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The Planes B-26s for Indonesia as CIA planes

Indonesia 1958: Nixon, the CIA, and the Secret War
By L. Fletcher Prouty

The Martin B-26 Marauder is an American twin-engined medium bomber that saw extensive service during World War II. The B-26 was built at two locations: Baltimore, Maryland, and Omaha, Nebraska, by the Glenn L. Martin Company.

The B-26 Marauder was used mostly in Europe, but also saw action in the Mediterranean and the Pacific. In early combat, the aircraft took heavy losses, but was still one of the most successful medium-range bombers used by the US Army Air Forces.[16] The B-26 was initially deployed on combat missions in the South West Pacific in early 1942, but most of the B-26s subsequently assigned to operational theaters were sent to England and the Mediterranean area.

By the end of World War II, it had flown more than 110,000 sorties, dropped 150,000 tons (136,078 tonnes) of bombs and had been used in combat by British, Free French and South African forces in addition to US units. In 1945, when B-26 production was halted, 5,266 had been built. -Wikipedia

Prouty, Donegan, E. Howard Hunt, Lovett and the CIA were at Atsugi and here is what Prouty was working on in Indonesia 1958 and had in the works as Kennedy was about to talk in 1963.

This was important administratively because by that time Frank
Wisner, the CIA Deputy Director of Plans, had set up his forward
headquarters in Singapore and at the direction of the 5412
Committee of the National Security Council, headed by Nixon, Wisner
occupied that faraway headquarters himself. (It should be noted
that in 1958 Allen Dulles was the head of the CIA, his brother John
Foster Dulles was the Secretary of State, Eisenhower was President,
and Nixon, as Vice President, chaired the clandestine affairs
committee, then known as the “Special Group 5412/2.” In other
words nothing was done in Indonesia that was not directed by Nixon.
If an action had not been directed by the NSC, then it was done
unlawfully by the CIA.)

in 1958 and in 1965, the CIA directly interfered in
the internal affairs of Indonesia. In 1958, this monstrous
action led to civil war. In 1965, it led to the ultimate
takeover by a pro-Amencan military regime, while hundreds of
thousands of innocent peasants and loyal citizens were
massacred in the name of this insane crusade against
international communism. Still today, ten years later, many
tens of thousands of true patriots and Sukarnoists are locked
up in jails and concentration camps being denied the simplest
and most elementary human rights. American companies and
aggressive foreign interests are indiscriminately plundering
the natural riches of Indonesia to the advantage of the few
and the disadvantage of the millions of unemployed and
impoverished masses.

In 1958 Allen Dulles would have brought such a major operation
to the attention of the Special Group and he would operate with its
approval. This was an essential step in national policy because it
then empowered the Department of Defense to provide the necessary
support requested by the CIA. Much of this fell within the area of
my responsibility at Air Force Headquarters, and I was kept
informed on a regular basis of approved action and of Nixon’s keen
interest in this project.

Concurrently, in Washington, operations were being organized.
Frank Wisner took over direct command of the everyday operations of
the Indonesian project. A large staff under Desmond Fitzgerald of
the Far East Division was set up. The most active element of this
special staff came from the CIA’s clandestine Air Division which at
that time was under the control of Dick Helms. As the plans
expanded for this major undertaking, requirements for military
equipment, people, aircraft, weapons, bases, submarines, and
communications skyrocketed.

In the Pentagon there are thousands of nondescript offices in
which all sorts of tasks are done. One of these unobtrusive
offices was an Air Force Plans Division office. One day in 1958
two men from the CIA entered that office. After being identified
they were permitted entrance to an interior office that was the
“Focal Point” office for all U.S. Air Force Support of the
clandestine operations of the CIA. I had established that office
in 1955 on orders from Gen. Thomas D. White, then Chief of Staff of
the Air Force. This came about after several meetings with Allen
W. Dulles, the Director of Central Intelligence, and others. When
the CIA men entered that office in 1958, I was still in charge.

The agents outlined the Indonesian Plan, the Philippine support
and training program, and told me about their own special
operations staff that had been put together specifically for this
vast project. Then they urgently requested light bombardment
aircraft and long-range transport aircraft. We decided to take a
number of twin engine B-26 aircraft out of mothball storage, put
them through a retrofit line, and modify them so that they could be
armed with a special 50-caliber machine gun package of eight guns,
in the nose of the plane. This would give the B-26 more firepower
than it ever had during the Korean War or World War II. The
project was given top priority and covered in deep secrecy.
Programs for pilot training and the recruitment of “mercenaries”
were established. [Just as Chauncey Marvin Holt describes refurning the b-26 and other aircraft usage for CIA operations in Guatamala]

Concurrent with our work the CIA was putting together a
“wartime” operational staff. Lt. Gen. Earl Barnes, who had been a
senior air commander during World War II under Gen. Douglas
MacArthur, was brought in to run all clandestine air activities.

At that time Gen. Lyman L. Lemnitzer was Commander in Chief of
the Ryukyu Command on Okinawa. One day he received a call from
General David M. Shoup, the U.S. Marine Commander on Okinawa,
asking if the Army could spare 14,000 rifles for a Marine
requirement. Surprised at the Marine request for such a large
order of guns, Lemnitzer acquiesced nonetheless and ordered the
transfer of these weapons on the condition that they would be
quickly replaced.[1]

ATSUGI Japan and the island of Okinawa

Ed DOnegan asserts the Gang is all there. WWII Pilot and B-26 Escort pilot and recon P-51 pilot James Donegan, Prouty and some WWII bombers going out the door to Indonesia.

High on the ridge line of central Okinawa overlooking the city
of Naha there was a modest size “Army” installation that hustled
with considerable activity. This was the main CIA operational base
in the Far East. It was under the direction of Ted Shannon, one of
the Agency’s most powerful agents. It was Shannon’s office that
had actually requested 42,000 rifles from General Shoup and since
the order was so large Shoup had been unable to supply them, and
had therefore borrowed 14,000 from the Army.

On nearby Taiwan, the CIA had another large facility — a “Navy”
base known as the Naval Auxiliary Communication Center (NACC).
This “Comm Center” controlled a large and very active air base a
few miles south of Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, and the huge Air
America facilities near Taipei and the city of Tainan.

The B-26 bombers were ready to fly and a special ferrying
arrangement was made with the Air Force to fly them across the
Pacific to the Philippines and Menado.

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Black Propoganda is Calculated Rather Than True

Black Propaganda Is Calculated Rather Than True

Black propaganda purports to emanate from a source other than the true source. This type of propaganda is associated with covert psychological operations. Sometimes the source is concealed or credited to a false authority and spreads lies, fabrications, and deceptions.

Ted Gunderson

Use of Satanists to appear to (it was the CIA and DIA) kill or disappear children for around the world may have made the Tennessee born Gunderson look crazy but Gunderson saw thought Satanism as a hiding ground for intelligence services as Jen Moore did as well

Questions about Ted Gundeson timeline.

Previous to my [Ted Gunderson’s] work as a private investigator I spent nearly three decades in the F.B.I. Between 1951 and 1960 I was an F.B.I. Special Agent. In 1960 I was promoted as a supervisor at F.B.I. Headquarters in Washington, D.C., where I was in charge of Organized Crime and Racketeering investigations covering 26 F.B.I Field Offices nationwide.

[The Anti-Racketeering Anti Hoffa Robert F. Kennedy as Attorney General of the United States of America chose Ted Gunderson to be his right hand man in fighting the mafia. As Bobby Kennedy took the call his brother was assassinated and deceased it was Ted Gunderson in the meeting on the Mafia in his office with him.]

Following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy I was re-assigned to Special [JFK] Inquiry White House Matters at F.B.I. Headquarters. In 1965 I was promoted again to Assistant Special Agent-In-Charge of Internal Security and Anti-Terrorism of the F.B.I. New Haven, Connecticut Field Office.

In 1970 I was promoted to Assistant Special Agent- In-Charge of the F.B.I. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Field Office.

Michael Aquino per his own hand-written PsyOps documents that a Satanic group would be good to hide behind and Defense Intelligence Agency typewritten confirming information also from Aquino and his superiors started Satanism in 1966. Oddly enough Ted Gunderson having been RFK’s right hand man and White House Liasson in JKF assassination for the FBI is promoted into increasing obscurity in 1965.

Veronica Hoffman

A devout Jew in Los Angeles she was tricked into Nazi outifits and seemed to be linked to Lyndon Larouchers.

Ton Dunham

Like most appeared to be a schizophrenic because his dopple sock puppet was and appeared to a felon not able to work in the insurance business.

Ed Donegan

Most of it is true. I am aging biggot from the south. But like Thomas Jefferson also a studier of classical liberalism trying to end the State attack of police state the Roman Republic became and hold back the religious state the Roman Empire created and the Rebirth undermined over timne.

It seems that Goths wear short skirts and I want to peek up those and that is why I watched Pong, and it seems gyn clothes are a peeking fetish of mine and I have a buttocks fetish that the prison comumity has.

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The Pilots (Holt, David Ferrie, Leroy Young, and others)

The Pilots

Chauncey Marvin Holt died in 1997 and his book with the documents was released 2013-2014) that had an appendix will all documents for the public to see. He did not want any people seeing these until after all had died and would be caught or interviewed.

The CIA had used obsolete World War II B-26 bombers, and painted them to look like Cuban air force planes. The bombers missed many of their targets and left most of Castro’s air force intact. As news broke of the attack, photos of the repainted U.S. planes became public and revealed American support for the invasion. President Kennedy cancelled a second air strike.

This clip of Chauncey Holt is from an interview in Dallas surrounding Lee Harvey Oswald and Holt’s personal statment; for coming forward with his knowledge and “if believed will lay to rest the ideas that Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald were just nuts that passed in the night.”

Hot flew exactly those planes in Guatamala in 1954 as was prepping them as ordered and paid for by the CIA for Cuba, and Lee Harvey Oswald was an FBI CIA asset in the operation made a patsy by hidden spook elites who wanted Oswald as a patsy. As Holt and Hunt say it was a CIA operation they were in that killed Kennedy and I point out this is the group of planes Kennedy canceled.

Welcome to CIA Contractor Pilots refurbishing these planes in The Palm Springs California and Tuscon Arizona area for Operation Mongoose attacks on Gautamala and Cuba under William King Harvey that was inteded for Bay of Pigs but called leading to Bay of Pigs Deaths (but averting others.)

The story is in Chauncey Marvin Holt Self Portrait of A Scoundrel

In the imnages Chauncey Holt shows an accountat to the CIA Operation Mongoose meetings with William King Harvey, Sam Giacanca, Ray Ryan and others. The funding and use of CIA funds and secret locations where these planes are modified in CIA Weapons program that will painting the planes (A Chauncey Holt Specialty before computer graphics existed. Blow ups of photos could be done.) These planes were flown in and from Gautamala and had been intended for Cuba the second airstrike to support George H.W. Bush’s Brigade 2506 Cuba invaders.

Then Benjamin Dranow, who was one of
Jimmy Hoffa’s rap buddies, and a friend of
my cousin Milton, appeared on the scene. He
was using the name of Ben Davis, but, of
course, I knew his real identity. He had been
convicted of mail fraud in Minneapolis and
was under indictment for having cashed a
$100,000 treasury bill, which was stolen. He
still managed to obtain a huge loan from the
Teamsters, without any diffculty or delay.
Later the loan was in default and the hotel
was forced to close.

We were still doing a great deal of
gunrunning, operating through the Southwest
Aircraft Company, a CIA front. The major
stockholder of record was Peter Licavoli, since
he had formed the company in the first place,
at the same that he formed the Military
Armaments and Advisors Company of Detroit,
Tucson and London.

This base in operations was closed to us
when the DEA, which was looking for drugs,
seized our aircraft and discovered hundreds of
rifles and explosives, including hand grenades,
claymore mines and C-4.

The agents got the aircraft but they didn’t
locate the crew. The aircraft had been leased
to non-existent crew members. When the
government found out the identity of the
owners of the aircraft they, of course, were very
suspicious, but they could never prove that we
had anything to do with the operation.
Our suit to recover the aircraft, which
extended over several years, was unsuccessful.
When the criminal information was drawn
it seemed rather strange to see the caption: U.S.
v. Dehaviland Aircraft, Model Caribou.
I have learned that this is the case when they
seize boats, cars or airplanes.

After this fiasco, which was very expensive,
I moved on to Beverly Hills and flew less and
less although I did make several trips to Laos
where our aircraft, all of which had been STOL equipped was leased to Bird & Son, another of
the CIA’s private airlines.

Between the assassination of Kennedy in
1963 and Peter Licavoli’s death in 1979, as I
stated before, we were in a lot of deals, some
legal; some illegal.

During this time, we met some of the most
effective snitches on the government’s payroll.
Of these, Alan Bruce Cooper and Charles
E. Leggett were two of the most memorable.

Alan Cooper was American-born but had spent
a great deal of time in England and sported
a British diplomatic passport, which appeared
genuine to me. If it were a forgery, the
counterfeiter was a first rate craftsman.

He turned up on Phoenix in the late sixties
or the early 1970s, tooling around town in a
silver Rolls Royce and discussing, in a very
modest, unassuming manner, his $20 million
art collection, which included such masters as
Raphael, Rembrandt, Picasso and Chagall.

It is impossible to sort out, even now, the
loyalties and the disloyalties of many of the
colorful and, regrettably, deceitful characters I
met during that period.

At that time, Somoza and Trujillo, both
bloodthirsty despots, were bitter foes of Castro
and were staunchly defended by the fledgling
CIA, which, at the time, through its contract
agents, was providing guns and money to

Newspaper reporters and writers of
magazine articles created the myth of Castro,
with considerable assistance from the CIA.
Only after it was too late did they see Castro
for what he really was. Of course, part of the
responsibility for what Castro is must be borne
by the U.S. government, who actually forced
“a shotgun wedding” between Castro and the
Soviet Union, which was always willing, but
Castro was very shy in the beginning.
Since I was a pilot, I flew in and out of
Havana, many times on assignments for CIA fronts, and for others, such as Lansky. I was
approached many times by individuals, who
later became famous or infamous, depending
on which side of the fence one found one’s self.

One of those names that I used was Charles
Hormley and I was almost buried under that
name. By the summer of 1958, I had made
over a score of flights into Cuba, supplying
arms to Castro. On one of these flights I
developed engine trouble and was headed for
the naval base at Guantanamo, when I was
forced to ditch. I was pulled out of the water by
naval personnel, who took me to the American
Embassy, after caring for my injuries.

I used the tourist card of a reporter, who was
one of the company’s assets to exit the country.
I was queried at the airport as to why my
arm was bandaged and I told the offcers that
I was injured in a car accident in Havana. The
offcers just nodded, knowingly, because, with
the drivers in Havana, who were among the
world’s worst, the accident rate was very high.
I used Ralston’s name and license when I was
working for Intermountain Aviation in the late
1950s, when Tibetans were training in the U. S.
for guerrilla forays into China.

I also used his name and license for flights
into Cuba, and one can still see the B26s,
with armor plate, bomb bays and gun ports, at
Davis-Monthan Air Base in Tucson.

Guatemala is a beautiful land of vivid
contrast; lofty mountains and fertile valleys
with abundant crops of bananas and coffee and
has a very moderate climate.

It is a depressing country as well when one
considers the poor and homeless descendants
of the ancient Mayas.

When Arbenz announced in February 1953
that he intended to appropriate 225,000 acres
of United Fruit’s land, the CIA was galvanized
into action, even though United Fruit was not
using the land.

Ambassador John E. Peurifoy retorted, “He
will do until a communist comes along.”

So IRC started recruiting for the plan to oust
Arbenz. A handful of civilian pilots were hired
to fly the Thunderbolts, vintage airplanes from
World War II, used to assist Armas in his
“invasion” of Guatemala.

A few Gooney Birds — C47s — were to be flown
by contract pilots to distribute pamphlets or to
push ordinance from, over Guatemala City.

A training site on Momotombito, a volcanic
island in Lake Managua, Nicaragua was set
up and as colorful a group as one can find,
right out of central casting in Hollywood, was
assembled; Jerry Fred DeLarm, “Rip” Robertson,
Tony Po, Jack Younger, Howard Hunt, David
Atlee Phillips and others whose names escape
me at the moment.

On April 17, 1961, 1,400 Cuban exiles launched what became a botched invasion at the Bay of Pigs on the south coast of Cuba.

In 1959, Fidel Castro came to power in an armed revolt that overthrew Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. The US government distrusted Castro and was wary of his relationship with Nikita Khrushchev, the leader of the Soviet Union.

Before his inauguration, John F. Kennedy was briefed on a plan by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) developed during the Eisenhower administration to train Cuban exiles for an invasion of their homeland. The plan anticipated that the Cuban people and elements of the Cuban military would support the invasion. The ultimate goal was the overthrow of Castro and the establishment of a non-communist government friendly to the United States.


President Eisenhower approved the program in March 1960. The CIA set up training camps in Guatemala, and by November the operation had trained a small army for an assault landing and guerilla warfare.

José Miró Cardona led the anti-Castro Cuban exiles in the United States. A former member of Castro’s government, he was the head of the Cuban Revolutionary Council, an exile committee. Cardona was poised to take over the provisional presidency of Cuba if the invasion succeeded.

Despite efforts of the government to keep the invasion plans covert, it became common knowledge among Cuban exiles in Miami. Through Cuban intelligence, Castro learned of the guerilla training camps in Guatemala as early as October 1960, and the press reported widely on events as they unfolded.

Shortly after his inauguration, in February 1961, President Kennedy authorized the invasion plan. But he was determined to disguise U.S. support. The landing point at the Bay of Pigs was part of the deception. The site was a remote swampy area on the southern coast of Cuba, where a night landing might bring a force ashore against little resistance and help to hide any U.S. involvement. Unfortunately, the landing site also left the invading force more than 80 miles from refuge in Cuba’s Escambray Mountains, if anything went wrong.

The Plan

The original invasion plan called for two air strikes against Cuban air bases. A 1,400-man invasion force would disembark under cover of darkness and launch a surprise attack. Paratroopers dropped in advance of the invasion would disrupt transportation and repel Cuban forces. Simultaneously, a smaller force would land on the east coast of Cuba to create confusion.

The main force would advance across the island to Matanzas and set up a defensive position. The United Revolutionary Front would send leaders from South Florida and establish a provisional government. The success of the plan depended on the Cuban population joining the invaders.

The Invasion

The first mishap occurred on April 15, 1961, when eight bombers left Nicaragua to bomb Cuban airfields.

JFKWHP-ST-19-6-62. President Kennedy Addresses the 2506 Cuban Invasion Brigade, 29 December 1962

The CIA had used obsolete World War II B-26 bombers, and painted them to look like Cuban air force planes. The bombers missed many of their targets and left most of Castro’s air force intact. As news broke of the attack, photos of the repainted U.S. planes became public and revealed American support for the invasion. President Kennedy cancelled a second air strike.

On April 17, the Cuban-exile invasion force, known as Brigade 2506, landed at beaches along the Bay of Pigs and immediately came under heavy fire. Cuban planes strafed the invaders, sank two escort ships, and destroyed half of the exile’s air support. Bad weather hampered the ground force, which had to work with soggy equipment and insufficient ammunition.

The Counterattack

Over the next 24 hours, Castro ordered roughly 20,000 troops to advance toward the beach, and the Cuban air force continued to control the skies. As the situation grew increasingly grim, President Kennedy authorized an “air-umbrella” at dawn on April 19—six unmarked American fighter planes took off to help defend the brigade’s B-26 aircraft flying. But the planes arrived an hour late, most likely confused by the change in time zones between Nicaragua and Cuba. They were shot down by the Cubans, and the invasion was crushed later that day.

Some exiles escaped to the sea, while the rest were killed or rounded up and imprisoned by Castro’s forces. Almost 1,200 members of Brigade 2506 surrendered, and more than 100 were killed.

The Aftermath

The brigade prisoners remained in captivity for 20 months, as the United States negotiated a deal with Fidel Castro. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy made personal pleas for contributions from pharmaceutical companies and baby food manufacturers, and Castro eventually settled on $53 million worth of baby food and medicine in exchange for the prisoners.

On December 23, 1962, just two months after the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis, a plane containing the first group of freed prisoners landed in the United States. A week later, on Saturday, December 29, surviving brigade members gathered for a ceremony in Miami’s Orange Bowl, where the brigade’s flag was handed over to President Kennedy. “I can assure you,” the president promised, “that this flag will be returned to this brigade in a free Havana.”

The disaster at the Bay of Pigs had a lasting impact on the Kennedy administration. Determined to make up for the failed invasion, the administration initiated Operation Mongoose—a plan to sabotage and destabilize the Cuban government and economy, which included the possibility of assassinating Castro.

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It read “This website is clearly the work of a disheveled and disturbed mind”

Select Quote Review ( was a web site by Tom Dunham that correctly asserted misconduct by police and others including their involvement smearing him at and through his employ Select Quote.

Unknown parties began smearing the reputation of Tom Dunham through believable and moronic sock puppets online and in also in-person acting out scenarios and asserted he (Tom Dunham) was deranged and not to be believed about staged phony events.

Often the sock-puppets (cyber) harassers are clearly invented marionettes and may be from fiction, often they are real life doople who may also attack the real person. They are con-job people making things look true that are not though the con artists deny any illegality or implied appearances being created if confronted over their bizarre actions.

The harassment and reputation damage is certainly real and tangible and had serious consequences.

The same was done to me in the same time-frame and other than connections to my mothers trust fund, and through that the connections to the JFK and MKULTRA history nothing can make sense of this.

It is hard to believe the FBI or anyone else would work so hard to smear someone like myself but I assert this is over the Deep State assassination of JFK and Donegan family (I am the last living one) connection to it, and the need to have malicious allegations destroy my life and even lead to threats on my life or attempts on my life based on the rumors being promoted.

The smear (and is a smear in both cases – Tom Dunham and Ed Donegan) relies on some trope of some Pretty Baby type awaiting an 18th birthday, a Barely Legal as a print mag once advertised.

Jen Moore (one of deceased people connected to this also made that assertions about GangsStalking used for smear of people as a program that protects the elites from witnesses against them, and is one the main subjects of my books on the Kennedy Assassination.

Gang Stalks gin up Lynch Mobs (police duped intermediaries and police assets unwitting or witting) who will ostracize and work to undermine the perceived threat after the smear campaign has been successful in reputation damage.

Some of the lynch mobs that have attacked me have made statements like “I saw you near that little girl” or comments like that, having been giving Black Propaganda (smear information) to begin talking up at the same time as harassing the person being smeared. Often the Dupe will be told until the trap is finally sprung keep the investigation secret but still get the word out. In “bullying” scheme terms of art these are called Flying Monkeys who are swing by near a person and fling a little dirt around during the pass-by.

gin up

phrasal verb of gin. 1. US arouse or intensify strong feelings in someone. “the goal of the convention is to gin up the faithful”. 2. US generate or increase something, especially by dubious or dishonest means. “the trade press has ginned up a controversy”.

– Definitions from Oxford Languages

As Ted Gunderson reported on illegal CIA, FBI, and military units people were “planted on him” making him a prop on a play someone wrote (KOMPROMAT Compromising Materials or Appearances being created.)

He too asserted GangStalks where ways to “silence critics” of government and wrote several works under that title or a similar one.

He (Ted Gunderson) felt he and William Colby and others simply “knew too much” and thus were targets of illegal programs run by high ranking officials.

Usually achieving the public’s willingness to bully a Targeted Victim (Jen Moore’s term for those undergoing smear and sabotage) but there can be other factors too. In the case of stalking me there are political factors as to what my politics are, political factors as to the history of MKULTRA and the elites covering their trail back to that program, and for profit rackets being run discussed later, those rackets forcing the person I appear to be (but am not) to confess into neighborhood watch groups of being a threat to the neighborhood and owing debts to the neighborhood. Most of this in upcoming chapters.

The online forgeries are made to look real when actors surround the person being smeared and act out various lies about the person, such as acting out that a wanted delivery of a teen call-girl is on the site of a job or an apartment. The vicinity actors may include neighbors who are asked to participate or who moved in after the person under COINTELRPO attack had moved in.

Ed Donegan, Tom Dunham, and Veronica Hofman all had extensive amounts of impersonations online and in legal and other matters.

Eddonega was used for Edddonegan and Tom Dumas Dunam for Tom Dunham. I all cases (about 100 or more or so) the faked account has two or three or more other confusing similarities. It is a constant exhausting fight to delink ourselves from the smear propaganda.

Jen Moore: Interview on Nazi Germany, MK Ultra, child trafficking. I think includes getting Maria Kutchera and her children to the USA in 1926. And probaly pregnant have left the Convent. She arrived in an underground railroad tied to Dean Rusk in North Carolina and that is where Glorian Donegan my mother was from under the given name and thus hidden identity Glorian Gainey with her brother Harold.

OSS to CIA, black budgets, Operation Paperclip, & Hidden Identities is one video. the topic she lists points to the Donegan home “MK Ultra, Mind control, Pedophilia blackmail, secret societies, Jesuits.” (Gladio and the Unholy Alliance) and here is another. The 3rd Reich & “The Artist” Infiltration into US Politics.

Pictured: Glorian Donegan and Ed DOnegan from 850. Randolph Balston area Arlingtin VA visit Tom Donegan in his home in Clarendon Area Arlington only a few miles or less away. Inset Tim Kaine later in that same room.

Possible Vice Presidential pick Tim Kaine (Virginia Governor and Senator( meets with Tom Donegan in Tom Donegan’s home circa 2008. Tom Donegan has bee in local politics and the forefront of many issues like police oversight and city planning and he may adopt a path towards state politics and the Governer’s office with some good advisors. Stupid Ed shouts slurs at him and says no way wo uld he make it. Borderline psychosis coming from me.

“Kaine Joins Vapartisansfor 15th Anniversary Vapartisans. Governor Kaine helped celebrate the Partisan 15th Anniversary at the home or Mark Weinress and Tom Donegan on Saturday June 30th [2007]. This was the first time a sitting Governor attended a Vapartisans event. It was a great day or food, fellowship, fun and politics. Thanks to all who attend and celebrated with us.” Joe Biden will get the Obama ticket second slot later.

I am definitely the problem child in the family.

SelectQuote Review About

“When t found an impostor bloqigng as Ed Donegan, went to search my email
tor correspond—ice from him. It’s been Over ten years since Ed sent me one
and I wanted to make sure I remembered everything correctly. Yahoo’s
search mail feature also returned this Facebook profile ot an 18-year-old
Bangladeshi” – (Tom Dunham near my mother’s birthday December 13 though deceased) 12 December 2013 it looks like as the year Tom Dunham goes back to recollect the chain of events and timing)

SelectQuote Review [by Tom Dunham] has been raising consumer awareness about issues at SelectQuote Insurance Services since 2011. An employee who threatened harm against a small child received financial and other incentives. There are also reasons to suspect connection to a scandal within the San Francisco police. SelectQuote Review reports on these issues and their cover-up, to help insurance consumers make an informed buying decision. More information is available at

2011 when events started of fake claims and allegation being staged is when my mother died (2011) and also when Judge Roll died who was ruling on retirement accounts or asset funds seized for foreign economies in cases of terrorists. It is also when EXTORTION 17 when down, seeming over extoring over pretty baby birthdays.

The same staged completely faked events were being faked in Corpus Christi Texas when I arrived about 2013. I had left Virginia because of the same in Virginia.

Impolitely this might be called using the language of the locals Beaner Town versus the White “mark.”

As I arrive in the Mexican American border town of Corpus Christi then abusive false allegations. A False Flag operation in the impoverished town incorrectly labels me both a threat of peeping and a Gullible who if caught would pay out to quell the claims against me.

A crusading Hispanic District Attorney long the defender (as a lawyer in the town) has long sought to improve the conditions of the very poor who can’t afford misdemeanor cases the poor struggled with that he defended the poor against.

Now these poor people have a new case against Ed Donegan or more so Ed Donegan’s trust fund.

The events are staged, not things I was invovled in, and confessions were mad by imposters of me.)

False Flag Events blame me for peeping photos of minors”

As I Ed Donegan go jogging my phone in my arm band a teen girl near them that a Nazi loser might like. I am not taking pictures, they are, and they will soon need an adult model to show them adult things as remediation. With Corpus Christi police and city employees assistance they use my identity to do this since I appear the culprit of surreptitious photos in the area and the word gets out about me.

San Francisco, CA 94103

About Me +Tom Dunham I’m a father to my 5 year old daughter, living in downtown San Francisco (SOMA). I am a senior software engineer, most recently at Framehawk, with experience in web, VOIP, and Windows client applications. I’ve been here more than 10 years, in my previous life you might have seen me on the dance floor or playing tournament chess.

[And about 2011 questions from Ed Donegan]

… …

Tom Dunham’s site “Select Quote Review” and others (he also satirized them as MolstQuote since they seem to have teen call-girls all over their span of operations) posted visual dat, news-links quotations, and witness or social media information about a ring falsely appearing to exist in his vicinity and I Ed Donegan have done the same with Gold’s Gym, Wells Fargo, Clarendon Courts, MacLamar Properties, and other locations in which the ring appears to exist and behind our backs we (Tom Dunham and myself) are assigned blame.

Veronica Hoffman (Deceased) and Jen Moore (Deceased) along with some others (Bobby Courtney and “Jimmy”) were part of it at times having been recruited for the operation. Jen Moore deceased was a whistle-blower asserting under Color of Law the CIA and others were operating a slush fund of shake dowm money taken from an impersonator of Ed Donegan, not the real Ed Donegan, as part of smear campaign and sabotage of the Donegan family and the Donegan family story I Ed Donegan have been trying to tell but I am attacked as part of a child porn ring as Tom Dunham was as well.

Who was the real author of the site Select Quote Review. Real Tom Dunham to the left or fake Tom Dunman to the left who (as Veronica Hoffman did) faked social media accounts on FB? And fake accounts elsewhere too.”

What we think of the author of Select Quote Review (who took credit for the site and both did) may affect people’s impressions of the credibility of the Tom Dunham site.

Equal Protection is understood to be protection from adversarial acts of the State such as a prosecution for speeding when others who are not writing a book about the government are NOT ticketed for driving the same amount over the speed limit in comparable circumstance.

For the purposes of Government harassment in covert acts or really most any circumstance it also means Government protection of a person from other adverse activities such as attacks from homeless people or other private parties, private parties acting on their own or as Confidential Informants of police operations.

I asset and others do covert activities of the State (GangStalks) are used increasingly to “Target” undesirables by smear campaigns and covert operation to undermine them financially and in other ways (including impeaching them as a matter of reputation asserting they have mental delusions) sabotaging jobs, housing, families, marriages, etc.,

The Cover activities surveil, smear, and conspire against citizen often who are unable to reason why they might be targeted.

That is typical of Preemption. If not targeted and perhaps in better connected lives high on the maslovian scale they might find their families are tied to history and something in their histories might concern globalist and the history of MKLUTRA that is still being hidden by those who DO KNOW what the real story was.

In addition to Equal Protection the State may not bully, assassinate, frame, intimidate or threaten anyone exercising a Constitutional right.

Both likely apply to me. Once or twice in my life I surreptitious filmed a public pool (expecting Stanford women many of whom made up the complex) OR here or there some teen images with far more gigs of on teens but both newsgroups being bikini porn. In most times that far back probably it was legal and even if not 40 or 20 years ago.

Those acts though DO allow the State today to use a seeming characteristic of mine to sabotage my life as I write about the Government building on top of smear campaign assertions about me.

The very premise of the 14th Amendment is that the Government may not retaliate against speech or the speaker (both are protected) including by unequal protection (prosecuting some other matter otherwise ignored as regular enforcement standards) or even framed for misconduct of any other type or other harassment or abuse.

A large scale operation has discredited myself and others and attempts to assert police abuse have even resulted in extremes such including psychiatric holds and institutionalizations for alleged errors of the mind.

Tom Dunhanm asserts his employer Select Quote became involved in supporting sham allegations and even helped “get the word out” about him

His own site was SelectQuoteReview. It was placed and operated by Tom Dunham (a guy who is much sharper than Ed Donegan himself and whom should be taken seriously) and the site complained his employer Select Quote was acting in an orchestrated way (office mob gossip circle) to frame him and myself as part of a pedophilia-like ring, one that did not exist.

I Ed Donegan have been subjected to a smear and harassment campaign so extensive and abusive it has destroyed my life and that of former friends like Tom Dunham some of whom have died under what I consider suspicious circumstances as they too assert a police harassment scheme staging pedophilia and other alleged sexual misconduct operations that are really police staging false flags.

I think the real issue was me but to convincingly frame me they needed to add that my professional friends in business and arts (Veronica Hoffman fashion) and Tom Dunham high tech) were in fact pedohilia contacts thus creating the alleged ring I was in.

It was asserted by some parties Tom Dunham’s allegations against the police operation that utilized Select Quote were baseless. I back Tom Dunham, the deceased Veroica Hoffman in this (entrapped by an illegal operation she later became a threat to) and my own story and there is good evidence on our side.

This set of smear against Tom Dunham will keep him from getting jobs, housing, etc., as it did with me Edward Paul Donegan. Appearances are staged, defamatory, but untrue and passed around in private as Office Mob inner office clique forming to blacklist the person the smear campaign I about.

Black Bag Jobs attacking Tom Dunham and Ed Donegan’s homes and the Gaslighting of them

Around the time a woman was breaking into my apartment, various allusions to this event were made at SelectQuote Insurance.

The method of entry suggests theatrics were planned from the get go. The keys left hanging on my window didn’t open anything, but were probably there to suggest that they opened my door. The woman probably had a master key, but conceivably could have picked the lock while pretending to use the keys as well.

I was given a fake rock for hiding keys while on the job at SelectQuote around this time. Just out of the blue. I was also warned to change my locks before my then estranged wife got back into town. Which was exactly when the break-in took place. Tom Dunham

Police Wrongdoing and SelectQuote – San Francisco Police Misconduct



Tom Dunham satirized Select Quote as Molest Quote since they rather than him were creating a ring of perpetrators that exploited underage females though it was done and at times possibly believed as the acts of Tom Dunham or Ed Donegan.

Injustice can take many forms including how you are treated and what is seemingly a cloud of suspicion resultant from smoke and mirror tricks of deceit rather than actual truth

In another repetition of teen porn either being provided to me (as a trap because I really want them but the police are on to me) or as a teen being protected by a protector this is in my path and tied to the neighboring apartment of 1001 N. Water Street where the various people will go to a neighboring apartment to mine

I have heard it said this was an FBI operation that breaks up parties where I had recruited teen models but perhaps an adult entertainer tricks me into admitting and the police are there watching when the adult model does. But that person tricked into the admission is a dopple of me creating a scheme to ask for a payout for harm done AND protection fees for children by patrolling AND adult sex worker lessons to learn about adult women.

A Definition of a Police State and Its Actions

As I asserted this and many other money-laundering abusive acts towards me were factual and financial frauds I was asked if I was on any medications and the mental health services were very nearly called. Abuse of Psychiatry is the illegal state retaliation system used to silence those like myself who allege misconduct as Tom Dunham and myself and Veronica Hoffman alleged.

In fact forcing disputes of facts on people the police are bullying seems to have the end-state in mind of retaliating against the dissident by asserting the dissident is of unsound mind.

Bullying me and treating me in public like the mentally challenged child exploiter who will be forced into signing away property and rights to others in the Pay Up Or Be Arrested scam not only is abusive to me it tensions the situation and my anger towards being accused reinforces the delusional lynch mob because they are sure treating me like a predator has touched a deep nerve with me. I learned from reading up on delusional people to be careful about reinforcing their delusions.

I assert as others do (including Ted Gunderon, Jen Moore, William Cooper, and Mark Rich) that the globalists have a liability now coming to light (assassination of JFK to allow subversion and overthrows) and as evidence comes to light about MKULTRA in recent decades MKULTRA is re victimizing already victim families.

A party is occurring at locations without me (often I am not even in that state of the USA) Tom Dunham and I assert have been happening including a massage parlor in San Francisco at or near my birthday while I was in Texas. The FBI arrives and fake Ed Donegan has to admit to illegal conduct and pay up yet again or be arrested. The word of course about me gets out too even though I am released after paying up.

This includes responding to the race baiting I am always subjected to.

Innuendo something a person has done they are proud of (how I light and decorated my apartment at 1513 Ocean Drive) with a smear camping I was really building a tree hose peeping tom mechanism with the lighting. HOW UNJUST!

Sabotaging reputations and home leases or break-inst to the home to steal adult underwear or plant children’s underwear or plant peeping apparatus.

Attacks police deny such as unprovoked punches from homeless people that may blind or mutilate.

After I was evicted over squabbling at 1513 I was about 5 months or so without Epub software to write my book, Just as I bought A PC notebook I was punched and nearly blinded. Like most times I have been subject to violence in full view of all the police used assets to start the attacks and refused to stand down the attacker during the attacks, some attacks while I was in my home lasting two hours or more of death threats and damage to the doors and windows of my home.

Police Wrongdoing and Select Quote

Police Wrongdoing and Select Quote ~ San Francisco police misconduct.

Badge Bunny Break-in

I’ll be the first to admit that some of the odd details I bring up could have merely been coincidental. That is why I’m reporting this as a theory. Something out of the ordinary happened. A strange woman had keys to my apartment, knew exactly when she might get away with such intrusion, and the police were protecting her. If she were later caught, and played it off like I knew she was in there, it would’ve caused me trouble.

For now, I’ll just bring up how well this theory describes some of the effects I’ve noticed. I can leave my reasoning for another time as to why she was more likely similar to Guap and not a random thief. I do believe that she was college aged, thank God for that.

Source: The Random Harlot Theory – SelectQuote Review

Interestingly the November 18th raid on the massage parlor the FBI conducted was on November 18 and it looks through various tweets including those from Texas (where I actually was) that a fake Ed Donegan was at that place having a November 18 birthday party then the FBI was called when the adult entertainers realized kiddie porn may be involved or something.

I had been to such a birthday invited to one by a guy I knew pretty well Nathan Bunny. I didin’t know who is girlfriend actually was (Meredith and I had heard him speak of her and her age kept dropping each time) and my friend Cym was living with Nathan Bunny in San Francisco where this minor sometimes stayed with him.

The Goth scene was fairly tolerant of this. One rigger (rope-work expert) living in the same house had done little or nothing about it as far I as I had known. On of the more famous and well dressed Goths worked as a bus driver in day and had an underage girlfriend. In gaming circles I was not in and eslewhere this was not uncommon.

Other than Cym and I the only other person who was watching the situation with increasing alarm was Hawk of club event fame, a well respected Dungeon Master who had along with Meredith and I noted her age as reported by Nathan continued to drop. Over time as Nathan was arrested Hawk became the lead prosecution witness and the prosecutor I think included a female attorney who later worked Fox News and her and Hawk and I (I think it was her) had a brief talk at Bagg. Cym and I had flipped a coin for prosecution or defense, I got defense witness but either of us didn’t care, the same straight telling of the facts were involved.

When at the party I was invited to and found out how young that girl was Cym and I talked leading to me talking to Hawk (or that was planned) as Cym talked to the minor. The minor reported it to her counselor and after that Nathan was arrested.

The idea that I had been invited to and attended a birthday party is true, and that is when the situation was “discovered” in terms of the chain of events leading the arrest of Nathan Bunny.


DECISION (excerpted for brevity here in Illuminati Dawn)

SelectQuote Insurance Services v. Tom Dunham

Claim Number: FA1207001454896


Complainant is SelectQuote Insurance Services (“Complainant”), represented by ISCRS Inc., Idaho, USA. Respondent is Tom Dunham (“Respondent”), California, USA.


The domain name at issue is , registered with eNom, Inc. (“the Disputed Domain Name”).


The undersigned certifies that he or she has acted independently and impartially and to the best of his or her knowledge has no known conflict in serving as Panelist in this proceeding.

Dawn Osborne of Palmer Biggs Legal as Panelist.

Complainant owns the SELECTQUOTE mark for which it has obtained federal trade mark registrations in the USA. It has a website at

As a result the Complainant owns the exclusive right to use in connection with its online insurance services.

The Disputed Domain Name is nearly identical and confusingly similar to the Complainant’s marks. The Disputed Domain Name contains the Complainant’s entire mark plus a generic term “review” meaning that the casual observer is bound to mistake the Disputed Domain Name for a name connected with the Complainant.

Respondent has no rights or legitimate interests in the Disputed Domain Name. It is not commonly known by the Disputed Domain Name. It is not affiliated with the Complainant in any way and has no permission to use the Complainant’s mark.

Respondent registered the Disputed Domain Name in 2012 significantly after Complainant’s first use in commerce in 1985.

Respondent’s typosquatting is, in and of itself, evidence of bad faith. Respondent has caused the websites reachable by the Disputed Domain Name to display the Complainant’s mark spelt correctly, serving as further evidence of bad faith removing any doubt as to whether or not the spelling was intentionally designed to improperly capitalize on the Complainant’s mark.

[Panel states for Select Quote to make its case] (1) the domain name registered by Respondent is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark or service mark in which Complainant has rights; and (2) Respondent has no rights or legitimate interests in respect of the domain name; and (3) the domain name has been registered and is being used in bad faith.

[panel rules]

The Panel finds that the Respondent [Ton Dunham] has not violated any of the factors listed in the Policy 4(b), nor has he engaged in any content that would constitute bad faith registration and use pursuant to Policy 4 (a)(iii). The Panel agrees with the Respondent that his use is purely nominative. See Chicago Bd. Options Exch. Inc. v. Private, FA 804703 (Nat. Arb. Forum Nov. 29 2006)(finding no bad faith registration and use where the respondent used the complainant’s trade mark in its domain name in order to provide information on the complainant’s Option Exchange and the respondent was not attempting to brand itself as related to the domain name or to steal business from the Complainant).

The Joe Rocket Missing Motorcycle Jacket. Stolen and warn by the dopple with the web cam some similar location to my real location

William Ruiz and an undercover operation stole my Joe Rocket jacket to place it at a scene of a crime I was not at thus placing me there indirectly

Ruiz Rocket MS Word doc asserts William Ruiz used my stolen property to place me at location I was not in to events I was not tied to (his “niece”) Harvey Dent was another MS WORd doc following up on the collected evidence that bogus law enforcement stage name were shaking down an impersonator (equally childish) of Ed Donegan though the identity theft had financial implications as thus illegal money laundering. 4X4 another document done at the same time as the two others and the videos (all were done in the timeframe of staying with Ruiz) tie the evidence together and report as pre-text based medical fraud that as I asserted verbally to Emperor For Life Ronald Reagan Airport police behavioral health care social services financial administrators were making wrongful payouts insuring another person’s conduct rather than my own which needed no payouts to victims there are none.

I am well known to buy Motorcycle Enthusiast Gear my mother would have wanted me to have. There was a paper trail through ARC of NOVA of me by the Rocket brand moto jacket so its location in a police sting ties my identity to that sting.

I am sure Tom Dunham was grateful and relieved with the finding of the panel as I Edward Paul Donegan am. Working with the system while be abused and harrassed by police is the most effective way through this, documenting it all, but abuse is difficult to tolerate and anger can lead to missteps.

I made several videos about the time Jen Moore was (in my opinion) murdered. Here is one. Missing Moto Jacket and Impersonation (of Ed Donegan by another)

IT is a Modus Operandi video. William Ruiz has a niece I never has seen. In the usual scenario a non-white nazi hater like William Ruiz (he brought it up and called me a Nazi piece of shit seemingly knowing nothing about me) has a teen white girl daughter or niece. That person will be linked to abuse, and the person abusing that minor will have some stolen property of mine or property I have given away, sold, etc.,

… …

Here you see it in action in full

By frame out-take. As a grifter team moves in to make it look like I have used public space (as I am described an escaped mental health patient) the assaults on me (and I am next to the real perpetrator) are part of smear campaign. The other biker will not be in-frame of a photo that does show me near the teen photographed.

I have my Joe Rocket moto jacket on. A similar motorcyclist though black is near me but far enough out of frame of a third camera.

Her buttocks were towards the person pretending to be me but the police are called on me instead.

The first camera is my own. Some context of the picture. I grew up on Manhatan Beach City Los Angles County. I don’t know which house was ours or if it is still there. Our dog Tamisha knew to keep us away from the steep cliff drop to the beach from our backyards as we tots Tom and Ned were in the backyard. As I am filming scenery and any scenery generally it is made to look like I am there as a teen buttock peeper. It is made to look like my baggage is a peeping tom unit remotely operated. As all cases others had the rigged up bags not me.

Her buttocks were towards the person pretending to me but the police are called on me instead.

By Link Unwanted leering opportunity (at a teen in yoga pants looking at her from behind

By Embended video of the medial type this text is in is supported and included the video information incorporating the video to here. Sep 13, 2018

This video was done in conjunction with another video and MS WORD docs in California about the impersonation money laundering scheme about an impersonator of me in a location seeming to possibly be my own having a teen call girl arrive. IT is staged not real. It is August 10 2018 it was completed and uploaded containing a variety of evidence including the surreptitious recording of William Ruiz Capitola California where I was renting at the time.

… …

Another video I posted showing other content of the Dopple veering away from me as happens in the scheme is labeled only August 10, 2018 and this is the video.

“The death of Jen Moore in Maryland in August 2018 reignited conspiracy bloggers’ claims of a long-running and far-ranging plot to kill off critics of Bill and Hillary Clinton, with suggestions that the “investigative journalist’s” recent death was a suspicious one that coincided with her providing criminal allegations about Bill Clinton to federal authorities.”

As for local and other authorities I was printing out the documents in MSWORD I had also put the evidence in of a money laundering identity theft trust fund such as to Capitola Police, and by email Fetlife Legal,, and posted for public viewing and handed to those around me, to local Santa Cruz adult stores, etc.,

… …

To: Capitola Police
422 Capitola Ave,
Capitola, CA 95010

From: Ed Donegan
19025 Karen Dr [Just moving to there Stay and Play after leaving Capitola]
Salinas, CA 39307

A pernicious Blackmail/Extortion ring has formed. The complexifying elements are that:

• Embezzlers have captured funds into bank accounts tied to them but falsy claimed are actually mine use Identity Theft and other Fraud tactics to hold, and money launder the funds due me but held by others. I have no verbal, financial, or any another account of the financial accounts but others use identity theft to create the cover story I am aware of the money and I am spending out of it. Chris Lloyd of Orinda California appears central to this illegal scheme.

• Identity Thieves are using impersonations of me to engage in despicable and politically defaming conduct. PICTURED A bike other than my bike, but of similar discription, in an otherwise empty parking lot, is spying on women of the gym. Golds Gym Corpus Christi.Rarely and non-exploitivly I do use a forward facing dash camera to tape scenic motorcycle rides on MY motorcycle, not the one pictured below.

• The impersonators themselves are both engaging in the despicable conduct and agreeing to be blackmailed socially by dominatrices who will “punish them” by making them give money or other assets to blacks. “Domination is not prostitution.” The embezzled money is turned over to “above board” dominatrices such as Kora Kaine, Anastasia, Veronica Hoffman, and adult toy suppliers in a monely laundering operation

The news story that Jen Moore being found dead and the lore that unfolded around that contained errors is correct. I am correcting some of the reporting. An abusive harassment scheme has promoted fake claims about my conduct (those fake claims rest on use of an impersonator of me to create a pretextual foundation) that is really just smear of me by confusing my conduct with the actions of others overlayed onto my identity by identity theft of a person who confesses as me to authorities.

The data in these materials and the MS Word docs show a dopple of me engaging in misconduct in such a way that person will be assumed or said to be me in credible way, looking by description like me, using all or part of my name, and being in the same places at the same times often so close such as a neighboring apartment I can hear the dopple giving confession of misconduct to police (under pressure of being caught) and agreeing to police demands if he is to go free.

Information on this long running set of staged and abusive propaganda that discredits me is in my books as well as data archives. Those who Jen Moore was not talking about (all except for Glorian and Ed Donegan) can call Jen Moore a fact-less conspiracy theorist. I know the facts and Jen Moore did too she was correct.

… …

Where Fin Addicts Meet Findoms

In a long running conspiracy that got more obvious and more formal in Texas a Finnadict of goth clothes or gym clothes or BDSM or who knows (they try to figure out anyting about my life and call it as and act it out to be actionoble porn. If I see a black women in tights or teen I have been given porn I own with my DNA.) Some use the name near me Finnaddict or Sammy (Smart Ass Masochist) or Johny (trying to recruit people near me in streeets or bars as hookers) these go to Findoms to be forced to sign away rights or possessions owned by the conservancy of Ed Donegan intended for Ed Donegan.

In Veronica Hoffman;s case she worked with law enforcement to shake down a dopple of me and make that person pay in into Kiva accounts of immigrants trying to come to the USA. That in pay back for being a poolside peeper that she the swimsuit model (not goth clothes) lured me with.

Kiva was like Go Fund Me in many ways it was a storefront for financial transfers and it was an open platform. I downloaded and archived all the families getting Kiva Payments from Veronica’s account some of whom couch surfed with her until they could find US lodging.

FBI take retarded versions of Ed Donegan to places like Veronica Hoffman’s studio or places near Ed Donegan to fake wrong doing alleged to Ed Donegan and then make pay outs for protection fees to patrol with and victim’s funds.

Staging victimzation occured or that patrols are protecting the neigborhood is done by actors in the money laundering racket not unlike other illegal programs the CIA or FBI have run in COINTELPRO.

From statements made to me both the Salvation Army and NSA found Goth and Cybergoth something unlike what they had encountered and needed a study of it. A peron not saved by Jesus who wanted them to peep at violating their rights could take lessons from them, if the lessons were needed. By me they were not, but the Salvation Army wanted lessons for their street people.

Make a loan, change a life.
With Kiva you can lend as little as $5 and make a big change in someone’s life.

Incorporation of Data across mulitple filings in Law suit as refernced here and filed in the solem William Jefferson Clinton federal courthouse

“I declare (or certify, verify, or state) under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct and do so in the context of this written in conformance with 28 U.S.C. 1746 to be submitted in case number MISC Description:2:19-MC-468” – Edward Paul Donegan with copies to the general public and law enforcement.

Teen and Peeping Ring I Am Not Involved With Conducted by Dopes Near Me (piggybacking their activities to my non-involved presence)

Amidst non-whites moving into positions surrounding me a scam is in operation. It is called Gangstalking and even if there were any legal legitimacy (there is not) that is undermined completely by the factual falsifications the criminal harassment (of me) the scheme utilizes.
Exploitively utilized plant children and teens near me are filmed by others rather than me.

The opportunity for this is I am a nature and photography lover and often photograph the environments I am in.

This allows prison felon non-whites, Marshall-ized, to film women planted in the vicinity of any phone or motorcycle used by me and later, is social sabotage of me, through innuendo only, implications I was the real photographer, or sicko me.

In fact if ever, other than behind the protective vail of nameless innuendo, I was directly accused of anything, I would demand a hunt for the real photographer and correctly deny any duplicity in sexualized photos or services.

Of course this also requires non-white behavioral social justice workers to ALSO claim I am retarded, also plant activity in my vicinity I am retarded and getting advice, so they can continue to forge agreements alleged to me, as these same prison felons and homeless people organized by SJWS engage in unethical a activity such as dangerous drug use and other trafficking activity, again, alleged to me.

I am enslaved to SJW services I do not need so those same firms can plead me guilty of what I did not do in blind trust. Thus public innuendo is that I am retarded, sexually naive, and exploitative of children, all untrue, and all through baseless innuendo towards me, and social sabotage away from me in the specific.

Mostly I am not filming anything at all, merely reading on my phone or using my motorcycle (that I used to own) for transportation.

The photos the non-white homeless people film in my identity is also used in my social and legal sabotage, used to social engineer others. My clothes have stolen or mimicked, etc., for false identification sake.

I fled South Texas on a motorcycle tour, not understanding the full operation of the scam surrounding me, and teens and children photobombed every normal tourist photo I took and they were a menace and agravant, and again, sabotaged me socially in every conceivable way.
It is racial hostility and sex crimes described as Gangstalking, or said another way, law enforcement on a rape and peeping tom binge to wrongly allege to the white supremacist though a dopple near me.

This flyer contains photos of women, teens, or children photobombing my normal electronics usage, often for music or reading only and not even photographing.
A person living near me has been heard to say, at least by me, to a Marshall he took the photos, and he would “have to pay with his bone marrow” it seems to the same medical services who claim to represent me and I want nothing to do with and never signed up for.

The self created affidavit was one of many documents in the filing that again created the money laundering and racketeering scheme as complex felony criminal networks that often escape detection except by extensive evidence collection and complex legal frameworks that deal with organized crime including that which flows from political abuse of power and illegal espionage activities.

Tom Dunham a @sftomdunham • 9 Nov 2014
My fight against SelectQuote stems not from debilitating anger, but rather a
sense of duty towards others.…

Ed Donegan -I find that too. Survival is a duty. Efficacy must
be maintained.

I Ed Donegan and trying to defend myself and my life outcomes against this baseless propoganda and also bring justice to Ted Gunderson, Jen Moore, and others perhaps even as far back to JFK and finding the truth of that series of events.

SelectQuoteReivew was a website that was harassed to the ends of earth that Tom Dunham (a professional web developer by profession and baccalaureate of Science (in Engineering) had posted and was affirmed as having the right to post on the Internet.

Select Quote Review was his web site and it criticized his employer for being part of a con job against him, planting ideas and rumors he was mentally deficient (as the comments like the above continued to assert) and that as a retarded child like schizophrenic he was secretly seeking child or teen affairs and leaving keys outside his home for the to get into his apartment etc.,

As he wrote posts on that site he linked to them on Twitter and here are a few links to characterize the information, he asserts sock puppets and dopple and paid actors around him are staging teen porn, escort calls, etc., and that Ed Donegan and him are mentally ill and not to be believed. Ed and Tom Dunham asserts this is high power COINTELRPO targetting of us with a smear campapign carefully orchestrated by the police.

Tom Dunham promotes his Select Quote Review site article on his Twitter account and you can see from the type of headlines what the content was made up of

I’ve finally found out who the woman behind home invasion was – Jennyfer Phan. She chased me down to CollabNet. …

Badge Bunny Break-in? Widening Oakland PD scandal shows this isn’t far-fetched. …

The woman who threatened to kill my daughter seems to be an old pro at deflecting trouble onto others. …

Impostor’s blog pointed out scapegoating before I knew. Is he right about Kamala Harris’s involvement as well? …

I’ve posted a redacted version of my background check to back up my assertions about the extent of the scheme. …

Glad this is gaining momentum. I have personal experience with misconduct by the SFPD – … …

I have evidence ID thieves doctored my credit report. Ironically, I found via screening by Morpho Trust (#RealID). …

Another blogger’s site foretold of the false, manufactured, link between myself and a pedophile priest. …

Was my daughter’s life threatened because of erroneous report that I was hiding property in case of divorce? …

Varied retellings of the break-in to my home were told at SelectQuote. Intruder wanted to be seen for rumor’s sake. …

First fake Ed made wild accusations. Now Ed’s old work email used to for FB profile of teen. …

Yahoo links old friend’s email to Bangladeshi Facebook profile. The Ed Donegan found online is a sock puppet! …

Strange happenings at IT parties at SelectQuote preceded all the problems. Let’s take a trip down memory lane. …

Clues point to both police and SelectQuote knowledge of theft from my apartment. How and why is not so clear. …

Neighbors can stay under the radar near me. It’s hard to say what connected cops, robbers, and SelectQuote. …

The writer impersonating Ed Donegan appears to have done so to discourage protecting kids. …

More impersonation! Someone posing as a sharp guy I knew writes incoherently about me and events that didn’t occur. …

It’s been a long struggle, but that may help in fighting any disinformation still circulating. …

Given exposed corruption, break-ins to my home may have been police sponsored theft, used to hide something worse. …

In retrospect, seemingly random events that happened concurrent to break-ins at my place may mean something. …

A concise explanation as to why I’ve written about child molesters in power in San Francisco. …

Some can move mountains with propaganda. I’m hoping for a much more modest effect with my writings. ……

Every time I mention alleged pedophile Enrique Pearce, someone tries to hack my site… ……

Malicious traffic against SelectQuote Review subsided without effect. I discuss the recent increase in attacks. ……

SelectQuote Review just weathered a brute force login/denial of service attack. My apologies if it was slow before. ……

My writing against SelectQuote slowed. I want to assure you that I haven’t left my post, and give an update. …

Though some of Tom Dunham’s tweets or other site may not still be online (he had several in addition to Select Quote Review) I backed almost all of it up to my archives.

Since these deal with me in that I can refute any connection to this sock puppet I will show from the archive this matter. I worked for WellsFargo under not I had been fired a few years before from that company I believe unjustly as it conspired against me leading to the events of my at will employment termination (difficult under any conditions to contest.)

Common in these matters (sham investigations of alleged crimes that never happened as pretense for police activity) is play actors staging crimes and later play actors with liquor store police badges who create an appearance of some official activities often they can succeed in duping the public wha they are acting out is real.

Tom Dunam posted that he tried the keys left under a rock (partially visible is how its done) and checked and the keys seemingly left for someone did not even fit his door.

The same was done at my apartment at South Staples Street in Corpus Christi Texas while he was experiencing this in San Francisco.

Select Quote was the web site Tom Dunham had full charge of. Insurance shoppers could feed their data into this quotation engine and it would bring back the quotes of what would be charged by various insurance providers.

SelectQuote Review
Friday. May 2014



“Targeting people on the professional LinkedIn network is a sign of more than a little bit of ill will.

In my case, the impersonator quickly moved to make other accounts, posting nonsense as me. They claimed that my daughter was abducted by aliens, and that I was a convicted felon. This is a calculated attempt to destroy a professional reputation, and to mislead or intercept contacts with whom we haven’t had recent contact.

Life insurance companies have close ties with private investigators (due to the two year contestability period).

Who knows what schemes they may hatch once they cut a person down to just a few offline contacts. Recall that in the Contra Costa County vice scandal, PIs offered to plant drugs in a car, and roll it off of a cliff.

I myself was unable to hire a PI to investigate the threats made to harm my daughter. ”
via a Paern Shows SelectQuote Still Dangerous • SelectQuote Review.

Why does SelectQuote’s pattern of malfeasance raise eyebrows?

Select Quote t was his professional work. His personal work became Select Quote Review. Appearances were being staged (including statements made to him by strangers he did not even recognize) his sexual liaison would soon be arriving thus the wife of Tom Dunham should be kept in the dark about this.

Tom Dunham’s Asian wife (he was no white supremacist) was a matter he was concerned about, this breaking up his marriage and affecting his daughter.

There was a gossip campaign and rumor mongering at his office he thought led by the Treasury Dept and as the same time San Francisco PD was assisting break-ins to his apartment something called Gaslighting. Personal items like prescription glasses would disappear, etc.,

The person leaving the comment about Tom Dunham’s criticism of police activity was said to be (registered to a site at) Tim Kelly UC California San Francisco Psychiatry.

Tim Kelly writes of Tom Dhunams personal site criticism the operation at his employer and at his home “Iam aware that the individual (Tom Dunham) who maintains this site is a convicted felon and was incarcerated several times for psychological evaluation. He is both a danger to himself and others as he can no longer afford the medication he was prescribed by the city psychological evaluation unit. Please – if you know TD – help him get the medication he needs for stability. The police report and case notes are under SF City vs Tom Dunhan case # 223265-2

Tom Dunham writes it is NOT so, he is not a felon, no such police report exists, and this is all fraud and smear campaign. Fake web sites have gone up looking like him but not him, etc.

Tom Dunham writes “The mentally challenged person posting as Tom Dunham from New York in the second rebuttal is obviously not me. He gives how to get a police report, which is not a conviction. Not to mention, this person is having trouble distinguishing between a TV show and real law enforcement. Perhaps in his fantasy world (the sock puppet trying to be thought of publicly as Tom Dunham) Agent Scully brought Tomas Dumas Dunham (not my name) down for God knows what, but here in the real world if I were an ex-felon anyone would be able to look that up. Again, this is the sort of person that defends SelectQuote Insurance. Clearly, my website, (, is factual and to the point. As you see here, SelectQuote’s cronies are willing to lie. Once caught in their lies, they attempt to wriggle away by posting nonsense using my name. Is there any doubt that I’m the one whose been telling the truth all along. -TD

The same has been done to me (Ed Donegan). When I criticize the police, FBI, or CIA I am presented with the idea I am schizophrenic, when I assert Racketeering a person calling himself RICO shows up an attacks me and he is a TV figure (Batman) or some other delusion, and that person (who in truth is not me) has delusions, not facts, about police misconduct that are to be ignored.

It is a police technique to blacklist people from family, jobs, housing gym, libraries by painting them as pariahs to be avoided, left out on any excuse that can created or used and in that way protect the group as a whole.

Ed Donegan and Housing. The smear campaign the led to my inability to initiate or protect leases from sham evictions and sham excuses result in this smear campaign. The susceptibility of me to attack and arrest and difficulties in writing my book in public spaces I might use is how this smear campaign can become the pretext for covert harassment of me in libraries and other locations.

A long mental health record of a person who spent most time in pschwards or jails because of fabricated evidence and fabricated claims about me is how my life will end.

Why I was subjected to these police abuses (as others have been) is science not art. As I trace my family history and writ m book the attacks are illegal and escalated. It is in response to my being a writer.

I have located the sock puppets of Tom Dunham and he has located sock puppets of me. The mirror versions of us assert what the real versions of us do – but are hopelessly mired in delusions and reprehensible conduct thus their allegations about the State are to be ignored.

This toxification (poisoning the reputation) of us and our writings is how the State retaliates. I am sure my home was taken out from me by faked records, etc., so in the conditions of homelessness I could be attacked as wrote my book, no protection by police; further, the police are leading the attacks on me though doing so covertly.

To me the police should arrest my landlord who likely was undercover police. To the police I am now just where they want me in a homeless camp without laundry, health care, regular PC access, physical safety, reputation as a normal person, etc.

As I was trying to locate housing in Austin and I was paying for a motel meth paraphernalia was left outside my left open door (I did not leave it open.) A passerby could walk by and see meth pipe cleaning debris strewn outside my motel room. But a close look shows it was a social worker Lori Cox from Oakland California’s motel reciept (cash paid) that was the source of the debris paper, not me, and I was healthy not using amphetamines for decades working out in the park being a good Austin citizen.

When I did establish lease for a 1X1 at Ballpark West housing I was told move was delayed so pests could be eliminated. An email was sent to me suggesting new freshmen college students moving in should meet nearby the pool in the bushes for something special. Cynthia Nino sent the email, how she feels for those little children. Well I was told the pests that delayed my move in were such a problem the lease was canceled.

on, Jul 17, 2017, 10:06 AM
to Ed Donegan

Lease Agreement For Edward Donegan

To: Ed Donegan

Your lease agreement has been issued and is ready for review and signature. Please follow the link below, log in, and follow the instructions.

If you have any questions, or need help along the way, contact the leasing office at 5123857300.

Login ID : using Eds Email Address

Click here to review and sign your lease.

Please retain for your records.

It was an electronic signature for the lease and I did so and downlaoded the lease as well I a still have archived and I distributed copies. But then the smear happend causing them to break the lease under excuses first that the apartment was not ready for me because of the pest problem inside it

I believe during the move in delay an event was staged by a dopple they used to manufacture an event that was toxify the potential of completing my lease term at that time already in effect though I had not moved in yet.

Corporations are accused of Poison Pills, something causing them to be toxic to an outside interest who may aproach them. Corporations and Law Enforcement can also by smear poison a person such that businesses will not do business with the person.

Cynthia Nino at Ballpark West. How she must feel for those kids, sooo young

The Dawg is on the trail but don’t let him (Ed Donegan) on to anythings while we set more traps and finally one day will get him once and for good.

But no accusations being made. Just that pests need to be eliminated.

As with all movements in my life a clearly race-baitor has arrived at Ball Park West letting the company know she is on the prowl to make sure kids are safe. While aserting child protection race was emphasized as in other locations (whites don’ belong around here a person says talking to his black dog while right next to me.)

In the usual scheme she will dupe the Office (who may have covert operatives placed among them as well Mobbing the office clique) into believing sham allegations and ask for help avoiding the lease being fulfilled.

Whenever minors are caught in me lens it is simply that they are there and are n not my focus though often children are moved into my focus while I photograph normal scenery.

What likely occurred is I seemed to be by appearances a drug addict and peeping tom and that evidence (shown items strewn around my motel door with the door open identifying my belongs such as workout gear) was talked up at BallPark west that had a pool and gym, and wanted those places safe. For years in the gym, parks, and museums women under 18 in a put-out way surround me trying to look like bait to be taken by a predator, me being treated like a predator and bullied as such.

High power figures can build lunch mobs by trickery and deceit and the same old tricks police harassment use don’t ever seem to wear out.

One Riot, One Ranger is a bronze statue of a Texas Ranger, installed from 1961 to 2020 at Dallas Love Field, named for the famous story of Bill McDonald, a captain of Ranger Company B, in the 1900s who by himself broke up an illegal boxing match in the U.S. state of Texas.

On June 4, 2020, the statue was removed following the publication of the book Cult of Glory: The Bold and Brutal History of the Texas Rangers by Doug Swanson. The book details Jay Banks’ participation in efforts to keep schools in Texas racially segregated in defiance of the United States Supreme Court’s order of public school integration mandated in the 1954 decision Brown v. Board of Education.

Banks was in charge of a Texas Ranger division that was deployed in 1956 to prevent African American students from enrolling in Mansfield High School and Texarkana Junior College, a public community college. – Wikipedia

Stirring up trouble in the community to create emotionally charged lynch mobs that will conspire against constitutional rights and court enforceable contracts is easy to do using common law enforcement dirty tricks. Since there is a race baiting element those lynch mobs attacking me make ethics sense to the public but i have noted for decades those around me like Veronica Hoffman who have been part of some covert operation against me and others lack any consistent politics and it must be something else. Mark Rich and others think abuse of power by corrupt government does the frame jobs and dirty tricks of COINTELPRO and I think so too.

One of the common plays used on me for decades is taking an area absolutely out of control like a neighboring apartemt or womens bathroom next to my apartmente or the mens room to stage something in the area out of control of me as an area I am supposedly attacking.

Shills on other sides of walls assert there is peep whole etc., and that can easily be faked. As with William Ruiz he said as his roommate that I became I had a chair I would use in the living room and he preferred exclusive use of his normal chair. Later the chair assigned to me AND my motorcycle jacket disappeared to somewhere else. He appears to have been in a plot (and I recorded him in audio session) transplanting items linked to me to another location of similar floor plan and appearance and in that location with my items I am linked to the activities (peeping on a computer screen into showers, etc.) that I am not Doing but circumstantial (through items and appearances) I seem to be linked to.

Killjoy Was Here

The use of a baseless allegation is amateurish and the use of an allegation based on fabricated evidence and behind the person’s back who it smears is expert.

I can show in all housing I have been in privately (and the same is true in institutions) that a Dopple is always near and that person who pretends to be me is in that long-con set (a mock-up of where I live by a nearby building of the same apartment complex or different floor but same floor plan of a hotel) is caught bey the police in an over-watch apartment next door to the sham using the dopple of me is in. I will show those photos. Twice the building that has the dopple of me in the building next to my building unit has caught on fire (not my doing) full loaded with low income residents with little hope of escaping the later-night fires.

The police propaganda is child friendly police toys (a dog in particular) that the police are there, have been there, and are a friend to children who would have been or where exploited, etc., It is fake rescues of fake victims and fake Ed Donegan (or fake Tom Dunham) a threat to those children.

Bullying Innuendo Cowardly Avoids Clear Statements so Con won’t face scrutiny

The function of staging events and showing Dupes evidence that was the result of staged events sets up a lynch mob. Suggestive bullyinng will be use that never uses a clear confrontable statment.

Having left Casa Linda for Washington D.C. Area (Arlington Virginia) I stayed at Extended Stay in in Springfield near my trust fund in Falls Church in Virginia to speak with them. The same thing occurred. On a different floor peeping was going on,, Law Enforcement were the Dawgs on the scene and suggesting those little kids would finally be safe because the Dawgs were on the job, I have no child interests, at one time in my life will clicking on no less that ten forms of porn (Bikini contests, beach cams, teen cams, BDSM, fashion, lingerie the teen cam was focused on simply hoping an issue could be created out of that. No issue exists. That was around year 2000.

Something more or less out of context is being repeated because it is believe to be true about me additional acts could wrongly be tied to me by opportunist who wish to be reimbursed for acts alleged to me in Protection Racket financially involved in fraudulent allegations about both my interests and activities.

Jen Moore had the same information I had, these characters were faking events and even making money doing it.

This modus operandi of subversion teams faking documents, events, identities, etc., is well documented and used on five of my friends.

My website will contain thoe images so this book file size does not grow.

The Casa Linda Apartments Case Study On Subverting My Reputation Via Dopple Activity

There were far many more events at Casa Linda and other places than I document here and I could document but the example here is enough and I want to save editorial space for the larger picture of MKULTRA and its motives as well.

I will show in all cases I have attempted to lease while the lease is signed and as tennent correctly executed on my side the Landlord defaults entering my home to steal belongings tied to me (or use assets to do that) and use them to link me to apartments appearing to have my involvement that do not, and the staged involvement of events that poison my reputation will be used to incite lack of cooperation with me to other landlords by a smear campaign among landlord to landlord talks operated by law enforcement.

The Foundation Work was a moron who took the numbers of that apartment that was not mine and not my 6 unit building but looked identical was created as a Tree House peeping at teens at the high school across the street.

“Just Cause” I was a peeper I was blacklisted by Isis a Canadian Domme wanted nothing to do with me and was going to leave me out.

Meanwhile she staged that by her adult presence with Law Enforcement she was protecting the peeper from seeing child buttocks since her adult buttocks were in the way now. My apartment was not rigged as a Tree House and was labeled. (A Tree House overlooks children in the park creepily.)

As with Tom Dunham a paint can is nearby (in his case it was rock) with a key visible so my teenage prostitute under 18 would arrive and get in to a apartment improperly linked to me.

Like with Veronica Hoffman (a Cybergoth) Isis changes her identity to a pool yard swimwear model as though that represented my interest in her, falsifying that I had been going to Goth events since the 1980’s

Instead of a teen call girl accessing the keys left on Tom Dunham’s windows (that may fit a nearby apartment he heard of dopple at) in my caes a paint can of the color used by the apartment complex held a key and there was a path through the fence to sneak in that north-most apartment building of the complex. But I lived in the south-most complex building.

In my archives I pictures of the key left in the can (not to my apartment didn’t match) and the broken path through the fence to the north-most apartment. Some of it is visible in these pictures.

A Con Job creating a fake Ed Donegan improperly linked to Ed Donegan’s reputation, trust fund, and real apartment creates a derogatory record (that applies to the fake Ed Donegan ) rather the similar looking nearby apartment where a person mistaken for Ed Donegan is confronted for wrongdoing and conflated with Ed Donegan poisoning the reputation and foundation of the lease I actually had and use of the apartment I really was engaged in.

Use of Email with Leasing

Unable to find any new leasing availability I rented again from Mac Lamar. In the most recent lease for 1513 Ocean Drive Unit 5 I used because it was intened as my home office live workspace to write my book. Threats to me life have followed my attempts to write that book. Jen Moore asserts my family is tied to an OSS CIA Vatican history of the assassination of JFK and is that story I have been trying to tell in my books. The largest by content volume is The Great Treason. Earlier it had other names including The Medical State since it (and its new version still) assert weaponized PsyOps call a person crazy, can recruit street people as confidential Informants whose conduct police can deny, and illegally abusive conservancy can work against a person by financial abuse and other mechanisms.

I assert a Police State that hides its operations behind assets withing social services where intermediaries to carry out police misconduct are recruited from. This includes discrediting and even institutionalizing dissidents.

As I have looked more and more at the motives for the attacks I have gone now to the Great Treason after three or four earlier perspectives that had narrower looks at the immediate events rather than the increasing scale of the motives of misconduct by the State and its officials abusing power covertly.

Foundation Work for evictions then Vagrancy Arrests

Conspiring against my rights including political asylum involves building the, faking the, crisis that seem to be from me, child porn.

With that manufactured appearances presented to OTHERS I become unwelcome to where I am going thus where I am going will work with the FBI on sham evictions of me.

As with Tom Dunham I can document this fully at every leas i had including that police were in the fake apartment taking drugs and partying with the women they asked to leave Ed Donegan out of activities with since these law enforcement were the watchdogs of the BDSM scene keeping child porn addicts out of the scene and out of apartment complexes.

Other Reports of This including Same MO for the Government Attacks

In most cases small operations like Landlord offices can be bought out and change hands, or simply duped into complying with Law Enforcement requests on fake warrants or simple cooperation basis.

That has been true with me (in fact one person said the Nueces County DA Mark Gonzales had bought my apartment complex or at least in his family (I don’t know in what way the word family was being used) had control of the Ocean Drive complex. It is true the County Tranist authority moved a hottie out from the complex when I moved in and replaced that tennat with a transgner bus driver for the city-county who was part of the fraud and Noise Campaign.

Robert Montgomery Thomas (Mr.)
848 Washington Street
Weymouth. MA 02189 -1525
781 – 335 -1796 BobMontgomeryThomas@gmaiLcom

May 30, 2017

James D. Baldassini, Esq.
Baldassini and Baldassini
59 Winter Street
Weymouth, MA 02188-0002

Re: Tara Moore, 275 Lake Street, Unit 3,
Weymoutl, MA 02189, Docket # 1756SU000273

Dear Attomey Baldassini

I recently made the acquaintance of Tara Moore, supra, and all I can say is that I was astonished by the story she told me about her landlord/tenant relationship with your client Robert L. Hedlund, of 54 Longwood Road, Weymouth, who is also the current mayor of Weymouth. Mr. Hedlund is the registered owner of a corporation known as HWO, LLC (aka Hediund World Order, LLC), which limited liability corporation owns the subject property.

I am going to cut right to the chase by saying 1): that I find it incredulous that a seasoned attorney like you would participate in what amounts to taking advantage of a disabled woman (diagnosed with Panic Disorder, without Agoraphobia), who is also a recovering addict and who was not advised by or apprised of her rights to counsel in her dealings with you or your cfient, and 2): having seen pictures of the living conditions she has had to endure in her tenancy would be indicative of what a Weymouth slumlord would likely provide to his or her tenants. That the Boston Housing Authority (BHA) participates in the tenant’s lease by almost $1 ,200 a month and has done little, if anything, to order your client to correct the glaring deficiencies over a long period of time is astonishing as well probably criminal at least in my mind.

From what I can see your client has also engaged in a pattern of harassment, violating MGL c. 264, S 34A (a) and prowling, the prowling incident admitted on his TV show, “Ask the Mayor” on April 6, 2017. If you would like I will provide you with the time stamp information from the show.

I am enclosing herewith a contact sheet with pictures of the premises Ms. Moore leases from your client. The term utterly disgusting really does not fit its description. That you, client and the BHA could care less is appalling and the eviction notice you sent her, without being represented by counsel, has damaged her chances of finding an apartment or condo for her her daughter.

She has already been denied by Weymouth Place: recommended by your client .

That Ms. Moore and her daughter would have to live on the street is apparently not your issue.

Without further ado I am going to print seven copies of the contact sheet: one for you; one for your client; one for the BHA; one for the local Board of Health; one for Judge Coven; one for the Governors Opioid Task Force and one for District Attorney Michael Morrissey to see what they think about the situation and your ruthless representation for an obvious slumlord.

cc: Robert L. Hedlund; Cheryl Hill, BHA; Daniel McCormickt Weymouth BOH; Hon Judge Mark S Coven, Quincy District Court; Governor Charles D. Baker; Dist Atty. Michael Morrissey Disabled Persons Protection Commission, the Patriot Ledger; Boston Globe and Boston Herald’

No Ordinary Stalking

Organized stalking is carried out by an enthusiastic and structured group that has cruel intentions: stalk, harass, injure, financially ruin, and mentally crumple human prey until incapacitation occurs. What sets this crime apart is that innocents are picked off the street. There is no getting away from the stalkers and no getting away from the unusual technology that is used to take over someone’s life.

“For the first couple of months,” says June, “I thought it was a sick game. Now that I’ve been tormented for years, well, it’s clear that organized stalking is a sophisticated crime that follows a step-by-step process to leave the victim as bare and isolated as the dead tree on the cover. He or she may still be standing, but that’s about it.

“I’ll sum it up this way. Veiled intimidation ensures that targeted individuals are viewed by the public as free people, which they are not. They are playthings to their controllers. Hostages in plain sight. Victims are quite literally owned yet have limited chance of rescue because their desperate circumstances are misunderstood.

Some die from the violence. Some die from suicide. And the rest merely exist.”

Organized Stalking is worldwide and is called gang stalking in some areas. The electronic harassment that accompanies organized stalking is also known as covert harassment.

I believe my father and mother were targeted, my father harassed and gang stalked, and like Veronica Hoffman, drive into mental hospital for his outcry or self defense, after that, hit while in the hospital or harassed to suicide. He (James Donegan)O spent decades asking the phone company to help stop bizzare calls coming to his home and other Noise Campaign like troubles ever wanting more and more remote locations and silence.

In my case (Edward Paul Donegan) they say I am a Nazi (more on that later, more ethic identitarian and defensive) and that is the reason the plant child porn on me. So Nazim won’t becoem successful rather it will be rejected. In Veronica Hoffman’s case they asked her to dress up as a Nazi for a lark. It think that was KOMPROMAT to incite others.

I believe my father and mother were targeted, my father harassed and gang stalked, and like Veronica Hoffman, drive into mental hospital for his outcry or self defense, after that, hit while in the hospital or harassed to suicide.

In my case they say I am a Nazi and that is the reason the plant child porn on me. In Veronica Hoffman’s case they asked her to dress up as a Nazi for a lark. It think that was KOMPROMAT to incite others.

My father, Linda Newkirk, Veronica Hoffman, myself, all receive Junk PHone calls showing we are being stalked, watched in our homes, etc., as we move about, in my case if I get off, read a scientific book, etc., and this is anonymous Stalk psychological harassment by strangers.

My father spent years of his life tracing down hang up calls and sought phone company assistence believe it was in conjunction with threats to kill him, and once sought me as backup to him in the 1990s should something happen to him or an attempt be made. His computer also was making the Sheryl Attkison player piano acts with hime flabergasted watching it which matched the timing of unprovoked anonymous physical attacks on me in the Alringon Virginia area.

Commonalities with Others and My Story.

  • I had first contacted [Veronica Hoffman after meeting her in person, all was well. Later she got approached behind the scenes by impersonators of me and dropped contact with me. Possibly after being approached by blacks who wanted to sniff out White Supremacism of CybreGoth. She had read my DOE HGP Inspector General Complaint and the DOE/NIH was likely familiar with her because of it.

    [in memorium] thinking it was funny being a Jewish girl with a Nazi armband dressed as Ilsa – She Wolf of the SS for Halloween (then a couple of years later seeing the fawning look in the eye of Don Edmonds, director of Ilsa (RIP) whom she befriended when I mentioned her to him).

    [Luke Is Back]I KNOW THIS GIRL… KNEW THIS GIRL. I WAS STANDING AT AN ATM A FEW WEEKS AGO. She looked real normal, cute, civilian like. She was standing behind me as I was with my friend on line at the Chase ATM, she started talking to me. I ended up catching up to her and talking to her on the street as she had just finished talking to the Lyndon Larouchees on Sunset / Vine.

  • She was taking apart electronics as I was, fire alarms from the celings, etc., seeking why in a non-survieled room bizzare unwanted phone calls or phone reboots out of nowhere would occur, though at stragic “frame job” times such as when a suspicously acting person was loitering near me, making unwanted gestures towards me, or were otherwise out of place.
Indications of a Noise Campaign and Terror Stalk

Most of the time, this worked in her [Veronica Hoffman’s] favor, but not always. I [unknown] recall that she was a particularly dangerous person to allow near any kind of electronic equipment, especially any that you wished to continue functioning. She had two ways of breaking electric stuff: direct and indirect.

“Indirect” worked just by simply standing close to something, say your TV hard disk recorder with 120 hours of programs stored on it. Oh, it seems to have crashed. Oh. Or, at Joseph’s place, the new Apple TV system he’d just installed. Funny, it was working OK yesterday. Or her Blackberry, which stopped working except on speakerphone almost as soon as she got it.

If “indirect” didn’t work, there was always “direct”, which might mean pulling the batteries out of your new car’s fancy built-in carphone while it was switched on, thus immediately destroying the charging circuitry and voiding your warranty. Or pulling your external hard drive’s Firewire – a friend of hers speaking of Veronica Hoffman following her suicide in a mental institution

[Veronica Hoffman also was surrounded by play actors seeming to be people I knew though by the social media pictures I saw of then were play actors, not the real people. One foremost in my mind was Fuzzy Bunny a nickname used by a Norther California person at Hayward Fellowship who had been a close friend of mine (as his family were freinds of mine too.)

My father, Linda Newkirk, Veronica Hoffman, myself, all receive Junk Phone calls showing we are being stalked, watched in our homes, etc., as we move about, in my case if I get off, read a scientific book, etc., and this is anonymous Stalk psychological harassment by strangers.

My father spent years of his life tracing down hang up calls and sought phone company assistence believe it was in conjunction with threats to kill him, and once sought me as backup to him in the 1990s should something happen to him or an attempt be made. His computer also was making the Sheryl Attkison player piano acts with hime flabergasted watching it which matched the timing of unprovoked anonymous physical attacks on me in the Alringon Virginia area.

Commonalities with Others and My Story.

  • I had first contacted [Veronica Hoffman after meeting her in person, all was well. Later she got approached behind the scenes by impersonators of me and dropped contact with me. Possibly after being approached by blacks who wanted to sniff out White Supremacism of CybreGoth. She had read my DOE HGP Inspector General Complaint and the DOE/NIH was likely familiar with her because of it.

    [in memorium] thinking it was funny being a Jewish girl with a Nazi armband dressed as Ilsa – She Wolf of the SS for Halloween (then a couple of years later seeing the fawning look in the eye of Don Edmonds, director of Ilsa (RIP) whom she befriended when I mentioned her to him).

    [Luke Is Back]I KNOW THIS GIRL… KNEW THIS GIRL. I WAS STANDING AT AN ATM A FEW WEEKS AGO. She looked real normal, cute, civilian like. She was standing behind me as I was with my friend on line at the Chase ATM, she started talking to me. I ended up catching up to her and talking to her on the street as she had just finished talking to the Lyndon Larouchees on Sunset / Vine.

  • She was taking apart electronics as I was, fire alarms from the celings, etc., seeking why in a non-survieled room bizzare unwanted phone calls or phone reboots out of nowhere would occur, though at stragic “frame job” times such as when a suspicously acting person was loitering near me, making unwanted gestures towards me, or were otherwise out of place.

Most of the time, this worked in her favor, but not always. I recall that she was a particularly dangerous person to allow near any kind of electronic equipment, especially any that you wished to continue functioning. She had two ways of breaking electric stuff: direct and indirect.

“Indirect” worked just by simply standing close to something, say your TV hard disk recorder with 120 hours of programs stored on it. Oh, it seems to have crashed. Oh. Or, at Joseph’s place, the new Apple TV system he’d just installed. Funny, it was working OK yesterday. Or her Blackberry, which stopped working except on speakerphone almost as soon as she got it.

If “indirect” didn’t work, there was always “direct”, which might mean pulling the batteries out of your new car’s fancy built-in carphone while it was switched on, thus immediately destroying the charging circuitry and voiding your warranty. Or pulling your external hard drive’s Firewire

Using Nobel Savages (people often armed dangerous felon derelicts) to threaten to kill or actual attack and possibly kill or maim child abusers or white supremacist in a lynch mob act is well documented going back to the 1950’s FBI tactics and continue. Since then NSA and other laws have been passed about covert harassment of difficult criminals who take advantage of the fact in normal life female minors may be present anywhere and thus the mix of a predator and minor can not easily be stopped but must be.

Similarly NSA units take on drug trafficking and other criminal activities that have been pervasive and difficult for regular law enforcement to easily detect or stop.

Abusing wide police power though now is just protection of the Cabal.

Here is Tara’s story much like my own.

Ted Gunderson asserted these massively illegal programs are operating in the United States of American and targeted and poisoned him.

A former senior official of the Federal Bureau of Investigation says “rogue” military intelligence and law enforcement units of the federal government oversee a nationwide network of community-based “gang stalking” (harassment, intimidation and domestic terrorism) directed at thousands of U.S. citizens who have been extrajudicially targeted as “dissidents” or undesirables.

“Based on my thirty years’ experience and research, I have determined there are thousands of victims who have been targeted by an illegal U.S. government rogue criminal enterprise – military intelligence, probably, tied into CIA and FBI and so forth – that is active 24 hours a day throughout the United States,” Gunderson stated in an October 2008 speech posted last fall on YouTube.


Zersetzung is a psychological warfare tactic
developed by the East German Stasi Secret
Police to nuetralize dissidents quietly without
kidnapping and murdering them like the Gestapo.

It means disruption because it disrupts every part
of you’re life and gaslights you so you go crazy
yourself with no touch torture leaving no
and evidence.

Freemasons, and FBI COINTELPRO use Zersetzung to retain power they are unworthy of and thus they need to user fixers operating in secret.

Scientology (that the FBI has praised for its counter-intelligence unit) calls it Fair Game and Freemasons call it Slow Dagger.

The CIA and FBI used Zersetzung small scale with DEWs from 1971-2001 and organized community vigilante groups and extremist groups and first responders based on vicious smear campaigns according to CIA whistleblower Carl Clark and Jesus Mendoza who filed 3 lawsuits in Texas and lost.

The CIA runs electronic harassment, Noise Campaigns of harassing, threatening, and veiled threat or veiled other harassment noxiusness to a stalk victim as the FBI runs gang-stalking and Fusion Centers that sychronize everything.

They (under cover operatives posing in various positions) give perjured testimony in court, makes false dossiers or dossiers composed of false reports that are resultant from Subornation of Perjury, and disseminate the smear using their partnerships (in crime) as flying monkeys (dupes believing the smear, shown faked evidence that then attack a smear victim) along with the smear campaign as part of it gaslight (break in to homes to fake evidence that will be shown to others), harass, back-stab, conspire against normal civil activities such as credit, home buying, leases sanctity of the home, etc.,

Private Investigator David Lawson infiltrated gangstalking groups in the US and Canada for 10 years. After 911, the government calls it counter-terrorism and the watch-list is a sham to hide the targeted individual program.

The FBI Fusion Centers, FISA, watch-list, counter accusing its victims as being paranoid, using DSM 5 saying it is schizophrenia to accuse US Espionage of illegal and covert acts and puts out disinformation about those it is harassing to discredit them. Devin Keymer

The Murder Of Jen More follows the murder of Hastings, Cassalaro, and others

Can we assert high level elite connections to all of this, spooks of the CIA, Secret Service, and others on various politically motivated cover-up and Deep State missions tied to the Presidency? Yes.

We will start with Jen Moore allegations this is tied into CIA, MKULTRA, and CIA history of the Donegan’s as she pointed her camera across several videos of the GLorian and Ed Donegan home (where I contacted Veronica Hoffman from) 850. North Randolph second floor two bedroom small balcony with the 9th Street cross street.

Why such “Targeted Victims” such as myself and my mother are chosen if you listen to Jen Moore (and I have, her ten Farmer Jones interviews some or most 2 hours long) and here thirty or so youtube videos) it is because of the Kennedy Assassinations and the Elites using thugs (who beat her so badly she was hospitalized for her injuries) want to silence those who are revealing the real names and histories tied to the Kennedy Assassination in particular the Donegan family whom she videoed the the home of (850 N. Randolph 2nd floor) to tell that JFK Allen Dulles assassination story connection.

New William Cooper Patriotic Sovereign Press finishes the story of Jen Moore and Ted Gunderson

The official and espionage and public and financial infatuation with Great Britain and England was too intense following WWII to stop its influence and its methods in the USA.

The Windsors most likely are props sort of like the Clydesdales are to Budweiser.


Clydesdale horse – It is a large and powerful horse, although now not as heavy as in the past. … It was traditionally used for draught power, both in farming and in road haulage.

Draught might come from pulling items along behind it but generally referes to overall animal strength. Perhaps like a great King or Prince.

In April 1933, August A. Busch, Jr. and Adolphus Busch III surprised their father, August A. Busch, Sr., with the gift of a six-horse Clydesdale hitch to commemorate the repeal of Prohibition of beer.

Realizing the marketing potential of a horse-drawn beer wagon, the company also arranged to have a second six-horse Clydesdale hitch sent to New York to mark the event. The Clydesdales drew a crowd of thousands on their way to the Empire State Building. After a small ceremony, a case of Budweiser was presented to former Governor Alfred E. Smith in appreciation of his years of service in the fight against Prohibition.

English King Makers and their Money Making Kings And Queens Around the World

Just like the Windsors are propped up as some kind of great blue flower of blue blood in its veins (Hydrangea) those same publicists for the Royal Family prop up select Sovereigns around the world including the USA under King Making agreements in teh Special Relationship.

I assert that is the Family Jewels Program of Post WWII world politics.

I think my family DNA was used in king-making in the USA and elsewhere. Many in the world have it after it was tested in atomic blasting for radiation affects and also studied for defects carried in European elite family lines, often living as bastard children of European elites.

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SPLC Lists False Patriots (My Response To Them)

SPLC Lists False Patriots (My Response To Them)

I Edward Paul Donegan am starting with two paragraphs I draw from the SPLC article

  • Patriots were drawn from all walks of life and though only some were explicitly racist, many of the key militants and ideologues of the movement had long histories of involvement in white supremacist groups.

  • In the late 1990s, Patriot groups began to dwindle as members left the movement, joined other kinds of radical groups, were imprisoned or, in a few cases, died in confrontations with law enforcement authorities.

1) On the matter of White Supremacist. I really don’t know. For those who support the militia movement at least some what as consumers of day-to-day news that I am I really don’t know who make up Militia groups (some or all) but I am a White Supremacist. I do not think that is material because I do not support violence (or did not for most of my life) but it is material to transgression against me by various minority group who have made me a “mark” for abusive attacks, defrauding me, amd crime and have done so as an ethnic violence against me.

Whether I am rare, common, true of all far right I do not know.

My politics are not hidden on works I have done, written works, though I do not distribute them to others in different locations soliciting attack on me, violations of me lease etc., (though others do.)

Sometimes I do put myself into the front lines. When Antifa was shutting down rallies including Trump rallies I was suggesting at over 50 I don’t give a damn I am willing to show up with baseball bat to see how many home runs I could hit.

I had supported Gay Rights ideologically and in activism most of my life dispite “feminazis” and hostility towards males and white males. Im recent years despite my empathy for any injury towards others I find a psychosis in me that can criticize my father who I respect I think more than any in the world would or could and I expressed approval of anti-gay violence even though in many cases I have caused fear in gays and that in turn put in them both hate and motivated actions against me. I remai confused in that only in opportunistic predation can I explain their hypocracy in in defedning their rights while infringing on mine. The next best explanation and possibly the main one is gays defending elite gays from scandal.

He is long dead now (Thomas Neil Donegan) and I am the only living Donegan family or origin member so what could the attack on me be based on? IT is not a family fight.

The evil sociopath and violent attacks on me and my mother and behind my father’s back his attacks on me father convinved me of the toxicity of the diesases of being gay. Nothing have I ever seen before like it.

But that itself was not the only signficcant part of my jounrnedy. The NIH arrest, the Wells Fargo and AOL experiences, and many more played a roles as did my perceptions and increasing distrust of the media and DHS.

Race in Americ or the world has never been truthfully covered by many sites OTHER THAN New Nation News, and I learned all I need to about race while in the system and on the streets and anywhere else.

If you listen to American educators and the FBI the attempt is to reduce stigmas and stereotypes and yet it truth it is playing to them in strategies of tension and racial manipulations of society.

We begin with what the racists and non-racists alike attribute to KKK identity and beliefs. A secret order who would in Christian Virtue (think the crier in Knights Tale) defend the virtue of women attack by blacks in the night (Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On You) and enforcing moral values from the criminal decay of the black element.

In fact DHS uses bizarre salivating immigrant families to sexually taunt me and turn out white women in what sociologists called multi-generational ghetto cultures no one was willing to police or immigrant communities who lived for free and in housing while whites starved.

These are in fact the street scenarios creating those instigation and fights that are manufactured, not wanted, but still real.

White Identitariansim for has simply mean safety from a warfare atackimg me. I find no fault in it.

In Eugenics the evil most are supposed to disavow ghetto black women are talking about making princess of themselves and their daughters (likely compulsive about the family history of Maria Kutschera) and the black males and Christian doogooger are obsessed with Blond Isla of the SS that I am not and is not even Central European nor my own interests, but the sigh of the do cause a serious of skid row Texas Christians and law enforcement sexual addiction.

All of this is in part of organ trafficking in obsessions regarding what my family history is, and it is no different than any other white middle class pilot family and high tech worker upper middle class.

I once said of being Irish is it something in the water that made an Irish person Irish? Maybe you could look at the genome and see some traces particular to the land of Ireland almost like a spot of mud. I don’t really care. What makes my Irish is the generations of my family give me focus on what happened with England’s invasion. For many the political experiences of family history is more part of the ir makekup than genetics and it is true with my Irish identity as well.

Genetics of the Windsors or Kutscheras are fools gold. It is probably Prince Andew has ten or so bastard children. I hope the worst for them. Nothing could could likely come from any of them. It is all just a publiicity stunt.

John Pilger

The MSM was welded into (by financial power, slander and abuse of opponents) into a Cabalist War Machine propaganda arm in industrial terrorism East India Tea style. protects of Moles in High Office

Many journalists now are no more than channelers and echoers of what George Orwell called the ‘official truth’.

They simply cipher and transmit lies. It really grieves me that so many of my fellow journalists can be so manipulated that they become really what the French describe as ‘functionaires’, functionaries, not journalists.

Many journalists become very defensive when you suggest to them that they are anything but impartial and objective.

The problem with those words ‘impartiality’ and ‘objectivity’ is that they have lost their dictionary meaning. They’ve been taken over… [they] now mean the establishment point of view… Journalists don’t sit down and think, ‘I’m now going to speak for the establishment.’

Of course not. But they internalise a whole set of assumptions, and one of the most potent assumptions is that the world should be seen in terms of its usefulness to the West, not humanity. John Pilger cited from WikkiQuote

I Edward Paul Donegan am starting for 1997 with Self Portrait of a Scoundrel

At the beginning of my [Wim Dankbaar, April 2013] endeavor (editing and releasing to the public Chauncey Marvin Holt’s book mostly direct quotes of Holt in his own words ansering questions) I had dreamed I would actually find the truth, but I quickly lost my naive innocence. I learned that the US media are basically in the hands of only 5 big corporations that are used to “control” the public opinion.

These big five are CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and CNN. These conglomerates will simply not disclose truths that would hurt their shareholders or embarrass the powers aligned with them. In fact, if they can no longer ignore these truths, they will use their assets to discredit the evidence, no matter how ironclad it is.

The mainstream media will turn the lie into truth or the other way around, as most of their audience have not learned to think for themselves. For this reason the CIA has a vast budget for media infiltration, including an endless list of journalists on their payroll. After all, if you control public opinion, you control almost everything else. Meanwhile the doctrine that America has a free press is hammered down. Which is quite ingenious. After all, a slave will not revolt as long as he doesn’t realize he is a slave.

A good example of such “damage control” is the book Case Closed by Gerald Posner, who I am sure is such a journalist on the secret payroll of the CIA. As a matter of fact Chauncey Holt wrote a letter to the San Diego Tribune shortly after the book came out in 1993. It is available on the Internet and can be found by googling for “Stampede of the apologists.” Of course Chauncey’s letter was never printed by the San Diego Tribune or any other mainstream media. It’s a smashing letter, strongly recommended to look it up on the Internet.

Isn’t it weird that the vast majority of Americans do not believe the Warren Report anymore, yet it remains the official government story on the JFK assassination? Does that comport with the principle of democracy where the people control their government? If you think about it, it is nothing less than contempt for the intellect of the American people. Richard Belzer, the actor of “Law and Order”, who just released a great book called Dead Wrong, summarized it quite accurately: “90% of the American people believe that JFK was murdered in a conspiracy. The other 10% work for the government or the media”.

The fact of the matter is that JFK removed in a coup d’ etat, carried a little more sophisticatedly than in average banana republic. I always say was the that on November 22, 1963 the potential Kennedy dynasty, with Bobby and Ted waiting in the wings, was replaced by the Bush dynasty.

This may sound odd, but few people know that the Bush family had tremendous influence over American politics even before the Kennedy presidency. Senator Prescott Bush for example, father of George Herbert Walker Bush, had made his fortune as a banker with Brown Brothers, Harriman, some of it by financing the war effort of Adolf Hitler.

This is now all well documented. He was instrumental in convincing his golf mate Dwight Eisenhower to run for President and installing his protégée “Tricky Dick” Nixon under him as Vice President. So Ike could stay playing golf, give a great speech when necessary, while the actual administration was run by Nixon under direction of the Bushes and friends, among them CIA director Allen Dulles and, later, president Gerald Ford — both Warren Commission members — to “investigate” JFK’s murder.

Looking for Oil (in the textual content of Holt’s book)

It is an all start list of assassins brought in by the oil companies and that doesn’t even include formally listing George H.W. Bush, or others Holt did not name.

JFK was a Patriot who thought (incorrectly) the USA and its Office of the President held by for and of the people could stand up to England banks, the UN, the Vatican, and others, and his office could not, nor could JKF stop these same powers from investigating his own assassins or rising to power after the window-dressing-only-investigations

In 1997 Sonny Bono died in as skiing accident as did another Kennedy a short time later and if you look at what is now in the 2013 release of Holt’s book appendix Photos and Documents and watch the 1997 on screen interviews with Holt at Dealy Plaza and see that the CIA was running guns at Palm Springs and that operation under William King Harvey led to the assassination of JFK then the CIA assassination of Bono and Micheal Kennedy fit the facts as NWO acts that Bob Fleterh and Ted Gunderson assert.

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SPLC Lists False Patriots in a 2001 article

Southern Poverty Law Center Lists False Patriots in 2001


Brief profiles of 40 men and women who played pivotal roles in the antigovernment ‘Patriot’ movement, along with a timeline recapitulating the history of modern civilian militias, illustrate the changing shape of the radical right.

Reaching its peak in 1996, the antigovernment “Patriot” movement was a particular form of the American radical right that was characterized by paramilitary militias, opposition to gun control and the federal government, and belief in an array of conspiracy theories about the so-called “New World Order.”

Patriots were drawn from all walks of life and though only some were explicitly racist, many of the key militants and ideologues of the movement had long histories of involvement in white supremacist groups.

In the late 1990s, Patriot groups began to dwindle as members left the movement, joined other kinds of radical groups, were imprisoned or, in a few cases, died in confrontations with law enforcement authorities.

Here, along with a timeline tracing the history of modern militias, are brief profiles of 40 people involved in the Patriot movement whose life stories over the last few years help illustrate the changing shape of the radical right.

[Among them William Cooper, Bob Fletcher,
Ted Gunderson,

Milton William “Bill” Cooper was an American conspiracy theorist, radio broadcaster, and author known for his 1991 book Behold a Pale Horse, in which he warned of multiple global conspiracies. Born: May 6, 1943, Long Beach, CA Died: November 5, 2001, Eagar, AZ

Here is what Southern Poverty Law Center wrote about Ted Gunderson.

Desperately Seeking Satan – Ted Gunderson, 73

After 27 years in the FBI including stints running the Memphis, Dallas and Los Angeles offices, Ted L. Gunderson embarked on a tour of the weird.

Retiring in 1979, Gunderson started a security and investigations firm and eventually wound up as an investigator in the ill-starred McMartin Preschool sexual molestation case, where he became fixated on the idea that children are regularly subjected to Satanic ritual abuse. (In the end, seven years of trials produced no convictions, and the case was widely denounced as a destructive witch hunt.)

From there, it got truly strange. Entering the Patriot world as a leading conspiracy-monger, Gunderson made videos alleging an invisible cabal called the Illuminati had plans to run the world. He sold his services shielding people from “Electrostatic Sensory Manipulation” and testing for “brain implants, tracking chips and resonant cavities.”

He claimed a government official told him that he did the Oklahoma bombing, saying, “That’s my bomb.” He said a cure for Down’s syndrome is being kept from the public, that the government practices mind control, and that his children had DNA extracted by aliens in the infamous Area 51 of UFO fame.

And Gunderson accused a well-known, UFO-oriented talk show host (I Ed Donegan do not know which radio Host Gunderson accused ) of molesting children, an accusation that recently brought him a libel suit.

I have read I think nearly everything Ted Gunderson wrote, probably 95 percent of it that is available today (and there is much of it) and of that I have probably researched indepedent sources on what he said and also I understood exactly what he was saying by studying it while SPLC defamatorily spits on his works.

Ted Gunderson had availabel and I have copies of notes in handwriting from Micehal Aquino, a Defense Intelligence Agency PsySop “Mind Warrior” (psycholgical warfare) exert who created for the purposes of having a dorrogatory effect on witness to his acts a cover to operate under, Temple Set who sough in Salzburg Austrtia ghosts of WWII and was caught in acts of chidl abuse but was mostlyu let off the hook as local police wer told to stand down and did.

In my books I have memos from Thomas Aquino in typewritten works describing his plan to operate Satanic groups to operate under (LeVay Statanists and his spinoff group) and he oplenly states in the memoes they would locate in orphanges high performing computer skills children for relocation by Temple of Set who would be described as kidnappers cultists, the type who also Gunderson said were really military groups who killed the Jeffery MacDonod family under a US DOD operated drug cult with powerfull protectors hiding the identity of the real killers.

I believe my description of Ted Gunderson’s assertions is correct and my researchh corroborates what Gunderson said.

Real Patriots worried about Big Business and the infiltration of our government and media

Ted Gunderon believed from early sources on the Illuminati big business did control the US Government including the US Media, and the true corruption of high power elites and the misdeeds of high power elites (such as killing JFK and mocking Conspiracy Theorists) was the plan all along and I have come to agree with him and to refute the SPLC I will write a response called True Patirots 1997 when Chaunvey Marvin Holt lists the ten or so oil companies involved in assassinating JFK so United Fruit Comnpany and others could continue to dominate Guatemala, gold could be stolen from Indonesia, and oil and other resources world wide that the CIA could topple, including the USA itself.

The Boston Brahmins or Boston elite are members of Boston’s traditional upper class. They are often associated with a cultivated New England or Mid-Atlantic dialect and accent, Harvard University, Anglicanism,[4] and traditional British American customs and clothing. Descendants of the earliest English colonists are typically considered to be the most representative of the Boston Brahmins. They are considered White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs).- Wikkipedai

Many of these global elites are the Corruption Network that controls the USA including a vast array of illegal acts in the USA.

The memo I found it from Micheal Aquino a bad mimegraph or photo copy could be read exactly with extensive zooming and eye strain so to make the data more accessible (as I have elsewhere ) I on a pixel by pixel basis fixed the form of distortred or half present letters so the documents(s) are easier to read by busy people not want to be stuck at that memo for an hour.

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Love Means Never Having to Say You Are Sorry

Its ok. I know you feel that way, but I understand.

One of the long running fights I had with my mother was whether she had (when she done all she could all of her life for me at any cost to herself) had betrayed me.

She was told I was delusional about the file and story of NIH.ASP that I was being watched, stalked in all I did, phone lines were tapped (she did believe that one) and all sorts of other activities.

In most of it all she though (and was told) it was the affect on drugs or bipolar disorder causing me to be wrong about those things.

I did not know what a GangStalk was, their tactics of outlandish conduct including crawling all over, through, under your home, planting evidence and gas-lighting, using guns pointed into your home looking like any second now a swat team is coming in, your food is being poisoned, etc.,

Yet now more stories are emerging these are true. How could she believe when even I could not and would come down from meth sometimes and think I must have imaged some of that but I saw these stalkers at most otehr times too, so it could not be the meth. In fact at Austin Travis County Integral Care that is one of the things I told them (as I had for 25 year said before) I wanted meth out of the equation so I have less variables in play and even that was promise I had made to my mother not using drugs. Almost once I had almost relapsed to pot, that was my my anger at being in a different world than I had lived in before.

When I was arrested over the file NIH.ASP and the allegations I tied to it (numerous ones) I had told Dr. Ryan (Forensic psychiatrist New York MCC) that early in my meth usage I had spotty periods of paranoia, towards later dates they were longer or strung together. While I believed other factors in my disupte with the FBI DOJ were at play, this had been a factor in my usage history and why some period of time before I had quit methampetimes and came to use Wellbutrin (Bupropamin) for ADHD as my family preferred as well, though I found dexamphetamine (the real part of Aderall) in now way troubling by affect on me that Ritalin or methamphetamine was.

All the while though GangStalking as I now understand it does exist and this time 24X7. Veronica Hoffman was said to be Biplor only at times asserting she was being Stalked. I have asserted when they needed a fallacy of me to be true they used her (as a prop) to make it seem true, like Lyndon Laroucheres next to her thus next to me, I have not had contact with them since I was going to be a delegate for them in Sr. year of highschool.

I have made mistakes before with her and her with me. I am probably worst in the error column but when you love each other you aren’t keeping track (except for who didn’t do the dishes.

All is forgiven on both sides. This was part of Love Story and I have to find and modify that to a shorter version of the theme song than the longer version I used because I liked the graphic.

Hey Mom I Am A Targeted Individual

Hey Mom, I’m a Targeted Individual: For the Families and Friends of Targeted Individuals – Cathy Meadows on Kindle

Hey Mom, I’m A Targeted Individual by
Cathy Meadows M. A, Clinical Psychology
Consultant, Advocate, Witness
Targets of Bullying, Workplace Mobbing
And Covert Harassment and Surveillance

The strength that the targets possess lies in their
diversity. They are both male and female, and they
herald from all races, lifestyles, political persuasions,
backgrounds, and genders. They are conservatives
and liberals, rednecks and hippies, good ole boys, and
southern belles, patriarchists and feminists, white
collar and blue collar. They cover every job description,
educational level, and are from every corner of the
country.. They stand together and they are not divided
by superficialities. This is their strength. They are
simply Americans.

To the Families of Targeted Individuals
Often, people are targeted because they did something
right. Targeting can happen to anyone who sounds
an alarm about something that is ethically or morally
wrong, or illegal.

Many people are targeted for other
reasons but it’s for sure that most targeting has
something to do with someone else’s fear about being
exposed for some kind of wrong-doing.

Covert harassment and surveillance is a horrific crime
and all targets need someone to talk to about their
feelings of alienation, confusion, and shock with
regards to what’s happening to them. Be that person who listens without making judgement calls. It’s the
single most important thing that you can do.
Dedicated to All Targets Everywhere.

Never Give Up!

About Me

Hi, My name is Cathy Meadows and I’ve been working
with victims of Covert Harassment and Surveillance
for over IO years. I first became aware of targeted
retaliation when I myself became targeted after calling
out wrongdoing in my community. For years I sought
out others like me, and I researched this phenomenon
as best I could. There wasn’t a lot of information about
it back in the 1990’s and early 2000’s but I knew
there had to be others who were suffering, like myself.

This program was too well organized, prolific, and all-
encompassing to have been constructed just for me.
Finally, around 2005 1 began to find a few websites
and posts written by people who were experiencing
the same kinds of civil and human rights abuses
that I was which gave me the courage to speak
openly about targeting on different internet venues.
Soon I became a member of the original, Freedom
From Covert Harassment and Surveillance, over which
Derrick Robinson presided (he now presides over
PACTS International). Not long after that I became
familiar with the works of Dr. John Hall [and others …]

As Ed Donegan asserts Stalkers try to draw missteps from the stalked OR assert a correct act from a stalk victim was paranoid and thus the stalk victim should be institutionalized.

Logging Stalker is what I have done aver 40 years of being put in psych wards and spending 7 to 10 thousand phone calls to my family I was being stalked.

Hey Mom I Am A Targeted Individual, a behavioral counselor explains how people get wrongly institutionalized while fighting against the Stalk team using assets of FBI, CIA, and others.,

As stated normal mind attempts to bring closure to anything it
doesn’t understand (menacing surroundings) and even if a target isn’t “crazy”
this kind of confusion about the who’s, why’s, how’s
and what’s of the attacks can get victims wrongly diagnosed, institutionalized, and medicated.

The following is your first piece of evidence that group
stalking and harassment is for real. Get your computer
or smart phone because this is worth it. I’m curious
to know what you think. The video is by Norma

Defamation of Character

[Creating a “Legend”that some person is threat and doesn’t belong there, creating a basis for retaliation on the record against a person framed off of the record, the Abuse of Process system that is Obstruction of Justice and Conspiracy Against Rights.]

[Creating By Undercover Operatives Deceived Emotional Lynch Mobs]

Slander can rally many people in the community,
particularly financially marginalized people, young
people, emotionally damaged persons, and angry
middle-aged men (David Lawson, Cause Stalking:
Terrorist Stalking in America) against targets. Slander
is free, easy, and effective and it’s the foremost tool
used by the perpetrators because it fuels hatred for
the target.

It’s virtually impossible to carry off the
targeting without it. Slander can get an entire
community mobilized against an individual, and
induce the community to commit felonies against
that person, for fun and relaxation.

Kind of like what throwing Christians to the lions did for citizens in
Ancient Rome. Further, it can cause psychological
confusion in the target who’ll worry about what’s
being said about him or her that’s so horrific that
their neighbors, co-workers, and other associates have
turned against them.

As an added bonus, this tactic
often lowers the self esteem of targets, and damages
their egos. This, along with sleep deprivation, 24/7
harassment, worry, and confusion could lead to an
agonizing descent into mental illness (or at least the
perpetrators of the crime hope so).

Quite Often, fake police documents are distributed
around the locality of the target that falsely describe
the target as some kind of a community danger.

From what the targets themselves report, it appears
that the false documentation against them usually
has to do with sex crimes, theft, violence, and
associations with terrorism.

Those who introduce the
illegal and slanderous “official” documentation into
the community usually show fake police badges, or
something similar, to prove their point. However, law
enforcement doesn’t knock on doors. They simply put
the stats on the internet and in 99 percent of the
cases I’ve worked on, all accusations are criminally

The good new is that sometimes these kinds
of attacks work against the stalkers because spreading
disgusting slander, and falsified documents goes
towards proving that the target is not imagining that
people are out to get him or her. It’s proof that someone
is, and it’s illegal as hell. Prison awaits those who find
themselves in the cross-hairs of some of the more
retaliatory targets who have resources.

Homeless and indigent people are often used to harass
targets and all it takes is $5.00, a threat, a sandwich, a
cheap bottle of booze, or a very small amount of their
favorite drug to draw them in. In fact, because they
have nothing, almost anything you give to indigent
people could seduce them into committing a felony.

You may not suspect that someone who is driving a
car and is dressed well is poor but think again. Many of
the vehicles that the stalkers use are lent to them. Also,
they may be given free haircuts, clothes from a 2nd
hand store, or other goodies that the overseers got for
free on Craigslist.

Sometimes people who have their
own places and cars have over-extended themselves
financially and will work for as little as $20.00 a day,
to follow a target around, menacingly. Plus, figure in
those stalkers who have been deluded into thinking
that they’re some kind of James Bond who are
saving their communities by harassing a “dangerousperson who has done bad things” and the criminal
perpetrators have themselves a free army [of “Noble Savages”, punks and prison snitches, trustees, etc. helping the police now.]

The pay scale, if there is one, is very low and
people who work at fast food restaurants make more.
However, the stalking schedule is often flexible and
many guys do it just to impress the females, and
vice versa.

Sometimes, sex is involved. Seduction is
used as much as possible to get people to commit
these types of felonies. Most of the time, the
top stalkers just have to flirt with the recruits and
offer the promise of something that’s probably never
going to happen. [Frequently they are Targted themselves like Veronica Hoffman, Bobby Courtney, and Jimmy of Corpus Christi.]

Illegal Entry

What occurs in 99 percent of all cases is illegal entry,
and gaslighting. Illegal entry is done either the good
old fashioned way, with credit cards, lockpicks, etc.,

Why don’t the targets report the illegal entry to the
police? Sometimes they do but in the majority of
cases there’s no extreme evidence that anyone other
then the tenant (or someone posing as the landlord) was in the home.

These criminals don’t break and enter; they illegally enter. Further, the
stalkers usually don’t break or steal any of the target’s
possessions, but when they do it’s minor or can be
explained away as normal breakage. The more targets
call the cops, the crazier they look, and some cops have
been know to call a 51-50 (involuntary psychiatric
hold) out on a target out of fear for the target’s safety.

[If they do break in they pose as rescuers to children being held or other emergenices that do not exist.]


[Black bag jobs planting items, removing them, or altering them in the absence of the home owner or leasor of the property]

The term “gaslighting” is taken from a 1944 movie
thriller starring Ingrid Bergman (wife) and Charles
Boyer (husband). In the movie, the husband tries
to drive his wife into madness by assuring her that
there’s no gas with which to light up the lanterns in
their home. Yet, every night while she lies in bed the
lanterns light up. She continuously tells her husband
what’s happening and he continuously tells her that
she’s imagining it, thereby making her question her
own sanity.

When stalkers illegally enter the home or vehicle of
their target they let them know that they’ve been
there, but in a subtle way. They leave one little
thing out of place, for example. They may do small
but noticeable vandalism, move things around, or take
things and bring them back at a later date. This is not
really confusing for most targets, who know exactly
what’s happening, but it can be infuriating that their
right to privacy is being trampled on.

Cathy Meadows is a Revealor and has written my Autobiography of What I have lived through (and may mother and father and brother did not)

Most agree Stalkers try to create un-peaceful conditions that a normal person will react to and appear abnormal when he or she does. The public does not believe the outcry, that a victims is being stalked and poisoned. Once in a pscyh ward the victim is either on ice, discredited, neutralized, and without a typewriter, or killed by the institutional staff and their snitch network. I could provide 7K examples of this system if my mind were able to remember all. I call stalking “Herding.”

A person will react to this, and the reaction that is a correct adaptation to the threat will be treated a a adaptation to a non-threat thus a delusional or psychotic allegation is made when a person targeted by harassment faces a civil commitment hearing about “The mental health component” a person confronted by police has exhibited.

As Meadows points out once facing strange circumstances the rational mind will both report it and try to find its origins. The Stalk is denied and the explanation is denied. What is left is an ordinary person asserting facts not believed about being stalked.

The stalked person is a Conspiracy Theorist trying to unravel conspiracies. Mine theory of the stalk and why leads to JKF Conspiracy Theories.

Hey Mom, I’m a Targeted Individual: For the Families and Friends of Targeted Individuals retrieved from and copied or modified to here

She is correct about Stalkers

What Targets Say That’ll Blow Your Mind (And It’s All True)

[Ed Donegan will swear on this as true and has experienced every item on the list

The Reactions I have had to Stalkers in the 1990’s and on

I have walked outside my home lat-night with knives calling out whoever was just outside my windows, inches from it, or repeatedly bumping doors facing the outside, wall facing the outside often audibly tracing long the wall nosily at night as if dragging a nail against the wall taking a minute or two to cross the wall.

I have threatened stalkers and they are trained to laugh it off as though you are a joke. At Starbucks I was evicted from 3rd street when noxious treatment of me was conducted by both adutls and children in the same “swindle” that system that stages events not related to me or characteristics of me (the Legend built though IS believed) and then trolling that characteristic in me (that does not exist) so will like look I have agreed to things I have not agreed to.

The breach of the peace is done by them, they won’t admit to it. I have thought about how sexuall and other harasser hid their acts (I was talking to someone else or about something else) and thus get away with a harassing statement, again, some dupes think they are getting even for something though the are misled and being used.

I am paraphrasing this someone from combined multiple events of this but one of the con jobs is using monetizble inheritance from my family to go to dominatrixes with. The Stalker will say to me “Since we are in this fifty fifty together this one belongs to me” or a statement I am in such poor health only a healthy person I have designated should go in for “the rough stuff.”

On the adult entertainer side these money launders tell the entertainers the punishment for my being a teen freak or any other allegation is they should cozy up with law enforcement and let them sign my assets over to victims funds, not me.

All this depends on toxic images of me that are calculated and untrue and most should know better and do, but as many point out these illegal trafficking the CIA does in guns, drugs, cocaine, and now genome is normal for them.

In the time I was using USB and trying to write my book at Faulk library Jen Moore and Tom Donegan have died. I am trying to show them that these system of making me SEEM an UNDESIRABLE are retaliation for my documenting these corrupt officials.

Attempts on My Life and Attempts On My Rights

“But for the intervening event ” does another flow? I have spent my life trying in mental wards to prove what I could not prove, a Stalk. Discredited as delusional and instituonalized us just where the CIA wants victims of MKIULTRA like myself.

Carl Clark, former CIA/M15 operative, was
involved in massively illegal operations such as
performing organized stalking on victims and
deploying electromagnetic weapons to
anonymously inflict pain and terror. He has
stated, “the undoubted goal is to have select
people end up in psychiatric institutions. If a
target seeks help by going to the police or to the
doctor, they don’t get taken seriously.”

More from Cathy Parks who in her books links to the videos (at least one and I have seen many more) her clients provide of Stalkers and the actions of Stalkers

Keep Fighting for Your Freedom-
Never Give Up

This is far too horrendous a crime to pretend
it doesn’t exist but the integrity of this battle
depends on your presentation of the facts,
and to whom you’re presenting them.

I have a client who made flyers about simple gang-
stalking and mobbing and sent them out to
numerous people in positions of authority
including the Police Chief, and the Mayor of
his hometown.

Within a few days a cop and
another guy from the city showed up at his
front door and wanted to give him a mental
evaluation right then. He refused and so they
took him to a jail cell that had no running
water or sanitary toilets and the next morning
had a Medical Doctor (not even a psychologist)
diagnose him with a paranoid disorder after
talking to him for only 5 minutes.

This is a cautionary, true tale to warn you about
what can happen if you go public about the
harassment and abuse you’re suffering under.
Unfortunately, it seems like any complaint you
make about the harassment can be perceived as
paranoid according to the limited perceptions,
experience and knowledge of most people who
are educated in psychology.

Under the circumstances of being targeted, I
would consider all of these aforementioned
behaviors to be normal.

The environment of
the target is abnormal and the target reacts
accordingly. However, the targeting program
does drive people to display verbal and physical
behaviors that can give a false positive if tested
for paranoia.

Illegal Surveillance

One of the biggest civil rights complaints
that targets make centers around surveillance,
and the bugging of their phones, cars, digital
and electrical equipment, and homes. This is
a truism and the victim is not imagining it.

It’s easy to do and one of the 12-year-olds
down the street probably knows how. There are
hacking classes in any university tech program,
regardless of the name of the class, and many
people use extremely rudimentary methods as
well. I remember one Saturday when my
daughter was in high school and we were both
up and actively getting ready for the day.

I casually walked over to an open, patio window
when all of a sudden two teenage girls jumped
up from directly underneath my open patio
window and ran away screaming and laughing.
I’ve also found stalkers in the crawl spaces
under my home on more than one occasionand they weren’t homeless.

They lived right next door and I knew them. Therefore, don’t
rule out simple eavesdropping as a surveillance
method. [This comports with what Ed Donegan asserts of Thea Smith, my cable dropped, they were openly rigging a cable loop of some type into a small table at Thea Smith apartment across the hall with door wide open, and an old pc being setup on the table a new cable loop was going into. A cable installer with a large spool of cable was in the area.]

No locks can keep the stalkers out.

I had a client who had locks
installed by a very good company, and which
required 17-digit codes to get into the home.

It took 2 months but the stalkers got in.

heard of cases where the doors and windows
were locked so tight that the stalkers came in
through vents, or fireplaces.

I’ve worked with people whose stalkers had connections with
the county and so were able to convince some
county personnel to allow a caterpillar digger
to dig a tunnel from across the street and
straight under the target’s home. Seem bizarre?

That’s what they’re counting on. The more
bizarre and the more unbelievable, the better.
Many perps actually enjoy the ridiculousness
of it all, and get off on the look of shock and
disbelief in the eyes of their target. Further,
many enjoy watching their target attempt to
convince people of what’s happening.

Let’s just
say that the perpetrators of the crime often
enjoy their work. As previously stated, they
count on the inconceivability of their crime.
“Who’s going to believe their targets”?

Why don’t the targets report the illegal entry
to the police? Sometimes they do but in the
majority of cases there’s no extreme evidence
that anyone other then the tenant was in
the home.

These criminals don’t break and
enter; they illegally enter. Further, the stalkers
usually don’t break or steal any of the target’s
possessions, but when they do it’s minor or
can be explained away as normal breakage. The
more targets call the cops, the crazier they look,
and some cops have been know to call a 51-50
(involuntary psychiatric hold) out on a target
out of fear for the target’s safety.

Gangstalkers and the perpetrators of covert
harassment and surveillance are terrorists
to the nines and that’s their job.

exist to terrorize people. They are truly the
representatives of the definition of domestic
terrorism. However, they are not assassins, per

Many targets think that the stalkers want to
assassinate them but they will not. Even if they
want to it’s not part of the program. They want
to terrorize and sicken you, perhaps. They
want to drive you to the physician’s office, the
psychiatrist’s office, and to the dental offce but
that’s for monetary gain more then anything
in the bigger picture.

That’s the reason for
everything that they do.

If you can blow them
off psychologically, and use self care, you’d be
on the right track.

I spoke to a client recently
who told me that he just gave up and thought
that if they want to come after him they can
have at it. He went to bed with all his doors
unlocked and open and felt that if they killed
him it would be a blessing. Well, they didn’t.

[This story matches what I have made at least 400 phone calls or reports by other means over. Constant SWAT like teams of uniformd an uniformed plantign the idea they are about to burst the door down and that they are armed, pointing weapons in but just not actually going in. When I walk out to confrotn them they dissaper on follow me without beign willking to talk to me. Several Times I have remained still for hours as sniper pointed a gun at me as if challeningme to move.

He’s alive but the terrorism has gotten to him
a little. He’s unable to work because of the
harassment. They didn’t kill him though and
they never will. It’s not part of the program.

Remember that even with all the scare tactics,
confusing antics, vandalism, street theater,
etc., they won’t kill you outright. They can
cause damage through exposure to biological
and chemical infectants, and through remote
weapons but I’m not quite sure if they’re
wearing down the targets or building up their
immune systems.

Take your vitamins and anti-
inflammatories every day and in the end we’ll
see what the effects are. I already spoke of
the physical and psychological effects of doing
good, and doing evil and these are variables
that the perpetrators of this brand of domestic
terrorism haven’t taken into account.

What is Love?

Seasons may change
Winter to spring
But I love you until the end of time
Come what may
Come what may
I will love you
Until my dying day

As I will love my family or origin including my brother, and a world we thought existed when we thought we were the Partridge Family.

Whatever disconnect their is, we were wrong then or the world is wrong now, things are not the same but I will love the other 3 until my dying day, and Jen Moore, Ted Gunderon, John Decamp, and others too.


26 Friday Jun 2015

“Drawing attention to small or even false virtues is a hallmark of authoritarian regimes.

“For good reason
– the history of European anti-fascist resistance showed the strategic importance of controlling the bar scene. Before scoffing at German and Italian resistance movements, consider that the entire country of France didn’t last two months.

“Fascism does not come exclusively from the right, look at the People’s Republic of China and their free-market corporate State. Here government is flush with illegally siphoned cash from the same
corporations that reinvest just 2% of their profits back into their business and people (down from 70% in the early 80s). Scott
Peterson is used to caricature men, even while married women remain the least likely to be murdered group in society.

Tom Dunahm
via Where to Resist – SelectQuote Review.

It appears to me (Ed Donegan) false heroes are protecting minors from a threat that is invented, not real, and the protectors seek glorious admiration from members of society.

It appears to me (Ed Donegan) false heroes are protecting minors from a threat that is invented, not real, and the protectors seek glorious admiration from members of society.

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Super Conspiracy The Cover-up of Sonny Bono’s Murder

Super Conspiracy The Cover-up of Sonny Bono’s Murder

Gunderson Composite (Posse) and the cases of Sunny Bono and Michael LeMoyne Kennedy

Michael LeMoyne Kennedy (February 27, 1958 – December 31, 1997) was an American lawyer, businessman, and activist in Massachusetts. He was the sixth of eleven children of Robert F. Kennedy and Ethel Kennedy. Kennedy also served as the manager of the non-profit organization Citizens Energy. He died in Aspen, Colorado, in 1997 after skiing inadvertently into a tree.

Salvatore Phillip “Sonny” Bono was an American singer, songwriter, actor, and US Representative for Palm Srpings who came to fame in partnership with his second wife, Cher, as the
Died: January 5, 1998, Heavenly Mountain Resort in a skiing accident identical to the Kennedy death. – California Lodge, CA

Chauncy Marvin Holt was confessing on TV to the JFK assassination at that time run by Willaim King Harvey out of the El Mirador Hotel with gun runners for the CIA Chauncey Holt and others from Grace Ranch modigyin and selling B-26s, B-52, fighter planes, light planes, assassination custom gun silencers, military rifles etc., enough to equip groups and brigades of 40 to 50 thousand troops. This was in part time and former entertainer Sonny Bono was Mayor (Palm Springs and its township activities) and where many stars vacationed.

Bono (A friend of British actor Peter Lawford who mentored Arnold Schwarzenegger in London, and a Roman Catholic and enemy of Mafia and drug dealing in hearings in the US House of Representatives) entered politics after experiencing frustration with local government bureaucracy while trying to open a restaurant in Palm Springs, California. He made a successful bid for mayor, and served from 1988 to 1992 A member of the Republican Party, Bono served as the 16th mayor of Palm Springs, California, from 1988 to 1992, and served as the U.S. representative for California’s 44th district from 1995 until his death in 1998.

During the course of running his toy company former record exec Bob Fletcher ended up on a merger with a new partner he knew little about and later found it was a CIA proprietary interest and now he was part of that operation and met General Singlaubm, Gen. Harry C. “Heinie” Aderholt and General Singluab Major General John Kirk Singlaub was a major general in the United States Army, founding member of the Central Intelligence Agency, and a highly decorated officer in the former Office of Strategic Services and others who later he will hear are part of Iran Contra. Fletcher finds out about all the military equipment running and CIA activities earlier than Iran Contra but after Iran Contra he recognizes the nanes and becomes a witness managed through the Christiic Institute.

Bob Fletcher: CIA Bush Drug Ties, Weather Wars, Sonny Bono’s Murder — During these times Fletcher encounters other CIA going back to the Vietnam era (Chauncey Marvin Holt? E. Howard Hunt?) who provide him information on many matters including some video related the the JFK assassination. All of this he is sending to Sunny Bono. The JFK referees as at 19 minutes in.

Spartacus – John K. Singlaub was recruited by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during the Second World War. He was parachuted into Nazi occupied France and helped to organize the French Resistance before the D-Day invasion. Later he was sent to China where he worked with Ray S. Cline, Richard Helms, E. Howard Hunt, Jake Esterline, Mitchell WerBell, Paul Helliwell, Jack Anderson, Robert Emmett Johnson and Lucien Conein. Others working in China at that time included Tommy Corcoran, Whiting Willauer and William Pawley.

Singlaub joined the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and he was sent to Manchuria during the Chinese Civil War. In 1951 he became Deputy Chief of the CIA station in South Korea. Later he moved to Laos where he worked closely with Ted Shackley.

Inside the Shadow Government Paperback

In 1964 Singlaub became chief of Military Assistance Command Studies and Observation Group (MACV-SOG). This was an unconventional warfare task force that oversaw assassination and paramilitary operations throughout Southeast Asia. MACV-SOG now took over Oplan 34-A from the CIA. Ted Shackley, CIA chief in Laos, reported having monthly meetings with Singlaub. According to one report, Singlaub “oversaw political assassinations programs in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand” (Inside the Shadow Government).

In 1966 Ted Shackley was placed in charge of CIA secret war in Laos. He appointed Thomas G. Clines as his deputy. He also took Carl E. Jenkins, David Morales, Rafael Quintero, Felix Rodriguez and Edwin Wilson with him to Laos. According to Joel Bainerman it was at this point that Shackley and his “Secret Team” became involved in the drug trade. They did this via General Vang Pao, the leader of the anti-communist forces in Laos. Vang Pao was a major figure in the opium trade in Laos. To help him Shackley used his CIA officials and assets to sabotage the competitors. Eventually Vang Pao had a monopoly over the heroin trade in Laos. In 1967 Shackley and Clines helped Vang Pao to obtain financial backing to form his own airline, Zieng Khouang Air Transport Company, to transport opium and heroin between Long Tieng and Vientiane. In 1968 Shackley and Clines arranged a meeting in Saigon between Santo Trafficante and Vang Pao to establish a heroin-smuggling operation from Southeast Asia to the United States.

Sunny Bono Sunny situation was during this
period again from from the 80s up through the ’90s and up to the 2000 um I
was involved with many many inquiries that the Senate and the Congress were
carrying out I dealt with Dante Fascel as it related to the old October surprise
inquiries uh I supplied them with material that
Barbara Honegger had given
given me after being unable to do anything I was involved with that in inquiry I was involved with did do a
thing on the JFK murder because I had gotten some actually footage from a
Central Intelligence agent way back in the 80s what was happening my name was
banging around in the corridors of the Congress and the Senate as somebody that
knew this or knew these guys or knew what was going on sure and they wanted to use you as a conduit to put stuff out

because they knew you had the courage to do it and and right and yes that’s right absolutely

This video? or another that became abvailable in 1997. Appendix Documents and Photos has everything Sunny Bono was looking for and its there now buy the book.

Bob Fletcher ran a toy company. CIA front operatives joined in and were doing covert arms deals for things like airplanes and shoulder fired missiles, Angola and other countries involved. Fletcher tries to contact CIA he wants out, can’t get out. Bob Fletcher becomes a Christic Institute witness and a year later finds all the US Generals that were tied up to the deals were the ones of Iran Contra, that story breaking a year later. He also had in the course of developing his story and getting it to Sunny Bono information on the Kennedy Assassination and WACO, Bono having cried over the WACO incident the CIA appears to be involved in per Paul Wilcher and others.

This is what Chauncey Marvin Holt said in 1997 (in on sceen televised statements 8 days before his death providing documents that are in the appendix of his book Se-Potrait. Teh TV News crew were passing them around trying to confirm them. Some were difficult to confirm because Charles Harrelson was in federal penitentiary but other documents were confirmed about Ray Ryan’s El Mirador hotel, Grace Rach Tuscon Arizona they would fly in from to meet in Palm Springs El Mirado to meet with William King Harvey, Sam Giacanca, and others. This is where the preparations were made getting fake documents to Lee Harvey Oswald and JM / Wave operating with Bob Reynolds, Leroy Young, and others including himself (Chauncey Marvin Holt.)

Robert Fletcher owned a toy factory in 1985 and merged with a partner, Gary Best, to expand the business. Later, he found out Best was a high-ranking covert intelligence agent who intended to use the toy company [as made into a CIA US DOD “Proprietary Interest front company] for arms dealing with Iran-Contra, as well as Angola, West Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan. He later testified in the Iran-Contra hearings on the various US Generals he encountered as was made a puppet of, the very figures of Iran Contra as it later broke as a story in the news and political scandal. Bob Fletcher: CIA Bush Drug Ties, Weather Wars, Sonny Bono’s Murder.

The Cover-up of Sonny Bono’s Murder

by DC dave

(report from april 2008)

For Americans, the new revelations can be found buried away—and ignored by “respectable people”—in the U.S. supermarket tabloid, Globe, of April 14, which hit the news racks on April 4.  They were said to have been gathered by investigator Bob Fletcher, 66, who, according to Globe, was connected to the case even before Bono died:It is now news in Australia that new evidence has turned up that suggests that California congressman Sonny Bono was murdered and did not die in a skiing accident as we have been told repeatedly.  Although he was an American whose job was to represent Americans, as far as the mainstream United States press is concerned this news is unworthy of the attention of the people of the United States.

This is the same American press, of course, that never breathed the slightest hint of suspicion that there might have been foul play involved when the experienced skier Bono was reported to have slammed into a tree at the Heavenly Ski resort in Nevada on January 5, 1998.

There were no witnesses, the autopsy report was not released to the public, and Bono had shown himself to be something of a thorn in the side of official Washington, which is probably all the more reason for the lapdogs who call themselves journalists to have dummied up.

He also feels partially responsible for what happened to the California congressman.

Before Bono’s death, Fletcher had been probing the activities of high ranking U.S. military and government officials he claims were raking in millions from arms and drug deals in Central America and Southeast Asia.

He says he sent his shocking findings of corruption, including videotaped evidence, to Bono.

“I later received a call from an assistant in his offices to tell me Sonny had seen my full report and was absolutely livid about the level of corruption I made him aware of,” Fletcher tells GLOBE.

“He was going to make it his No. 1 priority when Congress resumed after the Christmas and New Year break.  He was going to go after the biggest names.Image result for sonny bono

“Just 10 days later, I received a call that he was dead.  I’d heard it was suspected his offices had been bugged.  Tragically, that must have been the case.  There’s no doubt in my mind Sonny was murdered by someone who needed to silence him.”

The new evidence is the long-suppressed autopsy report, itself, which Fletcher obtained and furnished to Globe.

After reviewing the shocking secret documents, former FBI agent Ted Gunderson tells GLOBE: “The official version of Sonny Bono’s death is hogwash. It’s nonsense for anyone to now try to suggest that Bono died after crashing into a tree.

An example of the CIA Secret Documents Gunderson may have looked at made available by Chaucney Marvin Holt in 1997 Sonny Bono may have seen

New in 1997

There’s zero evidence in this autopsy report or any of these official documents to show such an accident happened.  Instead, there’s powerful proof he was assassinated.  “This was an evil plot that was carried out to almost perfection by ruthless assassins.”

Even though two of the online Australian newspapers attribute their article to “staff writers,” it’s the same short article in The Australian, Mercury (The Voice of Tasmania), and The Daily Telegraph (first two links now dead), beginning:

SONNY Bono, former husband and singing partner of superstar Cher, was clubbed to death by hitmen on the orders of drug and weapons dealers who feared he was going to expose them, a former FBI agent claims.

Former FBI agent Ted Gunderson – 11/07/1928 – 07/31/2011

Ted Gunderson, now a private investigator, has told the US Globe tabloid that Bono, who served as mayor of Palm Springs for four years, did not die after hitting a tree on a Nevada ski slope in January 1998 as everyone believed.

So identical, are they, in fact, that all three of them have the first sentence in bold.  Continuing in the brief, rather sketchy article, they say:

Bono, an experienced skier, was ambushed on the slopes by hired hitmen, who beat him to death and then staged a tree collision, Mr. Gunderson said.

He called for authorities to dig up Bono’s remains and open a homicide investigation.

His claims have reportedly been backed by top forensics experts who fear Nevada authorities were too quick to call the death a skiing accident.

The Australian papers, it should also be noted, leave the impression that Gunderson is the prime mover in this investigation while only mentioning Fletcher at the end of their article as follows:

Investigator Bob Fletcher had also confessed he sent evidence of a 10-year study that linked top US government officials to arms and weapons dealers to Bono less than a month before his death, the Globe reported.

“(Bono) was going to make it his No.1 priority… There’s no doubt in my mind Sonny was murdered by someone who needed him silenced,” Mr Fletcher told the paper.

In an email to me on May 13, 2008, Mr. Fletcher was emphatic that Gunderson “has had absolutely nothing to do with this investigation.”

(The foregoing section, starting with “The Australian papers…,” was added on May 13.)

Interestingly, Yahoo also picked up the story, but it is Yahoo for the United Kingdom and Ireland and Yahoo for Australia (both links now dead).  It would appear that Yahoo is as compliant toward corrupt American authorities as it is toward their counterparts in China.

The Autopsy

How compelling is the new evidence?  The five-page autopsy report prepared by Dr. David E. Palosaari, official pathologist for Washoe County at the time, concluded that the death was caused by “craniocerebral injuries due to blunt force trauma (skiing accident).”

But Globe reports further:

Other injuries detailed in the document included a black eye, swollen lips, bloody nose, bruised jaw, and two upper teeth knocked out, all on the right side of the head.

But the pathologist also noted a series of small fractures in a “central depressed region” on the right side of Bono’s skull and found “some of the fractured bone pieces have a curved configuration.”

Fletcher consulted a panel of experts and performed a re-creation to determine how these wounds were caused.

He concludes the depressed area was due to blows from a rounded-edged weapon wielded by a man taller than the 5-foot-nine, 165-pound politician and the killer was left-handed since the wounds are on the right side of Bono’s face and head.  He also believes there was a second man who held Bono from behind.

Fletcher thinks the murder weapon was a pistol, but other experts tell GLOBE that a gun barrel would have left distinguishable marks.

“Sonny was ambushed and viciously battered to death with a billy club or similar weapon,” ex-FBI man Gunderson says.  “The killers staged the crime scene and made it look like a tragic ski-accident.”

Image result for sonny bono

Fletcher insists the lack of damage to the back of Bono’s brain, known as “contra-coup” injuries, is proof that he was beaten to death.  He says people who hit objects face-first normally have brain injuries caused when the organ rebounds off the back of their skull.  And other physical evidence doesn’t add up, either, he says.

Strangely for what was called a ski accident, Bono had no smashed ribs, broken knees, neck trauma–or hand injuries that would have come from trying to ward off a collision with a tree, Fletcher says.  And signs that he actually hit the tree–including bark impressions on his face and plant debris on his clothes–are also missing, the investigator says.

And his ski goggles weren’t smashed as they likely would have been in a collision, according to the expert.

Fletcher also notes the back of Bono’s clothes were [sic] soaked with blood–but he had no back wounds.  “The blood must have come from someone else, perhaps when Sonny valiantly fought back and hit one of his assailants,” he declares.

The autopsy also mentions a small L-shaped tear on the back of Bono’s black and purple Fila ski jacket.  Fletcher says the tear is a likely result of a struggle.  And Gunderson believes the new evidence gathered by Fletcher raises the specter of murder and warrants a new investigation.

Fletcher believes that Bono’s wife when they became famous together, Cher, will call for a new investigation when she learns of these new revelations.

Little hope is held out, apparently, that she will be joined by Mary Bono, Sonny’s wife at the time of his death.  Mary, who succeeded Sonny in the Congress and has remarried, has suggested publicly that his errant skiing was caused by Sonny having taken too many prescription painkillers.  But that suggestion had already been contradicted by a previously-released toxicology report, said Globe.  Their marriage, which was Sonny’s fourth, was said to have been troubled at the time of his death.

Sonny’s mother, Jean, on the other hand, believed all along that he was murdered.  She died in 2005, but not before demanding “a much more thorough investigation” into his death, according to Globe.

A Waco Connection?

Gunderson agrees with Fletcher that the 62-year-old Bono was likely to have been killed because of what he might uncover, or had already uncovered, about illegal drug and arms dealing by high-level government officials.  But there are other possibilities.  When Janet Reno testified before Congress about the final, fatal assault on the Branch Davidians at Waco, Bono was relentless in his questioning about the professed use of CS gas on the confined men, women, and children:

Representative Sonny Bono (R-CA), a member of the full House Crime Committee, was concerned that Ms. Reno had not conducted a more exhaustive study of CS before making a decision. He challenged her claim that she had done all she could to investigate the attributes and hazards of the substance, noting that the U.S. Army Chemical Research and Development Center had confirmed that it knew of no laboratory studies of CS in which the subjects were children. He pointed out that Army databases “contain virtually every study on CS that has ever been conducted by any government or private facility in the world,” and stated that he found it “difficult to understand how, after extensive, exhaustive research you failed to uncover the following information that I uncovered in just one day: a report contained in the Journal of the American Medical Association, dated August 4, 1989, that states, I quote, ‘Inhalation and toxicology studies at high levels of CS exposure have demonstrated its ability to cause chemical pneumonitis and fatal pulmonary edema.’ According to an ear, nose, and throat surgeon that I talked to, pulmonary edema is caused when the mucous membrane is irritated, it secretes mucous which in children and infants plugs up the bronchi. They thus drown in their own saliva and mucous. As soon as the child breathes the fumes, the process begins. Soon after that, the child has little lungs left to breathe, and dies. I find it impossible to believe that with the most powerful law firm in the country, the Department of Justice, at your disposal you could not find this information out, that I found out in one day with two staff members …. So I am sorry to say, Madam Attorney General, that I think you failed there.” He concluded with the observation that, in his opinion, “it is the responsibility of the Attorney General in cases like this to research every bit of evidence, and if there is counter evidence, then the error should be on the side of the children.”  Robert W. Lee, “Waco Whitewash.”

What we see here on display is an independence of mind that is both refreshing and dangerous for an American member of Congress.  Perhaps Bono looked even further into the Waco outrage and found the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum, which concludes that the whole episode was even more vicious and barbaric than almost anyone suspects.  Then again, any member of Congress looking seriously into high level corruption finds himself in what the military calls a “target-rich environment,” so who knows what got him killed?  The best comparisons that can be made are to the less well-known investigators Paul Wilcher or Danny Casolaro, or perhaps to another California Congressman, Leo Ryan.

The Tabloid Cover-up Operation

One can hardly argue that the (((American press))) has really done the proper job of a free press in a free society because these new revelations have, at least, been published by Globe.  Rather, the opposite is more nearly the case.  There is hardly any better way to discredit a serious story than to have it published in a tabloid, and only in a tabloid.  This Globe story is quite similar to the National Enquirer story about the dubious “suicide” of Enron executive, Cliff Baxter, or the Star story about the George W. Bush-led fraternity at Yale branding pledges with hot coat hangers.  It is well sourced and documented.  One can bet that Bob Fletcher made a serious effort to get the story covered by “more respectable” news outlets, but was rebuffed.  The same “respectable” news organs are now continuing to cover up for the (((controlling criminal elite))) by blacking out what Globe has published.

What is really impressive is how thoroughgoing and monolithic the whole operation is.  The country is full of reporters who buy groceries in supermarkets just as I do.  One would think that one of them, in one corner or other of this vast country, would spot the Sonny Bono article, would recognize the importance of the story, and would be able to prevail upon his or her editor to follow up on it.  But it hasn’t happened yet.  For now it’s much bigger news in Australia than it is here, and the odds are very long that not one peep about these Sonny Bono autopsy revelations will be heard anywhere from the American mainstream press.

The same sort of blackout occurred when the former lead investigator for Kenneth Starr, Miquel Rodriguez, spilled the beans about the cover-up of Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster’s murder, and it happened when the official investigation of the “suicide” of America’s first defense secretary, James Forrestal, was made public, and it will occur again.

David Martin, April 6, 2008

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Note.  Bob Fletcher’s investigative reports are available at P.O. Box 216, Bayview, Idaho 83803, email  The writer of the Globe article is Bob Burns, email

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