Terrorist Cell Organa

Terrorist Cell Organa

Why Mr. Gunderson, do our borders matter so much to a Patriot? “Because our national borders are our Constitutions borders. The laws prescribed in the body of our Constitutional makeup our charter, our way of life. How we protect our children. How we prosecute the mob and build for the common good. We have religions from everywhere, business that are global. There is nothing wrong with that but on our land our laws are final. Our elections are final and our government offials must be protected from foreign interests or business interests or NGOs.

When we let foriegn based powers however much some in government may agree with them they must act under our laws. Those who assasinated the NWO breached the borders of the Cosntittion itself. Patriots will beliee in such an act.”

Ted Gunderson called it the Corruption Network, others the CABAL or NWO, the Global Elites, Cartels, etc.,

For simplicity’s sake in sending this out by cut and paste as well as other means I am going to develop an Ordered List representing the Cell more or less from the Nucleus out to the cell wall and that beyond the cell wall. It will change over time so what is section I A 1 a now may be 2 A 1 c later as I add a new item above item I causing a renumbering.

What I am representing is the basic Secret Team concept of allied parties working together used by many historians.

Jones, Barry. Treasonous Cabal: A Primer on the Violent Overthrow of John F. Kennedy and His Presidency (p. 6). CreateSpace. Kindle Edition.

JOE No SINGLE conspirator had the power and influence to plan and organize all of the moving parts involved in the treasonous plot to assassinate President Kennedy. Rather, evidence shows FOUR conspirators –

  • The mafia,

  • The military and intelligence community

  • Lyndon B. Johnson,

  • and the Cuban Americans.

– Each one playing a part in the Crime of the Century.

Indeed, the plot could NOT have succeeded without the complicity of co-conspirators. Likewise, it wasn’t a single issue that drove multiple multiple parties with very different agendas to “join the team” and carry out the hit. Evidence shows that each of the conspirators had individual motives that intersected, causing them to want to permanently eliminate John F. Kennedy – the enemy of their various schemes, enterprises, policies, and ambitions. This “common enemy syndrome” united conspirators from wildly different orbits

Barry Jones writes “This book is an attempt to answer three basic questions. Why was President Kennedy killed? Who benefited? And who had the power to cover it up? This text will present a narrative from the author’s perspective. Though the evidence is factual, the conclusions drawn are the author’s alone. This book is not intended to supplant or even supplement historical research texts. In fact, it is targeted at JFK laypersons, not the researchers and history experts who can probably recite more JFK assassination facts from the tops of their heads than this author has read.

This book has two purposes – to simplify what has proven to be quite a complicated topic and present it in such a way that even novices and especially high school and college students might take an interest in what some consider to be the “Crime of the Century.” Though I am not advocating cynicism, I DO hope the reader comes away with a healthy skepticism as it relates to anything the United States government presents to the American people as the “official version” of past, present, and future events. When all is written, if this book causes the reader to think, I’ve done my job!

I Edward Paul Donegan have written on political systems (including The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, Spain under Franco and afterwards and other geopolitics and political philosophy for most of my adult life., Now in my early sixties I am applying Constitutional Law of the USA to study US Foreign Policy, its making and carrying out, and splits in allegiances from republicanism to our change from a breakaway colony of England into an ally of Great Britain and how this affected JFK’s thinking and politics him having similar influences to my own my being from Boston too.

Breaking down the four interests that Barry Jones does I see the Protestants of Texas were closer to the East-West Center of Hawaii LBJ was largely resonsible for and the military intercepts capability of the British with Yale and others from WWII history and trying to continue that in the Cold War as even the Pope joined with both Protestants and the mafia also to fight socialism or communism both of which harassed or banned the practice of Christianity.

  1. Nucleus

    1. High Crimes

      Arbitrary power by the Executive under various excuses and denials that give the executive feudal powers of illegal acts that the Executive will deny rather than admit and is often done by intermediaries the Government claims not connection to and on behalf of interests other than the Republic that the Government claims no connection with.

      “Black Operations” also at times called “Black Budget,” “Above Top Secret,” or “Special Access” programs can include drug dealing, money laundering, hitmen, gun-running to combatants, forgeries, false flags, assassinations, and profiteering while denying the secret activities.

      1. National Security Act of 1947. More money has been spent, more lives influenced, and more national prestige and tradition affected by the National Security Act of 1947 than] anything that has been done since that date—and all in the futile and passive name of defense. In this single Act, Congress established the Department of Defense with its single civilian secretary, and it established a new military organization joining the old Army and Navy, with an independent Air Force and a Joint Chiefs of Staff.

        It also set up the National Security Council, which consisted of the President, the Vice President, the secretaries of State and of Defense, and the director of the Office of Emergency Planning.

        It provided for the Operations Coordinating Board to assure that decisions arrived at within the NSC were carried out as planned and directed. And not to be overlooked, this same act created the Central Intelligence Agency and very specifically placed it, “for the purpose of coordinating the intelligence activities of the several Government departments and agencies in the interest of national security… under the direction of the National Security Council.. Col Prouty The Secret Team

        It was largely the creation of anti-communist US Representative Richard Nixon who was leading the Marshall Plan planning and creation of the National Security act along with other legislation. As it became law with the help of some rich friends like Rockefeller (checkers speech) Nixon will become the first VP elected into an office that will run the NSC.

      2. Concentration of Power and Executive Power. James Madison: “Concentration of powers is tyranny.”

        “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.” –The Federalist Papers, Number 47

      3. Teaming with Murder Inc., and drug runners and other such as the Vatican for overthrows while hiding US hands in the activities that include war crimes and profiteering. A free-for-all access to military supplies Prouty was asked to supply for specially created businesses (following the War Industries Board and Military Industrial Complex) paid for by the US and given to select robber barraonns and with to US military inventory to conduct acts of war against both other nations and the USA itself.

        Denials. Denying its activities and hiring reporters to deny rumors of such events and by denying links to intermediaries used (Even though they later confess) the CIA can deny and the press corp will accept the denials thus the public will accept the denials

      4. George H.W. Bush and other oil cronies throughout the world pillaging nations for the “black” hidden even from JFK profits looted from the countries the corporations are committing crimes and acts of war in.

      5. British System of Subversion and Overthrow ( in allegiance and receiving support from foreign State and Non-State actors) with Covert internal leverage forces special operators often funded by Prizes of War collecting CIA front companies run by moneyed international interest of for international world powers like the Vatican.

        John F. Kennedy and his family were part of Boston patriotism (think Mel Gibson as The Patriot) rebelling against Britain’s financially exploitative oppression of both Catholicism and the USA and the Republic of Ireland and the poor who lived under feudal oppression and arbitrary power of High and Petty tyrant officials. No Taxation Without Representation.

        In the opening of Ed Donegan book The Great Treason is that following WWII and even before the secret world powers that utilize anti-democratic preemption. subversion, and overthrows to rule the USA and the world are a terrorist Deep State that remains a Quiet War by illegal actions and is covertly controlling US Government and Media while denying it. This group has access to military hardware and war making capabilities from the USA and elsewhere that it employs illegally. This is what Col Prouty spent his life writing about after his friend JFK was assassinated and silenced.

      6. The House Select Committee on Foreign Aid, or Herter Committee, was established to study the proposal that had been launched by General George Marshall in his speech at Harvard on June 5, 1947, for a Marshall Plan, in part as Cold War anticommunism, which led future US President Richard Nixon to focus on foreign policy throughout his public career. In 1947, it identified a “prevailing theme throughout–that democratic leadership was close to non-existent and Communist leadership at the forefront of political shaping.”

        In fact British Imperialism was on the decline and the Boston Brahmin wanted it back.

  2. Whole of Cell and its Context as Terrorist Cell(s) function Organism and The Special Relationship respecting Great Britain and its influence and techniques to control many countries using pillaged or foreign-assets means of war. The model was East-India Tea Company that allowed State blessed chartered corporations extensive (and even backing for) misconduct of dirty wars in foreign lands that have been targeted for exploitation and conquest.

    1. Need of WWII’s England to reverse decline – End of British Empire See also: Falklands War, Transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong, and Repatriation. By 1981, aside from a scattering of islands and outposts, the process of decolonisation that had begun after the Second World War was largely complete. In 1982, Britain’s resolve in defending its remaining overseas territories was tested when Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, acting on a long-standing claim that dated back to the Spanish Empire.[256] Britain’s successful military response to retake the Falkland Islands during the ensuing Falklands War contributed to reversing the downward trend in Britain’s status as a world power.

      The 1980s saw Canada, Australia, and New Zealand sever their final constitutional links with Britain. Although granted legislative independence by the Statute of Westminster 1931, vestigial constitutional links had remained in place.

    2. Averell Harriman, Bush, Rockefeller, and others made Keepers of the Peace special forces subversion and overthrow teams to get the bilateral treaties England and others wanted. Some call this the Secret Governments that replaced the more open Cabal.

      That the Donegan’s Prouty’s E. Howard Hunt, Dorothy Hunt, Bissle JR., Lee Harvey Oswald and plans for Indonesia were under way by this time is clearly documented. JFK would and likely did strongly object to at least some of this. Regardless of what the OOECD did say about this you can find AR6362-A. President John F. Kennedy Meets with Secretary General of Organisation for European… more

      President John F. Kennedy meets with the Secretary General of the Organisation for European Economic Co-operation Thorkil Kristensen in the Oval Office. Ed Donegan asserts that at this time he was fertilized a plan to have a possible half brother under a fake id born along side him or said to be was made and this was Post WWII CIA plans for Indonesia Gregg Poulgrain calls Allen Dulles v. JFK and Jen Moore (deceased) also asserts using Donegan home as background for video. Kristensen asserted better leaders had to be inserted or backed in countries like Indonesia of those countries were to succeed.

    3. Indonesia 1958. In Col Prouty Was A Revalor I show that the CIA had one command and it was a mobile command placed into Japan after WWII and 1949 in particular for the N (post WWII) World Order to pursue under treaty world peace. I show at that time the main concerns were (A)sia, (T)okyo of conquered Japan now a US asset that Prouty was a near full military governor of, and from there the military conducted operations as planned in (S)oviet (U)nion flyovers, (G)uatemala, and (I)ndonesia all hotpots the base ATSUGI the recon and covert operations for overthrows were based out of and Lee Harvey Oswald of the CIA was based at using RADAR I think to demonstrate it.

      As seen in openly sourced news materials in 1951 as Prince Elizabeth was coming to power as Queen Elizabeth and James Paul Donegan were there in that time with the Prouty’s under Nixon. Ed Donegan asserts this is when (1951 to 1961 the CIA birth of Obama for Indonesia was planned with an uncertain placement of the baby Obama Jr. and several possible CIA plans for countries and parents to grow up with. This was under the GOO Bush Nixon and led to the assassination of JFK when Obama under his real birth certificate was two years old and that the whole Operation 40 scheme and similar ones was mafia run and the records destroyed. Prouty was a close Donegan friend.

    4. The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World is a book by L. Fletcher Prouty, a former colonel in the US Air Force, first published by Prentice-Hall in 1973. He also wrote this Team of Conspirators assassinated JFK.

    5. Overthrow a Fascist Regime on $15 a Day. Wayne Madsen quit his job and moved to Washington, DC, in 2000 to launch journalistic riveting accounts. Countries like Indonesia and elswhere have CIA backed ovethrow plans and Obama was CIA connected and planned for Indonesia.

    6. Books include The Manufacturing of a President: The CIA’s Insertion of Barack H. Obama, Jr. into the White House “Research is based on formerly classified CIA and State Department files, personal interviews, and international investigations. Obama’s birth certificate has never been the issue … (in Wayne Madsen view. Obama Jr was eligible for President. In Ed Donegan’s view too but to Ed Donegan a possible SSN of 022-46-3234 as the actual birth SSN next to Ed Donegan SSN is material to Ed Donegan’s version of accounts) The real issue,

    7. The Almost Classified Guide to CIA Front Companies, Proprietaries & Contractors This book is a compilation, in encyclopedic format, of the CIA’s various fronts, proprietaries, and contractors/corporate partners since the agency’s inception in 1947. The book ranges from “A” to “Z” — Air America to Zapata Offshore.

    8. America’s Nightmare: The Presidency of George Bush II by Wayne Madsen and John Stanton by Wayne Madsen

      Ed Donegan and others assert the team of Murder Inc., mobsters, and other assorted allies recruited from nearly anywhere are the “Doers” (as General Lansdale put it) while the State sponsor of the criminal actives denies being linked to the guerrilla warfare or arming insurgents of other countries. Wayne Madsen and Ed Donegan assert Barrack Obama JR. and his presidency resulted from these CIA plans for the world.

  3. Ectoplasm

    1. The Financial and Legal and Political and Military dealings of the NWO. In almost all cases the overthrow involve Organized Crime on large financial scales of hidden corporate profits and funding and personal profits and abuse of power in office.

  4. Intelligence

    1. Organizations of Cells working together as a Cartel or other organization can be brain cells and have plans. Planted stories in an influenced press corps can present fabricated stories and fabricated judgmental condemning conspiracy theories and providing acclaim and protective sentiments to conspiracy members.

    2. Disinformation designed to influence Targeted audiences may be based on accurate reporting of carefuller staged events. Iran was accused of this when student protests occurred before the world under the Shah that were designed for the camera lens.

  5. Flagellum (tail outside cell wall)

    1. On behalf of Robber Barrons Special Operators Conquer covertly destabalizing smaller countries with strife within the strife energizing with covert support one side of the seeming internal civil war. Often the nations pres is infiltrated that run planted stories to manipulate public opinion.

    2. Bully (OED) v. seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable).

      [Bulls (police bullying) can destabilize a situation and blame the victim] The bullies find places to insert themselves into in such as way as their presence in a particular place or time will likely generate a conflict with the victim to be bullied and blamed in resultant conflicts.]

      Similar to Bully (OED) persecute, oppress, tyrannize, torment, browbeat, intimidate, cow, coerce, strong-arm, subjugate, domineer, push around, play the heavy with, pressure, pressurize, bring pressure to bear on, use pressure on, put pressure on, constrain, lean on, press, push, force, compel, oblige, put under an obligation, hound, harass, nag, harry, badger, goad, prod, pester, brainwash, bludgeon, persuade, prevail on, work on, act on, influence, dragoon, twist someone’s arm, blackjack, bulldoze, railroad, put the screws/squeeze on, bounce, hustle, fast-talk,

    3. CIA agents have written books on “dirty tricks” and they are known publicly. Close Hits position an operative near a victim (usually undercover or using an asset) in position next to a victim and preferably not accessible by the victim. Such a location may be a neighboring office (Watergate break-in) neighboring apartments or houses or in common areas next the victim such as common areas including common areas of apartment or condo units. Forgeries and planted misinformation and use of Shills help the operation also with undercover operatives. Organizing cartels is another dirty trick if the cartel will collude in illegal actions (RICO) for criminal ends.

      “Pizzagate is one such abuse of power. Wanting special access to adult entertainers and wanting to use Ed Donegan Donegan family property to pay for access a retarded version of Edward Donegan is taken to sex industry workers for lessons by law enforcement and Edward Paul Donegan is made to look in public in need of those lessons that will build Haute couture new adult sex worker call girl and pimp scene members. Edward Donegan was asked by the Salvation Army to help understand Goth and he would not.

      Ed Donegan asserts he is targeted as a behavioral risk to others in order to toxify his presence in libraries, apartment, social communities, etc., to hinder or subvert his platform to write his book in.

      Fighting and other consequences result from the confession of the body double of Ed Donegan away from Ed Donegan’s presence AND treatment of real Ed Donegan in public as the person who elsewhere confesses to misconduct. These have led to rigged legal proceedings, pscywards, and fights as well as evictions.

    4. Protection Rackets a form of Organized Crime labor racket by police or security services are the most dangerous. One now feeds off false allegations against Ed Donegan who is being used as a patsy for an alleged sex crimes ring. The police may even bully a patsy they are blaming their own acts on and act against the patsy or extort the patsy. This is the case with Lee Harvey Oswald and Edward Paul Donegan. Blacklisting the Patsy by smear allows for the transfer of blame to the patsy publicly while also brings acclaim to the protection racket publicly whitelisting the terror cell. Again corrupt police and corrupt investigators are in the perfect position to do this.

    5. Alternate Paths By Hostile Parties Those not allowed to attack a journalist or witness to JFK matters may plant child porn on the person, harrass them, cause their evictions and job loss etc., as an alternate path disruption of their lives and credibility.

  6. Cell walls and cell wall passage of assassins, propaganda, and world profits into the cell and rise to power of the elites as controll of the cell

    1. Secret Agreements between Espionage agencies and countries to cooperate on the world planning and covert operations regime changes and hemispherical covert aggression.

      The main functions of the cell wall are: Protecting the cell against physical damage and invading pathogens. Cell wall controls and regulates the direction of cell growth. Providing the strength, structural support and maintaining the shape of the cell. Functions as a storage unit by storing carbohydrates for use in plant growth, especially in seeds. It allows entry of smaller molecules through it freely.

      As Cell Walls of Sovereign Nations are destroyed the conquered nation joins into or is ogrnaized as a colony of the Terrorist Cell. Manufactured copies of itself by mitosis or by virus may leave the cell, toxins may be produced and leave the cell, nutrients may pass into the cell. Cellular intelligence Major histocompatibility complex is DNA that alerts the cells to foreign biology or endogeneic biology.

    2. SILENCED! Strange Deaths Of People Who Knew Too Much About The JFK Assassination: 92 Witnesses, Researchers, CIA Agents, Police Officers, Reporters, Girlfriends Who Just Knew Way Too Much! Kindle Edition by Ralph Thomas (Author) [Ed Donegan and others assert the Terrorist Cell emits toxicty to those not in the Cell or are a threat to the Cell. Often it is law enforcement, innocent bystander whiteness, or patriots who are targeted]

      Hit people sent into the public to assassinate Marilyn Monroe, Malcom X, Dr. Martin Luther King, later Robert F. Kennedy and other Kennedy’s and US Representative Sonny Bono and even William Colby to keep silent the truth of the Family Jewel’s program mostly run by Boston Brahim.

The Flagellum of Subversion includes guerrilla warfare against journalists and politicians. Covert harassment on the personal level includes police secretly picking fighters by bullying the police can win including working against housing, break-ins, use of assets to conduct attacks the police want conducted though deny involvement in.

The misfortune of conflicts with police are said to be the fault of the bullied person.

The Great Treason, Pillory, Ted Gunderson Bio X, Written By The Right Hand, Majic 12 and the Secret Government

The Timing of NSC activities and roles of CIA and the evolution of the CIA in Japan 1951 leading world security including from Grace Ranch Arizona Grace Ranch of Peter LIcavli of the JFK assassination

1946 the CIA is created mostly by Congressman Richard Nixon to be the NSC mechanism for national security.

By the time the lines had hardened, few would deny the necessity for central coordinated intelligence, and nearly everyone was convinced that the quality of national intelligence must be improved. However, as strongly as these measures were supported, the majority also denied the proposals that would have given the Intelligence Authority its own clandestine branch and the means to support such activities. General Donovan, Allen Dulles, and others took to the rostrum and spoke publicly and privately of the need, as they saw it, for an agency with special “operations” powers. To confirm this need and to inflame the public with this issue, the supporters of the clandestine operations proposition became the greatest firebrands of the anti-Communism theme. It was this same group that picked up the banner hurled by Winston Churchill and that saw Communists under every rock. It was during these crucial days that the opposition, no matter who the opposition was, was painted pink or red with the label of Communist. A beginning of this form of public and political blackmail was made during these debates, and it reached its zenith less than a decade later.

[T]he supporters of the clandestine operations proposition became the greatest firebrands of the anti-Communism theme. It was this same group that picked up the banner hurled by Winston Churchill and that saw Communists under every rock. It was during these crucial days that the opposition, no matter who the opposition was, was painted pink or red with the label of Communist. A beginning of this form of public and political blackmail was made during these debates, and it reached its zenith less than a decade later in the infamous days of Senator Joseph McCarthy.

In the quarter-century that has followed this debate, this country and the world have become somewhat accustomed to the polemics of this terrible issue. What began perhaps as an honest effort to alert this country to the fact that the Soviet Government did in fact have the potential to unleash the secrets of the atom and thus to build atomic bombs, gradually became a powerful tool in the hands of the irresponsible and the agitators. All opposition for whatever reason was branded as Communist or pro-Communist. Gradually, this dogma of anti- Communism was extended into the entire world, and by the time of the publication of the Truman Doctrine, the entire world had been divided into Communist and anti-Communist along the lines of the Iron Curtain, the Northern Tier, and the Bamboo Curtain. Once these Lines had been drawn, it remained only for time to run its course and for the Soviet Union to follow natural growth and scientific achievement to obtain not only the atomic bomb, but the hydrogen bomb and then the intercontinental ballistic missile. As many have said, these decisions and pressures, which first appeared during the years immediately following the end of World War II, have contained some of the most serious and grievous mistakes of this quarter-century.

During WWlater CIA figures served in the Office of Strategic Services. At the end of the war, President Truman abolished that office and shortly thereafter set up another National Intelligence Authority in January 1946, again for the purpose of coordinating intelligence. It will be noted that the specific duties assigned to the new agency (CIA) specifically itemized most of the standard tasks of Intelligence, with the exception of “collection.” It would seem that a Congress that had debated the subject so long and so thoroughly would not have overlooked the function of collection. It is more likely that Congress fully intended what it stated—that the task of the CIA was that of “coordinating” intelligence. ‘ Col Prouty the Secret Team

The Mutual Defense Assistance Act was a United States Act of Congress signed by President Harry S. Truman on 6 October 1949. For U.S. foreign policy, it was the first U.S. military foreign aid legislation of the Cold War era, and initially to Europe.1949 .

On 8 September 1951, the United States and Japan signed the Mutual Security Treaty, which stationed U.S. troops on Japanese soil for the defense of Japan following the eruption of the Korean War. On 8 March 1954, both countries signed the Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement (activated on 1 May 1954), focusing on defense assistance. It allowed for the presence of U.S. armed forces in Japan for the purpose of peace and security while encouraging Japan to take on more responsibility for its own defense, rearming in a manner suited for defensive purposes.

The Mutual Security Act of 1951 launched a major American foreign aid program, 1951–61, of grants to numerous countries. It largely replaced the Marshall Plan. The main goal was to help poor countries develop and to contain the spread of communism. It was signed on October 10, 1951, by President Harry S. Truman.[1] Annual authorizations were about $7.5 billion, out of a GDP of $340bn in 1951, for military, economic, and technical foreign aid to American allies. The aid was aimed primarily at shoring up Western Europe, as the Cold War developed. In 1961 it was replaced by a new foreign aid program, the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, which created the Agency for International Development (AID), and focused more on Latin America.

The Mutual Security Act also abolished the Economic Cooperation Administration, which had managed the Marshall Plan and transferred its functions to the newly established Mutual Security Agency (MSA). The Agency was established and continued by acts of October 10, 1951 (65 Stat. 373) and June 20, 1952 (66 Stat. 141) to provide military, economic, and technical assistance to friendly nations in the interest of international peace and security, but was abolished by Reorganization Plan No. 7 of 1953, effective August 1, 1953, and its functions were transferred to the Foreign Operations Administration.[3] The act however, was extended by appropriators each fiscal year until the early 1960s.

As the Marshall Plan was ending, Congress was in the process of piecing together a new foreign aid proposal designed to unite military and economic programs with technical assistance. In the words of Secretary of State Dean Acheson, who testified before Congress, Western Europe needed assistance against Soviet “encroachment.” The measure was intended to signal Washington’s resolve to allies and to the Kremlin that the United States

Though not officially a belligerent during the Korean War (1950–1953), the Soviet Union played a significant, covert role in the conflict. It provided material and medical services, as well as Soviet pilots and aircraft, most notably MiG-15 fighter jets, to aid the North Korean-Chinese forces against the South Korean-United Nations Forces. Joseph Stalin had final decision-making power and several times demanded North Korea postpone action, until he and Mao Zedong both gave their final approval in spring 1950. – Wikipedia

In 1951 as Princess Elizabeth II is near becoming Queen CHina and Russia threaten the Islands of Japan if they push through Korean as Russia did from Manchuria China) to force Japan to surrender in end of WWII

The Great Treason, Pillory, Ted Gunderson Bio X, Written By The Right Hand, Majic 12 and the Secret Government

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