James Paul Donegan Dies 2012

Glorian Donegan died 2011 and I suspect (as my mother did at the time of death in a nursing home) foul play. She had just died and I was trying to find anyone but my brother to handle the trust I tought was being handled corruptly.

The common tactic used on me hundreds of times is an Agent Provocateur picks a fight and suddenly he has perhaps 15 or more people from the neighborhood (perhaps Neighborhood Watch) as it turns out right near him, and will defend the provocateur when the fight starts.

My first notice of this was in 2005 or so prompting me to start a blog called Real Harm Real Foul. The harm of militant sociology movements in my mind was groups of race baiting hoodlums attacking in bad areas. I lived at 26th and Wisconsin in new condos that were built near an old slum. Getting on the bus I made it on but white person following me was pulled back a bit tripping on the bus step and bumped against one black thug. IT was an accident but about 15 to 20 on that bus all at once not from any lead started shouting at the the white guy who was forced off the bus. My blog title was that sociology had too many inner city thugs rioting because they held society and establishment whites to blame for outcomes and were at a hair trigger for unrest just as I myself found conditions.

My father “died of an accident” call a subdural haematoma. One occurs when a blood vessel in the space between the skull and the brain (the subdural space) is damaged. Blood escapes from the blood vessel, leading to the formation of a blood clot (haematoma) that places pressure on the brain and damages it. (NHS)

Geral Sosbee

For decades I have tried to file reports on this subject and often the fbi prevents me from doing so. For example, the fbi destroys any computer that I buy; so I use the public library. The libraries at Brownsville, Mcallen and Mission, Texas have assisted the fbi in harassing me every time I enter. I notified the city council in Mcallen & Mission, and some of the harassment by staff and security guards stopped. The library at UTHSC, Harlingen Texas, allowed the police there to threaten me and allowed thugs to enter the library to harass me.

The FBI’s Fusion Centers are used by government employees to block any benefit (such as police protection) that I may seek (Ed Donegan reports the same. Police refuse to arrest or prosecute the thug assailants even if those assailants or burglars are at the scene.) I document many such instances online. See my documentation of the MI6/Fusion Center corruption of the UT Police Department (University of Texas?) where police helped send thugs into the library to distract and criminally assault me.

Ted Gunerson and others have noticed this and people calling themselves “Gang Stalked” or “Targeted Individuals” assert these thugs are working for the police who wish to hide their misconduct. Many other things I hear from my father indicated he was stalked and at times feared for his life.

Clean Hands Doing Dirty Things (Soviet Union Saying)

Use of Police Forces to engange in misconduct such as oppressive activities that are ordered by high ranking officials.

Hand of the State Staying Clean by Contracting-out the Dirty Work

State us of contractors and thugs and prison snitches hides the role of the State in what are clearly State-Sponsored criminal activity. According to the State no State Actors touched the journalist it was all hands-off.

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