SPLC Lists False Patriots in a 2001 article

Southern Poverty Law Center Lists False Patriots in 2001


Brief profiles of 40 men and women who played pivotal roles in the antigovernment ‘Patriot’ movement, along with a timeline recapitulating the history of modern civilian militias, illustrate the changing shape of the radical right.

Reaching its peak in 1996, the antigovernment “Patriot” movement was a particular form of the American radical right that was characterized by paramilitary militias, opposition to gun control and the federal government, and belief in an array of conspiracy theories about the so-called “New World Order.”

Patriots were drawn from all walks of life and though only some were explicitly racist, many of the key militants and ideologues of the movement had long histories of involvement in white supremacist groups.

In the late 1990s, Patriot groups began to dwindle as members left the movement, joined other kinds of radical groups, were imprisoned or, in a few cases, died in confrontations with law enforcement authorities.

Here, along with a timeline tracing the history of modern militias, are brief profiles of 40 people involved in the Patriot movement whose life stories over the last few years help illustrate the changing shape of the radical right.

[Among them William Cooper, Bob Fletcher,
Ted Gunderson,

Milton William “Bill” Cooper was an American conspiracy theorist, radio broadcaster, and author known for his 1991 book Behold a Pale Horse, in which he warned of multiple global conspiracies. Born: May 6, 1943, Long Beach, CA Died: November 5, 2001, Eagar, AZ

Here is what Southern Poverty Law Center wrote about Ted Gunderson.

Desperately Seeking Satan – Ted Gunderson, 73

After 27 years in the FBI including stints running the Memphis, Dallas and Los Angeles offices, Ted L. Gunderson embarked on a tour of the weird.

Retiring in 1979, Gunderson started a security and investigations firm and eventually wound up as an investigator in the ill-starred McMartin Preschool sexual molestation case, where he became fixated on the idea that children are regularly subjected to Satanic ritual abuse. (In the end, seven years of trials produced no convictions, and the case was widely denounced as a destructive witch hunt.)

From there, it got truly strange. Entering the Patriot world as a leading conspiracy-monger, Gunderson made videos alleging an invisible cabal called the Illuminati had plans to run the world. He sold his services shielding people from “Electrostatic Sensory Manipulation” and testing for “brain implants, tracking chips and resonant cavities.”

He claimed a government official told him that he did the Oklahoma bombing, saying, “That’s my bomb.” He said a cure for Down’s syndrome is being kept from the public, that the government practices mind control, and that his children had DNA extracted by aliens in the infamous Area 51 of UFO fame.

And Gunderson accused a well-known, UFO-oriented talk show host (I Ed Donegan do not know which radio Host Gunderson accused ) of molesting children, an accusation that recently brought him a libel suit.

I have read I think nearly everything Ted Gunderson wrote, probably 95 percent of it that is available today (and there is much of it) and of that I have probably researched indepedent sources on what he said and also I understood exactly what he was saying by studying it while SPLC defamatorily spits on his works.

Ted Gunderson had availabel and I have copies of notes in handwriting from Micehal Aquino, a Defense Intelligence Agency PsySop “Mind Warrior” (psycholgical warfare) exert who created for the purposes of having a dorrogatory effect on witness to his acts a cover to operate under, Temple Set who sough in Salzburg Austrtia ghosts of WWII and was caught in acts of chidl abuse but was mostlyu let off the hook as local police wer told to stand down and did.

In my books I have memos from Thomas Aquino in typewritten works describing his plan to operate Satanic groups to operate under (LeVay Statanists and his spinoff group) and he oplenly states in the memoes they would locate in orphanges high performing computer skills children for relocation by Temple of Set who would be described as kidnappers cultists, the type who also Gunderson said were really military groups who killed the Jeffery MacDonod family under a US DOD operated drug cult with powerfull protectors hiding the identity of the real killers.

I believe my description of Ted Gunderson’s assertions is correct and my researchh corroborates what Gunderson said.

Real Patriots worried about Big Business and the infiltration of our government and media

Ted Gunderon believed from early sources on the Illuminati big business did control the US Government including the US Media, and the true corruption of high power elites and the misdeeds of high power elites (such as killing JFK and mocking Conspiracy Theorists) was the plan all along and I have come to agree with him and to refute the SPLC I will write a response called True Patirots 1997 when Chaunvey Marvin Holt lists the ten or so oil companies involved in assassinating JFK so United Fruit Comnpany and others could continue to dominate Guatemala, gold could be stolen from Indonesia, and oil and other resources world wide that the CIA could topple, including the USA itself.

The Boston Brahmins or Boston elite are members of Boston’s traditional upper class. They are often associated with a cultivated New England or Mid-Atlantic dialect and accent, Harvard University, Anglicanism,[4] and traditional British American customs and clothing. Descendants of the earliest English colonists are typically considered to be the most representative of the Boston Brahmins. They are considered White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs).- Wikkipedai

Many of these global elites are the Corruption Network that controls the USA including a vast array of illegal acts in the USA.

The memo I found it from Micheal Aquino a bad mimegraph or photo copy could be read exactly with extensive zooming and eye strain so to make the data more accessible (as I have elsewhere ) I on a pixel by pixel basis fixed the form of distortred or half present letters so the documents(s) are easier to read by busy people not want to be stuck at that memo for an hour.

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