Order of Retort

Our History. Our Republic. Our Jedi. Our Armies. Our Navys. Our Books. Here the cling of our Swords. Bullshit you can subvert the USA. https://youtu.be/4gYq8Y7VSas?si=NVgMN3lmoLbcOYFF


  1. Tort; noun LAW
    a wrongful act or an infringement of a right (other than under contract) leading to civil legal liability.
    public nuisance is a crime as well as a tort

  2. Retort

  3. say something in answer to a remark or accusation, typically in a sharp, angry, or wittily incisive manner.
    ““No need to be rude,” retorted Isabel”


    1. verb repay (an insult or injury).
      “it was now his time to retort the humiliation”

    2. noun a sharp, angry, or wittily incisive reply to a remark.
      she opened her mouth to make a suitably cutting retort

  5. Order of Retort: Ed Donegan asserts an NWO allegiance assassinated JFK and RFK protecting its illegal ends and means, and retaining the levers of control of US Government and Media by financially overloading said Estates of power have been able to subdue adherence to Constitutional Charter. That as of now legitimacy of the USA Government is at least by historian standards a failed state and by international standards a world dangerous whose complex rationales of governance including turning on journalists, law enforcement, and media to silence existence of corruption as the State careens into possible nuclear war that is the ends objective of corruption than chartered US governance and methodological directives. That actions against the US Government at this time are of legal quagmire and difficult to judge in the Government’s favor. And that the US should correct itself and move as historians are to the real truth of the Kennedy assassination and who gained power and how they are now using that power.

    Ed Donegan suggests Treason charges against personally (by family ties) CIA, FBI, Executive, and Press Corp complicity.

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