House of Cards – Personal note starting Jen Moore case before history

I think most will turn away when they find out the darkness the secrets Jen Moore held. They turn away and drop the matter.

I have a personal loyalty to her and what would be my mother and father’s interest in her and my own belief in her, what she said, and what she knew. IF those do look know like with Ted Gunderson the goal is to pile dirt on an keep the body buried as vitriolically as possible.

y I have been thinking about arches lately and the dependency of arches. THey are a house of cards – bricks arranged just so that in the form they are places they can resist downward pressure rather than evevn falling from their own weight. But if one is defective the arch is deformed or destroyed and dangerous. The truth she held was the there was a partical collapse and it still looks ok but it is not. I am in danger and she was and others have been and others will be until the broken bricks are repaired. I am going to start “my case” much like an opening statement. I am going to list the visual and audio or video evidence I hace collected in a 40 year long story of my life and that she was telling and number the exhiibts then after that begin to present them.

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