-old who said he was passed around the ring in the 1990s .

I said you know you need to kind of focus on what you have here that is the most needed and and I thought you talked to someone ..

Brett McCabe said she never knew what Moore was working on but she did know it was getting serious in the middle of doing all this research she realized she was possibly getting into some pretty dark places so she and she had documentation for everything so she texted me and said I got to find out who I can give this paperwork to and if it gets into the wrong hands someone will kill me and that was just I could say that was only about to speak before her her death was when she said if it gets in the wrong hands at one point she offered to take in more at her place in the Midwest but more never followed up on it she said now she is mourning a friend and fellow traveler I would describe and I actually just picked it up a little thing for her kind heart fierce minded brave spirit that’s exactly how I would describe Jenny.

Nelson Rockefeller seemed like a nice person and acted nice toards children. He lost a son in Indonesia in 1961 and JFK who was president of the usa then assured him all that could be done would be done.

Here is some background on that because we are going to be hearing from the works of Greg Poulgrain and others the Presidency and the CIA in Indonesia and Col Prouty (who we the Donegan’s knew) also have information we will introduce for consideration here.

Michael Rockefeller retrieved from Wikipedia and copied or modified to here

Michael Rockefeller (May 18, 1938; disappeared November 19, 1961) was a member of the Rockefeller family. He was the son of New York Governor and later U.S. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, a grandson of American financier John D. Rockefeller Jr. and a great-grandson of Standard Oil co-founder John D. Rockefeller Sr.

What is Good? Or Evil? A military commander may make a command decision costing lives. Wars may be prevented by the assasination of a aggressively minded dictator. In the Cold War following WWII was it Good to ally with the combinatioo of forces and methods that defeated the Nazi War Machine and later use its scientists in the USA to defeat the USSR?

We don’t know that becase these are largely unsolvable questions of philsophy and politics and morality. What we do know is that very powerful people act under a variety of reasons. The Rockefellers including the son lost in Indonesia felt world cultural bonding and influences could prevent WWIII and many were more connected to the history of WWII adn even WWI than the American War for Independence from Great Brittian.

Those who shot JFK thought they were doing Good or perhaps a necessary evil if the Cold War was going to be won.

Indonesia and the war the US covertly fought within its borders is going to be a central part of the Donegan and Jen Moore dark secrets. Col Fletcher Prouty who worte the books about the assassination of JFI and the desire of the CIA to control the world also wrote numerous articles one being “Indonesia 1958: Nixon, the CIA, and the Secret War”
By L. Fletcher Prouty.

** 1) Could Micheal Rockefeller been killed by Indonesian Nationalists and 2) if not might he have held me when I was a newborn on Los Angeles County California at in the Santomica Beach City area (Inglewood district of Manhattan Beach City Los Angeles County)? **

BirthCertZ is zoom photo on the key area of my birth certificate November 19, 1961 in Los Angeles County California, Inglewood neighborhood area of Manhattan Beach City that is next to Santa Monica Beach City that JFK was staying at and Patricia Kennedy and her husband English actor Peter Lawford lived at. In JFK JFK, Dave Powers and others were there with JFK escorting him as he was in town for at least one thing the Democrat Party Fundraiser dinner.

Here is a little on Peter Lawford rich son of Lt. General (second in command reporting to the Captain General on the same battlefied) Sydney Turing Barlow Lawford. Peter Lawford was his only son. Sydney Turing Barlow Lawford served in the Second Boer War in South Africa, commanding the 19th battalion of Mounted Infantry, and was promoted to major on 21 November 1900. Following the end of the war he received the brevet rank of lieutenant-colonel on 22 August 1902, before he returned home on the SS Briton the following month. He received his colonelcy in 1912 and became the commandant of the School of Mounted Infantry at Longmoor. His military nickname was ‘Swanky Syd’, apparently derived from his habit of donning full dress regalia, including all of his medal entitlement, regularly.[6] He was knighted in the field.[7] Field Marshal Earl Douglas Haig noted in his personal diary in early 1915 the following assessment of Lawford as a General: “I was at Sandhurst with Lawford, … although endowed with no great ability, he is hard fighting and plucky.”

After the war Lawford received promotion to the rank of Lieutenant-General, and was posted to the British India Army. He retired in 1926.

This was a period of independence versus colonialism struggle. Assuming leadership of the Indian National Congress in 1921, Gandhi led nationwide campaigns for easing poverty, expanding women’s rights, building religious and ethnic amity, ending untouchability, and, above all, achieving swaraj or self-rule.

While serving in India in the early 1920s, and while still married to Muriel, he fell in love with the wife of one of his officers, May Somerville Aylen (4 November 1883 – 23 January 1972), and she became pregnant with his child. Colonel Ernest Aylen, May’s husband, upon hearing this news, divorced her over the scandal.[10] General Lawford and Muriel divorced. He then married May Aylen, and their child, the actor Peter Lawford, was born in 1923, when his father was 58 years of age. The Lawfords returned to England but the scandal eventually drove the family to settle in France, and they then moved to the United States in the late 1930s.

Was Peter Lawford some kind of Rich Weirdo? He was unusual even by Hollywood standards. “Famous for being Famous.” Like his father General Lawford always well and even over-dressed. A British actor with a reputation of a leading man that was married to Patricia Kennedy sister of Senator and President JFK their father former Ambassador to Great Britain. JFK was there at the Lawford estatge for fundraising and he could assemble donors to the JFK LBJ headed Democrat Party as the 1962 elections loomed.

When Peter Lawford was child he fell through a French door and cut his right arm very badly; consequently, he never regained full use of his right arm and hand. Thus, he was turned down as unfit for military duty and did not serve during World War II. In the gay rich weirdo house it is said some would give their right arm for the privildge of being in the lab where I think JFK as Frankenfer and LBJ as Riff Raff and Betty Donegan and James Paul Donegan and others are mixed up with making a new life form artificially.

In some cases art mirrors life such as in The Manchurian Candidate 1962 and Jet Pilot and the Rocky Horror Picture Show that is set in the years between 1961 and 1963 at Peter Lawford’s Santa Monica home in the shadow of Joseph Kennedy Sr’s business RKO Theaters and the events I assert were a Strong Man for Indonesia being prepped by the CIA for a Banana Republic.

The scene is set as rich donors gather for a back tie Democrat Party fundraiser in Santa Monica the conventioneers and the party at the home the attendees are staying at.

This does not rely on how movies like Manchurian Candidate and Rocky Horror are in retrospect erie story lines. The data her is in the files that exist from the Donegan’s, Kennedy’s, public and Whithouse records, and in Organized Crime ties to blatantly illegal government programs and the hiddden identity of James, Glorian, and Ed Donegan from WWI, WWII, and the Cold War.

Another file here is a picture of my mother Glo as she was known Glorian Donegan born Glorian Gainey North Carolina (just as Dean Rusk was there in North Carolina at Davidson College in 1926) and that image file is Glo.

Inglewood is part of GLo Donegan and my story but part of my father’s (biological and sole father) story as well. He was a P-51 Pilot and later F-86. The Pursuit Planes (P series in the old days) could pursue other fighters to identify other plans (recon) or engage them (fighters.) The small fast planes were nimble and dangerous.

P-51 “Mustang” fighter in flight, Inglewood, Calif. The “Mustang”, built by North American Aviation, Incorporated, is the only American-built fighter used by the Royal Air Force of Great Britain digital file from original transparency

The file here is p51InFlightnglewoodLosAngelesCounty and is from the story https://www.loc.gov/resource/fsac.1a35324/ Library of Congress. About this Item
P-51 “Mustang” fighter in flight, Inglewood, Calif. The “Mustang”, built by North American Aviation, Incorporated, is the only American-built fighter used by the Royal Air Force of Great Britain
Palmer, Alfred T., photographe

My (Edward Paul Donegan’s) books go into extesive detail on the partnership of Great Brittain who licensed the Rolls-Royce Spitfire 16 cylinder engine to the Packard Motors for use in North American Aviation P-51 air-frame to produce this war winning plane that repelled German aircraft from England and led the fight back over Nazi Occupied Europe in the battle for air supremacy and protecting bombers. That information can be found online.

Interestingly enough there was a meeting between Thorkil Kristen and JFK and George Ball of the State Department February 20, 1961 about economic development of lesser developed countries and they intended to meet again in about 9 months that would be about November 19, 1961 the day of my birth certificate.

Thorkil Kristensenwas Secretary General of the OECD from 1960-1969. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD; French: Organisation de coopération et de développement économiques, OCDE) is an intergovernmental organisation with 38 member countries,[1][4] founded in 1961 to stimulate economic progress and world trade. It is a forum whose member countries describe themselves as committed to democracy and the market economy, providing a platform to compare policy experiences, seek answers to common problems, identify good practices, and coordinate domestic and international policies of its members.

TwoNine (Two months and Nine months after that and 11 (November is the eleventh month) are the two image files of public records I show here to connect a planned birth I think for the economic development of Indonesia. I am progressing slowly in the out-lay of facts here and I will not at this time and probably not in this chapter speak of President Barrack Obama Jr’s success in the economic recovery program or growth of the Stock Market under him. It leave it his detractors to do that instead.

I am going to assert in this book a plan was underway for Indonesia the CIA was backing and Barrack Obama Jr. was someone they wanted to place as child there so he could become an Agent of Influence there.

Donald Barr of the OSS and CIA (and father of William Barr) was headmaster of the Dalton School from 1964 to 1974.[9] During his time as Dalton’s headmaster, Barr is alleged to have had a role in hiring future financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein as a math teacher despite the fact that Epstein (who graduated from high school at the age of 16 and secured a full scholarship to Cooper Union) had failed to complete his degree and was only 21 years old at the time. In 1973, Barr published Space Relations, a science fiction novel about a planet ruled by oligarchs who engage in child sex slavery. It has been noted that the plot of the novel anticipates the crimes of Epstein and his convicted and prosecuted accomplice (the list of politicians and celebrities involved in sex crimes remains hidden), Ghislaine Maxwell. -Wikipeda

Did Donald Barr and Chauncey Holt through Joseph Kennedy Sr have a WWII OSS CIA relationship? Hot while in Balitmore Maryland during the war did illustratoins for medical works. At Hopkins, Lashley minored in psychology under John B. Watson, whom he continued to work closely with him after receiving his PhD. It was during this time that Lashley worked with Shepherd Ivory Franz and was introduced to his training/ablation method. Watson had a great deal of influence on Lashley. Together the two conducted field experiments and studied the effects of different drugs on maze learning of rats.[4] Watson helped Lashley to focus on specific problems in learning and experimental investigation, followed by locating the area of the cerebrum involved in learning and discrimination.

After obtaining his Bachelor of Arts at West Virginia University, Lashley was awarded a teaching fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh, where he taught biology along with biological laboratories. While there he also carried out research which he used for his master’s thesis.[4] Once Lashley completed his master’s degree, he studied at Johns Hopkins University, where he received his PhD in genetics in June 1911. He became a professor at University of Minnesota, University of Chicago, and Harvard University.

Lashley’s career began with research concerning brain mechanisms and how they were related to sense receptors. He also conducted work on instinct as well as color vision. He studied many animals and primates, which had been an interest since his freshman year at college.

John Broadus Watson (January 9, 1878 – September 25, 1958) was an American psychologist who popularized the scientific theory of behaviorism, establishing it as a psychological school.[2] Watson advanced this change in the psychological discipline through his 1913 address at Columbia University, titled Psychology as the Behaviorist Views It.[3] Through his behaviorist approach, Watson conducted research on animal behavior, child rearing, and advertising, as well as conducting the controversial “Little Albert” experiment and the Kerplunk experiment. He was also the editor of Psychological Review from 1910 to 1915.[4] A Review of General Psychology survey, published in 2002, ranked Watson as the 17th most cited psychologist of the 20th century.

The Little Albert experiment was a study that mid-20th century psychologists interpret as evidence of classical conditioning in humans. The study is also claimed to be an example of stimulus generalization although reading the research report shows that fear did not generalize by color or tactile qualities.[1] It was carried out by John B. Watson and his graduate student, Rosalie Rayner, at Johns Hopkins University. The results were first published in the February 1920 issue of the Journal of Experimental Psychology.

After observing children in the field, Watson hypothesized that the fearful response of children to loud noises [environmental traumatic stressors] is an innate (inherited genetic trait) unconditioned (non skinnerian) response. He wanted to test the notion that by following the principles of the procedure now known as “classical conditioning”, he could use this unconditioned response to condition a child to fear a distinctive stimulus that normally would not be feared by a child (in this case, furry objects).[2] However, he admitted in his research article that the fear he generated was neither strong nor lasting.

The aim of Watson and Rayner was to condition a phobia in an emotionally stable child.[3] For this study, they chose a nine-month-old infant from a hospital. The child was referred to as “Albert” for the experiment.[4] Watson followed the procedures which Ivan Pavlov had used in his experiments with dogs. – Wikipedia

I Edward Donegan do assert there was a test birth underway (testing remote biological relatives of Price Albert George VI and that if successful might groom Barrack Obama Jr. for Indonesia. There is a picture that is rather laughable and meant to be of someone who looks like Donald Barr holding and experimental monkey and there is something interesting in the background of that photo taken at the White House of a man in a labcoat. The OSS and CIA teams were working on under-cover hidden identities genetic experiments.

My Brother? Let me tell you about my brother

He did not have volatile emotions. I did and my mother did. We were sort of a Twins study in our own right shaing parents but half the offspring had FOXP2 and have did not. Him, his side of the offspring. I assert there was a third birth and that was Barrack Obama Jr who in a flip of the coin did not have FOXP2. I can describe my brother Tom Donegan’s untimely death by an allegory.

The allegory of the Vulture and the Harpie. All Tom Donegan hated in his life was the CIA, JP Morgan, and other of the families that funded the overthrow of Chile and comitted other international acts of terror. American Field Service exchange candidates used at Head-Royce high school was an eye-opener for him.

Those were the Vultures. JP Morgan, Cecil Rhodes, and others. They created Harpies they acted through, smaller birds that did the deeds JP Morgan needed but JP Morgan wanted to hide himself from. JP Morgan, Rockefeller, and others created interbreeding studies that allowed covert-indirect rule of births to people like Barrack Obama Jr. to maybe Obama Sr of Kenya or Malcom X Agent of Influence in Saudi Arabia or other families Obama Jr might be born into or raised in like Indonesia and be accepted in that country.

These were the Harpies that really attacked independent nations. The Vulture also being a Bird may also defend the Harpie at the Harpie’s request if publicliy asked for. The Vulture may also kill some of the Harpies if they are a threat.

Tom Donegan was a threat. Harpies have been used on me too and are run by Vultures. The feed on false allegations me etc., by Harpies attacking me. If I attack back at the Harpie the most honorable Vulture will defend its own kind. I think Tom Donegan was asked into an Agent of Influence role back in the post Head-Royce High school days and became a part of MKULTRA but knew too much about the program for him to be left alive, he died of canver a few years ago.

Much of my book detail FBI, CIA, local police, local fire, and street thug coordinated Gang Stalks that are a system of Zersetzung. How do you cripple, arrest, defame, politically smear a person whom you (as a government official) fear but have not case against?

“Zersetzung” Strategies and Utilisation of Psychological Warfare on Individuals and Groups Part One retrieved from https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/zersetzung-strategies-utilisation-psychological-part-mario-bekes-8umqc/ and copied or modified to here

Mario Bekes – Human Intelligence Expert
Mario Bekes

Zersetzung, which translates to “decomposition” or “disintegration,” is a covert and methodical form of psychological warfare used by the East German Ministry for State Security, also known as the Stasi, during the Cold War.

This nefarious practice included a variety of measures aimed at destroying the lives, reputations, and mental well-being of individuals perceived to be enemies of the state or prospective dangers to East Germany’s socialist rule.

Surveillance, harassing, gaslighting, propagating false rumours, and different sorts of psychological manipulation were all used in Zersetzung.

This dark period in history serves as a vivid reminder of the effectiveness of psychological methods in suppressing opposition and keeping control inside authoritarian governments. …

The blacklisting and frauds and identity theft using my identity for wrongful acts is all hoaxes and staged appearances and this preemption team was creating the hoaxes. In my case my unpopular politics helped.

Several tied to Mark Gonzales and Nueces Social Services were found dead who were part of imitating me as being mentally retarded or the acts of a retard seeking children of his own developmental level. Bobby Courtney was asked to talk to little girls around the Corpus Christi Harbor and Sea Wall and he did. He was also taken to strip clubs in Corpus Christi Nueces County Texas and shown what women’s “boobies” were and asked to feel them

Jimmy had a part time job at a florist shop but was chronically homeless and at bus stop engaged in conversation with me suggesting I had planted video equipment inside a child’s doll and wasn’t just like Barrack Obama a little monkey doll?

Both Jimmy and Bobby died in violent street beatings i beliew were conducted by a street thugh calling himself Casper the Ghost. A skid row thug I did not know frequently he threated me with a gun and suggested he was a war hero.

Before Bobby died he pointed to the Nueces building this DA and adjoining police building were working out of and said it was the Mexican Mafia running these events from those buildings. I did hear Mexican Mafi as from that town and fro San Antonia as the various barrio crew were bragging about the connections including to DHS and the FBI.

Veronica Hoffman was a Los Angeles Dominatrix who died in a pschyward and I assert before I came to Texas and from San Francisco days had been part of an earlier operation that was very similar to this. I met the Jewish rising star Cyber-Goth model at parties of that type my own associations SF Goth were also at and overlapped with the swingers community.

I and a few of the older SF Goths had fairly hardened older male cynicism that was not at all shared by all and in most ways I did not try to act as Goth scene member and really didn’t care taht much but to the (inadvertent on my behalf) alarm of sociologists I did show groups like VNV Nation Victory Not Vengeance were seeking not criminal post racial entrancement of German culture without any repercussions and like me welcomed and considered non white membership both original and welcome.

My view is the COINTELPRO targeting my white identitariansim is both exaggerated and insincere. The deeper issues behind the smear campaign is the Kennedy ties but for blacklisting my white identity has been a good start with Mexican gangs given freedom to operate.

This was (and is true) of a racketeering and money laundering “Russian Dolls” black budget operation she and others (including myself) were outing as CIA activity, but its deeper roots into the CIA, the OSS before it, Gladio in the Catholic Church (likely under Cardinal Spellman as well as several connected Pontiffs) and big business and big money dating all the way back into the Gilded age and Free Mason influences on world politics and history.

And I Edward Paul Donegan who has lost his lifespan and half the learning and associations he might have had if not falsely imprisoned as COINTELRPO victims are (or they are outright murdered by car accidents, cancer, heart attack guns or other means) and I will describe the way I am kicked out of apartment buildings, thrown in jail, arrested, and banned from locations is a smear campaign of abuse of me by double entendres that lead to fights because of the untrue and dangerous stalker treatment of me often including pointing knives or guns and death threats. Conduct as Double Entendre expert stalkers lie about who a harassing comment was intended for (the person they are with or the person right next to them they are harassing) or will pretend one meaning rather than another if confronted.

I list here some of the elements abusive provocateurs use to instigate fights with abuse so carefully concealed only the raging anger of a victim might ever find and address those injustices

Inflammatory and Vitriolic and Unjust and Irritant and Pollution retrieved from Vocabularly.com and copied or modified to here


To irritate is to cause an unsettling reaction, whether it’s of the body or the nerves. You can irritate someone by talking too loudly on your cellphone in public. You can also irritate your skin, causing a rash or redness.

To irritate is to disturb — either physically or psychologically. When you have an allergic reaction to something, you irritate or disturb the body. When you have an allergic reaction to your kid brother, he is probably irritating you with his annoying habits. And what is the result of something irritating? An irritation of course.

  1. verb cause annoyance in; disturb, especially by minor irritations feel extreme irritation or anger. “It irritates me that she never closes the door after she leaves” synonyms:annoy, bother, chafe, devil, get at, get to, gravel, nark, nettle, rag, rile, chafe

  2. verb excite to an abnormal condition, or chafe or inflame. “Aspirin irritates my stomach

  3. verb excite to some characteristic action or condition, such as motion, contraction, or nervous impulse, by the application of a stimulus
    irritate the glands of a leaf

Aggravate means to make something worse, and irritate is to annoy. – Vocabulary .com. Ed Donegan suggests using irritants to undermine the calm emotions of a Borderline by irritation of him aggravates the emotional condition he has.


A pollutant or novel entity[1] is a substance or energy introduced into the environment that has undesired effects, or adversely affects the usefulness of a resource. These can be both naturally forming (i.e. minerals or extracted compounds like oil) or anthropogenic in origin (i.e. manufactured materials or byproducts). Pollutants result in environmental pollution or become public health concerns when they reach a concentration high enough to have significant negative impacts.

A pollutant may cause long- or short-term damage by changing the growth rate of plant or animal species, or by interfering with resources used by humans, human health or wellbeing, or property values.- Wikipedia

Definitions of inflammatory

In medical terms, something that is inflammatory causes a local reaction that shows up by swelling, heat, pain, and redness. If you are stung by a bee, you may have an acute inflammatory reaction to the sting.

The adjective inflammatory also refers to something that excites anger, violence, rebellion, or similar strong emotions, in many cases referring to speech or writing. If you are a politician, inflammatory speeches may be one tool you use to incite your constituents to vote against the corruption of your opponent. After all, a stirring speech about rights people may lose if an election goes a certain way is more likely to get out the vote than a more understated discussion.

  1. adjective arousing to action or rebellion

    serving or tending to provoke, excite, or stimulate; stimulating discussion or exciting controversy

    synonyms:incendiary, incitive, instigative, rabble-rousing, seditious provocative

Definitions of Vitriol

Definitions of Vitriol is harsh, nasty criticism. You may have deserved some blame when the cake didn’t rise, but the head chef’s stream of vitriol was unnecessary.

Back in the day, vitriol was the name for sulfuric acid, which burns through just about anything. So think of vitriol as language so mean-spirited and bitter that it could eat through metal: “As a divorce lawyer, you were familiar with vitriol, but nothing prepared you for the time you wore a Red Sox cap at Yankee Stadium.”

  1. n. abusive or venomous language used to express blame or censure or bitter deep-seated ill will

  2. v. subject to bitter verbal abuse

  3. n. (H2SO4) a highly corrosive acid made from sulfur dioxide; widely used in the chemical industry

  4. expose to the effects of vitriol or injure with vitriol

Definitions of Unjust

Something or someone that is unjust is just not fair. An unjust boss might fire you the very first time you’re late for work.

You might think of the word justice in order to remember the meaning of the word just, which means “fairness or righteousness.” An unjust judge does not play by the rules; he might send a person to jail even though there isn’t enough evidence that a crime was committed. Unjust behavior is improper or dishonest: “The professor acted in an unjust manner when he gave everyone an F just because there was a rumor that his students didn’t like him.”

  1. adjective. not fair; marked by injustice or partiality or deception synonyms:unfair, below the belt, disregarding the rules (from the notion of an illegal low blow in boxing,) cheating, dirty, foul, unsporting, unsportsmanlike, violating accepted standards or rules, raw, brutally unfair or harsh, partial, showing favoritism

  2. adjective. violating principles of justice. “unjust punishment”, “an unjust judge”, “an unjust accusation”, synonyms:
    unfair, not fair; marked by injustice or partiality or deception, dishonorable, dishonourable, lacking honor or integrity; deserving dishonor, actionable, affording grounds for legal action, wrongful, not just or fair, wrong, contrary to conscience or morality or law, unrighteous, not righteous

  3. adjective. not equitable or fair

Words. Words. Words. What is an example of reprehensible? There were reprehensible actions on both sides. He said the attack on the school house was reprehensible. The poor advice has combined with reprehensible behavior by bank employees. Any attack on innocent people is reprehensible and inexcusable. If the attack on an innocent person is only comprehensible to the attacked person is it still reprehensible? Yes. And while a reprehensible attack my not be excusable it may be denied and the fight blamed on the wrong person.

What Jen Moore said about being stalked herself as I was is that a person tries to injure you in some disgusting way disgusting to you and then just keep pouring salt on and re-injuring with more disgusting treatment of the wound so it is trauma producing or as Sosbee said will bring about suicide or as I say contentious fights. Also called Rough Noise the stimuli is meant to be psychologically too disruptive to surive in and maintain a normal function. It is also called Terror Stalking meant to bring about fear and mental states what will cause mental health commitments in panicked states.

I Edward Paul Donegan think and Jen Moore thought and Ted Gunderson thought the the officials of the CIA and FBI are part of a group of elite connected individuals (most of whom have III, a bird reference, or August 4 or other royals tied birthdays) whom from generation to generation have been involved in using genome information on themselves and their family lines as NWO Deep State elites with a word global agenda and the mechanisms of subversion by quiet (deniable subversion) warefare.

Jen Moore knew these people knew us.
Tourette (too-RET) syndrome is a disorder that involves repetitive movements or unwanted sounds (tics) that can’t be easily controlled. For instance, you might repeatedly blink your eyes, shrug your shoulders or blurt out unusual sounds or offensive words – Mayo Clinic.

Here is something similar. What is borderline personality disorder? Borderline personality disorder is a mental illness that severely impacts a person’s ability to manage their emotions. This loss of emotional control can increase impulsivity, affect how a person feels about themselves, and negatively impact their relationships with others.

Borderline Personality Disorder is characterized by: Intense difficulties in interpersonal relationships ,Impulsivity, disinhibition, and risk-taking behaviors,
Difficulty managing painful emotions.

Attacks that are humiliating, unjust, abusive and deeply personal may enslave the Borderline to emotional the more rational mind votes against. GangSTalkers know the history of this disease and its ties to elite families and in orphanages Borderline Personality Disorder is tested for and in adulthood it can be preyed upon to trip up a perons and bring about a conflict the person will be blamed for. Like with Tourets and like with knee jerk response to the rubber hammer the Borderine will eventually be driven to fight the bullies.

The Task Force she was on (most likely Anti White Hate or something like it) wanted to abusively degrade me and after learning from adult entertainers about sex work in elite circles to then infiltrate those circles but using the negatie legend of me to 1) Justify my exclusion from elite circles and 2) Fund lessons in elite metro-sexuality on the premies that I neeed them to socially succeed when in fact it was the Mafia who wanted to learn how to socially succeed and by replacing me replacing my politics.

Jen More I was being abused and defrauded by the system of paying out claims I had harmed others but the Protection Racket assertign I had done wrong to others was operated by criminals who killed her to keep the phony allegaions and phony appearances and use of phony Ed Donegan in operation so the phony Ed Donegan could learn to be the best partymeister Austin college town has ever seen.

So while that damaged me for some obvious reaons Jen Moore and I think a campaign to damage me has deeper origins than just my right wing views.

This protetion racket operated by a Slush Fund is connected to a string of deaths and illegal ativities and this time-line traces them back to what they were and their origins actually are.

Many like myself writing books about the CIA or FBI or there operations or their official or public officials undergo Gang STalks. Thus far the media will not give sufficient attention to the situation probably in part because the editorial control the super-rich have as influence in the media, the issue does not affect enough people, and people have claimed to be stalked are flooding lawsuits and may be mentally ill or fraudsters looking to be a part of class action suits they may be elligble for.

Another reason Gang Stalk victims have had difficulty seeking remediation is at least in my case I have been asked to prove why I would be stalked by people unfairly smearing and assaulting me and starting tense situations and I had to research into the Kennedy assasination to find out why I (or Jen Moore or Ted Gunderson or Geral Sosbee) would be “targeted” by the CIA and its suborndiate agencies and personell it conducts out of what it seems is CIA Denver Colorado.

I have included a picture of Vernoica Hoffman who after first being recruited into a Stalk later died long before her time and I believe she herself was silenced after she had too much knowledge of the operation and was only used for a while then later abused by the underover intelligence operation. Makign it seem like she was bipolar when she was just terrified discounted anything she might have said about what it was that she did know about the situation with me.

Other books by Donald Barr have a them of Free Mason inspired world rule that can bring about peace. A Planet in Arms is a novel in which Rohan’s Planet has just won its independence from the Terran Empire of Earth and established a new government and also The wonders of prehistoric life.

One of his books suggests a person who acted like a Knight would be perceived as one by others and seems to suggest (although knights are not hereditary) a basis for heridatary leadership if not cover heridtary rule.

Photo 51 is an X-ray based fiber diffraction image of a paracrystalline gel composed of DNA fiber[1] taken by Raymond Gosling,[2][3] a graduate student working under the supervision of Rosalind Franklin in May 1952 at King’s College London, while working in Sir John Randall’s group.[4][5][6][7][8] The image was tagged “photo 51” because it was the 51st diffraction photograph that Franklin had taken.[9] It was critical evidence[10] in identifying the structure of DNA.[11]. It is referenced at 33 Minutes in Rocky Horror that by the Arnold Schwarzenegger references may have been set at Venice Beach City’s Muscle Beach in Los Angeles a mile or two from Santa Monica in Rocky Horror. The events unfolding at what seems to be the Patricia Kennedy and Peter Lawford and LBJ (Riff Raff) series of events are a brain split between two births one is Eddie. Experiments in life and Sargent Schriver of the Peace Corps and USAID that is said to be tied to Barrack OBama Jr. origins. Hints at it allegorically, nothing more, but there is a real paper trail of real public records release by the CIA and others that would confirm in reality the allegory in cinema.

In 1954, Peter Lawford married Patricia Kennedy, sister of Senator John F. Kennedy. Lawford would become an enthusiastic fundraiser for the Senator. – wikipedia

I have red the declassified details and analyis regarding the CIA and Obama story including the death of Barrack Obama Sr in Indonesia that some attrrbitute to the CIA to conceal the CIA role in his story. I have also read The Story of Obama: All in The Company (Part I https://www.voltairenet.org/article166741.html) and The Story of Obama: All in the Company (Part II https://www.voltairenet.org/article166759.html) by Wayne Madsen. “In the second part of his investigation Wayne Madsen focuses on Barack Obama’s mother and stepfather. He follows their footsteps as CIA assets from the University of Hawaii, home to some of the CIA’s blackest projects, to their activities in Indonesia where a vast US-sponsored anti-communist massacre was unfolding. It marked the start of globalisation in Asia and in the rest of the world. Unlike the Bush dynasty, Barack Obama has smartly concealed his own connections with the Agency and, in particular, those of his ancestors … until now.”

Though not on the front pages of US media outlets there has been quiet and improving research by narrow slice of media that shows there was a CIA role in the origins of Barrack Obama Jr. and Wayne Madsen is one such well informed writer.

“In 1983-84, Barack Obama worked as Editor at Business Internation Corporation, a Business International Corporation, a known CIA front company.” “President Obama’s own work in 1983 for Business International Corporation, a CIA front that conducted seminars with the world’s most powerful leaders and used journalists as agents abroad, dovetails with CIA espionage activities conducted by his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham in 1960s post-coup Indonesia on behalf of a number of CIA front operations, including the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Ford Foundation. Dunham met and married Lolo Soetoro, Obama’s stepfather, at the East-West Center in 1965. Soetoro was recalled to Indonesia in 1965 to serve as a senior army officer and assist General Suharto and the CIA in the bloody overthrow of President Sukarno.”

Ted Gunderson is another Conspiracy Theorist I have read and researched and like other Dissidents who doubt the offical narratives believes McMartin Preschool and Boystown Franklin Nebraska scandals and other abuse of and murder of children were tied to CIA activities.

FOr this we need to continue along the beach front of Los Angeles County.

in Los Angeles County the beaches along the bay next to each other. The distance from Santa Monica [beac city to Venice Beach is approximately 3 miles. Can you walk from Venice Beach to Santa Monica Pier? Walking from Venice Beach to Santa Monica is possible – in fact, it’s quite a nice walk. Manhattan BEach is right there too. They are all grouped right together along the boardwalk.

Ted Gunderson believed at the Mcmartin School children were being frightened and abused by CIA researchers in secret facilities and I believe he (and the experts he used in the Scientific Report had had generated) that a secret CIA lab existed. It was excavated and found to have odd tubing and lab equipment and on patent he emphasized was patent number with 3233 in it and that is my Social Security number of my birth in Manhattan Beach City 022-46-3233. The 022 references Massachusetts or family from Dorchester were the Kennedy’s were from. There should be from when SSNs were sequential an 022-46-3234 SSN in my family but no record of such a sibling exists. My brother was 3235 and I even think at one point that became swapped with 3233.

ABSTRACT: The McMartin Preschool child abuse case began in 1983 in Manhattan Beach, California, and was one of the most visible cases in history. Although two trials were conducted and no convictions were obtained, some individuals continue to believe that dozens of children were
sexually abused at the preschool. In 1990 an archaeologist was hired to determine whether tunnels had existed under the school because some of the children had alleged that some of their abuse took place in tunnels under the building. The archaeologist’s report was issued in 1993.

It concluded that evidence of back-filled tunnels had been found. This critical analysis of the archaeologist’s report concludes otherwise, that what the archaeologist found was actually the filled-in remains of a rural family’s trash pit that predated construction of the school.

Regarding artifacts discovered in soil under the preschool, alternative interpretations to those of the archaeologist are given. A theoretical functional analysis of the variables that may have accounted for the archaeologist’s evident misinterpretation is presented.

It isSchAffe_mit_Schädel.jpg as shown in that image of a figurine piece. The Affe mit Schädel is a famous work by the late-19th-century German sculptor Hugo Rheinhold. The statuette is otherwise known as the Affe, einen Schädel betrachtend. It was first exhibited in 1893 at the Große Berliner Kunstaustellung. Ape with skull [looking at skull form]

A common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) is sitting atop a pile of books and manuscripts. The subject is holding in its right hand a human skull, echoing the scene in Shakespeare’s Hamlet where the Prince of Denmark mourns Yorick (“Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him…“). The chimpanzee cradles its chin with a hand in a contemplative posture. Sitting with its left leg supporting the right, the right leg holds the calipers in its foot. A spine of one of the closed books reads “Darwin”. Wikipedia

Is that Donald Barr in the photo? JFKWHP-1961-11-22-F Date(s) of Materials 1961 November 22 Folder Description KN10 Preferred Citation Robert Knudsen. White House Photographs. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston


What my photos show is that as JFK returned to the Whitehouse just after November 19,1961 there was a birthday party I say for an inter-racial gentics experiment grooming a mixed race sleeper agent for Indonesia. That was sarcastically emphasized for the sake of secrecy.

What I can tell you is that was on my shelf in Moraga California and I think it was part of the story of my birth too as there may have been more than one born there and perhaps to a single surrogate mother with two fertilizations of different male parents using IVF.

Donald Barr, who was born in Manhattan on Aug. 2, 1921, majored in mathematics and anthropology at Columbia, graduating in 1941. He went into the Army and served with the Office of Strategic Services in Washington and Europe.

Returning to Columbia, he taught in the English department while getting his master’s degree in 1951 and completing course requirements for a Ph.D. But by then he was teaching courses with field work in sociology and political science at the School of Engineering and writing science and mathematics texts for elementary and junior high school students.

But first a little about Donald Barr.

A bookend piece on Edward Paul Donegan III my being a descendent of a King Edward via a Rodin sendup called Rheinhold’s Affe mit Schädel and a few days after my birthday these two statues in my home, one in the Whitehouse

Michael Rockefeller retrieved from Wikipedia and copied or modified to here

Michael Clark Rockefeller (May 18, 1938; disappeared November 19, 1961) was a member of the Rockefeller family. He was the son of New York Governor and later U.S. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, a grandson of American financier John D. Rockefeller Jr. and a great-grandson of Standard Oil co-founder John D. Rockefeller Sr.

Rockefeller disappeared during an expedition in the Asmat region of southwestern Netherlands New Guinea, which is now a part of the Indonesian province of South Papua. In 2014, Carl Hoffman published a book that went into detail about the inquest into the disappearance, in which villagers and tribal elders admit to Rockefeller being killed after swimming to shore in 1961.[1] No remains or physical proof of him dying have been discovered.

Early life[edit]

Michael Rockefeller was born on May 18, 1938, the fifth and last child of Nelson and Mary Todhunter Rockefeller. He was the third son of seven children fathered by Nelson, and he had a twin sister named Mary. Michael attended the Buckley School in New York City and graduated from the Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, where he was a student senator and exceptional varsity wrestler. He then graduated cum laude from Harvard University with an A.B. in history and economics.[1] He also served for six months in 1960 as a private in the United States Army.

Following his military service, Rockefeller went on an expedition for Harvard’s Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology to study the Dani tribe of western Netherlands New Guinea. The expedition filmed Dead Birds, an ethnographic documentary film produced by Robert Gardner, for which Rockefeller was the sound recordist.[1] Rockefeller and a friend briefly left the expedition to study the Asmat tribe of southern Netherlands New Guinea. After the expedition ended, Rockefeller returned to New Guinea to study the Asmat and collect their distinctive woodwork art.[1][2]

“It’s the desire to do something adventurous,” he explained, “at a time when frontiers, in the real sense of the word, are disappearing.”

Rockefeller spent his time in New Guinea actively engaged with the culture and the art while recording ethnographic data. In one of his letters back home, he wrote:

I am having a thoroughly exhausting but most exciting time here … The Asmat is like a huge puzzle with the variations in ceremony and art style forming the pieces. My trips are enabling me to comprehend (if only in a superficial, rudimentary manner) the nature of this puzzle …[3]


On November 17, 1961, Rockefeller and Dutch anthropologist René Wassing were in a 40-foot (12 m) dugout canoe about 3 nautical miles (6 km; 3 mi) from shore when their double pontoon boat was swamped and overturned.[4] Their two local guides swam for help, but it was slow in coming.[5] After drifting for some time, early on November 19, 1961,[1] Rockefeller said to Wassing: “I think I can make it.” He then swam for shore. The boat was an estimated 12 nmi (22 km; 14 mi) from the shore when he made the attempt to swim to safety, supporting the theory that he died from exposure, exhaustion or drowning.[5]

Wassing was rescued the next day, but Rockefeller was never seen again despite an intensive and lengthy search effort. At the time, his disappearance was a major world news item. His body was never found,[6] and he was declared legally dead in 1964.[7][8]


It was originally reported that Rockefeller either drowned or was attacked by a shark or saltwater crocodile. However, because headhunting and cannibalism were still present in some areas of Asmat in 1961, there has also been speculation that Rockefeller may have been killed and eaten by tribespeople from the Asmat village of Otsjanep.[9]

In 1969, journalist Milt Machlin traveled to the island to investigate Rockefeller’s disappearance. He dismissed reports of Rockefeller living as a captive or as a Kurtz-like figure in the jungle, but concluded that circumstantial evidence supported the idea that he had been killed.[10] Several leaders of the village, where Rockefeller likely would have arrived had he made it to shore, had been killed by a Dutch patrol in 1958, thus providing some rationale for revenge by the tribe against someone from the “white tribe”. Neither cannibalism nor headhunting in Asmat were indiscriminate, but rather were part of an eye-for-an-eye revenge cycle, so it is possible that Rockefeller found himself the victim of such a cycle.[11]

Author Paul Toohey, in his book Rocky Goes West, claims that Rockefeller’s mother hired a private investigator in 1979 to go to New Guinea and try to solve his disappearance. The reliability of the story has been questioned, but Toohey claims that the private investigator swapped a boat engine for the skulls of the three men that a tribe claimed were the only white men they had ever killed. The investigator returned to New York and handed these skulls to the family, convinced that one of them was the skull of Rockefeller. If this event did actually occur, the family has never commented on it. However, the History Channel program Vanishings reported that Rockefeller’s mother did pay a $250,000 reward to the investigator which was offered for final proof whether or not Rockefeller was alive or dead.[12]

In the documentary film Keep the River on Your Right, Tobias Schneebaum states that he spoke with some Asmat villagers at Otsjanep, who described finding Rockefeller on the riverside and eating him.[13]

Richard Nixon was a Congressman in 1949 leaving the US Navy as a Commander and in Southern California fran for US Representative for a southern California district. He began anti-communist activities and traveled the post-war European continent largely helped create the CIA and the Mashall plan as the OSS and the plan to defeat Nazi Germany passed into history and the plan to fight and win against Communism began.

In 1953 as Vice President (sworn in on the Republican Party ticket with Eisenhower as the President of the USA) Nixon and the National Security Council and apparatus to oversee the security of the USA and free world and when JFK was sworn in January 20 1961 the plans in Indonesia were already underway just as the plans for overthrowing Cuba, Guatemala, and Iran were.

As this activity was underway and Micheal Rockefeller was already doing cultural work in Indonesia where was JFK the new President of the USA that day?

On November 19, 1961 John F. Kennedy, David Powers, and others were in Santa Monica City of Los Angeles County California staying with Patricia Kennedy at that time married to the British actor Peter Lawford and they the Kennedy party were straying at the La=wford estate.

Now Vice President Nixon 1953-1960 who was trying to overthrew Indonesia and JFI were from seperare parties. JFK was what some Irish Republican Army types might called “Occupied Ireland” the Emerald State and especially the Roman Catholic majority Republic of Ireland fighting for independence from England and William of Orange occupying Ireland and this was part o Boston Massachusetts history.

Nixon and his Vice Present Ford (When Nixon was elected in 1968 Spiro Agnew was briefly VP but upon scandal of VP Spiro Agnew Gerald Ford become his VP. When Nixon resigned Geral Ford became President and asked Rockefeller to be Vice President.

Many think and Jen Moore and Ed Donegan with the secrets they hold believe Nixon (who JFK defeated for office of the President) had secret plans in Indonesia, Cuba, and elsewhere that JFK inherited and rejected and JFK being in the Lawford Kennedy Schriver estate on November 19, 1961 may have bee part of it. Micheal Rockefeller may have even been trying toi depart for California.

Conspiracy Theorists today question Gerald Ford on the Warren Commission, the break-in to the DNC Headquarters by Nixon operatives by the CIA and other events, cover-ups, and scandals involve the Averell Harriman laid plans of old money wanting a plan for the world that JFK was trying to reject.

The Rockefeller’s, Bush family, Walker Family, and many oil connected families were part of the Robber Barron tradition of old money families that really covertly ruled the world including using hired assassins,

Greg Poulgrain whose theories I will introduce later wrote “JFK Vs. Allen Dulles: Battleground Indonesia” and it was the classic old world money and power the the Dulles Brothers (John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles) that included Dean Rusk and the Rockefeller oil money based world benevolency operations that had one view of expansion of US and British influence on independent governments and JFK who by Boston history was resentful of the British and old money and colonialism.

Before the photos and other existing forensic evidence in introduced more fully let us touch one more time on cultural exploration and outreach in Papua New Guinea Indonesia and that area just off the cost of Australia.

What Really Happened to Michael Rockefeller retrieved from https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/What-Really-Happened-to-Michael-Rockefeller-180949813/ and copied or modified to here

A journey to the heart of New Guinea’s Asmat tribal homeland sheds new light on the mystery of the heir’s disappearance there in 1961

Carl Hoffman in March 2014 writes I’d been fascinated with the story ever since I first saw a photo of Michael on his first trip to what was then called Netherlands New Guinea. In it he is kneeling, holding his 35-millimeter camera under the close eyes of natives. He was working on a documentary film in the highlands of the Great Baliem Valley. That film, Dead Birds, was a groundbreaking ethnographic examination of a barely contacted, stone-age culture that engaged in constant ritual warfare. The mountains, the mist, the naked men yelling and screaming and attacking one another with spears and bow and arrow, had fascinated and entranced me, as had the whole idea of contact between people from dramatically different worlds.

The official cause of Michael’s death was drowning, but there had long been a multitude of rumors. He’d been kidnapped and kept prisoner. He’d gone native and was hiding out in the jungle. He’d been consumed by sharks. He’d made it to shore, only to be killed and eaten by the local Asmat headhunters. The story had grown, become mythical. There had been an off-Broadway play about him, a novel, a rock song, even a television show in the 1980s hosted by Leonard Nimoy.

I spent hours looking at that photo, wondering what Michael had seen and felt, wondering what had really happened to him, wondering if I might be able to solve the mystery. That he had been kidnapped or had run away didn’t make sense. If he had drowned, well, that was that. Except he’d been attached to flotation aids. As for sharks, they rarely attacked men in these waters and no trace of him had been found. Which meant that if he hadn’t perished during his swim, there had to be more.

There had to have been some collision, some colossal misunderstanding. The Asmat people were warriors drenched in blood, but Dutch colonial authorities and missionaries had already been in the area for almost a decade by the time Michael disappeared, and the Asmat had never killed a white. If he had been murdered, it struck to the heart of a clash between Westerners and Others that had been ongoing ever since Columbus first sailed to the New World. I found it compelling that in this remote corner of the world the Rockefeller’s and their power and money had been impotent, had come up with nothing.

How was that even possible?

This Super Conspiracy tale of subplots and sub conspiracies from a range of people like Mark Lane,l Ed Donegan, Jen Moore, Ted Gunderson, Gregg Poulgrain, Penn Jones Jr., Col Fletcher Prouty, Jim Garrison, Joan Mellon, and others will involve statements made by CIA Director William Colby and others in recently or more widely available information and yet though believable en toto each element you have been told not to believe.

Jen Moore was pointing her camera at a second floor apartment 850 North Randolph I Edward Paul Donegan and my mother Glorian Donegan used to live in. The Arlington Virginia home is in walking distance to may DC area places including the Capital Complex and National Mall of Washington D.C.

This is where information from Col Prouty, Ed Donegan myself, Jen Moore, and public records about my birth and MKULTRA will come into play.

She did not want to be silenced by Stalkers trying to silence her and though she feared it she kept reporting on the elites and their power and how the live and the secrets they have kept about how they rose to power infiltrating the Republic with Free Mason type old-money robber barron tactics.

Treason by Elites and what she allegeed of that using existing documentaton she and others have still online

The Union, Sets, and Subsets of bullying a witness.

Simple harassment (subset H) contains elements. Lew acts of forwardness or displays etc., In some cases it may be a subset of elements to larger conspiracy and that is what Jen Moore alleged. They also coud be a stand alone set of elements that not are part of something larger. ( a total set.)

What Ed Donegan and Jen Moore assert is that Subset H (Ed Donegan being stalked by harassers staging toxicity of Ed) is part of Set C (Character assassination and subversion by bullying (Subset H).

The full Set that contains Harassment elements (the subset elements) may include motives and agendas not part of usual harassment-bullying.

In more common events the bully may feel “kicks” the harassing person may derive from simple acts of bullying. That is probably part of the subset of acts.

The set rather than the subset of acts might include incitement attempts of the harasser hoping the bullied person might fight back (feeling wronged) or the Bully has a motive create the appearance the harassed person is in some way a deserving of being treated in a way the victim is being bullied and wishes to make a public showing the bullied person is in the wrong and treated that way.

I call this Set C. Harassment (the subsect of activities) is more laregely Character Assassination motives or incitements element that use the subset elements as a mere tool of the larger plot. The larger plot includes the subset of harassment in public places elements of a vicitm but also includes elements not always associate with simple harassment.

A Union of sets C and W (Witness silencing) are the unknown piece Jen Moore was trying to tell, the backstory of covering up the JFK assassination details (Set W witness silencing) union with Set C Character Assassination by smear campaign (bullying a person as a loser).

W ʊ C Where C ⊇ H is the logic of why a Toxic Smear Campaign of harassment would be launched against a JFK assassination whiste-blower.

If fact for those who set the smear campaign up the high ranking elites Jen Moore asserts the subset H that is harrassing a person with bullying is also in truth a subset of W witness silencing as much as it is a Subet H itself or a part of set C itself Character Assasination.

Several difficulties as the sex-pots and honey-pots are part of the adult entertainer based Midnight Climax operation that attracts willing participants and other profit-motive as the elites in power are defend by the smear campaign KOMPROMAT circles of staged events they set-up to silence critics of the Cabal and their subordinates follow chain of command orders sometimes as dupes.

Subset DM is also a subset of C (Character assassination. Drooling morons working from the character assassination of Ed Donegan pretend to be Ed Donegan and ask for high priced models to help them overcome those attributes subset H created the appearance of, the bullying Ed as as exploiter of others needing sex modeling services to remediate his seeming troubles.

Ed And Jen Moore assert in Set W that elites rose to power in a world-domination conspiracy stood-up by Richard Nixon upon Nixon leaving the Navy in 1946 that along with other influences turned into the Marshall Plan, forming the CIA and recruiting Jimmy Hoffa and others as allies to fight the Left that the Grand Old Party could deny having a role in doing so. Set W contains the Subset that today’s elites including Barrack Obama Jr and Willilam Burns are part of the plot as was the Bush and other families.

This looks like a CIA operation. Money Laundering, etc., whose operation are part of funding a smear campaign whose byproduct includes high end escorts and other slush fund operations including a protection racket.

That Slush Fund parasitically feeds of toxifying me by staged appearances and accomplishes the goal of creating organized criminal workings in social control of human trafficking circles and networks.

Ed Donegan and Jen Moore assert Treason is composed of set W (Witness suppression) and set C Character assassination by Organized Crime running a racket fo identity theft and human trafficking laundering fraudulent payout claims based on fabricated facts.

In the operation of Union of C and W the bullies both profit from toxic allegations and profit from the damage to JFK witness the toxic allegations do to the harassed person.

The Protection Racket that is funded and operates by fabricated evidence has enough force-of-arms and elite politician backing to make patsys of people linked to false allegations use force of arms to intimate or fight the patsies.

Turning the table on illegal covert CIA and FBI operations that include organ or stem cell tissue black markets, extortion, blackmail and other CIA black-budget operations.

The programs date back to MKULTRA days and continue in eugenics and genealogy research, surrogate parenting, 3rd party parents, and black markets that people have become addicted to in the underworld.

Many of my books deal with what is now common knowledge about CIA activities including drug running, gun running, midnight climax, assassinations, secret bank accounts and money laundering, large amounts of cash flown around the world in surplus us military cargo planes, brief cases of money chaning hands, call-girl operations tied to elite figures, etc.,

Chauncy Marvin Holt has written on this as have Gene Chip Tatum, Phillip Marshall, and others.

The Nazi Youth Indoctrination was (for a while and not too long into the more serious threats Nazism posed) was the 19-1925 period of Austria where Franz Kutschera (SS General) niece Maria Kutchera became singing coach to (the widowed)Captain Von Trapp children. Maria Kutchera would soon marry Capt Von Trapp formerly of the Austrian U-Boat command and all (who were Great Britain connected) would arrive in North Carolina in a area Dean Rusk (after Rusk left the Rockefeller Fund he managed during the VP Nixon era then Secretary of State under JFK) was in and Glorian Donegan was raised as a child in and adopted from into a DuPont Camden South Carolina home at 9 years old.

Captain VOn TRapp was an Austrian Navy hero and Barron in Aristocracy. His wife was a British decended heir to the Whitehead Torpedo builder and Capt Von Trapp became a navy hero of Austria using those torpedoes in the Uboat he sailed destroying record tonage of enemy shipping. Agatha Whitehead died and Austria had lost its seaports leaving Captain Von Trapp in his villa with children he could not handle alone. The local Convent sent Nazi Noviate who was having troubles and likely pregnant to assist him. Maria Kutschera a singer for a while encouraged Capt Von Trapp and his family to sing as a group and helped meet the challenges but the pressures to sing propaganda at the behest of Franz Kutschera the nun novitiates uncle and caretaker grew to unwelcome. Mary Kutschera the Austrian married Capt Von Trap and they moved to North Carolina eventualy reaching it in 1926 traveling through London and Ed Donegan asserts she gave there to Glorian Donegan and British aristocracy possibly Prince ALbert (King George VI) or Prince Edward (King Edward VIII) impregnated her and FDR and Admiral Halsey the nabal attache along with Joseph Kennedy Sr. helped pull string for them to hide their identities in North Carolina and that is part of the Dondegan story and part of the Kennedy assassination.

The Hidden Identities and Conspiracy Theories around this involved plans for world overthrows and ultimately led into thedeath of JFK though likely at the orders of Allen Dulles.

The story is even darker than that. It was Aristocracy and the Windsor family in particular that was hoping it could regain imperial power (with many backers for that inside the USA) via repairing or managing a biological defect inherited to some offspring in their family with a mix of symptoms I believe originally called Minimal Brain Dysfunction, now FOXP2 and it looks like moodiness and ADHD and Dyslexia components with some other type of symptoms too like handwriting problems. It is not part of retardation but is part of executive control of the brain and amphetamines or Bupropion manage it effectively. Among its effects are creating a sense of well-being and is marketed under a brand name of Wellbutron. It is tied to dopamine chemical reactions within the bran.

The plot to study this defect in bastard children led to Franklin Nebraska Conspiracy of Silence Scandal and many others. What is little known is that during Eugenics testing and studies many DOD Military Families studied by the CIA have August 4th birthdays, November 18, or other dog-whistle free mason connected special days.

Perfecting the image and legacy of Royal lineage was important to the theory of generation aristocracy rather than leaders chosen from among the population and alteration of power.

It sounds like a Conspiracy Theory and it is but she said she was a Truth Teller. As it was noted by the Great Dissenters Holmes and Brandeis in law (and William Colby noted as well) speech is not generally perceived to be threat even when it is wrong unless it does pose a threat and does touch a note of fear in the officials the speech is directed at.

Jen Moore knew telling the truth of these hidden identities including the Donegan’s and how that is part of human trafficking was the story now being completed by me Edward Paul Doengan.

On August 12 Pizzagate (abuse of teen females allegedly trafficked at point-of-sale food shops as food in double entendre fraud).It is fraud. “In law, fraud is intentional deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a victim of a legal right.” Wikipedia. But the person (myself) making a food order is undergoing a false allegation that I intended other meanings and that becomes the pretext used by others for fraudulent acts beyond the treating me as though I had second meaning.

First some of the initial reporting on Jen Moore who did not have the DOnegan history nor the details of the Jen Moore story about the Donegan she was about to release nor those trying to suppress the story.

One should be cautious in initial and other reports. People are often connected to things without being linked to them. That is both part of truth and falsity. Connected the often adjoining dots can be a correct or incorrect act. Much of the Clinton talk refers to inner circle DNC operatives however some of them are connected to multiple administrations both DNC and RNC and often involve Clinton less than others.

I Ed Donegan has all the Jen Moore docs or most of them and knows the Defense Intelligence Agency and Mike Flynn and Flynn Jr were about the rumor epicenter once called Pizzagate and that Gritz may without herself knowing it or only knowing part of it may have been a threat to the Deep State I assert is connected to the Defense Intelligence Agency, the #WETDIVISION protecting elite figures like CIA and FBI and DHS figures who themselves are appointed by a succession of Presidents and others connected to Cold War assassination of JFK.

I twas that CIA OSS history including the Barr, Mueller, Bush, Obamam, Rockefeller, Bush and Nixon Ford connections that covered up the JFK assassination and have done so ever since I and I and Jen Moore have the secrets of the hidden identities tied to it and through that tied to the assassination of JFK, RFK, Sunny Bono and others.

One of Donald Trump’s aides has lost his job after fanning a conspiracy theory that climaxed at the weekend in gunfire at a pizzeria.

Michael Flynn, 33, left the US president-elect’s transition team on Tuesday following his tweets about the so-called Pizzagate fake news story. His father, Michael Flynn Snr (Former Defense Inteligence Agency general and fired by Barrack Obama JR) , Mr Trump’s pick to be US national security adviser, has also shared viral hoaxes. -BBC

Vice President Pence is who targeted Flynn Jr. for the tweets.

Until #Pizzagate proven to be false, it’ll remain a story. The left seems to forget #PodestaEmails and the many “coincidences” tied to it.- Michael G Flynn @mflynnJR

The alleged Pizza-gate scandal began in Arlington Virginia near the Pentagon and with at least one Methodist church who built a “Legend” by parading actors some event was happening when in fact it was onoy being acted-out by Shills, people recurred to do so. The reason for the program are several layers deep but are a form of black-opps COINTELPRO.

Other deaths are connected to it other than Jen Moore and I will work backward in time for what Flynn Jr called coincidences and explaining them but before I do that I anm going to explain what Jen Moore was saying and why this is the Donegan story.

In 2014 the book Self-Portrait of a Scoundrel came out with extensive documents in the last chapter showing the validity of Chauncey Holt’ claim he was one of the Hobos at Operation Mongoose that killed JFK without his foreknowledge. He and Oswald probably thought a fake Cuban sympathizer trying to kill a popular US President with an unworkable rifle only a Communist could afford would make communists look bad to the public.

St. John Hunt has released his books (like other books about the Bush family) largely unnoticed and more journalists like Jen Moore and Phillip Marshall (the Big Bamboozle) are being silenced.

FOr now let me say my father and the CIA were flying together at ATSUGI and fairly obviously Kennedy connected and I myself met COl Prouty as a Donegan family friend.

This story is dynamite to public officials. if the truth comes out I think people like Bush, Obama, William Burns, Mueller, and others could die for treason in accordance with and through US legal procedures.

What Ed Donegan, Jen Moore, and Tom Dunham Gathered Evidence Jen Moore was assassinated over

Before I left for California and first Capitola then Stay and Play nearby the Protection Racket was already usign high priced adult entertainers in a sluch fund money laundering racket. But I was completing my documentation on it and it would soon (with Jen Moore coorborating the evidence and my Edward Paul Donegan’s story) the protection racket might have come crashing down but the lure of running this in Stay and Play further motivated the criminal ambitions of the Protection Racket and they silenced Jen Moore at that time.

The Praetorian Guard was a fixture of the imperial era, but their origins date back to groups of elite soldiers that protected generals during the Roman Republic. https://www.history.com/news/8-things-you-may-not-know-about-the-praetorian-guard

Jim Garrison (and without using the term Lisa Pease long-time writer with James DiEugenio and sometimes forward by Oliver Stone) speak of this deep-date gaurd or Cabal that operates even inside the US media and can control both information and disinformation and uses covert acts including Secret Police forces. (see the linked article about about the Praetorian Gaurd.)

Jim Garrison who uses the term in his book On The Trail of The Assassins likely got the term (like most information he had) from Col Fletcher Prouty who specialized in assassinations and regime changes and creating Coup d’états that utilized strong-man generals as was done in Banana Republic the USA setup through the CIA and Pentagon in conjunction with front companies like United Fruit Company.

Clarence Crane saw a machine pharmacies used to make pills that were round and wafer-shaped, and thought he’d use those to make mints, which at the time were made square (because they were pressed in sheets and then sliced into squares). The machinery could also punch a hole in the center, and Crane named the candy after its resulting life preserver shape. The poolside mint was didn’t melt like chocolates did.

Let’s assume now the mints are the same shape but metal and this is how our chain of facts will link together and when done with the component ring in place and in historical order will show truth and light the bulb. At the earliest part of history will be the “minus” sign for going back furthest into history and the “plus” sign the cloest into the future the chain of events is progressing towards. In fact it work well (the analogy) a a battery that his stages in it like stages of a rocket.

All of these events will occur with the British and old money power as the Praetorian Guard that gets the Kennedy’s out of the way and uses old money like Averell Harriman, JP Morgan, Rockefeller, the Walker family (George Herbert Walk Bsuh), the Bush family, and others as the including the Burns family, Mueller family, Barr family, the Wray family, and others did.

  • In 1926 Maria Kutschera the Nazi Nun Novitiate niece of Franz Kutschera is pregnant and leaves the Convent for the Capt. Barron Von Trapp who briefly sang for Nazis under Maria Kutchera but the left Austria in 1926 shortly after doing so. She is played by Julie Andrews an English actress is a very friendly way.

  • In 1926 in England Princess Elizibeth George V (the Albert of York is recovering from the 1925 public speech disaster. Also born are (in the USA with Jospeh Kennedy Sr and Admiral Halsey and FDR help) Norma Jean and Glorian Gainey.

  • In 1949 Post WWII planning Great Brittian and Old Money under Averall Hariman in Paris put together world domination plans. Fights for Indonesia, Guatamala, and other nations are expected after colonialism lost those states to independence. The CIA is formed to replace the OSS of WWII and Democrat Party Harry S. Truman is hesitant and lukewarm as to cover operations and wants mostly intel information.

  • 1951 10 1961 Plans under Vice President Nixon and the NSC for overthrowing countries inlcuding Indonesia and Cuba. Kennedy begins to reject the plans but is assasinated as his brother RFK is later.

  • Maclcom X is assassinated in 1965 and the birth of Barrack Obama Jr with Stanely Ann Dunham holding Obama Jr is of interest to him (Malcom X) who pusblishes photos in his magazine. Some speculate he or Marilyn Monroe or both were asked to help provide a cover-identity for Barrack Obama Jr. should the CIA wish to give him “celebrity” family legend. Kenya public figure Barrack Obama Sr. is said to be the father but the CIA may not have been certain what story-line it wanted early on nor could it rely on how much continuing coooperation they could get from celebrities they were asking for help.

  • In 1968 Dr Martin Luther King is assassinated by a loyalist to Great Britians imperialism. He is caught in England he had fled to and is tried and convicted in the USA. Robert F. Kennedy is assasinated that year and likely was in the White House when Obama Jr was taken from the plane coming back from Santa Monicy and brought by the USAF person in the photo. Who was that in real life?

  • 1972 and on. Committees try to piece together the facts. George H.W. Bush follows LBJ into power but it seems both were tied to assassination JFK.

  • Barrack Obama Jr and others planned by the CIA move into power supported by big business that planned for their rise to power.

  • I Ed Donegan assert DNA from the Donegans were used in the genetic testig that produced Barrack Obama Jr. and that Barrack Obama Jr. was born without real parents in the marriage sense and was then moved to just then staring Trinity Baptist Church in Chicago where overthrows had been planned from.

  • Jen Moore and Ed Donegan assert the hidden identity of Glorian Donegan is of interest to high ranking officials and that the DNA is still black-marketed after claims to the rights to the DNA is by fabricated evidence rather than the truth.

In this photo:

In this photo:

The inter-related Iran Contra, McMartin School, Franklin Nebraska and other Deep State conspiracies link together through an international child trafficking network the CIA and FBI will cover-up at all costs are always run from the Whitehouse. Ted Gunderson wrote the Intro to the Nebraska document Jen Moore and also note in that some of the children were not multiple personalities but had emotions that carried them away from their norms at time though still rational. My mother would constantly tell psych workers the same thing. He is rational but off his rocker still. Borderline personalities are volatile.

In this photo: In 1988, state and federal authorities began looking into allegations that prominent citizens of Nebraska, as well as high-level U.S. politicians, were involved in a child prostitution ring.[3] Alleged abuse victims were interviewed, who claimed that children in foster care were flown to the East Coast of the United States to be sexually abused.

The accusations primarily centered on Lawrence E. King Jr., who ran the recently defunct Franklin Community Federal Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska, and alleged that King hosted “lavish parties at which minors were sexually abused”. King was a rising figure in the Republican Party before the investigation, and owned multiple houses in Nebraska along with a house in Washington D.C. which he rented.[5] The Franklin Credit Union was raided by authorities investigating the embezzlement of tens of millions in November 1988.

The Nebraska Legislature organized a committee to look into both the credit union embezzlement and the child prostitution allegations named the Franklin Committee,[5] led by state Senator Loran Schmit and Ernie Chambers acting as vice chair. Numerous conspiracy theories spread after the committee was announced, claiming that the alleged abuse was part of a widespread series of crimes including devil worship, cannibalism, drug trafficking, and CIA arms dealing.

In July 1990, private investigator Gary Caradori, hired by the Franklin Committee to investigate the allegations, died along with his 8-year-old son when his plane disintegrated mid-air near Chicago. Foul play was suspected by Caradori’s brother and state Senator Loran Schmit, but was not proven by investigators.[7][8][9] No definitive cause for the crash has been established.

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo: This photo and others show the layout of Los Angeles Bay cities of Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach. Venice Beach and its area of Muscle Beach adjoin but are not the focus here. What is the focus is Marilyn Monroe, Peter Lawford and Patricia Kennedy home that JFK and others stayed at at the time I was born, and my family of origin home in Manhattan Beach and one year later McMartin Preschool 1962 seeking a permit on the lot nearby. The collage of photos is 600px res but can be zoomed in on for closer look

In this photo:

The Manchurian Candidate (1962 film) The screenplay is by George Axelrod, based on the 1959 Richard Condon novel The Manchurian Candidate. The film’s leading actors are Frank Sinatra, Laurence ..

In this photo: Following the assassination of JFK November 23, 1963 this photo shows a crowd a police gather at the home of Patricia Kennedy and her husband English actor Peter Lawford a rich weirdo who fund-raised for conventioneers in 1961 DNC dinner November 18, 1961. This photo and others show the layout of Los Angeles Bay cities of Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach. Venice Beach and its area of Muscle Beach adjoin but are not the focus here. What is the focus is Marilyn Monroe, Peter Lawford and Patricia Kennedy home that JFK and others stayed at at the time I was born, and my family of origin home in Manhattan Beach and one year later McMartic Preschool 1962 seeking a permit on the lot nearby.

In this photo:

In this photo:

The writing on the wall in this compressed story-line from 1961 to 1963 is that likely planned in the 1950’s and Indonesian sleeper agent will be groomed. A test birth from that Atomic bomb era will be used and Tom Glorian and Ed are on the wall showing invitro fertilization and surrogacy. The fertilization occurred on Feb 20 1961. November 18 was the real births and birth certificate November 19, 1961 and by 1963 Eddie the baby was stuck in deep freeze (or Ed Donegan in special ed preschool for years) missing part of his brain and unstable but Rocky is fine. This leads to a dispute JFK is assassinated over as sympathy existed for Eddie. How in Manchurian Candidate 1962 Dr Lo asks can one tell who will be successful and not” What tests so early on will work?. Little Albert tests

I this photo AreYouWillingToBankOnIt.png is Eddie emerging from a Sperm Bank from where he and Rocky were conceived but the brain split between them?

In this photo: Eddie comes out of the sperm bank on motorcycle without a prefrontal cortex (his brain was spit between the Rocky and him) as is assassinated. Is the Rich Wierdo based on the real life story of Peter Lawford by John Frankenhiemer? Did Marylin Monroe know too much about the CIA plans and MKULTRA? Did RFFK find out too much?

Edward Paul Donegan was rarely (unless he focused and worked very hard) at risk for knowing too much. As an amphetamine addict I was diagnosed with ADHD in Summit Merrit Peralta Rehab. The clinical workers notices I show more rather than less AHDH behavior as the days of being clean went by during the 30 days. Wellbutrion worked fine. Amphetamines increase the activity in the prefrontal cortex allowing the brain to better regulate itself and stick to tasks.

During this treatment I did learn enormous amounts I did not learn in AA. Among those things was the term professionals use for 12 step and other types of peer meetings. “Community Recovery.” What I have learned of Gang Stalks is they are community based hostility. Under some guidance like an FBI agent or US Marshall or magistrate under-cover operations involve those in the vicinity of the person being stalked. Often they are told the stalked person is a terrorist, etc.,

This 1961 to 1963 timeline of Brad an Janet is too close to home for me with my family names as writing on the wall. Another one too close to home for me is Jet Pilot and Col. Shannon and his defector wife Olga and the history of RADAR and radar approaches to inbounds

Jet Pilot the 1957 American Cold War romance story of Col. Shannon USAF pilot and his new defector wife Olga. It was directed by Josef von Sternberg and starring John Wayne and Janet Leigh. It was written and produced by Jules Furthman, and presented by Howard Hughes. Filming lasted more than eighteen months, beginning in 1949.[1] The last day of shooting was in May 1953, but the Technicolor film was kept out of release by Hughes due to his tinkering until October 1957, by which time Hughes had sold RKO to Joseph Kennedy Sr. Universal-International ended up distributing Jet Pilot. Although Jet Pilot was publicized as showcasing the U.S. Air Force’s latest jets, by the time it was finally shown, most of the aircraft in the film were obsolescent or obsolete,- Wikipedia

When Queen Elizibeth was inagurated on February 6, 1951 whe already had been defactor queen since 1951 as King George VI grew more ill. Though General Jimmy Stewart was a US Amry Air Corp bomber pilot in WWII he was a fan of the P-51 and the Finest Hour. Who was the actor Jimmy Stewart’s air racing champion P 51C Mustang Thunderbird? P-51C Thunderbird | AirCorps Aviation HISTORY. Thunderbird was owned by WWII Brigadier General, bomber pilot and academy award winner Jimmy Stewart. Jackie Cochran, the Speed Queen, also owned Thunderbird. Warren Pietsch has engaged AirCorps Aviation to restore his P-51C to honor this historic aircraft. James Stewart became a World War II Navy DOUBLE ACE, credited with shooting down ten enemy aircraft in aerial combat. A cardboard cutout of Jimmy Stewart recreates an historic photo with the newly restored P-51-C “Thunderbird,” the 1949 Bendix Trophy winner. (Photo by William E. Dubois) https://generalaviationnews.com/2023/09/13/jimmy-stewarts-mustang-is-the-best-of-old-and-new/ JimmyStewartP51c and can see a tumblr pic of Jimmy Stewart meeting the new queen and he flew the newsreals back to the USA at least in part with the P-51 a joing project between Great Britain and the USA. tumblr_mlazr9799T1rola9no1_r1_500.jpg

My father James Paul Donegan a Col Shannon being chased by the WASPS (as it happens in one scene of the movie) has a new paramour the FBI clearly does not like the defector to the USA. I suspect the defector wife was Glorian Gainey whose mother Maria Kutschera defected from the rising Nazi Austria of her uncle Fanz Kutschera.

In this photo was the British Actor Peter Lawford’s home constructed with a spiral staicase or walk similar to the Queens House in London?

In this photo:

In this photo: Donald Barr just after November 18, 1961 holds and experimental monkey just flown back from somewhere now in the Whitehouse. The photo is dated November 23, 1961 and I suggest this is part of large scale conspiracy and yet one more fake birth certificate this one for Los Angeles area that was destroyed before it was found but had fake information too. A cover story was being created though and involved CIA operations with Marilyn Monroe, Peter Lawford, The Manchurian Candidate (1962 film) The screenplay is by George Axelrod, based on the 1959 Richard Condon novel The Manchurian Candidate. The film’s leading actors are Frank Sinatra, Laurence … I assert RFK was killed in Los Angeles as he found out the death of JFK was tied to this Manchurian Candidate story.

Gunderson and every major news outlet. The events in Franklin Nebraska investigated by the Nebraska Legislature Leadership Conference was tied to the CIA and George H.W. Bush whitehosue also connected to and McMartin with private plane traffic between them. Large sums of money in timing and people were part of Iran Contra.

In this photo:

In this photo: McMartin Preschool and BoysTown Franklin Nebraska. Eugenics and Murders. Ted Gundeson despite the sound of it knows that Satanists are a hoax Micheal Aquino of the Defense Intelligence Agency and others in PsyOps overthrow groups hide behind, just as the CIA hides behind drug dealers inside and outside military and veterans groups. These groups are criminals, in Eugenics studies, using fake names for children, the killing them OR moving the oversees for reasons he sometimes misunderstood but he was correct the US Government and CIA did assassinate investigators and children and it was tied to George H.W. Bush and his ring of operatives. Jen Moore and Ed Donegan say the same thing and name the same groups and history of this. John DeCamp and William Colby both joined Ted Gunderson in these assertions and warned they might be assassinated for making them.

Ted Gunderson (when his name was still admired) first became aware of this strange ring of CIA front groups and their bizzare cover identities when he was asked to help defend Green Berret Jeffery Mc Donald and found (as Ed Donegan believes) the CIA had killed McDonald;s family and Ed Donegan believe because his wife and child came from secret backgrounds that needed to be covered up.

In this photo and others Ted Gunderson, Jen Moore, and Alisteir Crowley all say their cult was British Secret Service (and later CIA) connected as Free Masonry and others cunducted ritualistic child abuse and stressing and abuse.

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo: I believe that Veronica Hoffman lost most of her lifespan to what I did and others have – Covert Noise Campaign of harassment of a Targeted Individual. People ask me where I am from. I most often do not tell them. I am from the Targeted Individuals community, those who believe or say the believe they are targeted by covert surveillance and harassment. We are usually placed in institutions for our beliefs OR placed under arrest for acting on our beliefs. I need another movie reference here. In the movie Dune “thumpers” could call the beast out. Lewd, threatening, harassing, disgusting, unfair, obstructing contextual noise can call any beast out of any person and especially a borderline, a passionate and volatile person. As process we learn not to like Stalkers and as substance fear the actions of Stalkers. The advantage the Stalker has is an alibi that is couched along with the harassing act making their actions both actionable by the Targeted Individual but defensible in that the harassment had an alibi.

I myself have inadvertently retaliated against a Stalked person. A woman I dated briefly and liked but was just truly not in place to date someone was stalked and landed in an ER reporting odd people wer following her. I told her to comply with the emergency room who wanted her on meds, etc., but I also had doubts about what I was saying since I was being stalke too and just figured rely on the professionals.

That was NOT Veronica Hoffman and we never dated thought I had met her but I think they were both being stalked by a noise campaign she could not escape from adn like me disassembled electronics, went to Do Not Disturb and in my case would remove SIMM chips in the gym to stop harassment. Once I lost the SIMM chip on the treadmill track after having to remove it and on the way to TMOBILE I took the Amber Look Out photos and people staged victims near me along my predicable walk along the Santa Monica board walk.

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo: https://fightingmonarch.com/2019/12/20/v2k-the-true-story-of-the-kings-speech/ I was there at Reagan National Airport loyal to the USA and veteran families like my own. Because of my parents history of long ago CIA history the USA has tured on me inventing excuses. The Kings Speech and my similar pathology of problems of King Albert is what the secret CIA research and activities have been in regards to, out of wedlock births not on birth certificates but biologically connected to other families with the disease path.

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:

In this photo:


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