The Death of Teg Gunderson and Others

Vigilantism” is the act of preventing, investigating and punishing perceived offenses and crimes without legal authority. A vigilante is a person who practices or partakes in vigilantism, or undertakes public safety and retributive justice without commission. – Wikipedia

Public officials now in Organized Crime use vigilantes operating under Color Of Law for a variety of crimes they deny including poisonings, break-ins, smear campaigns, beatings and assassinations, false imprisonments, over and covert death threats against writers and authors, destruction of government and other documents, assassination of oversight officials like Sonny Bono and even CIA assassination of their own workers and allies to protect themselves (the elites) from being held accountable for NWO Crimes against the United States of America.

Many books have been written including my own Edward Paul Donegan’s New William Cooper Press books about “silenced” (dead) witness and dead investigators who knew too much about official corruption in the USA.

Ted Gunderson is the former FBI official in the headline below other other FBI, CIA, NSA, and MI5 officials confirm the exact same story including poisonings, etc., that I Edward Paul Donegan have experienced. later in this chapter I will describe US Government agencies mechanisms in these activities.

Ted Gunderson that former FBI official was Robert F. Kennedy’s anti-rackets right hand man Ted Gunderson who was in a meeting with RFK when JFK was shot and killed. Ted Gunderson pursued on behalf of the US Government People of the United States of America conspiracy theories since that time until his own death.

Two Deaths Dorothy Kilgallen and Ted Gunderson and like William Colby appear to wet-division silencing of espionage agents who knew too much about what is thought to be Boston Brahmin world imperialist deep state that assassinated JFK.

The Boston Brahmins or Boston elite are members of Boston’s traditional upper class.


Official confirms what thousands of victims have long known: an evil U.S. shadow government is conducting a covert, taxpayer-funded genocidal purge of American society — while Congress and an apparently entrained Obama administration sleep.

Author’s note: Former FBI official Ted Gunderson died of cancer on July 31, 2011. Was his illness induced by silent electromagnetic assault or by other nefarious means? We will never know — and that’s just the way certain entities want it.
A former senior official of the Federal Bureau of Investigation says “rogue” military intelligence and law enforcement units of the federal government oversee a nationwide network of community-based “gang stalking” harassment, intimidation and domestic terrorism directed at thousands of U.S. citizens who have been extrajudicially targeted as “dissidents” or undesirables.

Ted Gunderson, 82, who has served as the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles, Memphis and Dallas field offices, has stated in a series of public speaking appearances that he is now targeted by these same elements, and fears for his life and for the safety of his family. He reports that the windows of his home have been shot out, and he believes he has been poisoned and physically sickened by those seeking to silence him.

Since his retirement from the FBI in the 1979, Gunderson has been a Southern California- based private investigator. He is most noted for his defense work on the murder case involving former Army physician Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald.

The ex-FBI official’s comments represent the most compelling testimony to date indicating that “black operations” of the federal government are dedicated to waging a covert war of terror and persecution targeting American citizens.

“Based on my thirty years’ experience and research, I have determined there are thousands of victims who have been targeted by an illegal U.S. government rogue criminal enterprise — military intelligence, probably, tied into CIA and FBI and so forth — that is active 24 hours a day throughout the United States,” Gunderson stated in an October 2008 speech posted last fall on YouTube.

NOTE: It appears that the link to the Ted Gunderson YouTube video has been sabotaged. Please search “Ted Gunderson” and “YouTube” and look for the link to his speech at the Gulf Symposium.. I believe this is more blatantly illegal and malicious interference with telecommunications by operatives of Lockheed Martin, under contract to U.S. Homeland-mil-intel, or another entity representing the agencies, commands and corporations of the U.S. fusion center network.

“It is far too extensive to be controlled by private enterprise,” Gunderson said. “I believe this well organized and sophisticated operation has a central command located somewhere in the United States, with multiple satellite offices scattered throughout the country.”

Said Gunderson:

“It appears those who administer the program can call any location in the United States for surveillance, a telephone tap, or… harassment directed at a victim, and immediately dispense manpower to the source… This well-greased, covert operation makes the old FBI counterintelligence program (code-named “Cointelpro”) look like a Sunday school class.”

Gunderson also maintains that federal security and law enforcement agencies and commands have been infiltrated by members of secret societies such as the Illuminati, which he has described as a satanic criminal cult.

This correspondent (Rudy Andria or someone beign quoted) has reported that Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest defense contractor and the prime cyber-security and information technology supplier to the federal government, coordinates the communications and trains the “team leaders” of a nationwide Gestapo-like apparatus, which has tentacles into every security and law enforcement agency in the nation, including state and local police and 72 regional “fusion centers” administered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. According to company literature, Lockheed Martin has operations in 46 of the 50 states.

Roadblocking Is One System of Illegal CIA and FBI Misconduct

When you here the most angry descriptions of who Gang Stalkers are (Gang Stalkers are recruited to perfrom hostile acts aginast a Targeted peson while denying harrasssing of offending acts directed at the Targeted person) the description run to the base base and profane.

When you hear Gang Stalking experts like Cathy Meadows talk about the same thing she will describe the psychology of the matter in an abstract way that I will put in a metaphor of the operation of Zersetzung.

Zersetzug is the method a political corrupt State makes against a dissident fraudulently. Not wanting to bear the blame of miscarriages of justice in the legal system publicly more secretive acts are used such as smear campaing in Grand Juries the targeted person is not present at, smear campaigns in Office Mobs the targeted person is not present at, and other dirty tricks behind a person’s backs that might prevent them from getting a job as a newspaper reporter, and if they have a job as a newspaper reporter might get them fired for secret reasons the Boss does not disclose, or the newspaper reporter may die in a car accident or poisoning.

There is something even more likely for a person like Ed Donegan myself, a hothead. I may attempt to clear feces left in my path, and I assert that the people introduced to my environment in the gym, library, and other locations often are intentionally menacing, distracting, often assault me or threaten me, and refuse to remediate that conduct they use excuses to commit such as sending children not adults to trip me at my feet when jogging or trying to humiliate me an an abusive way as following women in gym close around and laughing at me as though I am dysfunctional and doing the same thing if underage females are near me trying to label me and laugh at me in staged appearances framing me by being “set pieces” (KOMPROMAT placed near me thus is linked to me.)

The idea that feces is in your way and you must clear it directly confronting it will get you arrested for doing it. The feces says it can be on the sidewalk in your path, thus you have to change your direction or fight the feces stepping into it and become the source of your own arrest.

I have so much of my story in differing prespectives available through that finding peices of it is difficult to do. One of the things hostile to me and hostile to others has been cultural appropriation of the Goth scene that I viewed as appropriation rather than expansion. In my day there was a level of pride of “High” culture, high fashion high intellect, cultural sophistication, etc., and we had a level of awareness without pride that it was sometimes easier for us to find venues because there were not three shootings per night in our clubs as was true with some the gang run clubs. Blondie Walk Like Me the colors are red maroon I think both in a simultaneous target of me the BDSM Scene and Goth itself a larger movement came in as criminals with all the values wrong. As with computer programming groups or anything connected to me I have welcomed all. That said while I recognized the Moorish in Goth I found mostly European pagan per-crhistian starting deep in The Cradle of Civilization that was destroyed by Christianity. A particular Black Lives Matter was wanted control of the scne and achieved learning how to walk like Goth I think without being it.

Dorothy Kilgallen Dies and like was poisoned

She was close to the Windsors and Joseph Kennedy Sr., so close to the Kennedy family she was a regular in the residential part of the White House, like Ted Gunderson was part of Robert F. Kennedy war on organized crime. The Reporter who Knew Too Much about the Agatha Whitehead children who toured as the Von Trapp singes coached by Franz Kutschera’s niece Maria Kutschera.

Dorothy Kilgallen retrieved from Spartacus-Eductional and copied or modified to here

Dorothy Kilgallen took an interest in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. In September 1964 she reported in the New York Journal American that Jack Ruby, J. D. Tippet (a police officer killed along with JFK) and Bernard Weismann had a two hour meeting at the Carousel Club on 14th November, 1963 (8 days in advance of JFK and others being shot.)

Forty years after Kilgallen’s death, Pataky penned two poems that, Shaw believes, suggest his involvement as a plant. The first, “Never Trust a Stiff at a Typewriter,” includes the line, “Somebody who’s dead could tell no tales.” The second, called “Vodka Roulette,” typed next to the image of a bartender mixing drinks, reads, “Make one of ’em poison.Journalist’s tell-all on mobster tied to JFK might have gotten her killed By Susan Edelman New York Post

Pataky – “Never Trust a Stiff [Dorothy] at a Typewriter,”

There’s a way to quench a gossip’s stench
That never fails
One cannot write if zippered “tight”
Somebody who’s dead could “tell no tales.”

Pataky – Vodka Roulette Seen As Relief Possibility.

While I’m spilling my guts
She’s driving me nuts
Please fetch us two drinks
On the run
Just skip all the noise’n
Make one of ‘em poison
And don’t even tell me
Which one!


Pataky admits a close friendship with Kilgallen but flatly denies an affair, his presence at the Regency that night, or any involvement in her death. “I loved Dorothy dearly,” he wrote to Shaw last week.

William Colby Dies

Born: January 4, 1920, Saint Paul, MN Died: April 27, 1996, Rock Point, MD and a devout Catholic who was going to reveal the Family Jewels program the CIA had been running.

Disciples: The World War II Missions of the CIA Directors Who Fought for Wild Bill Donovan retrieved from and copied or modified to here

“A fantastic book, one of the very finest accounts of wartime spookery” (The Wall Street Journal)—a spellbinding adventure story of four secret OSS agents who would all later lead the CIA and their daring espionage and sabotage in wartime Europe from the author of the bestselling Wild Bill Donavan.

They are the most famous and controversial directors the CIA has ever had—Allen Dulles, Richard Helms, William Colby, and William Casey. Before each of these four men became their country’s top spymaster, they fought in World War II as secret warriors for Wild Bill Donovan’s Office of Strategic Services.

Allen Dulles ran the OSS’s most successful spy operation against the Axis. Bill Casey organized dangerous missions to penetrate Nazi Germany. Bill Colby led OSS commando raids behind the lines in occupied France and Norway. Richard Helms mounted risky intelligence programs against the Russians in the ruins of Berlin.

Later, they were the most controversial directors the CIA has ever had. Dulles launched the calamitous operation at Cuba’s Bay of Pigs. Helms was convicted of lying to Congress over the CIA’s role in the ousting of President Salvador Allende in Chile.

Colby would become a pariah for releasing a report on CIA misdeeds during the 1950s, sixties and early seventies.

Casey would nearly bring down the CIA—and Ronald Reagan’s presidency—from a scheme that secretly supplied Nicaragua’s contras with money raked off from the sale of arms to Iran for American hostages in Beirut. [in The October Suprise for the Reagan Bush ticket 1980]

Mining thousands of once-secret World War II documents and interviewing scores, Waller has written a worthy successor to Wild Bill Donovan. “Entertaining and richly detailed” (The Washington Post), Disciples is the story of these four dynamic agents and their daring espionage and sabotage in wartime Europe.

William Colby Born: January 4, 1920, Saint Paul, MN Died: April 27, 1996, Rock Point, MD wrote the introduction to The Franklin Cover-up and he and Susan Ford wrote high power interests would assassinate to cover up the secrets of what was likely a Family Jewels child abuse CIA research facility. William Colby was of course CIA, DeCamp was said to be, and DeCamp has an MKULTRA /like birthday, July 6 1941.

That certainly was taken seriously by Ted Guderson who allong with Susan Ford was warned by Colby the CIA would kill over this matter just as Colby had asserted before he died.

Ted Gunderson – On April 3, 2003, I found an intruder (biker type- wearing a head bandanna, leather Jacket, and chains attached to his belt) in the basement of the apartment complex where I am presently staying in Los Angeles. After seeing me, he bolted through the front door of the building and disappeared. I filed a police report. [am making this incident a matter of record with a number of government agencies and the news media because this appears to be yet another surveillance of me.

If anything happens to me, my family, or my close associates- including my attorney (former Nebraska State Senator, John DeCamp), Susan Ford, or other individuals within my informational network, the names of the leaders of the cult/drug network and additional information concerning their activities will be released to the public.

Regarding Mr. Colby, he did not drown and he did not commit suicide- he was murdered, shot in the head.

According to YouTube Videos about new strobe lights and spinwheels for sale there is new information we have some data on the CIA

They have ice pellet guns and that type of thing.

MEN My Life
in the CIA by William Colby

Ordinarily, on being summoned to see the President, I would ask what for, so I could bone up on whatever topic was to be the subject of discussion. But this time, I didn’t. Marsh, obviously, was eager to get back to sleep and I was tired too, anxious to get home and to bed myself. And be- sides I could make a pretty fair guess as to what it was prob- ably about. The previous day, Saturday, the press had bro- ken a story revealing that the CIA had covertly been funneling aid to Kurdish rebels in Iraq. We had talked of these leaks at the usual meeting in the White House base- ment all that morning. So it was more than likely that the President was assembling a group of aides to discuss how leaks of sensitive material like this could be prevented. All the usual people would be there, I figured—Scowcroft; Buchen;, someone from the Pentagon, possibly Schlesinger himself; Mike Duval; probably Don Rumsfeld; and Marsh and I.

But they weren’t. Aside from the Secret Service on duty at the side door, the West Wing of the White House at seven forty-five that Sunday morning was deserted. The anteroom to the Oval Office was empty, until Marsh came in a couple of moments after I arrived. Apparently my guess at what this was all about was wrong. Still, I took a crack at it. ‘Boy, that Kurdish story, that’s some fine mess, isn’t it, Jack?” I said. Marsh nodded absently. “I’d bet anything that it came from the House Committee,” I went on. Nlarsh shrugged and looked away, clearly uninterested in pursuing the subject. I made a few more desultory remarks and then, puzzled, let it drop. We stood around in a rather awkward silence.

Promptly at eight President Ford showed up. He came from the White House residence along the enclosed porch, passed the Rose Garden and went directly into the Oval Office without seeing us. He was accompanied by two Secret Service men. After a few moments, one of then invited us in.

Ford was seated behind the huge, handsome Presidential desk, looking a bit grim and, as he was to fly to Florida to meet with Sadat later in the morning, he had a thick black briefing book on the Middle East situation in front of him. He set it aside as soon as Nlarsh and I walked in. I had seen the President regularly in the past year, but ours could not in any way be characterized as a personal relationship. Ford, while always cordial, dealt with me in a fairly formal manner. He did not stand up now; we didn’t shake hands. I said “Good morning, Mr. President. Jack said you wanted to see me.”

“Yes,” he replied, indicating that I should take a seat in the straight armchair in front of the desk. ‘ ‘We are going to do some reorganizing of the national-security structure. He need not have said another word. From that sentence I realized immediately why I had been summoned: I was about to be fired as the Director of Central Intelligence. Ford did not put it quite so bluntly.

In the time honored political tradition with sticky things of this sort, he said he wanted me to take a new job, as Ambassador to NATO. He then sketched the reorganization—which is to say, the sweeping personnel changes—he had in mind. It was what later was to be dubbed the Halloween Massacre, and it in- eluded the sacking of Jim Schlesinger as Secretary of De- fense and Nelson Rockefeller’s withdrawal as Ford’s run- the straight armchair in front of the desk. “We are going to do some reorganizing of the national-security structure.’

‘Yes,” he replied, indicating that I should take a seat in the straight armchair in front of the desk. “We are going to do some reorganizing of the national-security structure.’ He need not have said another word. From that sentence I realized immediately why I had been summoned: I was about to be fired as the Director of Central Intelligence.

Ford did not put it quite so bluntly. In the time-honored political tradition with sticky things of this sort, he said he wanted me to take a new job, as Ambassador to NATO. He then sketched the reorganization—which is to say, the sweeping personnel changes—he had in mind. It was what later was to be dubbed the Halloween Massacre, and it included the sacking of Jim Schlesinger as Secretary of Defense and Nelson Rockefeller’s withdrawal as Ford’s running mate on the 1976 GOP ticket. At the time, however, Ford didn’t mention to me what was in store for Schlesinger, for the perfectly good reason that he hadn’t yet mentioned it to him. But he did tell me that, under his re-organizational scheme, Henry Kissinger would give up his post as National Security Assistant to the President and move over exclusively to the State Department; that Brent Scowcroft would take over Kissinger’s role as Presidential Assistant. And he told me that George Bush was coming back from China to replace me as the new CIA chief. I said he was a good choice, and I meant it.
Ford was quick to try to reassure me. I needn’t be concerned.

[Colby wonders with Ford about a CIA director being accepted by the UN]

[T] the appointment [to NATO] would be as the President’s personal representative and thus didn’t need the approval of the NATO countries.

“l realize that, Mr. President,” I said; “nevertheless, I really need to think about it and talk to my wife about it.” “All right,” Ford said. “Let us know your decision as soon as possible.” “Yes, sir, I will. I’ll get in touch with Jack later in the morning,” I said.

He said the changes would be formally announced on Monday and asked me to keep them to myself until then. I agreed.

There was nothing further to say. I stood up. The meeting was over. It had lasted about fifteen minutes. And in those fifteen minutes my thirty-year career as an intelligence officer had been brought abruptly to an end.

I should have been shattered, but my old discipline of thinking of the next step ahead took over. I wanted to catch Barbara, who would be leaving home in time to make a nine o’clock Mass across town. We were going to have to figure out what we should do about the NATO job offer. Marsh, at my elbow as we left the Oval Office, anxiously asked, “You are going to take it, aren’t you?” revealing just how important it was that the “reorganization” go without a hitch, that all the players in it be happily in place before it was officially announced to the press. But I suspected even then that I wasn’t going to oblige. (Neither was Schlesinger, I later discovered; he turned down Ford’s offer to be Chairman of the Export-Import Bank on the spot, and rather angrily.)

Richard M. Nixon (in the mid and late 1950s Vice President, defeated by JFK for President in 1960 would run and win with Spiro Agnew as the V.P. Nixon would resign after Watergate. V.P. Spiro Agnew had already resigned moving Ford into the V.P. spot in advance of Nixon resigning as President. 39th Vice President of the United States In office January 20, 1969 – October 10, 1973 President Richard Nixon
Preceded by Hubert Humphrey Succeeded by Gerald Ford

The United States presidential election of 1968 was conducted against a backdrop that included the assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. and subsequent race riots across the nation, the assassination of presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy,

Nixon won the Presidency in 1968 and again in 1972 but his Committee To Reelect the President was made up of CIA burglars and criminals, most tied the JFK assassination that brought oil friendly LBJ of TExas into the Presidency, and then Nixon succeeded LBJ. 36th President of the United States
In office November 22, 1963 – January 20, 1969

George Bush 11th Director of Central Intelligence In office January 30, 1976 – January 20, 1977 President Gerald Ford

The Church Committee had just ended bad headlines were everywhere and the HSCA was gearing up.

Jimmy Carter of the Democrat Party will win in 1976 and be sworn in in January 20, 1977 and George H.W. Bush will be replaced as CIA Director.

January 15, 1975,TO AGREE TO H.R. 1540, TO ESTABLISH A SELECT COMMITTEE OF THE HOUSE TO INVESTIGATE THE DEATHS OF JOHN F. KENNEDY AND MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. The United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) was established in 1976 to investigate the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. in 1963 and 1968, respectively. The HSCA completed its investigation in 1978 and issued its final report the following year, which concluded that Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. In addition to now-discredited acoustic analysis of a police channel dictabelt recording,[1] the HSCA also commissioned numerous other scientific studies of assassination-related evidence that corroborate the Warren Commission’s findings.

Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr. was an American politician who served as the 38th president of the United States from 1974 to 1977. He previously served as the leader of the Republican Party in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1965 to 1973, and as the 40th vice president under President Richard Nixon from 1973 to 1974.

Starting November 4, 1975, which was the Tuesday after the Halloween weekend, and which was timed to fit in the congressional confirmation window, Ford terminated several Nixon holdovers, and announced the names of the successors and new Cabinet nominees. Colby would be fired and the Grand Old Party was in trouble reeling from Watergate and revaluations about the CIA and Organized Crime.

Jimmy Carter would be sworn in as a Democrat Party candidate winning the Presidency in 1977 but it seems Ford was interested in bracing the internal CIA staff with friendly CIA parties as the investigations calle for by the public were getting under way.

Halloween Massacre (Ford administration) retrieved from Wikipedia and copied or modified to here

Cabinet shake-up

The shake-up had its roots at the beginning of Ford’s presidency in August 1974.[2] As was the case when Lyndon B. Johnson and Harry S. Truman succeeded to the presidency intra-term, in 1963 and in 1945 respectively, under similarly strained sets of circumstances, Ford inherited President Richard Nixon‘s cabinet and staff of presidential advisers. The Nixon and new Ford appointees often clashed, and the resulting acrimony often got in the way of policy making.[5][6]

On October 25, 1975, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney submitted their resignations to the president. Attached to the resignation letters was a memo with their detailed analysis of the perceived problems, and possible future strategies for the Ford administration. The analysis blamed the majority of the problems on Robert T. Hartmann, Henry Kissinger, and Vice President Nelson Rockefeller.[7]

Starting November 4, 1975, which was the Tuesday after the Halloween weekend, and which was timed to fit in the congressional confirmation window, Ford terminated several Nixon holdovers, and announced the names of the successors and new Cabinet nominees.

The changes were:

Subsequent to these events, Rogers Morton was also replaced by Elliot Richardson as Secretary of Commerce.

Impact and legacy

Various newspaper and magazine articles at the time identified Rumsfeld as having orchestrated these events.[2] At the time, Ford said he alone was responsible for firings. Later, he expressed regret: “I was angry at myself for showing cowardice in not saying to the ultraconservatives, ‘It’s going to be Ford and Rockefeller, whatever the consequences.'”[3]

See also

Gerald Ford in Ed Donegan’s asseetn is i the Deep State and in the minds of many a conspirator who served on the Warren Commisioi and changed the evidene about the bullet that entered JFK’s body.

f all the congressional members on the Warren Commission, Ford was the least known to President Johnson. He had been first elected to the House in 1948, the same year Johnson won his Senate seat. Ford’s first and only intensive encournter with Lyndon Johnson had occurred in 1957, when both men served on a bipartisan House-Senate committee formed to draft the legislation creating NASA. – Some of this Miller Center

In an evening televised address on August 8, 1974 and after habign been sworn in again this time to a second term stating in 1973 President Richard M. Nixon announces his intention to become the first president in American history to resign as President of the United States. Before departing with his family in a helicopter from the White House lawn, he smiled farewell and enigmatically raised his arms in a victory or peace salute. The helicopter door was then closed, and the Nixon family began their journey home to San Clemente, California. Minutes later, Vice President Gerald R. Ford was sworn in as the 38th president of the United States in the East Room of the White House.

After taking the oath of office, President Ford spoke to the nation in a television address, declaring, “My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.” He later pardoned Nixon for any crimes he may have committed while in office, explaining that he wanted to end the national divisions created by the Watergate scandal.

On June 17, 1972, five men, including a salaried security coordinator for President Nixon’s reelection committee, were arrested for breaking into and illegally wiretapping the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Washington, D.C., Watergate complex. Soon after, two other former White House aides were implicated in the break-in, but the Nixon administration denied any involvement.

When Ford was appointed by Nixon un-elected V.P. he indicated he would not run for President in the upcoming lection but did so and after pardon Richard Nixon under the pardon powers Ford obtained as US President. Proclamation 4311 was a presidential proclamation issued by President of the United States Gerald Ford on September 8, 1974, granting a full and unconditional pardon to Richard Nixon, his predecessor, for any crimes that he might have committed against the United States as president.,

The Ford-Nixon and Rockefeller based Presidency of Rockefeller Republicans at the end of its viable political life did move out Colby and George H.W. Bush into the CIA position in a critical time of the waning p ower of the GOP as the investigations grew more aggressive and detailed and the Vietnam War more controversial.

Ed Donegan is in the movement of historical writers that Nixon having been V.P. under Eisenhower and George H.W. Bush at that time all following Cold War policy were tied to the assassination of JFK and abuse of power by the GOP along with abuse of power by FBI officials and others continued the cover-up that lasts to this day but is starting to unravel.

Dorothy Kilgallen was publicly skeptical of the conclusions of the Warren Commission’s report about the assassination of President Kennedy and Jack Ruby’s shooting of Lee Oswald, and she wrote several newspaper articles on the subject.[28][29][30] On February 23, 1964, she published an article in the New York Journal-American about a conversation she had with Jack Ruby, when he was at his defense table during a recess in his murder trial.

She also obtained a copy of Ruby’s June 7, 1964, testimony to the Warren Commission, which she published in August 1964 in three installments[32] on the front pages of the New York Journal-American, The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer,and other newspapers.

Dorothy Kilgallen In 1936 Kilgallen competed with two other New York newspaper reporters in a race around the world using only means of transportation available to the general public. She was the only woman to compete in the contest and came in second. She described the event in her book Girl Around The World, which is credited as the story idea for the 1937 movie Fly-Away Baby starring Glenda Farrell as a character partly inspired by Kilgallen. These were in addtion to touring with The Sound Of Music publicity tour.

Dorothy Kilgallen was like Sunny Bono and the Kennedy family strict Roman Catholics with strong pro-life and anit-mafi beliefs who during the transition between the Eisenhower Nixon John Foster Dulles Alan Dulles James Jesus Angleton mafia embracing 1946 to 1961 national security structure into the Kennedy administration plan increasingly moving away from that system following the Bay of Pigs.

Part of Dorothy Kilgallen’s work on “What’s My Line [of work]” was the Von Trapp Family Singers story-line that she went on tour with.

What’s My Line? – Trapp family choir; Tony Randall [panel] (Jul 3, 1960)

On 8th November, 1965, Dorothy Kilgallen, was found dead in her New York apartment. She was fully dressed and sitting upright in her bed. The police reported that she had died from taking a cocktail of alcohol and barbiturates. The notes of her interview with Jack Ruby and the article she was writing on the case had disappeared. Florence Smith, died two days later of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Florence Pritchett

In 1943 Florence divorced Canning. The following year she met John F. Kennedy. The couple spent a lot of time together. Betty Spalding said that for Kennedy, “Over a long period of time, it was probably the closest relationship with a woman I know of.” However, because Kennedy was a Roman Catholic, marriage was out of the question.

In 1947 Florence married Earl E. T. Smith, member of the New York Stock Exchange. The couple had three children. In June, 1957, President Dwight Eisenhower appointed Smith as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Cuba. FBI files reveal that over the next two years John F. Kennedy made more than a dozen visits to Cuba in order to meet Florence. Florence also met Kennedy in Miami and Palm Beach, where their homes were conveniently adjoined.

According to one account: “JFK would elude the Secret Service on occasion in order to have trysts with women. He did this in Palm Beach when he hopped a fence to swim with Flo Smith. The Secret Service agents couldn’t find him and called in the FBI. They finally turned to Palm Beach Police Chief Homer Large, a trusted Kennedy family associate. The Police Chief knew exactly where to find Jack – next door in Earl E. T. Smith’s swimming pool. Jack and Flo were alone, and as Homer put it, “They weren’t doing the Australian crawl.”

John Kennedy and Florence Pritchett at the Stork Club (Feburary 1944) Earl E. T. Smith remained Ambassador to Cuba until 20th January, 1959. Afterwards he wrote about his experiences in his book, The Fourth Floor (1962). This included an account of the Fidel Castro revolution in Cuba.

Florence continued working as a journalist. She also became a television personality and appeared on programmes such as What’s My Line? It was during this time she became friendly with the journalist Dorothy Kilgallen.

In 1965 Dorothy Kilgallen managed to obtain a private interview with Jack Ruby. She told friends that she had information that would “break the case wide open”. Aware of what had happened to Bill Hunter and Jim Koethe, Kilgallen handed her interview notes to Florence Smith. She told friends that she had obtained information that Ruby and J. D. Tippit were friends and that David Ferrie was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

On 8th November, 1965, Dorothy Kilgallen, was found dead in her New York apartment. She was fully dressed and sitting upright in her bed. The police reported that she had died from taking a cocktail of alcohol and barbiturates. The notes of her interview with Jack Ruby and the article she was writing on the case had disappeared. Florence Smith, died two days later of a cerebral hemorrhage. Her son, Earl Smith III, said that she had been suffering from leukemia.

Selected information from John Simkin ( © September 1997 (updated January 2020).

On 8th November, 1965, Dorothy Kilgallen, was found dead in her New York apartment. She was fully dressed and sitting upright in her bed. The police reported that she had died from taking a cocktail of alcohol and barbiturates. The notes of her interview with Jack Ruby and the article she was writing on the case had disappeared. Florence Smith, died two days later of a cerebral hemorrhage.

The FBI could not get Dorothy to talk in regards to who leaked to her Warren Commission files before their public release.

I Ed Donegan suspect the reason Killgallen would not talk to the fbi is it was about RFK an RFK views she wanted to relate those peoples pieces she had access to while also leaving J. Edgar Hoover out of the loop because Kilgallen did not trust J. Edgar Hoover.

This book deals extensively with the #Mafia murder of Kilgallen. Of unprecedented fame nearly, few today or me 6 months ago knew her name. George H.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Liz Cheney, Rockefellers, others (Obama Jr, Biden, Harris, Robert Mueller, William Barr) famous.

The Shadow Government including its Gang Stalk hit teams keep the powerful in power and the victims silenced.

“Dorothy was a Catholic and would not have committed suicide.” – Mark Shaw.

If the Catholic Church feels this of Suicide, and holds Abortion and Divorce rules, how would a Catholic of the 1960s view assassination? – Ed Donegan

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