Edward Donegan as Edward “Click” Donegan

Without Brian Glick’s permission I base one identity of myself and that part of me that views police as dangerous and violent racketeering deep state criminals who are guilty of everything Brian Glick wrote about in The War At Home and ALSO has experienced evertying Ted Gunderson, Keith Labella,, Geral Sosbee, Katherine Stewart, Carl Clark and others (Mark Rich, Cathy Meadows) and others have documented.

I find found I expereinced all that., Then I found out they had too,. Then I found it is because globalist crininals killed JFK and have control of hte US Government and my family history was involved in that story.

I always suppport the rule of law and legitimate policing. I sometimes (and that is now) suipport if a police officer instigates a fight with you (even worse than not helping you as a material witness to police misconduct) empting any revolver or other gun into the police officer conductiong the CONITELRPO.. This the Click sound hammer action.

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