The Government And Those Writing About It

The Government And Those Writing About It

Some terms defined are a good start.

The Government (FBI, CIA, NSA, US DOD and its officials)

When the CIA was created J. Edgar Hoover opposed it. The FBI was an espionage agency enacted by Congress to act world-wide for the same reasons and with the same methods the OSS and CIA utilized or would.

The Defense Intelligence Agency and Joint Chiefs of Staff OFfice of Special Operations before it are espionage agencies inside the military and since NDAA Fusion Centers and other removal of stove-piping now are seemless with most policing, fire, and other agencies it acts through under cover identities.

Office Holders

Those like George H.W. Bush who have been elected to or appointed to what are called political positions (elected or cabinet level agency heads appointed by an administration who will further platform goals, etc., have dual identies. In either their carreer role as politicians and office seekers or as office holders and wielders of the powers of the Government they are government officials.

Proprietary Interests and cover-identities

For the purposes of cover-identities so the CIA or FBI can conceal their role in politiccal or miliatary affaris around the world corporations and their exectutives are asked to provide information or cover stories (Legends) for CIA operatives who are studying or working in foreign locations.,

By the time George H. W. Bush founded his own company, Zapata Petroleum, it was not difficult to line up backers with long-standing ties to industrial espionage activities. The setup with Devine in the oil business provided Bush with a perfect cover to travel abroad and . . . identify potential CIA recruits among foreign nationals . . .

“Poppy” Bush’s own role with intelligence appears to date back as early as the Second World War, when he joined the Navy at age eighteen. On arrival at his training base in Norfolk, Virginia, in the fall of 1942, Bush was trained not only as a pilot of a torpedo bomber but also as a photographic officer, responsible for crucial, highly sensitive aerial surveillance . . .

After mastering the technique of operating the handheld K-20 aerial camera and film processing, Bush recruited and trained other pilots and crewmen. His own flight team became part bomber unit, part spy unit. GHW Bush and the JFK Hit

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Per information on Thomas J. Devine the CIA officer helped fund Zapata Patroleum and Devine was in and out of the CIA in a revolving manner. Oil rigs near Cuba offshore were proto cell towers listeing in on any radio traffic to be beard from Cuba. Per COl Prouty it was Operation Zapata that was behind the Bay of Pigs with one boat the Barbara and another the Houston where Zapata was based in Texas.

Contractors including Murder Inc.,.

The “doers” (as General Edward Lansdale put in a letter about CIA activities in a 1951 letter to CD Douglas of the OSS) as the CIA and FBI remained hidden it calls the “shots” that contractors to them will carry out. “As always, should you or any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

Treaties and Allegiances with Foreign Nations and Non-Governmental Organizations like the Vatican

James Jesus Angleton of the CIA and in WWII in the OSS X2 intelligence utilized the Italian Mafia, the Vatican, and many others. “The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend. The US acquired some very eclectic friends during the WWII and the Cold War.

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