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Colonoel Fletcher Prouty

Had believed from early on the CIA in its quest to rule the world and the USA had assasinated JFK. He worked from 1949 on and beyond (including mostly in Japan’s post-WWII forward CIA airbase Japan) in overthrows at first through the Pentagon’s Office of Special Operations and later the Defense Intelligence Agency on overtrhows and assasinaytions. I believe he and my father were close friends both from ATSUGI airbase and Massachussettes and both tied to the Kennedy’s and the Gladio system of overthrows my father left the Catholic Chruch over “when his friedn was driven out of the church for poltical reasons.” This was too early to be RFK and I think it was JFK.

Col Prouty could only get his articles like The Guns of Dallas published in adulat magazines that were looking for a reputation of worldliness as Playboy itself was reaching for.

Jim Garrison

A public figure who prosecuted Clay Shaw for the assasination of JFK and later wrote On The Trail of The Assasins and worked with Col Prouty with others telling the story of the events for a short time to a jury and much more time in media interviews and written works. He was framed by a criminal operation tied to gambling in Nevada and that may have been the CIA operation tied to Murder Inc., Chauncey Marvin Hold, Meyers Lansky, Ray Ryan, Enrie Dunlieve and others were tied to.

Ted Gunderson

Ted Gunderson during his FBI carreer worked to stop the mafia figures RFK suspected in the death of his brother JFK and after his carreer Ted Gunderon (RFK was deceased by then) pursued the international global elite who hid under false identies like Satanists or other for illegal global NWO activities. Gunderson was formelly invovled (as Special Agent in charge or Racketeering and Organized Crime under RKF) and Los Angeles Special Agent in Charge) in the murders of Marilyn Monroe, JFK, and others and like William Colby beleived Franklin Nebraska activtiiveis were also CIA activities tied to world plots.

“Conspiracy of Silence” is a powerful, disturbing documentary revealing a nationwide child abuse and pedophilia ring that leads to the highest levels of government. Featuring intrepid investigator John DeCamp, a highly decorated Vietnam war veteran and 16-year Nebraska state senator, “Conspiracy of Silence” reveals how rogue elements at all levels of government have been involved in systematic child abuse and pedophilia to feed the base desires of key politicians. (including George H.W. Bush and others of the Republican Party with Ted Gunderson and William Colby forewards and lateral and contributed works. Director Nick Gray Stars Lawrence E. King Jr.John DeCampRobert

Jen Moore

The former Tracy California Police Officer and later investigator of Child Psychology spoke of the Donegan family connetion to Aland Dulles and the CIA assasintion of JFK and spoke of that explicitly without using the Donegan name but shooting outside shots of the Donegan home and telling the story of MKULTRA, the OSS and CIA, and history tied to it including personality studies spanning generations. She like Ted Gunderson was Gang Stalked and with Ed Donegan and Tom Dunham assert frame jobs by teams of malicious fraudulent pests.

Veronica Hoffman

An adult entertainer asked and public figure who was the focus of a lot of attention and respect to help in a Gang Stalk of Ed Donegan to engage in the Depravidation of Ed Donegan (making him seem a depraved person not a sophisticate) by altering her own identity to falsify attributes about those “in my circle” or “circles of interest to Ed Donegan”. Depraved: marked by corruption or evil. a depraved attack. especially : perverted. the work of depraved minds. depravedly. She was in my onion Gang Stalked. Enforcing the Enforcer is terminology for cleaning up an operation by eliminating anyone left who could compromise the operation and is scene in The Spy Game. I assert several deaths of one-time confidential informants dying suspicious deaths.

Edward Paul Donegan

Like many others writing about the Kennedy assasinations and my theories of them based on my life history and research I have experienced the attacks Geral Sosbee had. I had to keep my very old PC (the only I would be after so many others were destroyed) in a locked broom closet with cement walls and a lock to protect it. I showed the landlord where the key was hidden above the door frame and offered them a copy. On the outside deck and later inside through the ceiling of my apartment water dropped on top of it destroying one and almost destroying another. in addition to that a theft-break-in occurred and had death threats for what I was writing. Although I was able later to protect the PCs themselves (using small cub-sized portable PCs) my home office lease was finally sabotaged instead. After a period of time I got a laptop and was attacked and nearly blinded that. My eye did swell shut for a while. Other attempts on my PC and using of the library to write my books followed similar to what Geral Sosbee described.

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