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The Cop denies any involvement. The undercover operation denies any wrongdoing. But they both instigating conflicts.

Who provokes a fight and what type of fight might break out? Stalkers provoke the fight. The fight may get a person angry at those attacking him or her. Edwward Paul Doneagn an older bigotted white male is insulted by non-white and immigrant people of other ethnicities smearing me with their conduct that they deny was aimed at me. Yet the crosssing of paths is not merely coindidental and it is meant to feel that way and bring about an angry repsonse.

What is Predatory Salkiong

Appendix 20. What is Predatory COINTELPRO-MKULTRA Gang Stalking? with recommended reading

Street Theater

A general category of harassment, “street theater” can include some of the tactics described above and below, and simply refers to any sort of staged encounter with one or more perpetrators in public. Typically, both the comments and actions of the perpetrators are carefully scripted to resonate with the victim, but appear benign if captured on video or seen by witnesses.

Blocking/Cutting-Off/Invasion of Personal Space

One example of gang stalking “street theater” is to cut-off the victim – when he or she is walking, driving, or riding a bicycle. A related tactic is to crowd the victim by rudely invading his or her space or brushing against the person. Since this occasionally happens to everyone in the normal course of events, accounts by the victim will likely sound paranoid when described to others. Also, anyone nearby will be unlikely to notice – let alone understand that the action was deliberate.

This tactic was described – among other places – in some information posted in the late 1990’s by a small group based in Canada called Spy & Counterspy – whose website indicated that they wanted to reveal tactics used by corrupt and repressive law enforcement agencies. This was part of the group’s self-description:

“We are located just across the border in Canada (nine miles outside the reach of the FBI, BATF, DEA, and other goon squads).”

The group – which claimed to have sources in the intelligence and law enforcement industry – reported that the FBI uses a tactic called “managed aggression” when they are trying to apply pressure to the subject of a surveillance operation.

This is their description of this psychological operations tactic:

Here is an example of how an FBI surveillance team will deliberately provoke you.

When you’re walking through a mall or a downtown shopping district, the surveillance team will intentionally interfere with your route. A pavement artist will “absent-mindedly” cross your path, forcing you to change course to avoid walking into him. A group of agents will “inadvertently” obstruct your path – they’ll be standing together chatting, forcing you to walk around them. Other pavement artists will “accidentally” create near-misses as you walk along. Some of these “pedestrians” will create situations with a potential for a head-on collision, forcing you to dodge them.

As the psychological pressure continues to build, agents may “innocently” bump into you, jostle you, or step on your heel from behind. A group of pavement artists will cue up ahead of you, creating a line-up that delays you as you try to make a purchase, order fast food, buy tickets, and so on.

Activity like this can quickly create frustration, even anger, in you. But because the incidents occur in public locations, it’s difficult to prove who’s behind them. You never see any agent more than once. You don’t know where the next provocation is going to come from. You’re beginning to get upset, irritated, unstable. You’re more likely to make mistakes in judgment. And that’s exactly what the surveillance team wants.

There are layers to this. In the first layer police investigate crines like human trafficking, exploitation of children, crimes against immigrants or the disadvantaged or vulnerable. That is a jurisdiction of the Department of Justice. Another jurisdiction is preemption of radicals and making the look like any of the type of suspect mat by smear campaign disrupt the radical by stigmatizing them. The final layer is the high ranking politicians including it seems those covering up the Kennedy assassination are using political preemption by smear campaign of those who are a political risk to those entrenched political figures.

Use Provocateurs who will traumatically be abusive to a Targeted Individual with incite the Targeted Individual into a person deemd “aggressive” and a threat withing the jurisdiction of some agency. A fake tax red flag can cause a tax audit, a fake trafficking allegation can draw a DOJ operation in, and fake terrorism concern can bring preemption schemes in.

What is first needed is some flare-up over which the FBI, DOJ, DEA, or some other agency can act as though it has an interest.

“Flying Monkeys”

Chimpanzees expand their territory by attacking and killing neighbours

A study has proved for the first time that groups of aggressive chimpanzees invade the territory of their neighbours in order to acquire more resources or mates

Anthropologists have long suspected that chimpanzees, humans’ closest living relatives, kill neighbours for land, but they have lacked any hard evidence until now.

Sylvia Amsler, an anthropologist at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and a member of the research team, said that the attacks usually occured when the chimpanzees were on routine boundary patrols in neighbouring teritory. In one attack that she witnessed, 27 adult and adolescent males and one adult female had been on patrol outside their territory for more than two hours when they surprised a small group of females from a nearby community.

Go to Self Defense r/SelfDefense

Some people love instigating fights. Not me.

When they come towards you, should you punch them first or wait for their action?

If you don’t hit first you can end up in ground and get stomped tho.

Always try to deescalate first, if possible before they get head to head. The monkey game has nothing to do with being hard or scared, its just stupid. If they force themselves into your space its only reasonable for you to assume they want to attack you, and take countermeasures. Its okay to protect your space before getting hurt. But keep in mind that revenge or law are a treat too, so make sure you are indeed in the right.

[Territorial boundary patrolling by chimpanzees is a striking example of group-level cooperation displayed by our closest primate relatives.] – NIH.GOV

If there is an opportunity to end an seemingly inevitable fight there is no reason not to take it.

“Bullies” will treat you like a “john” wanting exploited females, a terrorist, etc., and encourage others to treat you the same way. Their treating you as such and using a smear campaign to say you are one might draw you (a Targeted Individual) into the fight but my experience (Edward Paul Donegan) is that the bullies run in packs and also were sent by the police. It will look like you swinged, for no reason, and swinged first thus the blame is with you and the retaliation by the gang will possibly be lethal or backed by felony charges of assaulting the gang.

Stalking and bullying is best documented to prove the pattern but with seeming accidental contact only with stalkers then showing WHY they are stalking as well as that they ARE stalking is part of fighting back and that is what my and other books are doing “why do they want a fight with me and to smear me? I still say because of the Kennedy Assassination and I am possible witness.

Let me tell you they story of a a man you may have heard of …

retrieved from On The Trail of the Assasins and copied or modified to here

nu Jim Garrison

In most countries, under such circumstances, a serious investigation would have begun with the working hypothesis that the intelligence community in New Orleans had used Lee Oswald as an agent provocateur. At the outset his extravagantly high profile as a “supporter” of Fidel Castro would have been understood in that context.

However, it was plain from my reading that in the years since President Kennedy’s murder, federal investigators never once had glanced in the most obvious directions. Similarly, the highest officers of the United States government appeared totally unaware of the concept of the Agent Provocateur.

By the time I returned home that day I realized I had some serious problems to resolve. The application of every reasonable model to the available evidence had left me with a troubling conclusion. That was the apparent possibility of a preexisting relationship between the man portrayed as the lone killer of President Kennedy and the intelligence community of the United States government.

Jim Garrison who worked closely with Mr. X who was Col Fletcher Prouty was aware of Psychological Warfare. An Agent Provocateur is a particular kind of Agent of Influence. Both may while not disclosing roles as intel community operatives acting under-cover seek to influence. The Agent of Influence may be a media figure using their own identity and that is called White Propaganda. Black Propaganda seems sourced from a camp being defamed. It could be how a member of that camp is made to look by appearances OR it could in infiltrator of the camp engaging a bad-act while in that camp.

Gang Stalkers make people look certain ways and by covertly picking fights they make people act certain ways. This is Black Propaganda subversion of people.

J. Edgar Hoover and others wanted not to look like Fidel Castro attempted the assassination. He (and others) did want it to look like a communist sympathizer did. LHO was not supposed to get the lucky shot off and did not. Someone else DID though and it was blamed on LHO.

What the far-right-wing Rockefeller Republicans got out of it was a hit on JFK blamed on Communist sympathizers and LBJ of Texas who was beholden to oil money and robber-barron military-industrial complex while JFK was not.

Ted Gunderson goes into detail about the Subversion programs being run by the FBI and others who protect their Deep Sate criminality.

I Edward Paul Donegan have been victimized by these same subversion methods.

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